Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 458 Sudden Scream!

There were so many precious plants in this ancient herb garden.

Golden ginseng over 70,000 years old, Vitality Revitalizing Grass over 50,000 years old, Blood Cleansing Mushroom over 80,000 years, and many more...

Each of those precious plants was priceless material for pill making and needed to be harvested carefully, or they might be ruined.

It might need more than two weeks for the Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples to carefully harvest so many precious plants.

Who knew how many other cultivators would find this herb garden other than them in those two weeks!

So, the Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples planned to hide this herb garden with concealment formation, so they could harvest all of the precious plants here in peace.

'What to do now? Should I just ambush and beat them all before they find me? There are only three core disciples here anyway. I believe I can defeat the three of them swiftly with my current sword martial arts and my new [Frost Swan Sword].' Tang Li Xue thought with an eager expression.

Little Loki already also put an eager cute expression as it licked its tiny right claw.

'No, that will not work. Since there are three Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples here, it means the other Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples should be around here too.' Tang Li Xue immediately shook her head to reject her previous idea.

The cultivation of three Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples here was already at High-Rank Acupuncture Opening Stage.

Tang Li Xue already reached Rank 7 Acupuncture Opening Stage after she completed her last quest, so it means she also already reached High-Rank Acupuncture Opening Stage.

(Low Rank is Rank 1-3, Mid Rank is 4-6, High Rank is around Rank 7-9, Peak Rank is Rank 10.)

With surprise element from ambush and her lethal sword techniques combined with her [Frost Swan Sword], she has the confidence to swiftly defeating two or three High-Rank Acupuncture Opening Stage cultivators, but if there were more than that...

'Sigh... It would be bad if they shout to call more friends. There is no way my two hands can fight head-on against more than six hands at once, so let's be patient for now and wait for the right timing.' Tang Li Xue decided in her mind as she slowly retreated farther from the bushes.

Tang Li Xue carefully distanced herself from the three Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples, so she would not get discovered by them.

But when she took a few steps back, suddenly...




Tang Li Xue was suddenly startled by several shouts from a farther place ahead of them.

"Not good! There is something bad happened at our camp! Let's go back now!" The female core disciple said to the two male core disciples with an anxious tone.

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The two male core disciples nodded their heads in agreement with a solemn expression.

The three of them quickly ran back to their camp.

'Hmm... So, they already set a camp nearby. I wonder what happened there? Should I follow them?' Tang Li Xue frowned and pondered her next move carefully.

Carelessly approaching an enemy camp was certainly a very dangerous option, since she could easily get caught.

It was still all right before since she could use her perfect copy as a decoy to escape.

She could even use [Swap] skill to switch places with her perfect copy in a crucial moment, or use her [Damage Transfer] skill to transfer all the damage she received to her perfect copy.

But Tang Li Xue was alone right now without her perfect copy to help her!

No one could save or help her if she got surrounded and got caught!

In the end, Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth to steel her resolve and decided to follow the three Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples from behind.

'I should at least check their camp location and what kind of creature is attacking them right now. It should be all right. I am sure they will not find me if I check then from afar.' Tang Li Xue comforted herself.

'But before that...' Tang Li Xue took out something from her

system's inventory.

It was actually [Premium Armor Chest]. Tang Li Xue got it from the added reward of her last quest since she got a Perfect Evaluation.

Little Loki jumped out from Tang Li Xue's embrace and curiously approached the [Premium Armor Chest].

'Let's see what I can get from this [Premium Armor Chest]! I hope I can get something useful to increase my strength.' Tang Li Xue prayed in her heart as she tried to open the [Premium Armor Chest].

[Please choose the armor part you want to get first before opening the Premium Armor Chest.]

Several armor parts appeared in Tang Li Xue's mind, such as helmet, armguard, inner armor, outer armor, greave, boot, skirt, even accessories like a ring, pendant, bracelet, and so on.

After careful consideration, Tang Li Xue decided to choose armor since she already has [Critical Strikers] to protect her hands and [Shadow Striders] to protect her feet.

But there were two armor choices available... inner armor and outer armor!

In Tang Li Xue's mind, the outer armor should be like plate armor. It was heavier but provide better protection.

While inner armor should be like chainmail that could be worn under the clothes.

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"All right, I choose inner armor." Tang Li Xue muttered.

In Tang Li Xue's opinion, the heavy outer armor would reduce her speed and flexibility if she wore it now.

Meanwhile, she needed agility the most right now if she wanted to ambush anyone or retreat from that place swiftly.

That was the reason why she decided to choose inner armor instead since inner armor would not hinder her movement.


[Congratulation! You got [Arcane Tunic] from the Premium Armor Chest!]

[Arcane Tunic]

Level: 1

Agility: +10%

Spirit: +10%

Toughness: +10%

Body balance: +20%

Damage Reduction: -20%

Equipment Skill: Arcane Barrier (Create a spell shield that reduces the damage taken by half. Duration: 30 Second. Cooldown: 20 minutes.)

Equipment Effect: Arcane Shroud (Absorb 15% of the damage taken and turn it into HP).

Durability: 500/500


[Big Glutton, Little Loki]

When the Tomb Owner's Will explained the function of [Qi Storing Blacelet], [Foundation Establishment Pill], and [Frost Swan Sword] one by one to Tang Li Xue, Little Loki already stared at the three items and drooled.


Little Loki jumped onto Tang Li Xue's chest and put a pitiful begging expression. Even its third eye became teary.

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"Eh? Little Loki, you want to eat these items?! No! Errr... I will give you beast cores later, so please be patient, okay?" Tang Li Xue got startled by Little Loki's plead. She quickly rejected Little Loki's plead, but she quickly put Little Loki down and comforted it while patted its tiny furry head gently.

After that, Tang Li Xue began to ask the Tomb Owner's Will on how to use the [Qi Storing Blacelet].

Little Loki puffed its cheek and pouted in dejection.

Little Loki quickly ran to the corner of the room and distanced itself from Tang Li Xue. It sulked alone there.

But then Little Loki suddenly realized something when it saw so many treasured swords scattered around the room: 'That is right... Why should I eat something that belongs to my own person when there are so many other people's things here?'

Little Loki smirked evilly as it opened its mouth...

At that time, the Tomb Owner's Will did not realize what Little Loki did since he was so busy talking to Tang Li Xue.

After the Tomb Owner's Will explained everything to Tang Li Xue, he immediately kicked Tang Li Xue along with Little Loki out from the Crystal Palace Tomb.

Little Loki was teleported back onto the front gate with Tang Li Xue.

When it got kicked out from the Crystal Palace Tomb, Little Loki licked its mouth in satisfaction, and it even burped several times.

Then Little Loki patted at its bulging little stomach before happily jumped onto Tang Li Xue.

"What an impolite person?! At least he needs to wait for me to finish talking first before kicking me out, right?!" Tang Li Xue grumbled in displeasure as she took Little Loki onto her embrace and walked away from the Crystal Palace Tomb.


The Tomb Owner's Will sighed in relief after he kicked out Tang Li Xue and Little Loki.

In fact, Tang Li Xue had already given her so many surprises, and that was the reason why he accused her of cheating twice.

In the opinion of Tomb Owner's Will, Tang Li Xue was too bizarre.

He still did not even know until now what Tang Li Xue had done to make her age was detected one year old, and how she did to decode and comprehend the content of the last trial.

But then Tomb Owner's Will suddenly noticed something odd and muttered: "Eh? Strange... Why is this inheritance room looks so empty right now? Was this room really like this before?"

The upper right corner of the vast inheritance room was actually empty right now!

There was not even a single treasured sword left there!


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He almost passed out when he realized that a quarter amount of powerful treasured swords in the inheritance room had already been missing right now.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue already brought Little Loki away from the Crystal Palace Tomb and quickly heading to the south, so both Tang Li Xue and Little Loki could no longer hear the angry shout from the Tomb Owner's Will.