Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052

Silvaria is similar to earth.

No, not geometrically similar. Silvaria isn't a rough sphere, it's a huge plane.

However, this plane is at least 10 times bigger than the earth's surface area. The two worlds are literally worlds apart.

People from earth know there is outer space beyond the sky and ozone layers.

To Silvaria natives, anyone who asked what lays beyond the sky will be treated like a fool. Only fools would entertain a question like that.

For Silvaria natives, what they can see is everything. The sky is just the sky and the earth is the earth. Nobody thought long and hard about what lays beyond the skies. Nobody asked how far the sun and moon were in relation to Silvaria.

There are no spaceships or space programs here. The cultivators here are basically superhumans that can dominate the world with their superhuman powers should a portal connect Earth and Silvaria. However, because their superhuman abilities negated a need to make up for their weaknesses, Silvaria's technological development is severely lacking in comparison to earth.

How then, is Silvaria similar to Earth?

Well, Silvaria had an ocean much like how over half of Earth is just water.

The geographical distribution of land and ocean in Silvaria is also very simple. Imagine Silvaria as a plane with a large landmass making up about 40% of the total area in the middle and the rest of the plane filled with water.

The Domain of the Gods is somewhere in this vast expanse of ocean.

In this nigh-infinite plane of water, in the boundless sky, an airship is making its way to a certain location. The airship is vastly more advanced and awe-inducing than any other airship in this world. The domineering airship pushed away the surrounding air as it made its way through the air space.

The airship's name is Fraxinus.

Standing on the commander's deck, Wu Yan analyzed the map to the Domain of the Gods. He looked at the display screen and saw the same ocean that stretched on into infinity. He slightly gasped.

The last time he saw an ocean was in the world of [Strike the Blood]. Itogami Island is an artificial island built in the center of an ocean too. It's not hard to visit the sea on that island.

The sea displayed in the screen is similar to the seas he saw in other worlds. However, a strange sense of intrigue rose within him.

Maybe Wu Yan felt like this because Fraxinus is flying towards a place built by gods?

The gods here aren't the omnipotent, world-creating gods in Earth mythologies and religions. No, the gods in this world were real and they are existences who reached the pinnacle of cultivation or magic power. Because they were real and their achievements were well-recorded, the people of Silvaria respected and revered gods like no other.

Wu Yan is not exempt.

He respected the gods but not to extent of worship.

If a god appeared in front of Wu Yan, he wouldn't be afraid of said god.

To him, god is just another tier of power.

However, he is curious about what a place built by gods looked like.

Beep beep beep

An alarm brought Wu Yan back into reality. Wu Yan's thoughtful look collapsed and he floated a helpless look.

A young lady is currently playing with the buttons near Kotori's seat. She looked like a curious girl who just found a new toy to play with. She was excitedly pressing all the buttons she can reach to see what kind of sounds they made.

Wu Yan sighed helplessly.

"Look, little princess, why don't you go rest or sit down a bit? It's been a few days since we left the Giant Beast Forest, aren't you bored with pressing random buttons already?"

"I thought you said the equipment here controlled the airship?"

Lana said while pressing another slew of buttons.

"I never got to operate an airship before, much less an impressive airship like this! Just let me try manning the ship!"

"Again, only I can control this airship…"

Wu Yan curled his lips.

"Without my permission, even if you broke your fingers tapping buttons you still can't control the ship!"

"Then just give me that permission!"

Lana chirped back, Wu Yan's heart started burning with flames.

"Can you even control this ship?!"

Wu Yan glared at Lana.

"If I let you mess around with the ship then I am sure you're going to crash it one way or the other!"

"Did you just doubt this princess' abilities?!"

Lana gave Wu Yan the 'I-am-going-to-get-angry' look, it didn't work.

"Yeah, what about it?!"


Lana raised her hand, she conjured a tiny tornado in her hand. Looks like the missy is planning on duking it out after losing a verbal fight.

Alas, when Wu Yan took out his rope, the little missy lost her gung-ho attitude. She snorted despite backing down.

"Why do I have to go to the Domain of Gods with someone like you, of all the people in this world?…"

Lana sighed dejectedly.

"If Yukari-neesama or Ikaros-neesama came, I would have been fine…"

"Don't even think about it, they aren't imperials, their presence will only stir trouble…"

Wu Yan said.

"Sylph should be there too, why are you making a fuss about this?!"

"Oh~~~ Right~~~"

Lana's eyes immediately lit up. She giggled like a happy camper.

"Sylph-neesama is over there too! Woohoo! I get to see Sylph-neesama, what a time to be alive!"

Wu Yan rolled his eyes. He decided to ignore the dangerous Yuri girl by turning his attention towards the sea outside.

Lana stored away her lovestruck look. She wasn't sure how to bring this up. In the end, she mustered up the courage to ask the thing that has been bugging her.

"You said something about a big calamity, what's that about?"

"Don't ask too many questions…"

Wu Yan continued analyzing his map.

"I know it sounds like a cliché but knowing this information will only make you anxious. It's best you leave this be…"

"Just tell me!"

Lana demanded with arms akimbo.

"I am the daughter of the Feya Emperor, maybe I can pull some strings for you if you tell me about it…"

"No thanks, that won't be necessary…"

Wu Yan glanced in her direction.

"If we cannot solve this then your Feya empire will have no chance."

"Hey! That's too much!"

Lana started berating him.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you compare yourself to the Feya empire?!"

Wu Yan shook his head helplessly.

In Lana's worldview, the Feya empire is a powerful force. One of only three empires in Silvaria. Only two other empires can rival it in power.

In terms of raw power, the Feya emperor can mobilize one demigod at most. Even with the emperor and his other tier 9 hidden servants, Wu Yan & co can still hold their own against the empire's top forces.

Wu Yan & co had seven tier 9 superpowered individuals.

They even have a demigod in their ranks.

If one were to compare who had the stronger elite force, Wu Yan & co definitely qualified in this competition.

Only, Lana doesn't know about all of this…

As Fraxinus flew, an island slowly emerged in the display screen…