Starting With Contract Pets

Chapter 342 - Golden Waterfall Ray of Chaos

Chapter 342: Golden Waterfall Ray of Chaos

One day passed slowly, and Su Bai’s body finally recovered under the joint treatment of Little Blood Dragon and Purple Jade.

“Howl?” Ah Bai, do you want to do it again? the elf looked up at him and asked.

Purple Jade was too familiar with him and quickly guessed what he wanted to do.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry,” he shook his head and said. “In theory, the damage I’ve received this time will be much smaller than before.”

Su Bai glanced at the Starry Omnivore Kraken, which was now ten kilometers in size, and then at the vast Sea of Destruction in front of him. At this time, its size had been reduced by half.

Turning on the life chains, he raised his hand without saying a word and took a handful of attribute light balls again.

Originally, he thought that the speed of being destroyed this time should be much slower than before. After all, the light balls he had taken were way fewer.

However, what he did not expect was that this time half his body would be destroyed just as he touched the Sea of Destruction.

The remaining half was destroyed at an incredible speed.

When the extracted light attribute balls were transferred to the kraken, he only had a head, half a lung, and a heart left.

All other body parts were destroyed by the law.

The pets once again used their abilities to heal his injuries, but the recovery speed was even slower than before.

The Starry Omnivore Kraken had once again received so many blessings due to the attribute light balls of the Sea of Destruction that Su Bai had integrated into it. Its size grew to fifteen thousand kilometers and its breath became deep and terrifying. It was as if a black hole, which elicited endless fear in others, had appeared in this part of space.

Su Bai lay on its back and looked at the darkness at large, thinking that he was really crazy.

At his level, with the life chains, as long as his mind was fine, he would not die.

However, thanks to the Starry Omnivore Kraken becoming more powerful and growing bigger, the backfeeding he got from it had also immensely. Now, it was among his highest backfeeders.

Of course, the dragon was an exception. Its backfeeding was truly one of a kind.

More than a day had passed, and Su Bai’s body had fully recovered once more.

“Okay, I feel that my body is much stronger than before. It shouldn’t be a problem to break the mountain with a punch,” he squeezed his fist and said.

With his current physical strength, he could carry a normal small-yield nuclear bomb explosion.

Although Pet Tamers were weak in the early stages, they were not weak in the later stages. With the backfeeding of his powerful pets, his body strength was even stronger than that of a pet.

This was also the reason why the advanced Pet Tamers could still command the battle. If they were still as weak as ordinary humans, they would not even be able to resist the aftermath of this battle, which destroyed space at every turn.

“Howl!” Ah Bai, your current trajectory of fate has changed for the better. Purple Jade also nodded.


Starry Omnivore Kraken let out a dull cry and flicked its tail, indicating that it could try to swallow the remaining Sea of Destruction.

“You can try. After all, you already have more than half of the Sea of Destruction’s light balls in your body, so you’re very resistant to it.

“Coupled with the fact that you’re also an existence of the doomsday camp, maybe it’s really possible.”

Su Bai nodded. In fact, he had also thought of this.

Anyway, three days were not up yet. The Sea of Destruction would not retaliate with a strong attack for the time being, and it had a low chance of staying alive in these ruins of chaos.

This was simply the best time.


After obtaining his permission, Pipi Kraken directly opened its mouth like an abyss, and a terrifying suction was transmitted from it. This Sea of Destruction was completely unable to prevent itself from being eaten in a fraction of a second.

This scene was quite shocking. The diameter of the original Blue Planet was only twelve thousand, but at this time, the length of Starry Omnivore Kraken had reached fifteen thousand.

It could easily swallow Blue Planet with one bite and knock it out of the solar system with a single flick.

This Sea of Destruction was already at the end of the crossroad and could not resist the kraken’s attack anymore. It was sucked into the stomach of Pipi Kraken within a few seconds.

At the moment when it completely disappeared, a water ball pattern suddenly appeared on the kraken’s head, and light blue Star Water Curtains appeared around its body.


It let out a lazy cry and gradually closed its eyes.

“Howl!” Ah Bai, what’s happening? Starry Kraken’s trajectory of fate is about to disappear! the elf felt that something was amiss and asked at once.

Without saying a word, Su Bai directly opened his contract book and retrieved the Starry Omnivore Kraken.

He had been paying attention to its state, and just after it completely swallowed the Sea of Destruction, the information he saw had suddenly changed.

The existence of the doomsday camp belonged to chaos; it could only be transferred, not eliminated.

This was to say, after swallowing the Sea of Destruction, the Starry Omnivore Kraken would be transformed into a new type of monster belonging to the doomsday camp. Once completed, it would become a monster that had no consciousness and would only obey the chaotic will.

“Huh? It can’t be kept?”

His face changed slightly, for his contract book could not take back the kraken and seemed to be locked in place.

It was at this time that the statue of the mermaid Recorder of All Things in his contract book came into play. A blue stream shone on the body of the kraken, and then a part of its power was extracted, turning into a one-meter-sized transparent water ball that floated in the void.

Pipi Kraken turned into a stream and returned to the contract book.

Su Bai sighed in relief and was about to rejoice when Little Tyrant shouted, “Roar!” F*ck! Ah Bai, look over there! We’ve run into a big disaster; let’s quickly leave, or else we’ll definitely be dead meat!

Su Bai looked up and, without a word, escaped with the pets. At the same time, he anxiously summoned Planet Eye in his heart.

Behind them, in the depths of the ruins of chaos, endless golden rays of light were spreading toward this side at an extremely alarming speed, which probably reached the speed of light.

Generally speaking, chaos was gray-white mist in form, but when it exerted force or raged, it would appear as a golden waterfall.

The golden waterfall of light was definitely the most terrifying force in the endless void. Anything that existed in front of the great chaos was powerless. As for a guy like him, the waterfall of light would kill him with one sweep. There was no possibility of escaping it at all.

Su Bai jumped up on Planet Eye and hurriedly said, “Hurry up and teleport away! Let’s leave the Mist of Chaos. Hurry up!”

Golden stream flickered, and Planet Eye escaped from this place at the last moment.

In an area of void cracks outside the Mist of Chaos, Planet Eye descended and smashed into the head of a sovereign monster impartially.

“Roar!” A human Pet Tamer? You’re looking for death!

The thoughts of this sovereign monster sounded in Su Bai’s mind.

“Howl?” Purple Jade looked at it and exuded its breath.



Time Ghost and Little Blood Dragon also looked at it grimly.

“Don’t pay attention to it; let’s run! The chaotic light waterfall has erupted, and it seems to have spread over. It’s not safe here.”

As Su Bai talked, he fed an amethyst to Planet Eye to replenish its energy.

The sovereign monster did not dare to move. Planet Eye flashed with golden light, and teleported away again.


That human is afraid of me? Does he know that I’m an immortal monster?

Oh, no… F*ck you, human!

All of a sudden, it looked up to see that the space above had turned golden, and countless golden rain-like rays of light fell upon it. Soon, the entire void world turned into nothingness.