Spirit Vessel

Chapter 928: Tribulation Break

Chapter 928: Tribulation Break

The numbers of the Minor Change made up a minor world. The numbers of the Grand Change made up a grand world. Going from the former to the latter was a personal evolution.

Feiyun had a strong understanding of the heavenly dao so he didn’t need too many pointers from the old man.

‘Perhaps I can use this to help with the fourth rebirth.’ He swallowed a Nirvana Pill and released the silver moon water from the spirit vessel.

Just one drop contained immense energy. The ashes inside him became engulfed in a silver layer. They looked like stars in a galaxy.

The power of the Grand Change slowly manifested within him. The ashes served as the celestials, the flesh and blood became the border, and he himself became the world.

This was a long process of creation. His body became deathly silent. A long time later, thunderous explosions could be heard.

Lighting coursed through his veins and bones, eventually reaching every single cell and ashes. This eventually started life. It started with one cell then spread to the rest of his body.

His blood started flowing again and circulated like the order and laws of a world. The thirty million ashes of the saints have become one hundred and eighty million.

By this point, his body produced spirit energy instead of requiring external absorption.

The old man’s decayed hand touched Feiyun’s forehead. An intent drilled into his mind - the laws of the tribulation divine ability.

“Bam!” An enormous amount of knowledge entered him.

The saints’ ashes trembled as they tried to derive and understand this new knowledge, infusing it into the world created by the Grand Change numbers.

It was a wonderful feeling. He knew everything that was going on inside as if he was the sole ruler. All were within his grasp.

By now, he could connect with the earth veins and cause lava to ooze out, something similar to an Earth Tribulation.

A second power began forming within him - a rotation between life and death. He could instantly make someone age at a rapid rate. This was the Death Tribulation - a terrible ability able to slash the opponent’s lifespan.

However, he could only damage their lifespan and couldn’t actually control it. For example, he couldn’t take their lifespan as his own.

As for the next one - Heaven Tribulation, he has yet to understand it. First, his cultivation wasn’t enough. Second, his comprehension of the world created by the Grand Change remained inadequate.

He had to stop here for now.

“So? Did you create any tribulation power?” The old man was nervous since he hasn’t cultivated this divine ability before. He merely came up with the concept and the process, not knowing about the actual result.

Feiyun took a deep breath and nodded: “The Earth Tribulation Force is perfect, the death one is created.”

“Good, good… you’ll have to go alone later, fix the divine ability if there are flaws…” The old man said.

“Senior…” Feiyun became emotional.

“I’ve died long ago, my obsession is what keeps my soul going. Now, it is time for it to disperse since this divine ability won’t be lost with me…” The old man’s voice became weak yet it had a hint of happiness.

“Senior, give this ability a name!”

“Call it Tribulation Break!”

He lost to White Spider Sacred Ancestor’s Everlasting Law. After eras of research, he created a divine ability capable of breaking this physique.

“So be it.” Feiyun respectfully bowed.

He cultivated the Grand Change Art then Tribulation Break. This old man could be considered his master so he performed the rite of a disciple.

He wanted to find out more about the old man after leaving this grave. Di Zhong was a clue, whether it be a place or his name.

“What era is it right now?” The old man said feebly.

Feiyun realized that he still had more things on his mind, unable to let go.

“It has been three eons since time immemorial.” Feiyun answered. [1]

“It’s been that long? Curses! I wonder how my clan is…” The old man murmured, seemingly testing Feiyun.

The old man’s clan should be ashes right now after so many years. However, Feiyun knew of several ancient lineages still existing from the immemorial era. They might belong to the old man’s descendants.

“May I ask where your home is?” Feiyun wanted to help him.

“Home? It’s been too long. My last name is Di, given name Zhong. I should be from the Di Clan, if you have time, help me find them so that I can return to my roots…” He took out an unpolished jade piece around the size of a palm.

It was still perfect after three eons, even more resilient than the body of a saint. This was the only thing unscathed on the old man.

It flew out and landed on Feiyun’s palm. It was extremely heavy and contained the aura of a saint. Feiyun had a hard time holding it.

“This jade is named Regal Sacred Jade, a saint-level material. I wanted to refine it into a saint vessel for my descendants but I died halfway through the process, sigh. Use it to find my clan. If my descendants are still around, give it to them. Of course, you can keep it for yourself and turn it into a true vessel later on. You’ll be able to unlock the seal and use its power after reaching Heaven’s Emergence.”

“You have given me plenty, Senior. I will not take this jade piece as well. I will return it to your descendants along with your remains.”

“Just let it be, no need to force anything…” The old man pointed at Feiyun and the stone coffin flew out.

The lid opened and he entered the coffin.

“Bam!” A saintly energy exploded and sent Feiyun flying for dozens of miles. The coffin nearly broke down from the force.

Feiyun understood why he used the coffin. Earlier, the old man was still under control.

Alas, after finishing his business, the obsession disappeared and his aura became chaotic.

Feiyun was shocked since this confirmed that the old man was a saint. If it wasn’t for the coffin, he would have been reduced to blood.

He didn’t dare to come close to the coffin. The corpse of a saint was beyond him right now.

‘Maybe I’ll try using this jade piece.’ It has been with the old man throughout the years. Though its power was sealed, maybe it could still get close to the old man.

Life rippled inside the jade. It knew what Feiyun was thinking and exuded a gentle white glow around him.

He slowly approached the coffin under its protection. The issue was - a spatial stone had no chance of containing this coffin. Where was he going to put it?

1. An eon in Daoism is 64,800,000,000 years