Stone Age Husband Raising Journal

Chapter 180.2 - Parallel World (11)

Ch180.2 – Parallel World (11)

At the same time, in the Beast God Temple.

The High Priest was currently discussing how to keep the Beast God at the temple with the priests he commanded.

“There are still many things we can teach the Big Bear Tribe, but they don’t want to learn any more.”

“They’re leaving in the next few days. What are we going to do?”

“High Priest, how about this. You can have me go and become a priest for the Big Bear Tribe?”

“It’s better if I go and become a priest for the Big Bear Tribe instead, I know more.”

“Neither of you are young anymore. This kind of work that requires traveling over mountains and rivers and going long distances should be handed over to me instead.”


High Priest: “……” You guys are all dreaming!

The priests all began to fight against each other in the hopes that they could serve the Beast God. At this time, a strong wave of pressure suddenly washed over them.

It felt very familiar…

They had felt this kind of pressure previously, back when His Majesty The Beast God had almost demolished the Beast God Temple. And over the recent years, they would also be pressured by this kind of power from time to time when they went to find His Majesty The Beast God.

Now that His Majesty The Beast God had suddenly burst out with his power like this… The High Priest, along with a group of very old priests, all rushed out.

Countless people ran to the place where Zhou Ji and Shi Li were. At this time, Shi Li had been tossed around several times by Zhou Ji with his trunk.

However, he wasn’t dead yet.

It could be said that this was due to sheer luck.

When Zhou Ji first transmigrated over, his PTSD had been very serious.

During the apocalypse, there were many people with this mental disorder. After all, death and injury was too common at the time, and his illness had grown worse and worse after he’d gone from one scene of slaughter to another and had purposely allowed himself to get lost in killing.

When he first came to this world, he’d still been very ill, but as time went on, he’d slowly, very slowly gotten better.

In the early years, he would lose consciousness completely and had smashed Xiang Tian into the ground like a meat patty after attacking him, but now… having been triggered by Shi Li’s killing intent, his mood was unstable, and his aggressiveness increased greatly. He wanted to kill Shi Li right away, so he had turned into his animal form without much thought, but he still maintained some rationality and hadn’t really killed Shi Li yet.

No matter what, Shi Li and Xiong Ye had only broken up recently. If he killed Shi Li at this time, Xiong Ye wouldn’t be happy.

Of course, since Shi Li had wanted to kill him, he couldn’t let Shi Li off easily.

With that in mind, Zhou Ji once again sent Shi Li flying into the sky with his trunk.

The huge lion flew up into the sky and landed heavily, creating a deep hole in the wet mud left behind by the rain.

But if it wasn’t a dream… he was already a Beast King, the most powerful type of person in the world. How could he be beaten like this?

In this world, was there someone who was even stronger than a Beast King?

Shi Li lay there in the pit. When faced with the powerful giant elephant, he was unable to come up with the slightest motivation to resist and only wanted to beg for mercy.

Vaguely, he could sense that the power and energy in front of him was a little familiar…

Shi Li was just thinking this when many people had already rushed over.

Xiong Ye and the other Beast Kings were naturally the first to arrive.

Zhou Ji had originally wanted to continue teaching Shi Li a lesson, but when he discovered that Xiong Ye had come, he quickly took back his trunk. At the same time, the animal form that had become smaller to make it easier to deal with Shi Li suddenly became bigger.

It was time for him to let Xiong Ye see how extraordinary he was.

As soon as Xiong Ye approached, he saw a huge, hairy elephant and was honestly stunned. Almost subconsciously, he turned into his animal form in defense.

But he soon calmed down again––the giant elephant had pulled back his pressure and energy, and seemed very harmless.

Of course, even if that was the case, nobody dared to look down at him.

The Beast Kings who’d arrived one step later and didn’t recognize Zhou Ji were all shocked too. “Who is this?”

“What a big animal form!”

“His pressure just now… his strength is above the Beast King level!”


The Ape Beast King and Ox Beast King: “……” His Majesty The Beast God had actually beaten up Shi Li to this extent… how fierce!

“Lion Beast King, are you alright?” Those Beast Kings finally noticed Shi Li.

Xiong Ye had actually noticed Shi Li long ago, but he was still very unhappy with him due to the events from the other day and wanted to draw a clear line between him and Shi Li, so he hadn’t gone up to say anything.

“I…” Shi Li couldn’t speak. At this moment, he even felt like he was done for.

“What’s going on?” At this time, the High Priest finally arrived with a group of old, panting priests that he was leading. He asked, then coughed violently after asking––his body really couldn’t take it when he ran too fast!

“High Priest, this person was lurking in the Beast God Temple. Maybe he intends to harm us…” Shi Li began.

Then, that big elephant said, “Li Hong, he wanted to kill me.”

The High Priest’s name was Li Hong. This was something that wasn’t known to many people, but Zhou Ji knew of it and had always addressed him by this name.

When the High Priest had just arrived, he had forced himself not to salute just because he’d thought of how Zhou Ji might not want to reveal his identity.

But now that Zhou Ji had spoken in such a way, it was clear that he didn’t mind revealing his identity anymore.

The High Priest was excited and immediately knelt down, “Your Majesty received a shock. I’ll definitely teach him a lesson!”

“Majesty? What Majesty?” Those who didn’t recognize Zhou Ji were all confused.

It seemed that the people of the Beast God Temple only addressed the Beast God as His Majesty, right?

Of course, the one who was most confused was Shi Li.

He wasn’t a stranger to the words ‘Your Majesty’ as the people of the Beast God Temple all addressed the Beast God in such a way. However, right now, they were calling Zhou Ji this!

Had he heard wrong?

Zhou Ji… couldn’t be His Majesty The Beast God, right?

While Shi Li was thinking about this, he heard the High Priest say, “Yes, this is His Majesty The Beast God!”

Not only that, the Ape Beast King and Ox Beast King had both knelt down, “Greetings to Your Majesty.”

Those who didn’t know of Zhou Ji’s existence: “……” What exactly was going on here?

These people were all about to go crazy. Many of them believed in the Beast God, but did the Beast God… actually exist?

Was this person a fraud?

Those who’d come from the Beast God Temple in order to see the excitement had also knelt down without hesitation when they saw the High Priest kneeling, but those Beast Kings still all remained standing.

Xiong Ye was in a state of disbelief.

Zhou Ji knew that they had doubts, so he directly released his spiritual powers and energy.

The energy that was mixed with his strong spiritual powers spread out, and the expressions on all the Beast Kings’ faces changed when they came into contact with the energy.

They’d all felt that they were very powerful, but at this moment, they suddenly realized that they weren’t all that strong and could even be deemed weak.

If the energy in their bodies was like a stream or a pond, then the energy of the person in front of their eyes was like the boundless ocean.

They simply had no means to fight against this person at all.

This was the Beast God. This was definitely the Beast God.

All of the Beast Kings other than Xiong Ye knelt down. As for Xiong Ye… he also wanted to kneel. His mood was full of excitement as he looked up at the giant elephant standing in front of him.

This was his god!

However, he couldn’t drop down to his knees as some power was holding him in place.

So, Xiong Ye was the only one standing up amidst a large group of kneeling people.

This… what exactly was going on?

Xiong Ye was very puzzled, but Shi Li’s face was white.

What Beast God… that was Zhou Ji.

It was just… why did the Beast God pretend to be Zhou Ji in order to get close to Xiong Ye?

Shi Li couldn’t understand no matter how he thought about it, “This is impossible, impossible…”

“Shi Li, you’re blasphemed against the Beast God. The Beast God Temple will not welcome you in the future!” The High Priest was outraged.

The Beast Kings who had become friends with Shi Li woke up from their daze and looked at Shi Li hatefully when they heard this––Shi Li wanted to kill the Beast God? Was he crazy? Would they also be dragged into this because they’d been friends with Shi Li?

These people were very afraid, and Xiong Ye also started to frown. The High Priest spoke again, “Your Majesty, please tell us, how should we deal with the Lion Beast King?”

“Take away his territory and don’t allow him to come to the Beast God Temple ever again.” Zhou Ji said.

He wouldn’t kill Shi Li, but he still needed to teach Shi Li a lesson.

If Shi Li could attempt to kill him so casually, it must mean that he would also casually kill others on a whim. A person like this shouldn’t be allowed to live such a carefree life.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The High Priest replied.

Shi Li’s expression turned even paler, and he finally couldn’t help but shout, “You did this on purpose! You deliberately led me to kill you… you are Zhou Ji…”

Zhou Ji? A lot of people here had confused expressions on their faces––who was that?

Xiong Ye was frozen stiff––Zhou Ji? Did Shi Li say that the Beast God in front of him was Zhou Ji? How could that be?!

Hu Yue and the others who had followed Xiong Ye to watch the excitement were also shocked silly.

Zhou Ji was a little pretty boy who cooked delicious food. How could he be the Beast God?

However, right then, the giant elephant suddenly disappeared. At the same time, plants suddenly grew up into the air.

A variety of plants grew to the height of a person and blocked the man from view; they couldn’t see what he looked like. They could only wait quietly for a while until that person parted the plants to either side and stepped out.