Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 2586 - Last chance (8)

Chapter 2586: Last chance (8)

“Without me, there are many paths which you won’t be able to take! And by then, you will be discovered easily. The possibility of saving Mother would greatly decrease as well!” Huang Yue tried hard to emphasize her own use.

What she said was right on the dot.

Bai Liufeng’s brows creased as he was unwilling but yet, he had no choice but to admit that what Huang Yueli said was correct.

Although he managed to enter the underground level in his last infiltration into Snow Phoenix Palace, that was due to the lack of security.

After his infiltration yesterday, the security in the palace would definitely increase greatly.

Under this circumstance, if he wanted to enter the underground level, they could only take those few secluded paths.

Whereas these paths, all without exception, required the use of Sacred Phoenix Race’s clansmen blood to activate some of the mechanisms. Some even required the blood to be of certain purity. Ordinary clansmen’s blood might not necessarily active it successfully.

If they were to leave Huang Yueli, who had the purest Holy Maiden’s bloodline, then they would find it difficult to move about in Snow Phoenix Palace.

Bai Liufeng thought over this for a long time but was still unable to find a way to rebut her suggestion.

When Huang Yueli saw that, she smiled and said, “Alright, we’ll fix this as it is! With me joining the team, there will be three of us who are responsible for activating the mechanisms. I, Father, and Guardian Yu can all lead the team to act separately, and that will greatly increase our chances of success.”

Saying that she was just about to get up when Li Moying suddenly pulled her, causing her to fall into his arms.

“Moying, what’s the matter?” She lifted her head and looked at her husband in astonishment.

Li Moying gazed into her eyes for a moment and spoke out softly, “Li’er, actually I’m also worried about letting you go into Snow Phoenix Palace. But for matters related to your mother, I also know that I cannot stop you…. But, I have a condition.”

Huang Yueli blinked, “What condition?”

Li Moying said, “You’re only now at seventh stage realm peak so you’re at a huge disadvantage when you face Sacred Phoenix Race’s ninth stage realm practitioners. I cannot allow you to take the risk in this state. So in this period, you must work hard to cultivate, at least to advance into eighth stage realm, before I can be assured.”

Huang Yueli gazed into the man’s deep eyes which were laced with worry, and she started to feel a little guilty.

Her innate talent was actually very powerful, but as she needed to learn pill and armament refining skills, she would normally be disrupted often. So although her cultivation speed was faster than ordinary practitioners, as compared to Li Moying this abnormal pervert, her speed was lacking by quite a bit.

In the past few months, she had been worried about way too many things. So her cultivation time had greatly decreased and that led to her delay to progress into eighth stage realm.

Hearing Li Moying’s words, she instantly comprehended and said, “I understand. Don’t worry, I will not leave my room in this period, and work hard to cultivate! Actually, I’ve recently sensed that my Profound Energy is slowly becoming abundant and I’m on the verge of breaking through. Northern Ice Fields’s Heaven and Earth Profound Qi is extremely thick so cultivating here for some time will allow me to advance.”

Bai Liufeng also said, “What Li Moying said is correct. Lass Li, you have the lowest cultivation among the few of us, and during this period, I will personally supervise you to cultivate. You must do your utmost best, to raise your ability.”

Huang Yueli naturally had no objections as she agreed to it straightforwardly.

The next day, she devoted herself totally to cultivation.