Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 733 - I Must Destroy Her!

Chapter 733: I Must Destroy Her!

Reporter Yang kept his notebook in the laptop bag. He stood up with the laptop bag in his hands and started walking towards the exit.

Chunxue remained seated at the cafe, left to her thoughts. She calmed down and thought it over.

Should she do it?

Should it be done?

Should she use these photos to her advantage and knock Ye Tianxin off her pedestal?

Should she continue putting up with Ye Tianxin and be thoroughly defeated by her for good?

Could she accept the fact that her presence would be ignored whenever Ye Tianxin was present?

Could she accept the fact that there would be no room for her existence whenever Ye Tianxin was present?

No, no.

She was reluctant about it.

She refused to accept it.

She wanted to at least try putting up a fight!

She wanted to try her luck at least once!

Even if she lost eventually, she still had Young Master on her side.

“I want it.”

Chunxue glanced at Reporter Yang who had already reached the entrance of the cafe. With a composed look underneath her sunglasses, she strode towards Reporter Yang.

“I want the photos.”

Reporter Yang anticipated that nobody, not even Chunxue, would be able to refuse such temptation.

“Two million?”

“No, 2.5 million. I’ll offer you another 500 thousand to release the news for me. Make the headings as striking as possible! The more shocking and appalling, the better!”

Since Chunxue already spent two million, she did not mind spending an extra 500 thousand.

She was more than willing to blow 2.5 million if it meant ruining Ye Tianxin’s life.

“Then are we going to withdraw the money now? I’m sure you understand that’s how things work in our industry. I can only be assured if the money’s with me.”

Chunxue contemplated for a moment and said, “I’ll transfer the money to you via online banking.”

Telecommunication frauds were not as rampant in that era. It wouldn’t have taken too long to transfer money via online banking.


Chunxue and Reporter Yang went to a hotel nearby right after they left the cafe. The hotel fee didn’t matter to Reporter Yang now that he was about to receive 2.5 million.

As they both walked into the hotel room together, the hotel receptionist took a photo of them without their knowledge.

Once they entered the room, Chunxue did not hesitate to transfer the 2.5 million into Reporter Yang’s account as promised.

Reporter Yang sat down at the desk, plugged in his notebook, and began composing exaggerated and suggestive articles about Ye Tianxin.

Reporter Yang was a veteran in the journalism industry. He knew very well what needed to be done to start a compelling and eye-catching rumor.

Together with the photos, Reporter Yang crafted a seemingly plausible story about Ye Tianxin. He posted the articles on large forums with tons of active users.

It went without saying that female celebrities like Ye Tianxin, who was famous and well-liked, stirred jealousy in that era.

Right after Reporter Yang posted an article with the heading “Renowned Star Ye Tianxin Turns Out To Be VIP’s Mistress”, tons of comments appeared under the post almost immediately.

[Hourglass In The Rain: What the heck, OP, is this true?]

[Fallen Meteor: I thought it was suspicious that Ye Tianxin had such good resources. No wonder she was able to act in Director Jin’s film right after she debuted. Some filthy-rich sponsor is supporting her!]

[Dreaming Mortals In The Temple: Why do all of you think that there’s a sponsor behind her? What if it’s one of her relatives?]

[Hardworking Kid: I searched for some news about Ye Tianxin. I believe what OP said, there must be some sponsor supporting her. Didn’t you guys notice something? The highest-grossing domestic films that were released before Red Cherry was only around 100-200 million. How did Red Cherry manage to hit the box office with more than one billion ticket sales?]