Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 1771 - This Reaction Was The Natural Instinct Of Love

Chapter 1771: This Reaction Was The Natural Instinct Of Love

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Jing Xi wanted to push herself up with her arms but he held her waist and pulled her back again.

Her body fell back onto the pillow and he held both her hands. A fervent morning kissing activity had started.

Jing Xi was completely defenseless. She wasn’t even able to withstand his temptation. He kissed her with such tenderness. It started slightly rigid but she later gradually got lost in it.

She actually felt really afraid in her heart. Afraid that she wouldn’t be able to control her heart, that she wouldn’t be able to reject him. She had already slowly started to accept him. Moreover, she also enjoyed it when he kissed her.

He teased her so much that she even wanted more.

However, he would always stop at the critical moment and not take the next step, not overdoing it.

Jing Xi knew the only reason he didn’t have his way with her was that she was pregnant.

However, she had already passed the three-month period. Supposedly, she should already be able to do that, right?

Oh my god. When Jing Xi realized she was lusting for something to happen with him, she really was about to die from embarrassment.

She was so shameless!

When the morning kissing activity stopped, he stared at her and said to her slightly breathily, “I’m sorry. I forgot myself last night…”

Jing Xi looked at him with blurred eyes, not even saying one word. He stared at her for a while before kissing her lips again. He asked, “You like how it feels when I kiss you, right?”

“…” Yes, but she was too embarrassed to admit it.

As before, the two of them were still in the position where the man was on top and the woman was below. After they exchanged glances, Hou Yunshen couldn’t help but sink down and aim for her lips again.

Jing Xi… I want you so badly…

It wasn’t like Jing Xi didn’t feel the same.

He had teased her into being aroused. She couldn’t help but stretch out her hands to hold him. While being excited by such ecstasy, scenes of a man and a woman being in the midst of passion suddenly emerged in her mind.

She even saw the man’s side-profile. It looked like the king’s face. It was very similar.

It felt about the same!

Why did she always think of scenes that were not suitable for children?

Could it be that she was a promiscuous woman by nature?

When he wanted to let her go in the end, she instead held on to him tightly, not willing to let him go.

Perhaps this reaction was the natural instinct of love.

Although she had forgotten the person she loved the most in her memory, her body still recognized him.

Huo Yunshen initially only wanted to kiss her to satisfy his craving. But now that she held onto him and did not let him go, it was an invitation in disguise.

“I am a bit worried about the baby in your tummy.”

“It is probably…fine.” She unexpectedly said this, tying up her fate.

Huo Yunshen counted the months and realized the dangerous period was about over. He said, slightly uncontrollably, “Why don’t…we be more careful…and try it?’

Jing Xi didn’t say anything and it was equal to giving her consent.

Huo Yunshen could no longer control himself after getting such a reaction from her with the invitation… The feeling she felt right now overlapped with some of the feelings in her memories.

While feeling she was intoxicated in the clouds, she couldn’t control herself and shouted out, “Ah… Yunshen…”

Huo Yunshen was filled with joy when he suddenly heard her call his name. The more images she could remember, the more those fragmented images rapidly rearranged their order.

It was his love for her that awakened parts of her memory.

When his kiss arrived, her tears couldn’t help but flow out.

Why did she suddenly feel such sadness?

Throughout the whole process of satisfying her, Huo Yunshen was very careful not to hurt the baby.

Finally, while they were both in a sober state, he once again returned to the harbor he depended on to survive…he had her once again.