Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 462 - The End

462. The End

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

The next morning, when Long Xiaoyuan was still asleep, Xu You came, followed by Fang Shuoyang.

“Brother, are you crazy? Brother Shi spent the night at his home, but you are sleeping soundly here. Are you out of your mind?”

“I’m not out of my mind. Are you insane?” Long Xiaoyuan wrapped his head with the blanket in pain. “I just fell asleep!”

“You just fell asleep?” Xu You looked at him suspiciously. “You look like you’ve slept for a long time.”

Long Xiaoyuan sighed and got out of bed.

Xu You said angrily, “I don’t think Huhe Huangcheng is a good thing. Quickly drive him away.”

Long Xiaoyuan nodded. “He’s really not a good thing. I’ll kick him away right now.”

Xu You had a bad impression of Huhe Huangcheng.

Xu You pulled up Long Xiaoyuan, and they rushed to the general’s mansion without breakfast.

Of course, Xu You and Fang Shuoyang went with him.

When they arrived at the general’s mansion, the whole mansion came out to greet the two emperors, Fang Shuoyang and Long Xiaoyuan.

Long Xiaoyuan cleared his throat and asked Shi Qingshan and Madam Shi to stay. The others were dismissed.

Stony and Long Huan were still asleep, so they didn’t come to greet them.

Long Xiaoyuan cleared his throat. “Where’s Qingzhou?”

Mrs. Shi smiled slightly. “In his own courtyard. Your Majesty, please go ahead.”

Long Xiaoyuan nodded calmly. “Okay. I’ll go and see.”

Xu You and Fang Shuoyang followed him.

When they were about to reach the courtyard, they met Long Huan and Stony, who had just got up.

“Emperor Father, good morning.” Long Huan bowed.

Long Xiaoyuan nodded and asked him to get up.

Long Huan quickly bowed to Fang Shuoyang and Xu You.

“Huanhuan, don’t be too polite.” Xu You patted Long Huan’s head twice.

Stony stared at Xu You.

Xu You turned to look at Stony.

“Are you Stony?”

“Hello, Uncle.” Shi Manchuan was very polite in front of outsiders.

“Hello. This is the first time I have seen you, and I didn’t prepare any gift. I’ll give you this jade pendant.”

Xu You took off the jade pendant and gave it to Shi Manchuan.

Shi Yu blinked and smiled. “Thank you, Uncle.”

After they chatted for a while, Xu You shooed Long Xiaoyuan into the yard.

The others went to the front yard with Long Huan and Stony to have breakfast there.

As Long Xiaoyuan walked inside, he felt complicated.

One step at a time, Long Xiaoyuan went inside.

Shi Qingzhou’s room was in front of him. Long Xiaoyuan took a deep breath and then pushed the door open, walking in.

Shi Qingzhou in the room was sleeping. Long Xiaoyuan could only see his back.

However, wasn’t Shi Qingzhou a martial arts expert?

Besides, over these years his internal strength should have improved.

Why didn’t Shi Qingzhou wake up at the noises when he came in?

Long Xiaoyuan thought it was unlikely.

Long Xiaoyuan walked to the bed and quietly sat down.

Shi Qingzhou didn’t move.

Long Xiaoyuan cleared his throat.

Shi Qingzhou was motionless.

Now Long Xiaoyuan was sure that Qingzhou was pretending to sleep.

Long Xiaoyuan took off his shoes and lay down in bed next to Shi Qingzhou, hugging him from behind.

Shi Qingzhou stiffened for a moment.

Although it was only an instant, Long Xiaoyuan noticed it.

He clung closer to Shi Qingzhou.

“Qingzhou, you’re so cruel. I asked our son to get you back. You wouldn’t go back.”

Shi Qingzhou suddenly turned his head.

“Why do you think I’ll go back if our son comes?”

Long Xiaoyuan blinked and said innocently, “Because I have no other way.”

Shi Qingzhou sneered. “Aren’t you staying calmly in the palace? I don’t see you are at your wit’s end.”

Long Xiaoyuan felt aggrieved.

“That’s because you said you don’t want to see me. I’m afraid you’ll be angrier when you see me. Doesn’t that make things worse?”

Shi Qingzhou sneered at him again.

“I don’t want to see you. You can leave now. Don’t annoy me here.”

“Qingzhou…” Long Xiaoyuan screamed miserably and threw himself at Shi Qingzhou, shaking him.

“Don’t be so cruel. I have nothing to do with this. I didn’t even look at that dancer. You know that it’s Huhe Huangcheng’s fault. Why do you blame me instead of getting back at him? It’s so unfair!”

Long Xiaoyuan screamed miserably, which would bring people to tears.

Shi Qingzhou rolled his eyes. “Come on. Stop making a scene here.”

“Qingzhou, do you forgive me?” Long Xiaoyuan’s eyes lit up.

Shi Qingzhou took a lazy glance at him, “What do you think?”

“Qingzhou, you’re so nice.” Long Xiaoyuan hugged Shi Qingzhou and kissed him hard.

“By the way, Qingzhou, Huanhuan and Stony are outside. Xu You and Fang Shuoyang are here too.”

“Okay.” Shi Qingzhou nodded and got up to put on his clothes.

Long Xiaoyuan quickly went up to help him. “Qingzhou, I’ll help you.”

Shi Qingzhou glanced at him and didn’t refuse.

After Long Xiaoyuan served Shi Qingzhou, he put on his shoes.

The couple went out of the room.

“Brother.” Shi Manchuan saw Shi Qingzhou coming over first, and he looked like a mouse seeing a cat.

Shi Qingzhou glanced at him lightly. “Have you finished your morning homework?”

“Not yet… I’ll do it after breakfast.”

“You can’t have breakfast before you’re done.” Shi Qingzhou interrupted him lightly.

Shi Manchuan shuddered and hurriedly said, “Yes, Brother, I’ll go now.”

Shi Manchuan quickly ran away.

Long Huan hesitated and said, “Empress Father, I like to go with him.”

Shi Qingzhou waved his hand. “Go ahead.”

Long Huan left as well.

Xu You said after the two children left. “Brother Shi, are you being too strict with Stony? He looked pitiful just now…”

Shi Qingzhou sneered. “You are deceived by his appearance.”

Xiu You looked at Long Xiaoyuan, puzzled. “Appearance? What do you mean?”

Long Xiaoyuan smiled slightly. “Stony pretends to be cute and sweet in front of strangers. Actually he is so naughty that he causes headache to General Shi and Qingzhou.”

“Really?” Xu You was a little surprised. “I really can’t tell.”

Afterwards, they started talking about educating children.

The crown prince chosen by Xu You and Fang Shuoyang had no big problems.

However, he liked to figure out things that he shouldn’t know. For example, he once accidentally heard Xu You and Fang Shuoyang doing that thing.

He asked Xu You what was going on.

Xiu You lied that he was sick.

The crown prince insisted on knowing what illness it was. Xu You was overwhelmed.

The saying was right.

Every family had its own troubles.

After breakfast, Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan came over.

They heard that Long Xiaoyuan had come out of the palace, so they came to see him.

Liu Suifeng accepted an apprentice three years ago, who was a fifteen-year-old mature teenager.

Now he could work independently at Liu Suifeng’s clinic.

Therefore, when Liu Suifeng was not working, his apprentice would replace him.

This apprentice was accepted by coincidence, and he was very sensible when they met him. In a word, Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan had never experienced the hard work of bringing up children.

In addition, the apprentice had not caused any troubles, so Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan didn’t need to worry about him.

After they arrived, Liu Suifeng felt the pulse of Shi Qingshan and Madam Shi as usual and made the prescription for their health.

Basically, the prescription would change every two months.

After that, Long Xiaoyuan said, “It’s rare for all of us to gather together. The weather is not bad today. Why don’t we go to Pan Mountain?”

“Pan Mountain?” Liu Suifeng raised an eyebrow. “Why are you going there?”

“The scenery there is great. It has been a long time since I last went there. I miss it a little.” Long Xiaoyuan sighed.

Ouyang Chuan had no objections, saying, “Let’s go.”

Fang Shuoyang and Xu You had no objections.

In fact, Xu You had a complicated feeling towards Pan Mountain.

Fang Shuoyang’s mother was pushed off the mountain and got seriously injured. Although Fang Shuoyang moved her to the imperial palace of the Eastern Darkness, she had not fully recovered.

Zhou Huan said several times that it was good to stay outside the palace, but Fang Shuoyang and Xu You refused, so in the end, she stayed in the imperial palace of the Eastern Darkness.

Sometimes, when Fang Shuoyang and Xiu You came to Tianlong Dynasty, she came with them.

But she didn’t come this year.

Although Fang Shuoyang was not Zhou Huan’s biological son, he regarded her as his own mother.

So did Xu You.

They arrived at Pan Mountain with the two children.

As soon as he got outside, Shi Manchuan showed his true color and ran in all directions.

He bounced all the way with Long Huan and would not walk properly.

Xiu You was stunned.

“He’s really naughty.”

Shi Qingzhou said, “Yes, so he needs discipline.”

Fang Shuoyang smiled. “That’s good.”

Long Xiaoyuan agreed. “I said the same, but Qingzhou and his father disagree.”

Liu Suifeng said, “It’s normal.”

They walked slowly up the mountain without using lightness techniques.

The two children walked in the front.

With so many experts watching, they were not worried about the children’s safety.

On the way up, Long Xiaoyuan was the weakest among them.

When everyone else was vigorous, he was panting.

Shi Qingzhou helped him.

Long Xiaoyuan said, “It’s really tiring.”

Shi Qingzhou looked at him in amusement.

“And you suggested  climbing the mountain?”

Long Xiaoyuan glared at him. “What’s wrong with me? Compared to ordinary people, my physical strength is very good, okay? All of you are like monsters, and that shows that my physical strength is inferior to yours.”

Long Xiaoyuan was telling the truth.

Being together with a bunch of martial arts experts with strong internal strength, he looked especially weak.

Even Xu You had high lightness techniques…

After some time, Long Xiaoyuan finally climbed to the top.

In fact, they had not been to the mountain top before.

In the past, something always happened when they were half way up the Pan Mountain or in the valley.

It was nice to climb to the top of the mountain without a break.

Long Xiaoyuan was almost paralyzed when he got to the top.

Shi Qingzhou pulled him up.

“You just got here, and you can’t lie down like this. It’s not good for your health. Get up and walk for a while.”

Long Xiaoyuan waved helplessly. “No… I’m really old.”

Liu Suifeng sneered. “When you were young, you were weak. Please don’t push the blame on your age, okay?”

Long Xiaoyuan’s face darkened. He picked up a stone and tossed it at Liu Suifeng.

Liu Suifeng was able to dodge it, but when he tried to dodge, Shi Qingzhou stopped him.

If Liu Suifeng wanted to avoid it, he had to push Shi Qingzhou away.

While he was hesitating, the little stone hit his face.

Liu Suifeng’s face darkened.

Long Xiaoyuan laughed out loud. “It serves you right! This is retribution!”

The two children laughed when they saw Liu Suifeng’s embarrassment.

Long Huan lost his inhibitions when he got to wilderness in the company of Stony.

He smiled a lot, no longer as tense as an adult.

Long Xiaoyuan got up from the ground, and Liu Suifeng jumped over.

“Come on.” Liu Suifeng beckoned at Long Xiaoyuan. “Let’s have a fight.”

Long Xiaoyuan smiled. “Alright. I’m not afraid of you. But let’s make it straight first. No one can use his internal power.”

Liu Suifeng laughed. “Of course you don’t need to use your poor internal power. Don’t worry, I don’t need it.”

Long Xiaoyuan nodded and suddenly narrowed his eyes. “Speaking of which, I have a new set of boxing techniques. I’m looking for someone to test it.”

Liu Suifeng raised an eyebrow. “New boxing techniques?”

“Yes.” Long Xiaoyuan looked complacent.

“Come on. Come over here. I’ll let you experience it,” Long Xiaoyuan said and hooked his finger at Liu Suifeng.

Liu Suifeng was really interested, so he walked over.

Long Xiaoyuan looked behind Liu Suifeng and his expression changed. “What is that?!”

Startled, Liu Suifeng thought there was an assassin, so he instinctively looked back. At that moment, Long Xiaoyuan punched his chin.

After that, Long Xiaoyuan threw himself directly at Liu Suifeng. He didn’t follow any rules, kicking and punching as he liked.

Liu Suifeng was frustrated.

Everyone was speechless.

“Emperor Father is cheating,” Long Huan said softly.

Shi Manchuan said, “Brother Long Huan, you can’t be so honest. Even you know that your Emperor Father is cheating, you can’t speak up. He is the Emperor.” Long Huan who whispered, “I got it.”

The rest of the people were lost for words.

Liu Suifeng soon came back to his senses.

Liu Suifeng wouldn’t hold back after being hit and kicked.

The two of them wrestled together.

In the end, when the two of them separated, their faces were bruised and swollen.

Long Xiaoyuan was very angry and pointed at Liu Suifeng. “Don’t you know that you can’t hit people in the face? Why do you do that?”

Liu Suifeng retorted, “You know that well, but you came at my face in the beginning!”

“You’re stupid!”

“You are stupid!”

“You are stupid.”

“You’re stupid!”

The two of them started to quarrel like children. They looked funny with their bruised faces.

The two children giggled.

The rest of the people also smiled.

That night, Shi Qingzhou followed Long Xiaoyuan back to the palace.

Long Huan was escorted to his room by the Shadow Guardians after he got to the palace.

Long Xiaoyuan held Shi Qingzhou’s hand and went to their room.

“Qingzhou, I’ll chase Huhe Huangcheng away tomorrow.”

Shi Qingzhou said indifferently. “Okay.”

Long Xiaoyuan said, “I’ll tear the dancer into pieces with five horses tomorrow.”

Shi Qingzhou glanced at Long Xiaoyuan with a faint smile. “Are you willing to do that?”

“He has nothing to do with me. Why am I reluctant to do that?” Long Xiaoyuan was helpless.

Shi Qingzhou sneered. “It’s bad to kill such a good-looking man. Aren’t you afraid people would say you are cruel?”

“I am willing to be a fatuous tyrant for you.”

Shi Qingzhou sneered. “Please don’t. I can’t afford to commit such a felony.”

Long Xiaoyuan kissed the back of Shi Qingzhou’s hand pitifully.

“Qingzhou, don’t be like this…”

Shi Qingzhou shook off his hand. “Come on. Stop talking nonsense. We can go take a bath now.”

“Okay. Let’s take a shower.” Long Xiaoyuan immediately got happy.

Shi Qingzhou frowned at Long Xiaoyuan’s bruised face.

“Does it hurt?”

“No. He feels more pain than me.” Long Xiaoyuan giggled.

Shi Qingzhou said wryly, “He can use his internal power to heal his wounds, and he is a doctor.”

“It’s fine. We have a lot of medicine here. I’ll apply some ointment later.”

“Okay.” Shi Qingzhou nodded.

After the bath, Shi Qingzhou carefully applied ointment on Long Xiaoyuan.

“I guess you will be better tomorrow.”

“I hope so. If I go to the morning court with this face tomorrow, the ministers will think that you’ve bullied me.”

Shi Qingzhou was lost for words.

Long Xiaoyuan seemed to revel in his imagination. “However, that can only prove our love.”

Shi Qingzhou pursed his lips. “Come on. Take a good rest. Go to sleep early.”

“Okay. I didn’t sleep well last night…” Long Xiaoyuan replied in a daze and then closed his eyes.

Shi Qingzhou glanced at the man, who had fallen asleep after closing his eyes, and he smiled…

He felt that life was complete with this man around.

It was a happy ending…

-The end-