Stone Age Husband Raising Journal

Chapter 27 - Treating Injuries

Chapter 27 Treating Injuries

Logically speaking, it was still very tiring to carry a thick tree back home even if Xiong Ye had turned into his animal form. However, probably because he was filled with joy, he actually didn’t feel tired at all.

It was Zhou Ji who suggested that they take a break after walking for a while.

Xiong Ye put the tree down, turned back into human form, and immediately asked, “Zhou Ji, you mustn’t travel so far in the future when you come out by yourself. It’s very dangerous outside!”

This was something he had abruptly thought of as he was walking with the tree. He had been in animal form at the time and couldn’t speak, so he could only hold it in and stew over it during the entire walk.

Although there weren’t any large carnivorous dinosaurs near their tribe, Zhou Ji was someone who didn’t even have an animal form. It was really too dangerous for him to go out alone!

Previously, Xiong Ye hadn’t been worried because he had always thought that Zhou Ji was just out harvesting plants from the area where the gathering team went. However, that didn’t seem to have been the case at all.

To his surprise, Zhou Ji had actually come to such a faraway place!

Zhou Ji was stunned–Xiong Ye had caught him off guard with his sudden transformation into human form. He wasn’t even wearing his animal hide skirt!

Xiong Ye saw that Zhou Ji wasn’t speaking and was worried that Zhou Ji was unhappy about him managing his affairs, so he added, “If you want to go to places further away in the future, I’ll take you on days when there isn’t any collective hunting.”

Zhou Ji recovered and shifted his gaze away as he laughed slightly, “Good.”

His future mate was so obedient! Xiong Ye gazed at Zhou Ji happily–Even though they had hiked around in the forest for such a long time, Zhou Ji was still so clean. He was so attractive!

Xiong Ye found another topic to talk about with his future mate. “Zhou Ji, you aren’t stupid at all. Why didn’t you leave the cave before?” Before Zhou Ji’s mother died, he had hardly ever seen Zhou Ji.

Zhou Ji had already thought of a good explanation for himself, so he had a reply ready after he heard Xiong Ye’s words, “I was really stupid before. I didn’t think about anything or do anything every single day and only knew how to just lie there… Later, after my mother died, I was left alone in the cave and almost starved to death, and finally came to my senses all of a sudden.”

“So it was like that.” Xiong Ye had suddenly seen the light.

“The first person I saw when I woke up was you, so to me, you are different from the others.” Zhou Ji smiled as he spoke. Back then, he had his abilities on hand but no seeds, and had dragged his nearly starved body out of the cave to find food. In the end, he hadn’t managed to find anything yet when Xiong Ye, who had gone to find Shi Li, noticed him and stuffed him with a chunk of dinosaur meat.

It had really tasted terrible.

Zhou Ji kept his eyes on Xiong Ye while he was talking, and Xiong Ye felt his heart speed up under his gaze.

Zhou Ji had felt that he was very special when he saw him for the first time? Had Zhou Ji started liking him a long time ago?

Xiong Ye’s mood flew even higher.

Zhou Ji saw that Xiong Ye was acting so excited and added, “Later, you let me live in your cave, and I was really happy.” The collective living cave… was fundamentally unsuitable for humans to live in!

Xiong Ye’s heart beat even faster, “Zhou Ji… Um… I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you liked me at that time…” Zhou Ji must’ve been happy about living in his cave because he liked him.

Zhou Ji felt like he was abducting a pure little boy, but he couldn’t deny that he really liked Xiong Ye’s reaction.

He felt that it was difficult for him to fall in love with a person, but it was truly pretty good to have a mate like this.

Xiong Ye’s blushed for a while before he recovered and continued to speak, “Zhou Ji, it’s a pity that you woke up so late. If you had come to your senses earlier, you would definitely have been able to awaken an animal form.”

Even if some people awakened a very weak or small animal form, it wasn’t completely useless and was still better than not awakening at all.

He remembered that after he had awakened his animal form at the age of ten, his senses had improved a lot. The whole world had become different in his eyes, and it was the same for the others too.

It was really a great pity that Zhou Ji hadn’t awakened!

If he could awaken an animal form, even if it was only a tiny mouse, he would have a little more ability. For example, even a mouse would have a keen sense of smell.

“Perhaps I’ll be able to awaken later on.” Zhou Ji said. He had studied his own body, and it was no different from the other beastmen in the tribe, so he should be able to transform into an animal.

It was because he had no interest in becoming an animal that he had never transformed.

Yet now… When he had time, he could maybe give it a try and see exactly what kind of animal he was?

“It would be great if you could awaken. Maybe you’ll awaken as a cat.” Xiong Ye was quite looking forward to it–Zhou Ji’s lazy appearance was quite similar to Mao Jin’s, and he might awaken as a cat just like her.

If Zhou Ji awakened as a small cat that could lay in his hand… He would definitely give it a kiss.

“I’ll awaken in the future.” Zhou Ji said. There were all sorts of mammals in this world, and he was now a little worried after hearing Xiong Ye’s words.

If the animal form this body awakened as was terrible…

He would transform on his own to see what exactly he was, then decide whether or not to let Xiong Ye know about it.

If his animal form was decent, he could pretend that he had suddenly awakened, and if it was a bad animal form, he could act as though he had never awakened at all.

After a short rest, Xiong Ye stood up, “Let’s go!” If they got back early, they would have time to make water buckets.

“Alright.” Zhou Ji nodded.

Xiong Ye continued, “Walk ahead of me.” If Zhou Ji walked behind him, and he accidentally sped up, Zhou Ji might not be able to keep up. He might as well let Zhou Ji take the lead.

Zhou Ji smiled and agreed, then watched as Xiong Ye took on his animal form and picked up the huge piece of wood without complaint.

He began to think about how to reward Xiong Ye.

Such a cute little bear that worked so hard to take care of his family must be properly looked after.

Zhou Ji moved forward at a pace that suited Xiong Ye’s speed and killed some of the unfriendly grasses and plants along the way as he walked. He also drove away an assortment of small animals.

He didn’t want these things to hurt Xiong Ye.

However, these things didn’t seem able to hurt Xiong Ye in his animal form at all.

Although Xiong Ye could stand up on his hind legs, it was very tiring to do so. The ‘carrying’ that Xiong Ye was doing right now was using one of his paws to hold the wood firmly in place, then walk forward on his three remaining legs.

His shoulders were a little sore after walking like this for a while, but he could bear it–he wanted to get back quickly.

While he was thinking, Xiong Ye saw Zhou Ji stop. “There are some edible vegetables here. I want to pick some.”

Xiong Ye shifted into human form and immediately said, “I’ll help you.”

Zhou Ji didn’t refuse him, then watched on as a naked Xiong Ye pitter-pattered away to go and pick vegetables.

This position… was clearly full of temptation.

Zhou Ji touched his nose. When they had set out, he had brought a simple basket made of twigs with hm–people in the tribe knew how to make them.

However, considering the fact that the basket was very basic and had many ‘holes’, people would generally layer some larger leaves at the bottom first before they used it to hold things.

Zhou Ji’s basket had been padded with leaves. After he placed the vegetables into the basket, he carried it by hand.

“Do you want me to carry it for you?” Xiong Ye asked.

“No need.” Zhou Ji said.

Vegetables didn’t weigh much; Xiong Ye didn’t insist. He changed into his animal form again and used his other front paw to hold the chunk of wood in place on his back as they continued on.

After walking for a while, Zhou Ji stopped again. He pointed to a bird’s nest in a tree nearby, “The dinosaur eggs obtained yesterday were very delicious. Bird eggs should also be very tasty.”

Xiong Ye once again turned into a human. “Bird eggs are more delicious than dinosaur eggs. I’ll go get them for you.”

Xiong Ye didn’t put on his animal hide skirt and simply began to climb up the tree as he spoke.

Some bears were very skilled at climbing trees, but Xiong Ye’s bear form was too large to climb. However, this didn’t affect his ability to obtain the bird eggs.

He could climb trees with his human form!

Zhou Ji, who was under the tree: What a good view!

Before long, Xiong Ye clambered back down with three eggs that were slightly smaller than chicken eggs, “There were six eggs inside. I took half.”

“Mm.” Zhou Ji smiled at him and placed the three eggs into his basket. He praised, “Xiong Ye, you’re really impressive.”

Xiong Ye, who had exercised his muscles and body and had even gotten praised for it, happily continued to carry the big chunk of wood.

After walking for a period of time… Zhou Ji had more things he wanted to do.

The two of them started and stopped five times on the way back to the valley, collecting an assortment of things.

Xiong Ye was very good-tempered and didn’t feel impatient at all. On the contrary, he was delighted that Zhou Ji asked him for help with things and was happy to clamber up into trees and dive into the water when needed.

What a lively and vibrant little bear… Zhou Ji led the huge brown bear back to the tribe.

It was almost dark by the time they returned. The people of the tribe had lit a fire and were gathered around it to prepare for their evening meal.

It couldn’t really be called dinner… The people in the tribe would often only eat one meal a day, then have a good sleep before waking up the next day to continue hunting.

Everyone noticed as Zhou Ji came back with Xiong Ye.

“What a big tree.”

“Why did Xiong Ye bring back a tree?”

“Probably to make things with… Did you guys see? There’s a beehive and alligator on the tree!”

“Xiong Ye is truly amazing.”

“Zhou Ji really doesn’t have to worry about having enough to eat when he’s with Xiong Ye!”


The crowd looked at Xiong Ye with admiration and also couldn’t help feeling envious of Zhou Ji.

There were some people with relatively poor strength who began to regret that they hadn’t tried to find a way to obtain Xiong Ye earlier.

As long as they could live a lifetime without worrying about hunger, it was fine to become a mated pair with Xiong Ye! They had originally been quite weak and wouldn’t necessarily be able to have children anyway.

“Elder brother Xiong Ye.” The children of the tribe ran over and greeted Xiong Ye.

Xiong Ye wanted to take on human form, but Zhou Ji, who had figured out his intentions in advance, stopped him. “Let’s put our things down first before coming back down.” It was fine to transform when there was only the two of them, but he shouldn’t run around without clothes right now!

Xiong Ye nodded. He first brought the wood to the entrance of their cave, then went inside to change into his human form. Zhou Ji simultaneously handed over an animal hide skirt.

Zhou Ji said, “Let’s break open the beehive and set some aside, then give the rest to the priest.”

Xiong Ye nodded and immediately broke open the beehive. He poured quite a lot of honey into the eggshell that had been scraped clean this morning and set aside some honeycomb in a stone bowl.

Zhou Ji wasn’t interested in the honeycomb, but if Xiong Ye wanted to eat it… let him eat it, then.

After setting aside enough honey, Xiong Ye picked up the remaining portion of the beehive and took Zhou Ji with him to the priest’s cave.

The cave that the priest lived in looked similar to the one Xiong Ye had in that there were many tools and items made out of stone or wood inside.

However, Zhou Ji didn’t feel envious at all.

The priest’s cave had a smell that elderly people often had, and it wasn’t pleasing at all. Xiong Ye smelled a lot better.

“Xiong Ye, why did you come?” The priest smiled as he asked, then sniffed the air, “Honey?”

“Grandpa Priest, I obtained a beehive and wanted to give you some of it.” Xiong Ye said.

The priest was overjoyed, “That’s great. Is there anything you guys would like? I can trade for it.”

“Grandpa Priest, the mating ceremony two days from now…” Xiong Ye clutched at his head.

“Don’t worry. I will definitely think of the best mating ceremony for you.” The priest immediately replied. Xiong Ye had already brought up this request before, when Xiong Ye and Shi Li were going to become mates. Now… He should help Xiong Ye think up an even better ceremony.

Xiong Ye was overjoyed when he heard the priest’s reply, “Thank you, Grandpa Priest.”

The priest looked at him kindly and brought out a small bowl, “This is for you to eat.”

“What is this?” Xiong Ye was very curious. Zhou Ji glanced over but only saw that the bowl contained leftover oil dregs.

Obviously, the priest had followed his words and used dinosaur oil.

“This was cooked with fat. It’s particularly delicious. Those little fellows wanted to eat it, but I only let them try a bit of it. Now, I’m giving it to you.” The priest handed the bowl over to Xiong Ye and looked at Zhou Ji again, “I did as you said and made an especially tasty dinosaur egg. I’m stuffed now.”

As for the fact that he had accidentally splashed some oil onto his hand while cooking and injured it slightly, there was no need to say it.

He definitely wouldn’t get hurt next time!

Xiong Ye ate a bit of the oil dregs and enjoyed it very much. He wanted to let Zhou Ji give it a try, but Zhou Ji refused, “I don’t like it. You have it.”

After refusing to eat the dregs, Zhou Ji looked towards the priest again, “Grandpa Priest, the oil that you cooked in this way can be stored for a long time.”

“Really? I’ll try it out!” The priest was surprised and continued, “Zhou Ji, you’ve suddenly become very clever.”

“Zhou Ji must have been blessed by the Beast God.” Xiong Ye shared the story that Zhou Ji had made up and told him today with the priest.

Like Xiong Ye, the priest believed it right away and said to Zhou Ji, “The Beast God must be protecting you!”

Zhou Ji: “……” Sorry, but he didn’t actually believe in the Beast God…

xiin: ZJ’s a prude – confirmed.

Juurensha: ahaha, he is, but they’re both so cuuuute.

After giving the priest the beehive that still contained a lot of honeycomb and some honey, Xiong Ye went to skin and clean the alligator. The alligator’s skin, head, and claws had very little meat, so he gave them to the children as usual.

Then, Zhou Ji watched as the children hacked apart the alligator skin with stone knives and prepared to eat it.

Alligator skin that could be used to make bags should be very useful for staving off hunger…?

They had gone out today and brought many things back but had forgotten to chop firewood. Xiong Ye went to the collective fire in the valley and roasted the alligator whole.

Zhou Ji had been reluctant to come into contact with people from the tribe before and seldom remained in the valley. Now, however, he was much better… He sat by Xiong Ye’s side and used his spiritual powers to observe the people around him.

This was the busiest time in the valley.

Babies that had been born last year who still couldn’t walk nestled in their mother’s arms to breast-fed. Two men were confessing to Xiong Bai, and someone else was bragging about their hunting experience today. Others were talking about Shi Li.

“Shi Li beat his mother and younger brother yesterday!”

“Why would he suddenly hit them?”

“I don’t know. They probably had a row.”

“His mother and brother aren’t very likeable.”

“Shi Li isn’t very popular now either.”

“I used to think that Shi Li was impressive, but after thinking about it, Xiong Ye is still much better.”

“Xiong Ye was always amazing.”

“I haven’t seen Shi Li at all today…”


Shi Li hadn’t left his cave at all that day, and nobody had seen him. On the other hand, Xiong Qi who had barely left his cave these past few days had come out, his body a little crooked as he arrived by Xiong Ye’s side, “Xiong Ye, thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for?” Xiong Ye was puzzled as he looked at Xiong Qi.

“I’m very glad that you beat Shi Li.” Xiong Qi said.

Xiong Qi said so, but his face didn’t look happy at all. Instead, it looked like it was full of suppressed pain. Xiong Ye noticed this and asked rather worriedly, “Are you not feeling well?”

“In the future, I might… not be able to hunt.” Xiong Qi gritted his teeth and felt an unspeakable loss. He had once been one of the strongest warriors in the tribe, but in the future… He might soon become a member of the collective cave.

Xiong Ye was shocked and hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Zhou Ji immediately inspected Xiong Qi’s body with his spiritual strength.

“My injury is a little serious; I don’t know if I’ll be able to recover from it.” Xiong Qi endured the pain from his wounds. He really regretted it now–he shouldn’t have fought with Shi Li while he was injured. Not only had he lost, his injuries had worsened.

Xiong Qi’s injury was indeed a little serious–his bones were broken and were now crooked.

A minor injury like this was nothing during modern times. They just needed to put the bones back into place and it would be fine, but during this era, there was probably nobody who knew how to set bones.

The doctor in the tribe, the kindly Grandpa Priest, only knew how to perform some shallow healing.

Since that was the case, Xiong Qi would be done for if his bones healed crooked–there were people in the tribe whose bones had broken and regrown crooked. They had turned into cripples who could no longer participate in the hunts and could only join the gathering team.

If it had been before, Zhou Ji wouldn’t have concerned himself over this kind of thing.

He didn’t like to manage other people’s affairs after experiencing the apocalypse. Previously, he had helped the gathering team by increasing their harvest when they went out to collect things as a way of paying them back for living in the tribe.

Now, however…

There were very few powerful fighters in this tribe and losing a warrior like this would have a great impact on the tribe and on Xiong Ye–Xiong Ye would have to work harder during the hunts in the future in order to support this large tribe of people.

Zhou Ji said, “Xiong Ye, didn’t you learn the art of healing from the priest? Why don’t you give Xiong Qi a look?”

“Alright.” Xiong Ye immediately replied.

Xiong Qi was also willing to let Xiong Ye take a look. He was now already in a state where he urgently needed treatment, “I already looked for the priest, hiss… The priest said that I need to slowly recover on my own, but these past few days… Hiss… I’ve been in too much pain to sleep.”

Xiong Qi’s broken bone was near his hip. He laid down on his side on the ground so that Xiong Ye could take a look at his wound.

His fur was thick and regardless of whether it had been when he had been slapped by the dinosaur’s tail or when he had been attacked by Shi Li, the external injuries hadn’t been serious at all. It was impossible to know whether or not he had broken bones just from looking at the surface.

Xiong Ye wanted to use his hands to probe the area, but Zhou Ji said, “Xiong Ye, don’t we have some healing herbs? Go and bring some of them here.” It was better for Xiong Ye not to touch such an area.

“Good.” Xiong Ye nodded, then went back to get the herbs.

After driving away Xiong Ye who had been about to touch someone else’s rear, Zhou Ji patted Xiong Qi’s waist, “The herbs that Xiong Ye picked are very effective. You’ll definitely get better after you use them.”

His movements as he patted Xiong Qi were very natural and didn’t arouse suspicion at all, but only Zhou Ji knew that he had used his spiritual powers to setXiong Qi’s bones back into place.

Xiong Qi heard Zhou Ji’s words and felt a glimmer of hope. He didn’t know if it was due to this that he felt that the area around his injury was no longer as painful. At this time, Xiong Ye came back with some herbs in hand.

They had picked some herbs on the way back, and they had all been put together. There were herbs for reducing bleeding, calming herbs, and even some that contained quite a lot of energy and were good for the body.

Zhou Ji intended to save the last type for Xiong Qi and wouldn’t give it to Xiong Qi. He first gave Xiong Qi some calming herbs, “Chew these.”

He was asking him to eat this grass raw? Xiong Qi was a little puzzled but still obediently chewed and ate it. After swallowing it, he could taste a bitter aftertaste in his mouth, and it was especially uncomfortable.

Xiong Ye looked at Xiong Qi sympathetically. Zhou Ji would also give him this kind of grass to eat, but he would cook it for him first. Now, Xiong Qi actually had to eat it raw… How pitiful!

“You can chew these and then put them on your wound yourself.” Zhou Ji handed Xiong Qi a few herbs that could treat his injuries.

“Oh…” Xiong Qi accepted it and obediently did as he was told.

“You’ll be fine after you go back and sleep.” Zhou Ji instructed. Beastmen were extremely resilient. Although Xiong Qi had broken some bones, he should be alright after a few days of good rest.

Unless he purposely made it difficult for himself and went off to fight again.

Xiong Ye didn’t understand what had happened and naturally wasn’t as optimistic as Zhou Ji, but he still comforted Xiong Qi, “Don’t worry. You’ll definitely be alright.”

Xiong Qi didn’t know that Xiong Ye was merely comforting him. He felt that his injuries no longer hurt so much and suddenly felt very grateful towards Xiong Ye.

In fact, he hadn’t liked Xiong Ye very much before. Xiong Ye was very powerful, and it gave him a sense of crisis.

But at this moment, he felt that he’d been really wrong.

Xiong Ye was truly a good person. He had been so kind to him even knowing that he was injured and might lose his fighting power. He had even gave him some of his precious herbs.

He had to make sure to repay Xiong Ye later on!

With that in mind, Xiong Qi obediently headed back to his cave to sleep. When he walked back towards his cave, his body was no longer as crooked as it had been before.

Xiong Ye didn’t notice this as he grabbed his hair and looked towards Zhou Ji, “Zhou Ji, let’s eat meat.”

“I don’t want to.” Zhou Ji replied.

“Alligator meat is tasty. Really!” Xiong Ye promised repeatedly as he ate a large mouthful of it to show Zhou Ji.

Zhou Ji saw that he was enjoying it so much and also became interested in giving it a try. After tasting it, he found it acceptable and ate a little more.

Xiong Ye was delighted when he saw this.

People who saw this scene couldn’t help but be a little jealous–Zhou Ji’s life was so good!

How come nobody gave them food to eat or tried to persuade them to eat even if they didn’t want to?

Some people were so red-eyed with jealousy that they jumped up and said to Xiong Ye, “Xiong Ye, I’ve always liked you, and I’m willing to become mates with you…”

“I already have a mate.” Xiong Ye replied. He recognized the person in front of him as someone who used to chase after the women of the tribe!

“I’m more powerful than Zhou Ji and am definitely better suited for you.” The man spoke again.

“I like Zhou Ji.” Xiong Ye said, then looked towards Zhou Ji, “Zhou Ji, you are the best in my eyes.”

Zhou Ji burst out laughing.

Xiong Ye saw him laughing and couldn’t help but praise him, “You’re really very good. The food you make is delicious, and you’re so good-looking.” He didn’t know what else to praise about him and could only praise his looks!

Zhou Ji: “……” Fine then, he hadn’t thought that Xiong Ye would care about his looks.

The two of them returned to their cave after finishing off the alligator meat.

Xiong Ye did as Zhou Ji had asked and cut off a portion of the large chunk of wood, then began to carve out a bucket from the wood with a stone knife.

This type of wood was very hard and using a stone knife on it wasn’t easy. He turned into his bear form and used his paws to claw at it… But the effect wasn’t great.

Zhou Ji laughed and then went to ‘sleep’ first, casually making use of his spiritual powers to give Xiong Ye a little help.

Xiong Ye saw that Zhou Ji had gone to sleep and reduced the force behind his actions, but for some reason, the effectiveness of his carving went up.

He must have been too impatient in the beginning. It seemed like this wood simply needed to be carved out slowly.

Carving out a bucket wasn’t difficult. Xiong Ye finished carving out the bucket after an hour or so, then went to the valley to wash it clean and bring back a bucket of fresh water before going to sleep.

Seeing that he’d gone to sleep, Zhou Ji once again began to draw the energy from the surroundings into Xiong Ye’s body.

Xiong Ye had done a lot of work today and gone to sleep late. If Zhou Ji didn’t do this, Xiong Ye might be low on energy tomorrow.

The next day, Xiong Ye woke up and was as energetic as ever.

He felt that he was in particularly high spirits and had a lot of energy lately… Having a family and someone taking care of him really made a difference!

Even just considering food alone–he never used to eat in the mornings, but now? Zhou Ji had actually used the bird eggs to make honeycomb scrambled eggs for him to eat!

It was really too fragrant and far too delicious! However, Zhou Ji didn’t like honeycomb and justate the eggs on their own.

After Xiong Ye was satiated, he left the cave to meet up with everyone in the valley–today was another collective hunting day.

There weren’t many people in the valley yet when Xiong Ye went down. He was working on loosening his body when he heard Xiong Qi’s voice, “Xiong Ye!”

Xiong Ye turned his head and saw Xiong Qi coming towards him in excitement. He opened his arms to give him a hug, and his eyes were red as he said, “Xiong Ye, thank you…”

Xiong Ye dodged away without a second thought.

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