Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 828 - Mother and Daughter Reunite (9)  

Chapter 828: Mother and Daughter Reunite (9)

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Bai Youran had learnt her lesson and did not object so violently anymore. No matter how absurd Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing’s requests were, she would try to acquiesce to them. She wanted to please them so they would let her go. Then she would see.

Anyway, Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing could not possibly continue to prevent Bai Youran from leaving. After all, they needed Bai Youran to support them!

If they did not let her return to the Bai house, where else could she go?

Bai Youran walked into an empty alley by herself. There was still plenty of snow on the ground, and the cold wind was piercing. She was shivering with cold. The chill seemed to come from her bones, and she could not escape it.

The two of them said that she was not the Bai family’s daughter but the daughter of a farmer. She had to give them money or they would go to the Bai house and kick up a big fuss and expose her true identity..

Bai Youran was shivering all over!

Impossible. This was impossible!

She was born in the Bai family, and she had been their beloved young lady since she was young. How could she not be their daughter?


She did not believe it!

She still wanted to marry Mo Beihan. Without her status as the Bai family’s daughter, how could she marry Mo Beihan?

Gu Qingyao still had the Gu family, but what about her?

No way. She must be the Bai family’s daughter.

Bai Youran’s brain was bewildered and confused. She returned to the Bai house in a daze.

Everyone in the house was out. Only Bai Youran and a few servants were at home. The servants were shocked when they saw Bai Youran’s pitiful state. She had clearly suffered a fall.

“Eldest Young Lady!”

“It’s nothing. It’s too cold outside. I’ll go upstairs and have a nap!”

“Oh! All right!” The servant was startled but did not know how to respond. Why did Eldest Young Lady seem different?

Judging from her appearance, it was clear that she had fallen in the snow. In the past, Eldest Young Lady would have been shouting for everyone to serve her the moment she got back.

Bai Youran returned to her room and changed her clothes, which were soaked in melted snow. She sat in front of her dressing table and closely studied her face.

She studied her features one by one. She really did not look like anyone in the Bai family.

She did not look like either her mother or her father.

But when she thought about Zhang Xiaohui, she realized that she did bear some resemblance to Zhang Xiaohui.

Bai Youran felt a chill creep through her bones. She did not want to accept this reality.

She burrowed into her bed and wrapped herself in her blankets. As the chill in her body slowly dissipated and she warmed up, she began to think more clearly.

No matter what, she must not permit the two of them to make a fuss in the Bai house. She must find a way to placate them.

Even if there was no evidence of what had happened, Zhang Xiaohui’s story and the pair of shoes would arouse suspicion in the Bai family. Also, she did look like Zhang Xiaohui.

Even if there was no hard evidence, it would be disadvantageous to her even for people to speculate.

The Mo family would not want a matriarch who might not be related to the Bai family. If she wanted to marry Mo Beihan, she must be the Bai family’s young lady.

Bai Youran’s expression suddenly calmed. Zhang Xiaohui said that she had abandoned the Bai family’s child. But Gu Qingyao had been left with the Gu family. Which meant that Gu Qingyao was not even the Gu family’s daughter!


Let’s see how she manages to marry into the Mo family without her status as the Gu family’s daughter!


At the Mo House.

Mo Beihan picked up the phone. “Boss, we were too late. Second Master Gu got there first. He found someone to lure Bai Youran to Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing’s place. Zhang Xiaohui told Bai Youran everything. Zhang Xiaohui also has proof. Gu Ruoqing demanded two thousand dollars from her and let her go home!”