Stone Age Husband Raising Journal

Chapter 10 - Spreading News

Ch10 – Spreading News

In the Big Bear tribe, everyone was very direct and could live together with someone as soon as they decided they liked the look of them. Shi Li had always been aware of this point and also knew that there were several women who were interested in him before he had agreed to become mates with Xiong Ye.

At that time, he and Xiong Ye had been very close but ambiguous, and had stopped short of openly expressing their feelings to each other, so he naturally hadn’t agreed to be with those women. Later on, he and Xiong Ye became mates, and nobody took the initiative to show interest in him any more.

After Xiong Ye died, he had kept some men and women around him, but they were all people he had picked out himself. Back then, he was in a high position, and those people would never be as bold as Lang Yin was right now.

Shi Li looked down at Lang Yin’s eyes that were filled with anticipation, his heart thudded, and he agreed.

He hadn’t been intimate with anyone for a long time, and spring had come at last. Flowers were blooming everywhere…

Although he enjoyed a man’s body and liked the pleasure of conquest, he also wanted to savor the taste of women.

And as for Xiong Ye… Looking at how Xiong Ye acted today, it was clear that he hadn’t given up yet. Shi Li felt that this matter must be resolved as quickly as possible.

Xiong Ye’s character was very direct. If he was with someone else, Xiong Ye definitely wouldn’t stay with him. As for the future… By the time the tribe encountered trouble, and he himself had become more powerful, he could certainly have Xiong Ye agree to be with him.

Lang Yin was delighted when she saw that Shi Li had agreed, “I’ll be waiting for you at my place tonight!”

Lang Yin had already reached adulthood. Although her strength was average, she was part of the hunting team and was a woman, which was enough for her to be granted a cave–in the eyes of the tribe, women who needed to raise children were more in need of accommodation than single men.

“Good.” Shi Li agreed.

Lang Yin left happily.

It had been a year since she reached adulthood, and spring was a great season for having children… She planned to have her first child this year.

Having Shi Li be the father of her child was pretty good.

Her future child would definitely be both attractive and strong!

With this in mind, Lang Yin went to find her friend, “Xiong Ye and Shi Li are no longer going to be mates. I want to have a child with Shi L. Do you want to go and ask Xiong Ye?”

Although Lang Yin didn’t like Xiong Ye much since her father placed a lot of importance on him, she still had to admit that Xiong Ye was a pretty good partner to have children with.

Lang Yin’s friend was pleasantly surprised, “Really?”

“It’s definitely true. Didn’t Xiong Ye beat up Shi Li yesterday? He even wounded Shi Li. Even though Shi Li covered it up with hides, I still saw a few wounds on his body, and he didn’t participate much in the hunt today. It’s probably because he was hurt.” Lang Yin said. Shi Li must have covered his upper body with hides today in order to cover up his wounds.

“In that case, I’ll go and ask Xiong Ye later!” Lang Yin’s friend immediately replied.

The two of them moved on to chat about other things.

There were no secrets in the Big Bear Tribe. The matter of Xiong Ye and Shi Li deciding not to become mates was soon known by many people.

Although Zhou Ji stayed inside his cave, he could still hear the conversations outside by virtue of his strong spiritual strength.

The people in this tribe had probably only just resolved the problem of food and clothing not long ago, so they were relatively unprincipled. Frequently changing the partners they spent their night with wasn’t uncommon, so nobody took the matter of the little bear and lion not becoming mates seriously at all.

Of course, this was also because the people chatting outside didn’t know exactly what had happened between Shi Li and Xiong Ye.

Those people seemed to think that Shi Li would never abandon Xiong Ye, so they believed that it must have been Xiong Ye who had broken up with Shi Li…

“How great is it that Xiong Ye isn’t mating with Shi Li anymore? He should sire a few more powerful children.”

“Shi Li is very strong, too. Perhaps his children will also be able to awaken lion forms.”

“Why aren’t they together anymore? If it’s like this, Xiong Bai, Lang Yin, and the others definitely won’t pick us! Sigh!”


Those comments could be overlooked, but some other women were also talking about organizing a group to take turns sleeping with Xiong Ye.

Zhou Ji suddenly felt a little sympathy for Xiong Ye.

Most of the people in the tribe were focused on filling their stomachs all day long, so they didn’t have time to think about things like love and courtship. To them, the matter of having children was more like an instinct; they instinctively wanted to reproduce and leave descendants.

However, even if others didn’t care about feelings, Xiong Ye probably cared.

He definitely wouldn’t want to be a stud horse and just sire a bunch of children, and he certainly wouldn’t want to see that lion getting together with someone else.

That little bear was probably going to be heart-broken again this evening. Zhou Ji just didn’t know if he would end up going out to dig for earthworms again.

Zhou Ji considered this as he took out another fruit to eat.

He felt that the lion’s sudden change was a little strange.

Things were still very good between those two people a few days ago, and the way that they had both been so accommodating towards the other while eating roasted meat had made him envious.Yet, just after one day, Shi Li actually changed his mind…

But it also wasn’t surprising–lions had always been fickle.

Meeting a scum man while young really wasn’t a big deal… Zhou Ji believed that the little bear would recover.

Xiong Ye went to the riverside to wash up.

He washed himself clean in the river and was lucky enough to catch a fish, which put him in a much better mood. He was even chatting and laughing with everyone on the way back.

However, he was still unconvinced regarding Shi Li.

He and Shi Li had known each other for eight years, and although they had only confessed their feelings to each other a few months ago, they had already been very good to each other during the prior two years. He really couldn’t understand why Shi Li would suddenly become like this.

He couldn’t let go of several years’ worth of feelings just like that.

“Look, Xiong Ye, the flame flower buds are coming out.” Someone pointed to a bush road by the path.

Xiong Ye turned his head and saw a stretch of flame flower bushes with pointed red flower buds that swayed in the wind.

Grandpa Priest had said that the flame flowers were made from the blood of the Beast God. Their legends said that a long, long time ago, humans were unable to become animals, and their children took a very long time to grow up. Their bodies were weak and small, and they didn’t have any fur or claws with which to protect themselves, making them appear very delicious in the eyes of many carnivorous dinosaurs.

At that time, they couldn’t even eat meat and could only eat grass, fruits, and the occasional insect.

Fortunately, the Beast God appeared.

The Beast God allowed them to transform into a variety of animals and provided them with all kinds of abilities. The Beast God even killed the very terrifying mountain-sized dinosaurs that liked to eat human beings so that they could live on happily in this world.

Even now, the Beast God was guarding them from up in the sky. The blood that was spilled on the earth when the Beast God fought with those dinosaurs back then eventually blossomed into these flame flowers.

The Beast God was sleeping for most of the year, but he would wake up once a year, and the flame flowers would bloom with his awakening.

Xiong Ye was very fond of flame flowers, but when he saw them now, they inevitably made him recall the upcoming mating ceremony between him and Shi Li.

Someone who had gone to bathe with Xiong Ye asked, “Xiong Ye, do you and Shi Li really plan to become mates? Don’t you want children?”

Xiong Ye clutched at his head impatiently and decided that he had to go and question Shi Li again when they returned.

Why on earth had Shi Li suddenly changed his mind?

Xiong Ye’s party soon returned to the tribe.

“Xiong Ye!” A woman in her twenties who had already had a child suddenly called out to Xiong Ye, “Xiong Ye, I really like you. Do you want to have a child with me?”

“No.” Xiong Ye didn’t even think about it before refusing.

The woman didn’t take it seriously and continued, “Xiong Ye, what kind of woman do you like?”

Xiong Ye began to frown as he replied reflexively, “I’m going to mate with Shi Li.”

“But Shi Li said that you guys aren’t going to mate. He already decided to be with Lang Yin.” That woman said.

Xiong Ye’s expression froze.

Although Shi Li had said yesterday that he didn’t want to become mates with him and wanted to have children, in truth, he hadn’t believed it. He hadn’t thought that Shi Li would actually chose Lang Yin only a day later.

Xiong Ye only felt as though a hole had been punched through his chest, and there was a cold wind blowing through it that chilled his heart.

He immediately wanted to go and look for Shi Li and beat him up again, but he also suddenly realized that it was unreasonable for him to do so.

Shi Li had told him yesterday that he didn’t want to be with him anymore. What rights did he have to concern himself with Shi Li?

Xiong Ye forced out a laugh, “I didn’t expect that you guys would already know…” He found it a little difficult to continue speaking and also couldn’t laugh anymore.

The people in the tribe who had only just learned that Xiong Ye and Shi Li were breaking up saw Xiong Ye’s current appearance and realized that something wasn’t quite right.

They had thought that it was Xiong Ye who wasn’t willing to be with Shi Li… Could it be that this wasn’t the case?

They were still puzzled when Xiong Ye spoke to the woman again, “I still want to find a man to mate with and spend a lifetime together with them.”

He was very certain that he liked men.

Since he liked men, then he definitely wanted to find a man to be his mate.

Only, now that he didn’t have Shi Li, who should he go find?

He didn’t want to constantly change partners like everyone else. He had always wanted a stable home even from an early age, and he wanted his mate to be his alone.

After Xiong Ye’s words were spoken, some of the men in the tribe who had weak and small animal forms became restless and eager.

The women in the tribe looked down on these weak men, and many of them were unable to find any woman willing to have children with them. For them, Xiong Ye was a great choice!

Just when someone was about to come up and recommend himself, Xiong He’s voice suddenly rang out, “Distributing meat!”

Everyone headed towards Xiong He. Although finding a partner was very important, it wasn’t as important as eating!

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