Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 1772 - Bits And Pieces

Chapter 1772: Bits And Pieces

Jing Xi fell asleep in Huo Yunshen’s arms. He gently brushed through her hair and kissed her forehead.

He could faintly remember her calling out his name. He wanted to know if it was because she could remember him or because of the intense sex they were having.

But there is no point in thinking, Huo Yunshen decided.

He then fell asleep with Jing Xi in his arms and woke up around 11 the next morning.

Huo Yunshen did not wake Jing Xi up and went to prepare lunch.

Jing Xi slowly woke up after that. She recalled what had happened and could feel aches all over her body.

She still couldn’t tell if the night before was a dream or reality. Her mind was in chaos.

She quickly got up and got dressed.

She ran out of the bedroom and heard someone call out.

“Jing Xi…”

Jing Xi turned around, but no one was there.

The voice sounded like it was from far away as if it was coming from inside her head.

She could not understand why the voice sounded familiar.

She turned to look in the bedroom and realized it seemed familiar too, as if she’d stayed there before.

She shook her head and believed that she was just hallucinating.

She convinced herself it was because she had been hearing too many stories of the king and the queen’s past.

Jing Xi then noticed the balcony and walked towards it.

Form the balcony, she could see a field of flowers. Bits and pieces of memories began to return to her.

She could see a man in a wheelchair tending to the field.

“Mr. Huo, what are you doing?”

“I’m plowing.”

“What for?’

“I’m thinking of planting something.”

“Did you plant all of these?”

“Yes. I have way too much spare time.”

“But your body is still recovering! Let me do it!”

“It’s fine. This is a man’s job. If you really want to help me, bring me the seeds over there.”

With those memories in her head, she walked towards the rack and picked up a bag of seeds.

Realizing something was off, Jing Xi quickly let go of the bag, and it fell to the floor.

She quickly ran back into the room and came to the dining room.

She then noticed Huo Yunshen was making food in the kitchen.

“What do you want for dinner?”

“I don’t care, as long as you’re the one who makes it.”

Jing Xi could slowly remember her past because of the familiar surroundings.

But it happened too suddenly, and Jing Xi could feel her head bursting.

Huo Yunshen finished making lunch and came out form the kitchen only to see Jing Xi kneeling on the floor, hugging her head.

“What’s wrong?” Huo Yunshen asked.

Jing Xi did not reply, and Huo Yunshen kneeled down.

He held her head up and noticed she was crying.

Seeing her cry hurt Huo Yunshen a lot.

Thinking that he might’ve been too rude the night before, he quickly apologized. “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have treated you like that… I just can’t control myself…”

But Jing Xi wasn’t crying because of that. She was crying because she was thinking of an impossible possibility.

She shook her head.