Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Part 1

Seeing her give a grimace, Liu Ya pouted and grinned before blinking a few times in the direction of second uncle’s house. Sang Wan could not help but pout in response. No wonder! Liu Ya must have exaggerated the incident that occurred just then as she filled Fang Shi in. Hearing how second uncle and second aunt was defeated by the Sang family, her heart leaped with joy!

She was grinning from ear to ear.

Fang Shi casually laughed, “everything’s alright now! Sir and Ma’am must be hungry by now, I’ll go boil the chicken and fry the fish. The incense sticks are ready-made; after burning the incense and greeting mother-in-law and father-in-law, we’ll have a hearty meal once I’m done.”

“Āi, I’ve troubled sister-in-law again! Sister-in-law, it’s enough to just call me Sang Wan. Being called Ma’am feels strange!” Sang Wan grinned and said before instructing Liu Ya to go help in the kitchen.

Fang Shi gave a smile and took a glimpse at Liu Ya’s attire. Immediately, she waved Liu Ya off. “No need, no need. The kitchen is both dusty and greasy; there’s no need to ruin her new clothes! Leave it all to me and Nanny Xu!” Again, she gave a stare at Liu Ya and teased, “Lass, you sure are blessed to be able to wear such clothes! Serve your Ma’am well. If you dare betray your Ma’am, even if it means journeying to the edge of the world, I’ll definitely seek you out!”

“Rest assured, Madam Fang Shi! Even if Liu Ya were unruly, Liu Ya dare not not listen to Madam Fang Shi!” Liu Ya chuckled.

The people around chuckled along. Fang Shi then added to the tease, “the little lass finally grew a spine and dared to talk back!” Eyeing her children this time around, she gently chided them, “No fighting! Don’t dirty your aunt’s clothes!” With that, she hurriedly called for Nanny Xu.

The group immediately placed a partition around the memorial tablet and a small wooden table was placed in front of it. The food were then swiftly set on the table by Fang Shi. The whole chicken, fish, and a large rectangular piece of pork belly were placed on the table first before the two rice-filled bowls and two pairs of wooden chopsticks. Following that, the three wine cups and a pot of rice wine were placed carefully atop the table before she receded together with her two children.

Sang Hong stepped forward and lit the candles. Holding the three sticks of incense in his hands, he gently bowed towards his parents’ memorial tablet. Once done, he solemnly notified his parents that his younger sister was successfully married into the Shi family, about how his brother-in-law is a very nice man who treated his younger sister well, and that father and mother can now be at ease. Doing so, he carefully inserted the three incense sticks into the censer. Taking a few steps back, he returned to a side and gestured to Sang Wan and Shi Fengju to greet the parents.

Hearing the words her older brother spoke, she was speechless and swiftly took a glimpsed at Shi Fengju. From where did her older brother see in him that he treated her well?

After the greeting was done, and wine cups were filled, Sang Hong called for Fang Shi to clear away the food. The two siblings then burned paper money in the brazier that was placed in front of the memorial tablet after the food were cleared away and sprinkled a few drops of wine into it. Shi Fengju then burned a few more of the paper money before the ceremony was over.

“Sang Wan, Fengju, let us go pay a visit to second uncle’s house and have them come over for lunch later on. After that, the two of you may return. The journey from here to Qingzhou isn’t short; I’ll be good to leave early.” Sang Hong spoke as he left the partitioned area.

Sang Wan nodded and smiled, “Then please excuse me for a moment. I’ll go ready a few things first!” She couldn’t possibly go to second uncle’s house empty handed, could she?

The bride price was prepared by her husband’s family before the bride stepped through the door of her husband’s household. It was up to the bride’s family to decide as for how the bride price was to be subdivided. Sang Wan had a clear idea on what to do and had already done the necessary preparations the day before. Still, it’d be best to notify Fang Shi first.

As she pondered, she walked into the kitchen. Pulling Fang Shi to a side, she smiled and said, “sister-in-law, we’ll be heading off to visit second uncle’s house and will be bringing them over for lunch. May I bring along a pair of silk crape, gold hairpin, gold earrings, and two variants of silk for second aunt; two finely sewed gowns and two pear blossom vase for second uncle? As for my two cousins, they’ll have two rolls of cloth, a pair of gold bracelet, and a bouquet of silk flowers each in addition with two thick and tender ham, a kilogram of white fungus, half a kilogram of bird’s nest, and an envelope containing a hundred silver. What do you say, is that appropriate?”

Fang Shi took a glance at Nanny Xu who was prying at their conversation, and sneered, “You are now rich but too carefree for giving them so many gifts! If I were you, I’d just throw ten silvers at them and I’m sure they’ll be grinning from ear to ear! Those kinds of elder are not one you should even care for! If I may add, you’re now married; you shouldn’t try to do good if they’re not worth your graciousness! Otherwise, you might end up suffering in the future!”

Sang Wan smiled warmly, “I know that my sister-in-law is looking after my well-being, and I’ll keep those words in mind! However, they’re still elders and should still be given face ——”

“Then I’ve wasted my breath!” Fang Shi broke away from Sang Wan’s hands and sighed, “is that so? Then move along! In any case, you don’t lack any of those items anyway, so why seek my advice?”

Sang Wan pursed her lips tightly as she smiled and leaned forward, “Relax, sister-in-law. The good things are still left in this house. There’s even something for second brother! The cheap ones are given to those outsiders!”

“Sly lass, you haven’t been married long into that family and is already so petty! But seeing you this way, your brother and I will be at ease!” Fang Shi’s face brightened quite a little as she joked after hearing what Sang Wan said.

Part 2

Sang Wan giggled. Feeling warmth in her heart, she bid goodbye to Fang Shi.

At the second uncle’s house, Sang Pingliang and Li Shi sent their eldest daughter out to the entrance of their house numerous of times in hopes that Sang Wan and her group had arrived. However, as they did not, Li Shi turned impatient and vented her anger on the eldest daughter.

Li Shi was Sang Pingliang’s second wife, and their eldest daughter, who was older than Sang Wan by three full years, was the child of Sang Pingliang’s first wife. However, she was not married into another household. Li Shi reasoned that it was because there was not a suitable household, but what truly was going within her mind, Sang Rou knew it clearly. Though annoyed, she was helpless.

“They’re here, they’re here! Cousin Sang Wan and cousin-in-law, together with Cousin Sang Hong are here!” The group had finally emerged; Liu Ya and two other maidservants could be seen carrying gifts of different sizes. Sang Rou immediately brightened up as she ran into the house to pass the news.

Sang Pingliang and Li Shi immediately stood on their feet and examined the clothes on their body before looking at each other as if something was amiss. Using a finger to heavily push onto Sang Rou’s forehead, Li Shi scolded, “What Cousin Sang Wan and cousin-in-law? Unruly! That is the Shi family’s Sir and Madam! How dare someone of your calibre call them that? Just look at the foolish clothes on you; hurry off back into your room lest you become a disgrace for us all!”

She gave a look of grievance at her biological father before her sight landed onto her step sister, Sang Yan.

Sang Pingliang couldn’t help but follow the sight of his eldest daughter and looked in the direction of his youngest daughter, only to see that Sang Yan was dressed beautifully from head to toe. Her hairbun, which was combed neatly and secured with a silver hairpin, was decorated with a silk flower slid into it. She wore a hot pink embroidered coat, a light pink skirt, and an aquamarine blue shoes embroidered with the blooming flowers of the chinese flowering apple. The way she was dressed was more extravagant than one would during the new year. Sang Rou on the other hand wore a plain green clothes, dirty and worn out shoes, and her messy hair was tied casually. Together with her timidness, her hunched shoulders and her bowed back; she looked detestable.

“Just what is wrong with you? Don’t you know that there are important guests coming over today? Sang Pingliang frowned and glared at Li Shi.

Li Shi scorned discreetly but wailed as if she was in the wrong, “Oh my goodness, say that again! Whatever our Ah Yan have, Ah Rou had too! Yesterday, I even made it clear that there are going to be important guests coming over today and instructed them to dress to their best attire lest they become a disgrace to you and to the family! But this lass here didn’t listen and insisted on wearing this, what can I do? She isn’t a child anymore, yet she still needs someone to assist her in the clothes she wears? Do you think that this is the Shi household?”

As she said, she glared bitterly at Sang Rou.

Sang Pingling thought for a moment. Indeed, yesterday night after dinner, his wife did reminded his two daughters upfront and did not hide it from Sang Rou.

This time around, the steam in him rose again and he frowned at Sang Rou. “You’re not a child anymore, so act like an adult! Did you deliberately wore as such to embarrass your father? What are you standing there for, go back to your room!”

Sang Rou clenched her fists and tears formed in her eyes. She dared not go against her father and though wronged, she agreed and slowly retreated.

Resentment formed in her delicate heart. Just this early in the morning, she had to gather firewood, clean the pigsty, maintain the vegetable garden, and work in the kitchen. Li Shi gave her no idle time at all. She did indeed have a new set of clothes, but how would she bare to wear them while conducting those labor-intensive activities? If they were to end up dirtied or torn, her heart would ache and would even receive a scolding from Li Shi! If she were to tell her father about all these, she may never be able to ask for any new clothes anymore in the future!

As Sang Rou headed back to her room, she heard Li Shi gleefully instructed her younger sister, Sang Yan, “Understood? Remember to serve tea to your cousin Sang Wan and cousin-in-law. Remember to be courteous and greet them!”

Sang Rou bit her lips; the hatred in her heart grew.

“Second Uncle, Second Aunt, are you home?” Sang Hong’s voice rang.

“We are, we are!” Sang Pingliang and Li Shi immediately replied as they grinned from ear to ear.

The old couple hurriedly rushed out to greet and welcome the group. Suddenly, Li Shi tugged Sang Pingliang and asked softly, “why did Sang Hong come?”

“If he’s here, he’s here!” Sang Pingliang replied impatiently.

Li Shi scorned and voiced her disgust. “It’s isn’t like Ah Wan doesn’t recognize the route here, so what’s he doing here? Such a waste of our good tea!”

“They’re already here!” Sang Pingliang glared at her. “Go, but do not utter a single nonsense!”

“Ah Wan and our son-in-law, keke! Come in. come in! We were waiting for all of you! Keke!” Sang Pingliang welcomed them as he grinned. Though he greeted Ah Wan, and son-in-law, it seemed that his eyes were fully latched onto Shi Fengju. Seeing the gifts that were carried by Liu Ya and the two other maidservants, his heart fluttered and was at a loss on how to flatter Shi Fengju.

Li Shi’s eyes also glistened. The old resentment she had for Sang Wan immediately disappeared and she held Sang Wan’s hands intimately as she praised, “Our Sang Wan sure is blessed, dressed so lavishly just like the rich ladies from rich families! Seeing you so, your second aunt is at ease! You’re a good child, and didn’t take second aunt’s good treatment towards you in the past for nothing! Come, come, have a seat in our house! Let us both ladies have a good talk, there’s many things your second aunt wants to talk to you about! It’s such a pity that your mother left this world so early. If not for second aunt, who else would be able to accompany you to have those heart-to-heart talk?”