Stone Age Husband Raising Journal

Chapter 40 - Learning

Ch40 – Learning

Although Zhou Ji had many ideas for the future, he knew that actually implementing what he wanted wouldn’t be so easy.

After all, he wasn’t very popular within the tribe.

What’s more, he didn’t want to expose his strength and wanted to continue spending his days lazing around.

Zhou Ji took the meat that had been roasted earlier, boiled it, and added some spices to it.

The scent of boiled meat slowly permeated the cave, and Xiong Ye finally woke up when the smell reached the inside of the cave.

As soon as Xiong Ye woke up, he saw Zhou Ji cooking meat by the entrance. The way the sunlight fell upon Zhou Ji made him appear very gentle and mild.

Xiong Ye went over, wanting to give Zhou Ji a hug and rub up against him, only to discover that he was actually still in his animal form.

He had almost forgotten that he had fallen asleep in his animal form last night!

If he used his animal form to press up against Zhou Ji, he might completely bowl over Zhou Ji… Xiong Ye hurriedly changed back into his human form, then went over to embrace Zhou Ji. “Zhou Ji, you’re the best!”

Zhou Ji was making food for him to eat so early in the morning. How nice!

Also, he could hug and kiss him all he liked after becoming mates. How awesome!

He hugged Zhou Ji from behind, then gave Zhou Ji a kiss on the neck. He found Zhou Ji so attractive from every angle and really wanted to cuddle up close.

Zhou Ji was now his, and he could freely touch and pet as he liked!

Xiong Ye was completely plastered against Zhou Ji’s back, kissing and rubbing, and Zhou Ji could feel ‘sparks’ from all that rubbing.

Zhou Ji: “……” Xiong Ye’s movements in addition to Xiong Ye’s bodily reaction was a little too much! His back was being poked!

Just when Zhou Ji was thinking about whether or not to talk to Xiong Ye about it, Xiong Ye let him go and took a deep breath before crouching down.

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Ji asked.

“It’s a little uncomfortable.” Xiong Ye clamped his legs together and looked towards a certain key part of Zhou Ji, “Are you uncomfortable?”

Zhou Ji: “……” Was this an invitation? This should be an invitation, right? But why were Xiong Ye’s eyes so clear, his expression so innocent?

It was really cute.

Zhou Ji was still wondering about it when Xiong Ye spoke again, “Zhou Ji, let’s touch?” When men didn’t have partners or mates, they would use their own hands. Once they had partners or mates, they could still use their hands to touch each other.

With this in mind, Xiong Ye directly grabbed hold of Zhou Ji’s hand.

He had been a little tired last night. Having fallen asleep so early, he hadn’t thought about these things. Now, he wasn’t tired anymore, and he was in very good spirits.

Zhou Ji: “……”

Zhou Ji helplessly discovered that Xiong Ye actually didn’t understand anything.

People were quite open in this place, and he had always felt that Xiong Ye knew how all these things worked, and perhaps he might even have done something with Shi Li. However, it appeared that Xiong Ye didn’t actually know anything.

But it wasn’t that surprising.

For the tribespeople, the only proper goal was reproduction. Only extremely weak men who were unable to find a woman would get together with others of the same gender.

However, this kind of situation was very rare, because in the tribe, there were usually some women who didn’t mind having a few more men.

For a man who liked men to be born, like Xiong Ye… It made sense that there was only one person like that in a small tribe like this.

The two of them unwittingly ended up embracing each other.

Xiong Ye was very proactive, but the one who took the lead was Zhou Ji.

After all, Xiong Ye didn’t know anything.

After helping Xiong Ye, Zhou Ji gave him a kiss on the cheek, “It’s time to eat.” He had also been aroused, but fortunately, he could suppress it…

Xiong Ye lay there on the ground; he didn’t want to get up to eat.

When Zhou Ji helped him, it felt much better than when he did it himself! He had to stick together with Zhou Ji every single day going forward so Zhou Ji could help him every time!

With that in mind, Xiong Ye looked towards Zhou Ji, “Zhou Ji, let’s sleep together tonight.”

He and Zhou Ji had slept seperately before…

Zhou Ji glanced at Xiong Ye, then smiled as he agreed, “Alright.”

He was already used to having Xiong Ye by his side. It wasn’t a problem at all for them to sleep together.

Xiong Ye heard him, then happily went over to eat meat.

Zhou Ji saw that he was eating very happily and began making chopsticks.

He had taken advantage of Xiong Ye being asleep to use the energy in his body to make the comb from before. It had been completed in the blink of an eye, but the chopsticks now…

Xiong Ye was beside him, so he could only make them slowly. He had only managed to scrape off a bit of bark after a good while, and there was a sense of trying to grind an iron pestle into a needle.

“What are you trying to make? Let me do it.” Xiong Ye took in the situation and hurriedly stopped Zhou Ji, “It’s dangerous for you to hold a knife. What if you cut your hand by accident?”

“It won’t happen.” Zhou Ji replied, “I’m just making a pair of chopsticks.”

“I’ll do it. I’m strong.” Xiong Ye quickly stuffed the rest of the meat into his mouth and spoke while reaching out for the knife in Zhou Ji’s hand.

Zhou Ji laughed and simply brought out the comb, combing it through Xiong Ye’s hair.

“What is this?” Xiong Ye asked curiously.

“This is a comb.” Zhou Ji explained, “I made it for your fur.”

Maybe it was because Xiong Ye’s fur had been brushed and groomed last night, but Zhou Ji discovered that Xiong Ye’s hair was very smooth. It only took a few strokes to tidy it all up.

Xiong Ye, on the other hand, had just noticed the basket of fur inside the cave.

There was no way he wasn’t familiar with that fur; it was his fur!

He had shed that much fur last night? He hadn’t noticed at all.

“Were you constantly grooming my fur last night?” Xiong Ye asked.

“No, I groomed for a while and then went to sleep.” Zhou Ji kissed Xiong Ye on the cheek again.

He definitely wouldn’t have been able to brush out so much fur in such a short period of time! Xiong Ye tugged on Zhou Ji’s hand and gave it a kiss, “Don’t brush for so long next time. Your hands will get tired.”

“I like brushing your fur.” Zhou Ji said.

Xiong Ye kissed Zhou Ji’s hand again.

Zhou Ji’s hand felt a little itchy… How could Xiong Ye be so cute!

When he was with Xiong Ye, he felt that he was becoming less and less like his original self.

At first, he had clearly watched everything that took place in this tribe with cold, distant eyes, but now… Not only had he ‘comforted’ Xiong Ye early in the morning, he was still here being all lovey-dovey with Xiong Ye.

He didn’t quite dare to believe that these cutesy things were actually all things he had done himself.

Xiong Bai, who had been asked by the priest to go and find Zhou Ji, found this situation a little hard to accept.

The scents in this cave, as well as the particularly strong scent of Xiong Ye on Zhou Ji’s body showed exactly how intense these two people had been last night!

Xiong Bai shot a bitter glance at Xiong Ye. She had always thought that Xiong Ye was really, really good, but now it didn’t seem to be the case.

Zhou Ji had been tossed about by him for so long the day before yesterday and had obviously not been feeling well yesterday, but Xiong Ye still continued to mess around with him last night!

Zhou Ji didn’t know what Xiong Bai’s thoughts were and didn’t realize that in other people’s eyes, it was as though he had been marked by Xiong Ye.

Although he also had a very keen sense of smell now, he wasn’t used to using it to distinguish between everyone’s scents.

“Why are you here?” Xiong Ye asked Xiong Bai.

“The priest is looking for Zhou Ji.” Xiong Bai replied.

Only then did Xiong Ye remember that the priest had talked to Zhou Ji about learning to identify different plants.

He hadn’t expected that the priest would be in such a hurry…

Xiong Ye said, “Zhou Ji, hurry and go. I’ll find you something to eat.”

“Alright.” Zhou Ji agreed.

Xiong Ye watched as Zhou Ji departed, then closed the cave door and went down as well.

He was immediately approached by someone who wanted to chat with him, “Xiong Ye, how was last night?”

“Very good!” Xiong Ye didn’t think twice before answering.

“I just knew that it would’ve been very good. Zhou Ji is covered in your scent.” That person said.

“Of course.” Xiong Ye nodded proudly. Zhou Ji had spent so long helping him brush out his fur. How could Zhou Ji not retain his scent? Right now, Zhou Ji’s scent was practically the same as his.

He liked it this way.

He definitely wanted to have Zhou Ji brush his fur again later this evening. He just had to make sure Zhou Ji didn’t spend too long on it and tire himself out.

Thinking of this, Xiong Ye took out the comb that he had tucked in the pocket of his animal hide skirt, “Look, you guys, Zhou Ji gave me this!”

This comb was definitely a gift from Zhou Ji!

This thing was so delicate, it looked very difficult to make even at a glance. Zhou Ji must have spent a lot of effort making it–his strength was so limited!

Xiong Ye couldn’t wait to show it off.

“What is this?” That man asked.

“It’s a comb!” Xiong Ye said. Their tribe had never had anything like this before, so it should be something that Zhou Ji had thought up by himself.

Xiong Ye used the comb to comb through his own hair and show off its function, “This comb can be used to brush hair, and it can also be used to brush fur. It feels very comfortable when it’s used on fur!” He had fallen asleep last night while Zhou Ji was combing through his fur, so he hadn’t properly experienced how it felt to have his fur brushed, but it must be very comfortable!

“This tool is really amazing! I’m going to make one too!” Someone spoke up immediately.

Xiong Qi had also come over by this time, and he praised him once again, “Xiong Ye, you’re really amazing. You even managed to think up such a thing. Everyone in the tribe should have a comb like this!”

“I didn’t invent this comb. Zhou Ji created it.” Xiong Ye said.

“But Zhou Ji is your mate! To have found a mate like this, your vision must be really good!” Xiong Qi said.

Xiong Ye felt honored when he heard Xiong Qi’s words.

Shi Li passed by, “……” Wasn’t it just a comb? What did Xiong Ye have to show off about? People outside the tribe had all started using combs long ago! In the past, he had even had others make combs out of gold and brush his fur for him!

At that time, his animal form had been ten times bigger than it was now, and brushing his fur was a job that required many people working together to accomplish properly!

Shi Li didn’t find it suspicious at all that Zhou Ji was able to bring out a comb. Zhou Ji’s mother was connected to a Beast King. What was so strange about Zhou Ji having a comb on hand?

With that thought, Shi Li glanced towards the priest’s cave in dissatisfaction.

How could Zhou Ji’s luck be so good?

No, his luck wasn’t that good. His father, the currently famous Beast King, Xiang Tian, would be dead in two years, and it seemed like his death wouldn’t be a glorious one… He had investigated this matter after becoming a Beast King, but nobody had been willing to tell him anything about it.

In his previous life, Zhou Ji had left the tribe two months later, leaving with Xiang Tian. In this life, he had gotten together with Xiong Ye, and Shi Li didn’t know if he would leave this time…

Shi Li felt that he definitely would go. A father like that was many times more powerful than Xiong Ye. How could Zhou Ji decide not to go?

However, Xiong Ye wouldn’t go. In his previous life, he had never given up on the people in this tribe no matter how hard things had become.

Shi Li sneered. He was looking forward to watching what would happen to Xiong Ye.

Xiong Ye was unaware of Shi Li’s thoughts. After showing off the comb that Zhou Ji had given him, he went off to hunt.

He didn’t look for anyone to go with him.

When he went hunting with Hu Yue or the others, they would mostly want to hunt dinosaurs, but Zhou Ji didn’t like eating dinosaur meat!

Today was the first day of their marriage. Zhou Ji had made him feel so good this morning, so Xiong Ye felt that he should go and find something delicious for Zhou Ji to eat.

Xiong Ye was in very high spirits as he went off on his hunt.

Zhou Ji, who was enveloped by Xiong Ye’s scent all over his body because he had spent the entire night brushing Xiong Ye’s fur, had long since entered the priest’s cave.

The priest: Young men these days! This scent… Tsk tsk!

When the priest saw that Zhou Ji had arrived, he immediately smiled and waved Zhou Ji over, “Come, I have a few types of herbs here. I’ll teach you how to recognize them.”

The plants that the priest had brought out were all very common plants. Zhou Ji already knew about the use of these plants, but he didn’t know what the people of this place called them.

Since the priest was willing to teach him, Zhou Ji planned to listen carefully.

“This is ‘malan’. It can be crushed and placed on minor wounds to stop bleeding, and it can also be eaten. This is…” The priest slowly introduced all the herbs in front of him.

He introduced a total of over a dozen plants, and after lecturing about them, he asked Zhou Ji, “How many types do you remember?” Zhou Ji wasn’t a fool anymore, so he should be able to remember one or two, right?

“All of them.” Zhou Ji replied. His spiritual powers were very powerful and memorizing this small amount of information was nothing.

“You remember all of it? How could that be!” The priest didn’t believe him at all.

Zhou Ji: “I’ve really memorized everything.”

The priest: “In that case, tell me about them.”

Zhou Ji heard him and repeated everything the priest had just told him all over again.

Everything he said was accurate, and the priest was shocked.

Over the years, he had often taught other people in the tribe. However, the people of the tribe were all very stupid and couldn’t learn how to do anything no matter how he taught them. The three children he had taken in as apprentices were already the smartest three he could find, but they still couldn’t learn anything he had taught!

Yet now, there was actually someone who remembered everything after just hearing it once!

Those who were priests had to memorize many, many things The most important thing was for them to have a good memory… The eyes that the priest used to look at Zhou Ji practically glowed, and his gaze grew eager.

Zhou Ji was a little unaccustomed to the priest’s gaze. He picked up a plant and said, “In fact, you were wrong about the use of this plant.”

The plant that Zhou Ji was holding up was the senna leaf, a laxative.

“This plant is used for detoxification, what’s wrong with it?” The priest was unhappy. This was what his old teacher had taught him. How could it be wrong?

“This herb has no detoxification effect on its own. It will only cause diarrhea. If someone is poisoned, or has eaten something they shouldn’t have, eating this herb will be useful. However, if they were bitten by a poisonous snake or insect, it won’t be able to detoxify the poison, no matter how much of it is eaten.” Zhou Ji explained.

The beastmen in the tribe had very robust bodies. If they ate something they shouldn’t have, consuming a bowl of laxatives and taking a dump would be enough to help them recover. However, this didn’t mean that laxatives had a detoxification effect. If it wasn’t used properly, a powerful herb like the senna leaf could also kill people!

“That seems to be the case…” The priest suddenly came to a realization. “No wonder this medicine wouldn’t always work… I need to remember that!”

The priest’s so-called ‘memorization’ was to repeat something over and over in order to etch it into his memory. A while later, he was practically chanting.

This was a memorization method that only priests could use. The average person was unable to learn it!

Zhou Ji listened as the out of tune priest chanted and rubbed at his forehead. He was a little worried.

This place didn’t even have written words. It really made it a little inconvenient to do things in this place…

He was still pondering the matter when the priest finally finished chanting and reached for his hand, “Zhou Ji, would you like to become a priest?”

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