Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 578 - Do You Still Want To Be My Daddy ?

Chapter 578 – Do You Still Want To Be My Daddy ?

“Xuanyu, this final exam isn’t very difficult. I don’t think we need to do anything. What should we do next?” Tang Yuge asked.

Lan Xuanyu frowned and said, “I keep feeling that something is wrong.”

“What’s wrong?” Qian Lei asked doubtfully.

Lan Xuanyu said, “Didn’t you guys notice? From the beginning to the end, the team leader hasn’t told us the exact location of the rescue team, nor did he discuss the specific rescue plan with us or what we need to do. He only taught us some knowledge about warship piloting and the situation on Heaven Planet.”

Liu Feng said in a low voice, “I agree. I think our captain is too casual. It seems like he doesn’t really care about this mission.”

Yuanen Huihui replied casually, “Let’s just listen to him.”

Right at this moment, Lan Xuanyu’s soul communication device suddenly rang. He turned it on and there was a message inside.

“The end of term exam begins. The content of the exam is survival and escaping. All of you need to find a way to return to the Mother Planet and return within the next 10 days. Exceeding that delay will be considered a failure of the exam. Only one night has been paid for the hotel. The rest is up to you.”

The message was sent by Deng Bo. Lan Xuanyu showed the contents to his teammates.

For a moment, everyone was stunned and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Lan Xuanyu was right!

In this unfamiliar place, what they were about to face was survival.

They had to return to the Mother Planet within 10 days. What did this mean? It meant that they had to have a warship that they could return to in the next 10 days and leave Heaven Planet smoothly.

Was this simple? Of course not. From Black Horn City to where the warship was docked, it would take three days, plus the five-day flight journey. In other words, they would need to find the warship and find a way to get through the blockade within two days.

“What should we do, boss?” Qian Lei looked at Lan Xuanyu, and everyone else’s gaze landed on Lan Xuanyu’s face.

Lan Xuanyu wasn’t in a rush to respond to his teammates, but he was deep in thought. Faced with this sudden situation, he was slightly panicky at first. After all, this place was too foreign to them, and it was such an unsafe and evil planet.

They had to survive here first, then find a way back. And they only had two days.

Yuanen Huihui also wanted to ask, but Bai Xiuxiu waved her hand to stop him from interrupting Lan Xuanyu’s thoughts.

Lan Xuanyu didn’t expect the contents of the final exam to be like this, but he told himself that as the backbone of the team, he couldn’t panic at this moment. Otherwise, it would have a huge impact on his teammates’ mentality.

Then, he analyzed the current situation. If they wanted to leave, what could they do?

After a moment, his gaze gradually became firm as he smiled. “At the moment, it seems like we will have to face a few problems. Firstly, we need to survive here. This means that we need the currency here. At the very least, we have to be able to eat and live here. Although we only have two days, based on the time we came, we should be able to reach the warship parking area in two days if we do everything we can. This means that we have three days at most and must find a warship that can head to the Mother Planet.”

“This warship can’t be a pirate warship yet because we still have to face the Federation’s blockade after we leave Heaven Planet. If the Federation fleet misunderstands and attacks us, it will be very troublesome. So, we must find a warship similar to the Tang Sect’s reconnaissance warship that can travel between the two places.”

“All of these seem to be difficult, but after thinking about it carefully, according to the information left by the captain, it’s not impossible. Here, rare metals are hard currency, and I have quite a lot of them with me. I can exchange them for some currencies here to ensure our basic livelihood. Then, all of you should remember that the captain mentioned that there is a Spirit Pagoda branch here. We definitely can’t find anyone from the Tang Sect to help us, so the Spirit Pagoda is a good choice. Their warships can definitely fly between these two places, so we need to find the Spirit Pagoda to help. If we pay a high enough price, I believe that the Spirit Pagoda’s warship will be able to carry us back to Douluo Planet. The first thing we need to do is to exchange for money, and the second is to find the location of the Spirit Pagoda branch and ask them how we can have their warships take us back to the Mother Planet.”

Upon hearing Lan Xuanyu’s analysis, everyone revealed different expressions. Some were in admiration, some were relaxed, and some gave him a thumbs up.

Lan Xuanyu said in a low voice, “This is Heaven Planet, and danger and evil could be hidden everywhere. Hence, everyone must be careful. We don’t have any implants on us, so it is very easy for others to notice us. But we are still young, and the possibility of being targeted is not small. So, from now on, we must act together and not be separated.”

“Yes.” The other six people agreed at the same time.

They all had the same feeling in their hearts. With their captain around, they had a pillar of support. It was as if nothing could ever stump him.

Lan Xuanyu said, “All of you stay in the room and wait for me. I’ll go to the front desk of the hotel and ask where we can exchange rare metals for money.”

The contents of the final exam finally surfaced and the most important thing was time. There were only three days.

They stayed on the second floor, went out of the room, and went downstairs to the front desk of the hotel.

The front desk was a man with a right arm in a transplant suit. He was tall and had a ferocious appearance.

Lan Xuanyu was considered tall among his peers, but he only reached this person’s chest.

“Hello. Where can I exchange rare metals for Heaven coins?” Lan Xuanyu asked.

The big-sized man behind the front desk lowered his head and looked down at him. He suddenly grinned and revealed a mouthful of shiny silver metal teeth. “Little fella, just exchange it with daddy. One kilogram of rare metals for one Heaven coin.”

Lan Xuanyu laughed as well. “We are civilized people, we don’t speak rubbish.” While saying that, he moved as well. He suddenly leaped up and jumped onto the front desk. At the same time, his right hand shot out like lightning and grabbed the front desk man.

The burly man at the front desk laughed sinisterly and swept his right metal arm out. The surface of the metal arm suddenly emitted a glaring electric light and a high-frequency vibration sound.

Lan Xuanyu’s right hand turned and in an instant, golden scales covered his right hand.


His right hand grabbed the other party’s right arm firmly, and the electric current immediately swept up but was repelled by the golden scales on Lan Xuanyu’s right hand.

A golden light flashed in Lan Xuanyu’s eyes. He suddenly exerted strength and pulled the two-meter-tall front desk man out from behind the front desk. He flung him hard and landed on the ground outside.

Lan Xuanyu’s entire body seemed to swell up as a tyrannical force erupted from Lan Xuanyu’s hand. With an ear-piercing sound of friction, that burly man’s metal arm was twisted into a fried dough twist by Lan Xuanyu. For a moment, lightning coiled around his arm and let out an ear-piercing explosion. It seemed like he was about to be crippled.

Lan Xuanyu lowered his knee and suddenly pressed it against the burly man’s chest, immediately pressing him down. The three soul rings that the burly man had released were dispersed by him.

“Do you still want to be my father?” Lan Xuanyu asked indifferently.

As he spoke, an ice cone appeared in his left palm and went straight for the man’s eyeball.