Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 258 - 33 Side by Side With You

33 Side by Side With You

Lan You Nian gently pushed open the door of the chamber and entered. Before she could step into the room, she heard Feng Yi Xuan and Lan Mo Xian’s voice.

“Where’s Nian Nian’s letter?” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was still as cold as it always has been but Lan You Nian could hear the weakness in his voice. Instantly, Lan You Nian’s eyes turned red. On the way, Lan You Nian was expressionless but upon hearing Feng Yi Xuan’s voice, Lan You Nian suddenly wanted to cry, not for herself but for that man.

Though Feng Yi Xuan has caught the plague, it didn’t stop him from handling official matters. More importantly, he’s been waiting for Nian Nian’s return letter every day. Only then would Feng Yi Xuan’s gaze turn warm.

“Today’s letter hasn’t arrived yet…” Lan Mo Xian said feeling distressed inside. Who would have thought the high and mighty Prince Ming would catch the plague? More importantly, even at this time, all Prince Ming thought and worried about was his little sister Nian’er. If Prince Ming didn’t stop him, he would have informed his little sister of Prince Ming’s situation no matter what. Even if Prince Ming didn’t say, they can all tell Prince Ming missed his little sister.

Lan You Nian rubbed her eyes. She feared she will burst into tears when she saw Feng Yi Xuan. She feared Feng Yi Xuan’s will feel heartache for her. She was especially worried. In the past, Feng Yi Xuan would notice the moment someone entered the room but she’s been standing here for so long yet he hasn’t noticed her, Lan You Nian felt he must be feeling weak. Actually, Lan You Nian has gotten it all wrong. Though Feng Yi Xuan was very weak at the moment, the vigilance that’s been embedded into his bones was still there. As for why he hasn’t noticed Lan You Nian, it was because Lan You Nian was very familiar to Feng Yi Xuan, a familiarity that’s embedded deep into his bones, so he hasn’t noticed. If someone else was to enter his room, Feng Yi Xuan would have instantly noticed.

“Is Nian Nian well in the capital? Keke….” Feng Yi Xuan asked, starting to cough before he could finish his inquiry. Even if he received Nian Nian’s letter everyday, he couldn’t help his longing and worry.

Hearing Feng Yi Xuan cough, Lan You Nian couldn’t bear it anymore and stepped into the room. Lan You Nian’s eyes instantly landed on Feng Yi Xuan who was laying on the bed. Feng Yi Xuan instantly noticed Lan You Nian. Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes were filled with joy and bliss.

At this moment, Feng Yi Xuan laid there. His face that was usually more fair than normal men’s disclosed a paleness of sickness. After not seeing each other for some time, Lan You Nian noticed Feng Yi Xuan has lost weight. The bags under his eyes were very obvious. Catching a whiff of the medicinal scent in the air, Lan You Nian’s heart ached and angry at the same time. Her voice filled with a tone of grievance she wasn’t aware of, “You are already like this, do you think I can be well?”

Lan You Nian clearly told herself she couldn’t cry but silent tears still crept out. She was stuck the moment she met Feng Yi Xuan. Her tears were all for this man!

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t expect the girl he longed for night and day to appear before his eyes. Feng Yi Xuan was undoubtedly overjoyed but remembering he’s infected with the plague and the dangerous Xianglin city, Feng Yi Xuan was about to say a word out of worry but when he saw Nian Nian glaring with pitiful teary eyes, Feng Yi Xuan decided all his worries and inappropriateness was nothing as he hastily prepared to get out of bed to pull the girl into his arms.

Upon seeing Feng Yi Xuan about to get up, she hastily ran to the bed and pushed Feng Yi Xuan back down, her red eyes appeared pitiful and her voice carried a crying tone, “Your body’s like this yet you can’t behave!” Saying this, she tucked Feng Yi Xuan in and sat by the bedside to look at the man who’s lost weight.

Lan Mo Xian saw there was no other people in the two’s eyes, and silently left the room. Little sister has already come to Xianglin city. Lan Mo Xian believed little sister will take good care of Prince Ming. They should take a good look at the business with the plague.

Feng Yi Xuan stared dazedly at Lan You Nian who was covered with dust from travel. Because the veil has been removed, Feng Yi Xuan also noticed Lan You Nian has lost some weight. The little meat that has grown on those cheeks after his meticulous care has has been lost. Feng Yi Xuan reached out a hand from within the blankets to stroke Lan You Nian’s face and released a deep sigh.

“I’ve caught the plague yet you sit so close to me, do you know you will also become infected?” Feng Yi Xuan said with heartache. How could he not know Nian Nian did this all for him. He was overjoyed about Nian Nian’s care for him but at the same time his heart ached for Nian Nian’s labors. In Feng Yi Xuan’s heart, though he knew Nian Nian was a phoenix soaring in the sky, in his selfishness, he wished that sky was the one he created himself. Because the love was too deep, he would always worry.

Feng Yi Xuan’s words made Lan You Nian angry. Though she knew Feng Yi Xuan was simply too worried, she was still unhappy. If she didn’t see Feng Yi Xuan looked weak, Lan You Nian would have already beat him up.

Lan You Nian didn’t care for Feng Yi Xuan’s disapproving gaze and darted under the blankets to curl up in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms, mumbling, “Xuan, if the one who caught the plague was me, will you be afraid? Will you leave?”

“I wont!” Feng Yi Xuan answered. No matter what happens to Nian Nian, he wouldn’t be afraid and will stay by Nian Nian’s side, accompanying her in life and death!

“Since you won’t, then why do you think I will? Xuan, I don’t wish to be the silk strands strung from a tree or reeds to jade plant. I only want to stand side by side with you, and not just hide under your wings.” Lan You Nian said looking seriously into Feng Yi Xuan’s violet eyes.

Feng Yi Xuan’s deep purple eyes were like black holes that made one wish to fall into looked with deep affection at the serious Lan You Nian, hoarse and magnetic voice filled with a heavy affection, “I always knew Nian Nian was strong, only…my heart aches…” Even knowing you are very strong, even knowing you aren’t like other women, because I love you so much, I can’t help worry and feel heartache.

“Alright, you can stay with me!” Feng Yi Xuan’s magnetic voice was crisp, mellow as the flowing spring between rocks.

A smile bloomed on Lan You Nian’s face hearing Feng Yi Xuan’s words and rested with Feng Yi Xuan. Though Feng Yi Xuan has caught the plague, he didn’t neglect any matters that should be handled so Feng Yi Xuan was very tired. Additionally, with his current situation, Feng Yi Xuan fell asleep within moments.

Lan You Nian, seeing Feng Yi Xuan sleeping peacefully, gently rose out of bed and walked out and saw Gui Yi waiting outside, still dressed in white robes and long hair tied up and flowing over his shoulder casually, giving Gui Yi a celestial air, but those tired eyes expressed how busy he was.

“Eldest brother!” Lan You Nian came over to Gui Yi, her voice filled with worry. Though Gui Yi often came out of the valley to performed medical examinations at Wu Qing Medical Hall, this incident was severe and was a difficult matter for even Gui Yi, “Don’t overwork yourself!”

Though Lan You Nian was concerned about the plague, these civilians weren’t as important as her loved ones in her heart. She’s never possessed such generosity. They were only so concerned over the situation with the plague because they were citizens of Feng empire and Feng Xia Qi was Feng empire’s Emperor.

Gui Yi nodded and asked, “For Prince Ming’s illness?” How could Gui Yi not see the worry in his little junior sister’s eys.

“En!” Lan You Nian nodded and glanced at the gloomy sky, “I wish to know how Xuan’s currently doing? Is there any way to treat the plague?”

Plague, such a horrifying thing but for some reason Lan You Nian felt Feng Yi Xuan will be fine. She can definitely make Feng Yi Xuan get better.

“Little junior sister, you’ve given Prince Ming a medical bath right?” Gui Yi said with certainty, “Actually the plague Prince Ming has caught isn’t that serious nor will he be like other people and lose his life. He just needs to take the utmost care of himself and with a few prescriptions, Prince Ming will become healthy again. Don’t worry too much!”

Lan You Nian sighed in relief. She already planned if Xuan’s illness was severe, she’ll have master come over. Lan You Nian believed with master’s medical skills he can definitely save Feng Yi Xuan. Now hearing Gui Yi’s guarantee, Lan You Nian was silently thankful she had Feng Yi Xuan take that medicinal bath.

Gui Yi wrote a prescription and had An Yi to grab the ingredients and had Lan You Nian personally brew it. It would be fine to hand this matter to a soldier but Lan You Nian wasn’t reassured. This wasn’t Prince Ming manor nor was it Lan manor. It was the dangerous Xianglin city. Lan You Nian couldn’t allow a single danger come in contact with Feng Yi Xuan.

After Lan You Nian finished brewing the medicine and came into the room, she noticed Feng Yi Xuan was already awake and was currently leaning against the head of the bed looking at booklets. When he saw Lan You Nian, he revealed a smile. Though he was weak recently, after some rest, some of his energy has returned. Seeing Nian Nian by his side, he was in a much better mood.

“Why didn’t you sleep longer?” Lan You Nian put down the bowl of medicine and came over to the bed, snatching the booklet from Feng Yi Xuan’s hands and scolded, “Your body’s already like this. Why can’t you behave?”

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t refute and only gazed grievously at Lan You Nian. The sick Feng Yi Xuan was like a child but this was only in front of Lan You Nian.

Lan You Nian held the medicine and slowly fed it to Feng Yi Xuan. Though Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t bear Nian Nian to labor, seeing Nian Nian taking care of him, Feng Yi Xuan was greedy enough to enjoy this rare gentleness.

After feeding Feng Yi Xuan, Lan You Nian put down the bowl and stiffened her pretty face, “Xuan, your abilities have grown! You dare keep such a matter from me, and conceal it from it! Hmph! You committed wrongs despite knowing it was wrong!”

Feng Yi Xuan knew this girl will definitely make him pay. Now thinking back, Feng Yi Xuan really thought he was being a hypocrite. Even if he really was about to die, he won’t allow Nian Nian to be alone in the world. Because Feng Yi Xuan knew for certain no one will love Nian Nian more than him. But at the moment he didn’t think of so much, only thinking he should protect Nian Nian and not make Nian Nian upset, forgetting the two needed to share in weal and woe.

“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan wanted to pout but Lan You Nian still looked sinisterly at Feng Yi Xuan. Feng YI Xuan knew if he didn’t make Nian Nian forgive him today, Nian Nian won’t sleep with him tonight. Feng Yi Xuan could only purposefully “cough cough” fall into a fit of coughs. Though it was a deliberate element in it, his body was indeed unwell.

Lan You Nian clearly knew Feng Yi Xuan was merely pretending but still pitied him and came to fEng Yi Xuan’s side to lightly pat Feng Yi Xuan’s back. After Feng Yi Xuan was better, Lan You Nian laid on Feng Yi Xuan’s lap, “Don’t lie to me in the future!”

“Alright!” Feng Yi Xuan used his fingers as a comb as he combed through Nian Nian’s hair, his face gentle.

“You’re not allowed to be alone. I want to stay by your side…” Lan You Nian narrowed her eyes.

“Alright…” Everything you say is good, my Nian Nian…