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Chapter 526 - Giant Demonic Divine Dragon (1)

Chapter 526 - Giant Demonic Divine Dragon (1)

As Valdebich and the giants exuded ferocious auras, the traitors couldn’t erase the stiff expressions on their faces. The nightmares deep within their memories had awakened.

Giants had always been irritating impediments along the paths of gods. Whenever gods created civilizations and tried to rule them, the giants would invade and plunder them. Although demons occasionally invaded planets to expand their demonic worlds, they didn’t bother the gods to the extent the giants did. Demons only wished to satisfy their greed or curiosity, and so they usually left after taking what they wanted.

Dragons were individualistic creatures who had no reason to clash with the gods. They weren’t interested in others’ business and as long as no one trespassed on their territories, they didn’t care.

However, the giants enjoyed taking the things that the gods took time and effort to create. It also didn’t help that the giants were outstanding fighters; and the destruction they left behind whenever they fought with the gods was always serious.

As a result, the giants had been a nuisance to many societies for a long time. When they disappeared after the Crawling Chaos’ interference, it had been cause for celebration. The fact that they were being resurrected was a horrible development for the gods. The problem was compounded by the fact that these weren’t even ordinary giants.

Roaarrr! Arrrgh! Rahh! As if responding to the cries of the giants, other roars rose into the air. Swish. Energy condensed around the giants and soon took the shape of giants, as well. The giants who’d died because of the Crawling Chaos’ incarnation were using the power of the Shadow Domain to regenerate their bodies. Furthermore, they weren’t the only ones who had returned.

Where…is this?

Have I come back to life? How…?

I think a voice called me. Was that it?

I can feel again! Ah!

The ghosts of the giants that had roamed in the darkness of the Crawling Chaos rose once more, elated to regain their senses again. When the loved ones they longed for appeared, the living giants hugged the dead ones, tears spilling down their faces. In total, there were a thousand of them.

You didn’t come back to life. You’ve gained a new one with our god’s blessing as his familiars and warriors.

The souls of the giants all turned to Valdebich.

[Ghost Giants]

[Description: The warriors hadn’t moved on due to their wrongful deaths. Only now, after a long time has passed, were they able to respond to the voices calling them. However, since too much time has passed, they have lost too much of their identity and can only manifest through the power of their god and the combination of many souls and Spirit Guai.

They are now giants who also have the traits of souls and Spirit Guai.]

The countless Spirit Guai and souls bound to Yeon-woo’s Soul Collection had become a medium for resurrecting the giants. The Ghost Giants were strange creatures neither the gods or demons had seen before, but they realized the resurrected creatures were based on “death” and “fight.” Although their numbers were small compared to the number of giants who died on the hidden stage, a thousand Ghost Giants were still a mighty force to be reckoned with. They could easily lead a mid-level society to ruin. It was also clear that the greater their master, Yeon-woo, grew, their levels and powers would also increase.

Kroooo! Even though no one commanded them, the Ghost Giants all roared. Ancestors and descendants stood together.

Thump! What are we? Valdebich stamped and shouted. The other Ghost Giants stamped their feet with him.


We are warriors of our god!


What will we do?

Thump! Thump!



To our enemies!


To our allies!


With every statement Valdebich made, the Ghost Giants shouted in response. The ground quaked, and even space trembled. It was the lost pre-battle ritual of the giants that served the purpose of raising their fighting spirit through Collective Will.

That was the reason Yeon-woo had given them Berserker-related buffs; Berserker was an old trait of the giants. The greater their numbers, the more explosive it grew. It was a risky technique because one’s defensive ability decreased in proportion to the increase of one’s offensive power. However, the larger the group, the better the protection, and so the giants could focus on the battle with peace of mind.

At this moment, they didn't need to worry. With all their comrades around, why would they need to be concerned for their safety? Moreover, they had the blessing of their great god.

Then brothers... Valdebich drew his sword and fixed his gaze on the traitors. The Giant Ghosts followed his gaze. Dis Pluto could easily defeat the traitors. The giants had no interest in killing those already fated for defeat. Others held their attention: the subordinates of the Crawling Chaos who were headed for them. They needed to drive out all the otherworld gods to satisfy their resentment.

Let’s show them who we are. Valdebich dashed forward, and the Ghost Giants followed him.

Raa! Their shouts shook the holy territory. A massive column of fire suddenly crashed down in the middle of the otherworld gods’ encampment. The tsunami of fire blew away three of the otherworld gods, leaving the galvanized Ghost Giants and Valdebich booking bemused. They only realized at that moment that they had backup—one of the extinct great dragons was soaring through the sky, spitting out Breath.

Summer Queen. Valdebich’s eyes narrowed when he identified her. At first, he wondered why she was helping them, but he pushed that thought aside since it was clear their god had taken care of it. He focused on the battle again.

Ka-boom! And like that, they raced towards their final battle.

* * *

I have to let the society know…no matter what! Wendigo gritted her teeth as she ran away. She had been near the back when Yeon-woo and the traitors began their combat, and as soon as Dis Pluto appeared, she ran away without looking back.

Her society, Algonquin, was a small one that wasn’t associated with either the gods or demons. Most people didn’t even know it existed. Under normal circumstances, she shouldn’t have been able to descend to the lower world, but her society had sent her because of their strong desire for the revelations.

Wendigo highly regretted becoming an envoy and entering this absurd place. Although the heavenly world was overreaching by preparing for war against Allforone, the situation was even worse in the lower world that they held in contempt for being the residence of insignificant beings. It was a place where otherworld gods appeared, gods and demons prowled, and giants were resurrected. Was there any other place that was so damned?

She had respected Gabriel even though they were in different societies, and watching her torn apart made her think that everyone was crazy. Malach was crazy, and so was L’Infernal, who did something similar. The envoys who rebelled against the monstrous Ghost Giantswere also crazy. No one was sane here.

She should have listened when Yeon-woo gave the envoys a chance to return to the heavenly world. She should have ignored her society’s objections regardless of their persistence…! Wendigo decided to use the last of her courage to escape the hidden stage. From what she’d seen, the envoys who declared neutrality would be killed along with the traitors. Even if they were allowed to live, it was plain to see that they would be used as slaves and abandoned afterwards. It was only a matter of time before they died.

Unless Yeon-woo was a fool, he wouldn’t let the heavenly world know of the giants’ resurrection nor would he expose Dis Pluto’s strength. It was obvious that he would seal the mouths of any witnesses, but Wendigo could only think that she had to warn the heavenly world of the threat that Yeon-woo posed. He wasn’t just a potential danger; he embodied danger itself.

Where do you think you’re going? However, she was forced to stop even before she could go too far. A being who was so beautiful that his gender was impossible to distinguish was sitting in front of her. Wendigo stiffened. It was Agares, L’Infernal’s second-in-command, who was notorious for his obsession with Yeon-woo.

Wendigo wanted to convince Agares and maybe even shout at him to quickly swallow Yeon-woo. Agares, listen to…!

Crack! But before she could even finish, her head was severed from her body at a simple wave of Agares’ hand. Psssss. Agares scoffed at her corpse, which scattered into the air.

Ha! I’ll be the one to decide whether or not he’s dangerous and when to take him. The rest of you can just be dogs until then. Impudent beings. Agares turned towards Yeon-woo’s subordinates, who were on the way to victory. He licked his lips like someone who was looking at a tasty meal. Yes. Keep on growing. The more precious you are, the more delightful it will be to take you.

* * *

As Dis Pluto and the Ghost Giants fought on the battlefield, Yeon-woo began to experience more changes.

[‘Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword’ has absorbed a multitude of Giant Factors.]

[Giant Factors have been awakened.]

[Giant Factors have been awakened.]

[You have gained an abundance of Giant Factors.]

[The interrupted awakening of the Giant Demonic Divine Draconic Body will restart.]

The half-giants had sacrificed their bodies for exuviation and transcendence, and Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword and consumed these abandoned bodies and delivered the Giant Factors to Yeon-woo. He also gained more Factors as the old giants were resurrected as Ghost Giants, which triggered the completion of the awakening of his Giant Demonic Divine Draconic Body.

The establishment of Yeon-woo’s holy territory and the deaths of the traitors meant that Yeon-woo’s subordinates could take the energies of the dead gods and demons as nutrients while he took the Giant Factors. He’d created a complex trap that could help him achieve even more growth.

However, it still wasn’t enough.

[You have fallen short of the required level.]

[The four factors are still unbalanced.]

[Current progress: 98.5%]

‘Oh well.’ He’d planned for this possibility as well, and he pulled out the insurance he’d kept for this situation: the greatest treasure of the heavenly world that would not only supply him with Factors but also establish a balance among them.

Yeon-woo brought the Fruit of Good and Evil to his mouth.