Stone Age Husband Raising Journal

Chapter 34 - Coma

Ch34 – Coma

Shi Li simply couldn’t believe what he had heard.

Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji had been together, and Zhou Ji had even been… hurt by it?

How could that be possible?!

However, thinking about how heartless Xiong Ye had been last night and adding it to the interactions between Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji this morning, he was also very clear that this might well be true.

Xiong Ye had really gotten together with someone else.

Shi Li just felt that his breath was caught in his chest, refusing to go up or down, and it was incredibly painful.

In his previous life, he and Xiong Ye had become mates on the day of the Beast God Sacrifice and had moved in together on the same day. However, since neither of them had known anything about how two men could do those things together, at the start, absolutely nothing had happened between them.

Although Xiong Ye had grown up living in the collective cave with the elderly and weak members of the tribe, what he had mostly seen were scenes of men and women getting together.

There were some women in the collective cave who were willing to sleep with others in return for just a small piece of meat, so those men wouldn’t go looking for other men. Even when they occasionally helped each other out, at most, they would only use their hands.

At the time, the two of them had remained pure for over a month. Later on, someone had enlightened them and they had finally understood how men did it with other men. After that, they had gotten into fights over the problem of who would be on top and who would be on the bottom.

They tied every single time, and neither of them had been willing to back down.

Later, Xiong He had led the hunting team out on a hunt and encountered a very powerful carnivorous dinosaur. Many people in the hunting team had been bitten to death, and neither Xiong He or Xiong He’s mother made it back. Xiong Ye finally stopped fighting him, and the two of them finally settled into a proper relationship.

It was because of this that he hadn’t been too worried even though Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye were living together.

Xiong Ye didn’t understand these matters, and Zhou Ji was a fool who didn’t even know enough to be afraid.

But now…

Shi Li’s eyes were covered in a haze, and he felt like he was about to explode from anger.

Xiong Ye had actually gotten together with someone else!

How many days had it been? Xiong Ye had really turned his back on him and found himself a new sweetheart!

Shi Li had an impulse to go and fight Xiong Ye right then and there, but at this moment, his leg started to throb again…

Another insect had just bitten him!

Insect bites from this type of insect would make people feel a lot of pain, but Shi Li felt that it was far less painful than what he felt in his heart.

In fact, he really cared for Xiong Ye… but Xiong Ye had turned his back on their feelings.

Shi Li was still thinking about this when he saw Xiong Ye running out of the priest’s cave.

After Xiong Ye returned back to the tribe with Zhou Ji in his arms, he went straight to find the priest, wanting the priest to take examine Zhou Ji.

However, the priest had been unable to find anything wrong.

He spent a lot of time checking over Zhou Ji, then carefully looked over him again, but he didn’t know what was happening to Zhou Ji at all. He wanted to ask Zhou Ji about it… But Zhou Ji was unconscious and wouldn’t wake up.

Zhou Ji’s breathing was becoming weaker and weaker.

The priest felt very powerless. Seeing that Zhou Ji’s expression looked very painful, with both his eyes screwed shut and his body hot and burning all over, he could only suggest, “How about giving him some calming herbs?”

The priest didn’t have many herbs he could use. Recently, he had just added one more type to his repertoire, which was the calming herb that Xiong Qi had eaten.

In Zhou Ji’s case, wound medicine would be useless for him, so the priest could only let him sleep.

At the very least, it could make him a bit more comfortable.

“Alright!” Xiong Ye immediately replied, “Where are the herbs?”

“I only have a small amount of the herbs here, and it might not be enough. You’ll need to go and pick some. You should know where they are, right?” The priest said.

After learning about the existence of such a medicinal herb, the priest had planned to immediately go and gather some, but he had been busy with the Beast God Sacrifice and had had no time. He could only push off the matter until later.

Xiong Ye indeed knew where this kind of herb could be found. He had gathered some with Zhou Ji back then, so he quickly replied, “I’ll go get some right away.”

Even before he had finished speaking, Xiong Ye had already run out of the cave.

Shi Li saw Xiong Ye running out of the priest’s cave and didn’t think twice before following.

Xiong Ye ran extremely quickly, and Shi Li was unable to keep up for a moment–He had fallen last night and suffered an internal injury! Not to mention that he’d been bitten by a lot of insects today!

Shi Li gritted his teeth and simply shifted into his animal form to give chase.

His animal form could run very fast, and he quickly caught up to Xiong Ye. Then, he saw that Xiong Ye had stopped at a certain place and begun to gather herbs.

Shi Li knew that Xiong Ye had learned a lot from the priest. It was because of this that Xiong Ye had taken on the duties of the priest after their tribe had encountered a catastrophe and lost two thirds of their tribe, including the priest, at the hands of people from other tribes.

However, Shi Li didn’t like to play around with these herbs, so he didn’t know anything about them and understood even less.

“Are you picking medicinal herbs for Zhou Ji?” Shi Li asked. Those herbs were going to be used to heal Zhou Ji, right?

Xiong Ye’s body carried Zhou Ji’s scent, and it was mixed with the tangy smell of blood. It really seemed like Xiong Ye had actually hurt Zhou Ji while doing ‘that’…

Xiong Ye had no idea what Shi Li was thinking. At this time, he had no attention to spare for Shi Li and only said, “Yes.”

“Is Zhou Ji really that great?” Shi Li asked.

“Definitely better than you.” Xiong Ye didn’t have to think twice.

After a period of hard work, he had already gathered up quite a lot of herbs… Xiong Ye ignored Shi Li and turned around to run back.

Shi Li saw that Xiong Ye was acting like this and couldn’t hold back the raging fire in his heart any longer. He lashed out and punched a tree nearby.

After such a punch, his fist became bloody, and his bones nearly broke. It was very, very painful, but it still couldn’t match the heartache he felt.

After experiencing this pain, Shi Li calmed down.

He snorted coldly, then looked in the direction that Xiong Ye had run off to, his gaze growing increasingly cold and hard.

Previously, he had always carried a torch for Xiong Ye and couldn’t let him go. He had even wanted to destroy the mating ceremony tomorrow, but now…

Now that Xiong Ye was like this, it was impossible for him to be together with Xiong Ye anymore.

He had originally planned to make sure to treat Xiong Ye well after he became a Beast King once again, but that was already no longer necessary!

He had been reborn and shouldn’t be caught up in his childhood memories of love. His goal should be to become stronger, stronger, and even stronger!

He will become the strongest Beast King and be worshipped and adored by everyone!

When the time came, Xiong Ye and the people from the tribe… He would just let them wallow in their regret!

Perhaps by then, they wouldn’t even exist anymore.

When Shi Li thought of this, he felt that his entire body was charged full of strength. Everything felt different.

As a result, probably because he had been standing still without moving, a good many insects charged towards him, opened their mouths, and bit down!

“Damn it!” Shi Li jumped up in pain and quickly ran towards the river nearby.

He had to wash up!

Xiong Ye didn’t know that Shi Li had experienced a complete mental ‘breakthrough’ after believing that certain things had happened between him and Zhou Ji, and that he had even redefined his life goals.

At this moment, he only had Zhou Ji in his heart, and he was only thinking about Zhou Ji.

He ran back to the priest’s cave, then immediately stuffed the freshly picked herbs he had brought back into Zhou Ji’s mouth.

After stuffing them in, he discovered that Zhou Ji wouldn’t be able to swallow them down like this. He then wanted to use a knife or stick to mash them up, but that would be too slow…

Xiong Ye stuffed the medicinal herbs into his own mouth, chewed for a while, then pressed his own mouth against Zhou Ji’s mouth in order to feed it to him.

Zhou Ji, who was actually still conscious even though he hadn’t spoken up or shown any reaction: “……” His first kiss had disappeared just like that…

Also, how many of these herbs had he fed to Xiong Ye? Now, Xiong Ye was feeding them to him. Could this be considered karma?

“Zhou Ji, you have to be alright…” Xiong Ye’s voice trembled a little. He had always felt that men shouldn’t cry, but at this moment, tears prickled in his eyes.

“May the Beast God bless him. He will definitely be alright.” The priest added. Although he spoke the words, his gaze was full of worry when he looked at Zhou Ji.

Zhou Ji seemed to be suffering from the sudden onslaught of some illness… There had been others with symptoms like this in their tribe before, but they had all died in the end…

There was a high possibility that Zhou Ji wouldn’t live.

The priest was very distressed as he looked at Xiong Ye.

He didn’t have any children of his own, but Xiong Ye was someone he had watched grow up. He had always been very kind and respectful towards him, and the priest basically treated Xiong Ye as his own child. Recently, Xiong Ye had first been abandoned by Shi Li, and it hadn’t been easy for him to recover and begin to like Zhou Ji, but now something like this had happened to Zhou Ji…

Xiong Ye was really too unlucky!

The priest sighed, “The two of you care so much about each other, the Beast God will bless you both… Take him back to your cave and take proper care of him. You can also feed him some honey.”

He couldn’t determine what kind of illness Zhou Ji had, so he naturally had no way to take care of Zhou Ji. Since that was the case, he might as well have Xiong Ye look after him.

“Alright, Grandpa Priest.” Xiong Ye replied quietly, then picked up Zhou Ji and carried him back to his cave.

Zhou Ji’s bed was especially clean and tidy, but right now, regardless of whether it was him or Zhou Ji, neither of them were clean at all…

Xiong Ye put the soft, seemingly completely powerless Zhou Ji onto his own bed, his voice a little choked up as he said, “Zhou Ji, you have to wake up…”

Xiong Ye had proposed to Zhou Ji back then mostly because he felt that Zhou Ji was suitable for him. However, when he saw Zhou Ji’s current appearance, looking as though he was nearly on his last breath, he was frantic with panic, and his heart felt like it had been pinched hard by something; it beat erratically in agitation and couldn’t quite seem to function properly.

If something happened to Zhou Ji, would there still be someone to cook for him and accompany him in the future?

Xiong Ye couldn’t describe how anxious he felt, but he also didn’t know what else he could do… He found the honey, then mixed it with water and tried to feed it to Zhou Ji, but the water just slipped out and ran down from the corner of Zhou Ji’s mouth.

Xiong Ye simply took a sip of it himself, then used mouth-to-mouth to feed it to Zhou Ji.

Zhou Ji: Alright then, not only was his first kiss gone now, so were his second and third kisses.

Zhou Ji knew that Xiong Ye was extremely sad and worried at the moment, and he really wanted to give Xiong Ye some response while Xiong Ye was trying to feed him the honey water. He thought about coming back to life like a ‘fake corpse’ in order to amuse Xiong Ye a little, but the energy within his body was too chaotic, and he really couldn’t manage it at all.

It was more likely that he would suddenly spit up blood into Xiong Ye’s mouth.

Zhou Ji no longer dared to think about these random things and focused instead on drawing the extra energy into the crystal core inside his body.

The crystal core absorbed these energies very easily, but there was way, way too much of it, and his crystal core was unable to take it all in.

When he had first transmigrated over, the crystal core in his body had been transparent and colorless, but after two months of cultivation, this crystal core had begun to show traces of yellow. Now…

After absorbing a lot of energy, his crystal core had already turned orange.

The rate at which the crystal core absorbed the energy became faster as the color turned darker, but even so, he still couldn’t finish absorbing all of it.

If it hadn’t been for his spiritual powers valiantly suppressing these energies, he might have already exploded from the energy within his body and become a bloody corpse.

There was no need to mention that it would be fatal; it would definitely also scare Xiong Ye.

Zhou Ji continued to struggle with the extra energy within his body.

It was a very painful situation. Sometimes, he really wanted to give up dealing with this energy and just let himself explode and be done with it.

In his previous life, he had done exactly that, allowing himself to enter mass slaughter mode and fight until he died.

However, this world was so wonderful, he didn’t want to die.

What’s more, there was Xiong Ye in this world.

He was going to marry Xiong Ye. How could he just give up at this time?

Just as he was thinking this, Zhou Ji once again heard Xiong Ye say that he couldn’t die, and that he had to wake up.

He mustn’t die! If he died, maybe someone else would come to sleep in his cave and stroke his bear!

How could he let that happen!

Zhou Ji was constantly trying hard to sort out and absorb the energy in his body, while Xiong Ye was so anxious he was pacing around in circles.

He hadn’t eaten much this morning and hadn’t eaten anything since then. In fact, he was very hungry but didn’t have any attention to spare to take care of it.

There was still a lot of blood on his body, and Zhou Ji had spat out a mouthful of blood onto him later. He was sticky all over and very uncomfortable, but he also didn’t have any attention to spare to deal with that either.

Xiong Ye kept watch by Zhou Ji’s side and could only continuously pray over and over again. He prayed for the Beast God to bless Zhou Ji and prayed for Zhou Ji to be alright.

Zhou Ji: He suddenly felt a little jealous of the Beast God…

He didn’t know how long it took, but the crystal core in Zhou Ji’s body slowly began to turn red.

The red crystal core looked very beautiful and absorbed energy even more quickly. At the same time, Zhou Ji also realized that he had now become very, very powerful.

Regardless of whether it was his powers or his spiritual strength, they had both been greatly improved.

However, he had no way to know how strong his spiritual strength was–he was currently using it to suppress the energies in his body!

This energy was simply ridiculous! His crystal core had already gone from a pale, faint yellow to red, but he had only absorbed a tenth of it!

This was clearly going to be the death of him!

Zhou Ji felt really depressed. What made him even more depressed was that he could hear Xiong Ye, who had been accompanying him the whole time, say, “Zhou Ji, dawn is about to break. If you still don’t wake up, we won’t be able to make it in time to hold the mating ceremony…”

To be honest, Zhou Ji wasn’t very fixated on the mating ceremony, but he knew how much Xiong Ye had been looking forward to it.

Could it be that he was actually going to miss his own wedding because he had eaten some unknown fruit?!

That would really be too lame!

Zhou Ji’s body was already slightly better. He used his spiritual strength to suppress the violent energy, then forced his eyes open to look at Xiong Ye, “We’ll make it.”

Xiong Ye had spent the entire night staying up with Zhou Ji. The longer he waited by his side, the more worried he’d been.

Zhou Ji was in too bad of a state. He was really afraid that Zhou Ji would never wake up again.

Towards the end, he wasn’t even thinking about the mating ceremony anymore. He just wanted Zhou Ji to wake up.

And then, dawn arrived.

He had just spoken out such a sentence subconsciously, saying that if Zhou Ji still didn’t wake up, they wouldn’t be able to make it in time for the mating ceremony, but then… Zhou Ji actually woke up?

Xiong Ye was incredibly surprised, “You’re awake? Are you alright?”

“I still need to recover a bit. Go and wash up first.” Zhou Ji glanced at Xiong Ye, then closed his eyes again.

Xiong Ye had constantly remained by his side last night, and he was very touched. The only complaint he had was… Xiong Ye smelled really bad.

Zhou Ji had closed his eyes again, but Xiong Ye believed that having woken up once, he would definitely be able to wake up again a second and third time. Xiong Ye felt a lot more relieved and simultaneously discovered that he was really very, very dirty.

He wouldn’t be able to participate in the mating ceremony if he was like this even if Zhou Ji woke up!

He really needed to wash up.

Xiong Ye immediately climbed down from the cave.

At this time, the sun hadn’t risen fully yet, and the sky had only brightened a little, but the priest had been up for a while. Seeing Xiong Ye, he immediately asked, “Xiong Ye, how is Zhou Ji?”

Xiong Ye had suddenly crawled out of his cave… Something couldn’t have happened to Zhou Ji, right?

“Grandpa Priest, Zhou Ji woke up! He told me to go and wash up!” Xiong Ye said. He didn’t even turn his head back to glance at him as he ran off.

He woke up? Zhou Ji actually woke up? He had really looked like he was about to die yesterday, but he actually woke up overnight?

The priest went back to his cave and picked up the calming herbs that Xiong Ye had gathered–this herb couldn’t really be a miracle herb, right?

It was really too effective!

The author has something to say:

Shi Li: I am going to give up on feelings and pursue strength!

Priest: This is really a miracle herb!!

Xiong Ye: I want to get married!!!

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