Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 729 - One of the Five Great Sects

Chapter 729: One of the Five Great Sects

“What are you doing?” Lan Xinyu snarled and stood in front of the little boy protectively.

“Move aside!” The young man barked, preparing to fight.

“Stop!” The old man bellowed, then growled at the young man, “Feiyu, don’t be rude. It was only because of them that I managed to make it in time.”

“Hmph, even if they didn’t take action, how could this kind of trash hurt our Duan family’s people?” The young man grumbled.

“No matter what, they had good intentions. We should still thank them, and not forget our manners,” the old man said sharply.

The old man was inadvertently agreeing with the young man, and Lan Xinyu pursed her lips unhappily. So, in these strangers’ eyes, their actions were meaningless.

“Yes, Grandfather.” Duan Feiyu did not dare oppose the old man and took out a token. “Many thanks for just now. This token is a gift for you all.” Though he was thanking them, he did not look the least bit grateful. Instead, he was looking at them as if he was the one doing them a favour.

Ling Chuxi had guessed that these people were from a sect, but that simple token with the word ‘Sky’ in the middle (1) seemed like it was of an even lower position than an outer disciple, of lesser value than even Ye Qianhe’s sect’s outer disciples.

“There’s no need,” Ling Chuxi said slowly.

“It is you all who do not want it, don’t say that I don’t know manners.” Duan Yufei put the token away sulkily and resisted the urge to snap at them, mindful of the old man’s presence.

“Both of you, I apologize for any offence earlier, please don’t take it to heart. I am Duan Qingchen, and he is from my Duan family. Something had happened earlier and he was left wandering outside. We are here to take him back to the Duan family,” the old man said to Ling Chuxi and Lan Xinyu, his tone kind and pleasant.

Lan Xinyu knew that this old man’s cultivation was terrifying and could also tell that they had no ill intentions towards the little boy. It was just that she was still a little unhappy from earlier.

“Let them take him, they are indeed people of the Duan family.” At that moment, Jiang Wuhen stepped forward and whispered to Ling Chuxi and Lan Xinyu, hiding behind them and not daring to look at the old man.

“Alright then,” Lan Xinyu reluctantly agreed. Yes, she was unhappy, but this old man’s cultivation was unfathomable and he had been very courteous to them. She did not want to cause problems with them based on such small matters, and judging by the assassination attempt earlier, the little boy was probably trouble too. The less she had to worry about, the better.

Ling Chuxi had remained quiet the whole time. She had a nagging feeling that this matter was not that simple, but these matters were not for an outsider like her to interfere with.

“Many thanks then,” the old man said, then went to the little boy. “Alright, follow Grandfather home, alright?” The old man looked into the little boy’s eyes deeply, a layer of that odd black color appearing in his eyes.

The little boy stared into the old man’s eyes for a long time, and finally nodded, releasing his hold on Ling Chuxi’s robe.

“You are the Feng family’s little one?” Duan Qingchen turned around and asked Jiang Wuhen.

“This junior’s name is Jiang Wuhen, greetings to Senior Duan.” Jiang Wuhen gave a helpless, bitter laugh. In the end, he still was unable to avoid his past and could only respectfully bow to the old man. Although he called himself Jiang Wuhen, he did not dare to directly correct this old man like he did to others in the past.

“Hehe, I see. When you are free, go home and visit your old man. The matters of last time left him angry enough,” Duan Qingchen said, looking slightly emotional.

“Yes.” Jiang Wuhen hesitated for a moment then continued, “Senior Duan, as for my matter, can you…”

(1) Sky/Heaven is part of the Sect’s name. It’ll be explained further in the next chapter