Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 118.4 - You are Silly as Well (4)

Chapter 118.4 – You are Silly as Well (4)

That night, Su Yanyi received Kang Zhong’s report again. In order to comfort Qin Chu, Qin Zheny also transferred 2% of his shares under his name. Now, Qin Chu has 4% of the shares. Under Kang Zhong’s arrangement and the people who contacted Qin Chu to purchase his shares, they both used all sorts of excuses to get a hold of the extra 2% shares.

Needless to say, Su Family’s elders were really interesting and hilarious. It was unclear what had gone wrong with Su Yanmo and Su Yanyi but they were completely different, indifferent. Thankfully, with Qin Jiran and little Su Mo, Su Yanyi and Su Yanmo had become more talkative and it felt as if they had become more like normal people.

“Sigh, father is so poor that he only has money left. If you want anything else, you’re going to have to work hard.” Father Su purposely sighed in lament, however his words could anger someone. Everyone chuckled.

“I have enough money. Even if you give me more, I can’t finish spending it.” Su Yanyai said in dislike. She didn’t want to exchange money. To Su Yanyi, these shares were money too. She wasn’t interested in managing Su Group at all. That was father and big brother’s work. If she was interested in Su Group, she wouldn’t have taken over Resplendent Entertainment.

In reality, ten billion wasn’t anything. Su Family’s main assets were never put on the surface so Su Yanyi wasn’t shocked.

Su Group’s business market value was nearly a hundred billion. They had given 10% of it to Su Yanyi right now. Even more, she had 5% in the first place anyway. That meant that Su Yanyi’s net value had increased by a fold.

“That’s good. Father won’t be stingy with you either. I’ll exchange it with 10% of the shares in Su Group okay?” Father Su said generously and also tossed a huge bait at Su Yanyi.

“Nevermind, I was just joking. I’ll give it all to father. I don’t want to be that tired.” If it was in her past life, she might really have done it. But in this life, she wanted to live a relaxing and casual life. She didn’t want to find more work for herself.

That’s how Su Family worked. Besides marriage, they had the freedom to do whatever they wanted. This was also one of the reasons why Su Family was involved in all sorts of domains.

“Father isn’t joking or teasing you. If that’s what you want, father is very supportive of you too. If you want a person, I’ll give you a person. If you want money, I’ll give you money. I won’t ever joke around.” Father Su said in seriousness. He meant this. After all, these businesses belonged to their family. Whether he or his daughter manages the businesses didn’t really matter.

“If you keep teasing me, I won’t give you it.” Su Yanyi really wanted to glare at him for being teased but what a pity that everyone was an elder to her. She could only be teased. Likewise, little Su Nuo was also laughing. His foolish expression made it clear that he didn’t understand it at all.

Su Yanyi froze. She really looked foolish. Everyone chuckled at her and even Qin Jiran couldn’t help but look down and wear a faint smile. He sighed silently. Of course, Su Family’s elders were the only ones capable of laughing at Su Yanyi.

“Oh, that works too. Father has always been supportive of your career. Do you need funds? Father will support you unconditionally.” After listening to Su Yanyi’s words, not only wasn’t she angry, Father Su also smiled and followed along.

“I have all sorts of menus from all sorts of eras and countries. Lots of them are priceless. Cough, which one does father want? Just exchange it with one of your possessions. If I think it’s suitable, I’ll exchange it. If not, I’ll go open a restaurant with my secret recipes. Even more, I’ll open each restaurant right across Su Family’s restaurant.” Su Yanyi said a bit arrogantly at Father Su.

“Hahah, little girl, you’re actually talking about conditions with me? Tell me, what do you want? I’m listening.” Father Su laughed and looked interestingly at Su Yanyi.

“What does father want in exchange?” Even if he was her father, she also had a family now. She needed to support her family so she couldn’t just gift him it for free.

Su Yanyi recalled what she had just said to Qin Jiran. At that time, she wanted to open a restaurant. Now hearing Father Su’s words, she thought that using the recipes to improve Su Family’s chain restaurants was pretty good too. However, she just couldn’t give him it for free.

“Yanyi, since we’re a family, I won’t be so modest with you. Give me the secret recipes and I’ll have the chefs in the restaurant learn them right away. It’s time for Su Family’s chain restaurants to improve in quality.” Father Su was really excited and he thought ahead of time.

That night, Su Yanyi achieved her promise and personally cooked in the restaurant of the residence. She cooked a really sumptuous meal for Su Family. She cooked twelve dishes, two soups, and four desserts. She referred to the lost recipes of the Manchu Han imperial feast. Although some details weren’t skillful enough, as a whole, it still looked like an appealing and luxurious feast. The chefs of the Su Family were all shocked. They all chased behind Su Yanyi, wanting to look to her as their master!

[Haha, people above, don’t be angry. Obviously, when the film emperor is out with his woman, they’d definitely need to receive high tier treatment. We just can’t upload their pictures or anything. It’s best if there’s a video. We only got to see a few pictures and this isn’t enough!]

[Rich man + PDA = single people should go die!]

[Cough, tankers and private jets, ah. My eyes are blind from all of this!]

[Low-profile? How are they low-profile in any ways? They’re as high-profile as they could be, okay! Look quickly. What is that? Could that be the legendary private jet? Is it very expensive? How many second-handed bicycles can be bought?]

[I knew they’d come back but they didn’t even notify us in advance. It’s fine if they just let us go pick them up. But why is Qin-sama so low-profile? I really want to meet and chat with him.]

[They just came back from their honeymoon? Qin-sama, don’t you feel blessed? You should come on Weibo and show us your face. We don’t mind you and Queen Su’s PDA!]

Then, the two wearing sunglasses and linking hands as they walked down their private jet became the most popular headlines of the afternoon. Many fans’ comments flooded Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi’s Weibo.

It wasn’t that they weren’t low-profile but the private jet behind them was too high-profile. There were already reporters fixated on this so why would they let themselves miss this opportunity?

Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran took Su Family’s private jet back to A City. Only Kang Zhong went to pick them up. The two wore hats and sunglasses on the jet and they appeared low-profile the entire way. Even so, someone still caught a picture of them walking down from the jet.

“Okay, coming now.” Oh, needless to say, this man became more and more virtuous.

“Yanyi, the shower is ready. Quickly come shower.”

“Yes, President Su, don’t worry. I’ll pay close attention.” Kang Zhong was also really eager to see Qin Family’s reaction. It must be really amazing.

“Mn, get going with the others too. Best if you can collect 20% of it in a short period of time.” She had Qin Group’s shares now. Although mother had given it to Qin Jiran, she didn’t mind either. Su Yanyi made a decision. As long as they collect 20% of the shares, she’d gift them to Qin Jiran. As for the others, she wasn’t worried. They’d all belong to Qin Jiran’s one day!

“Right, I’ve already arranged everything. Qin Chu wants money to go against Qin Haowen. He would do this at any cost. He’s already contacting people to sell the shares in his hands. I had someone go to discuss this with him.” Kang Zhong was worthy of being a golden assistant. He finished doing everything that he should.

“I want the 2%.” Hearing Kang Zhong’s report, Su Yanyi exclaimed.

Qin Zhenyi was quite attacked. His son couldn’t conceive anymore. This meant this put an end to Qin Family’s bloodline. At this time, Qin Zhenyi inevitably thought of Qin Jiran, the son he abandoned. Maybe he should really find a way for Qin Jiran to return to Qin Family. Compared to the return of an illegitimate son, he hated people saying that he’d die without progeny.

No men could accept this harsh truth openly. After Qin Chu found out about this, he almost became insane because of the shock. He was still so young. He hadn’t even gotten married yet. How could this happen to him? Qin Chu even thought about committing suicide but a nurse noticed and saved him in time. Even more, after Qin Zhenyi enlightened him, he gradually calmed down. His heart was full of hatred towards Qin Haowen!

That night, Su Yanyi received Kang Zhong’s call. In the call, Kang Zhong reported the matters in the Qin Family. In between, Kang Zhong pointed out that Qin Zhenren had compensated 2% of the shares to Qin Chu in order to compensate for his loss and in exchange for Qin Haowen’s freedom. But even so, Qin Chu was unresigned to this. After he woke up, he smashed everything in the ward and swore to make Qin Haowen pay with his blood!

Su Yanyi didn’t understand Qin Jiran’s thoughts but she could feel something. She gently patted Qin Jirna’s back and silently comforted the man that needed love.

“I just think that life is really weak.” Therefore, they had to treasure their lives. Qin Jiran liked little animals and little children. He liked things and people that required protection and love. This wasn’t because he had a lot of compassion but because he had a lingering fear inside his heart. Because he had been abandoned as a young child and could only listen to fate back then, that’s why he wanted to protect those weak existences when he grew up and had enough power. That was so he could make up for the regret inside his heart.

“Why do you worry about everything?” Su Yanyi was a bit indifferent. She might bring the little animal back if she saw one but she would never be so worried about it.

Qi Jiran turned and hugged Su Yanyi who had been staying by his side. “I know. I just think that if we didn’t notice the weak little animal, it’d die. That’s very pitiful.”

“It’d be fine. The veterinarians here are brilliant.” Su Yanyi comforted.

Qin Jiran didn’t want to part from the animal. After the zookeeper did an emergency treatment on it, they carried it back to where they lived. They sent the little monkey back to the veterinarian to treat it. Only then did he sigh in relief.

The night that they were going to leave the forest, Qin Jiran had picked up an injured little monkey on their way back. The zookeeper said they were born within less than two months. Such a little one. They had fallen down from the tree due to some unknown reasons and broke their legs. They couldn’t even climb back up. If they were only noticed after a few more hours, the little monkey might’ve died.

In reality, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were planning on heading back. They had a lot of work. According to their plan, they could only stay for another day at most. But even if today was the last night, the two didn’t waste time. They followed the zookeeper into the forest. Because there were only two of them, they walked quite far. Not only did they see a lot of animals, they also saw many new and bizarre tropical plants. The plants were really beautiful.

Because they were really busy, the group only stayed on the island for two days before heading back. While heading back, they also took the little light bulb, Su Nuo, back too. They left some space for Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran.