Stone Age Husband Raising Journal

Chapter 41 - Investigating

Ch41 – Investigating

Zhou Ji didn’t hesitate to take back his hand from the priest’s grasp, “No.”

The priest: “……”

The priest was a little dissatisfied, “Why not?”

Why not? Of course it was because he didn’t want to perform tribal dances or chant.

Also.. It wasn’t relaxing to be a priest in a small tribe like this.

Priest didn’t need to hunt and didn’t need to go gathering. The best parts of the meat from every hunt was given to the priest, and it looked like a pretty good life, but in fact, the priest was actually always extremely busy.

When people in the tribe encountered something they weren’t able to solve, they would all go and find the priest to deal with it. The priest was also responsible for many things within the tribe and also oversaw the planting of the land–The people of the Big Bear Tribe hadn’t yet learned how to farm in a systematic way, but they already knew some simple planting methods. For example, they would scatter some seeds and plant some varieties of edible grasses in the area, and then tell the other people in the tribe not to harvest it all, and so on.

To sum it up, if people were sick, they would go to the priest; when children awakened, they would go to the priest; if someone died, they would go to the priest; even if someone was about to have a child, they would also go and look for the priest to have him help deliver the baby.

The priest was really very busy, to the point where he didn’t even have time to leave the tribe and wander around outside.

Zhou Ji wasn’t interested in giving himself that much work at all.

Hadn’t he already spent enough days being so busy he couldn’t even sleep properly during the apocalypse? Why would he find more work for himself?

Zhou Ji: “I’m lazy.”

The priest: “……” He had thought of many possibilities, and this was the only one he hadn’t thought of!

Zhou Ji was actually unwilling to become a priest because he was lazy!

The corner of the priest’s lips twitched. He felt a little bitter and resentful, “You finally became smarter due to the Beast God’s blessing, but to go so far to say you’re unwilling to do anything due to laziness… How will you live in the future?”

“Xiong Ye will take care of me.” Zhou Ji laughed.

The priest really wanted to drive Zhou Ji out of his cave.

Zhou Ji spoke with a serious expression, “Grandpa Priest, I just want to be with Xiong Ye and live a quiet life. I don’t want to worry about so many things.”

The priest glanced at Zhou Ji, and Zhou Ji continued, “I did indeed receive a gift from the Beast God. After my mother died, I suddenly learned and understood many things. I’m willing to contribute to the tribe, but I don’t want to become a priest.”

“What do you now know?” The priest’s face was full of excitement.

Zhou Ji: “For example, senna leaf’s function. I inexplicably know what these plants can do when I see them.”

The priest gave Zhou Ji a probing look. Zhou Ji had changed so swiftly and become so smart. It was a little unusual.

The people in the tribe hadn’t had much contact with Zhou Ji in the past and weren’t familiar with the current Zhou Ji, either. They didn’t understand Zhou Ji and just accepted everything as a matter of course. However, the priest had examined Zhou Ji’s illness before, and he knew that Zhou Ji had many peculiarities.

However, he was also able to see that Zhou Ji held no malice towards the people of the tribe, and he treated Xiong Ye very well.

Yesterday, Zhou Ji had even become a mated pair with Xiong Ye under the eyes of the Beast God with the flame flowers bearing witness. His illness had also abruptly improved during the Beast God Sacrifice.

He was willing to believe in Zhou Ji, which was why he wanted Zhou Ji to become a priest, but Zhou Ji was unwilling…

The priest’s eyebrows drew together in a frown and then smoothed out again after a while, “Do as you like…” He refused to believe that he would be unable to find someone to take over his role!

“Thank you very much.” Zhou Ji said.

The priest then continued, “Since you’ve received the Beast God’s gift, you should hurry up and tell me about it!”

Zhou Ji looked up and met the priest’s eyes, which were brimming with curiosity.

He had a feeling that he had made trouble for himself.

Xiong Ye had gone to the riverside again. After all, fish were easy to catch, and Zhou Ji enjoyed eating fish.

Not only that, there was a chance of encountering other prey by the river.

While he headed further away from the tribe by walking along the river, he managed to catch about seven or eight fish, as well as a snake.

He had also noticed some frogs and other animals, but he didn’t go after them since they weren’t very big.

Xiong Ye was already planning to head back. This kind of harvest wasn’t considered enough for a full meal for him, but Zhou Ji ate a lot less, and this was enough. More importantly, he was in a hurry to go back and accompany Zhou Ji.

Today was the first day after they had become mates! They could still be intimate together in the evening!

Xiong Ye killed and cleaned everything he had caught, and was quite proud of himself as he went back to the tribe. He then discovered that Zhou Ji was still with the priest, and not only that, the priest was unwilling to let Zhou Ji go when he tried to bring Zhou Ji away.

Xiong Ye: “Grandpa priest! Zhou Ji is hungry!”

“Yes, I’m hungry.” Zhou Ji agreed.

The priest’s expression was full of condemnation as he looked at Xiong Ye. In the past, Xiong Ye had been so good; he had been so respectful to him, but now he was completely devoted to Zhou Ji!

The priest could only say, “Zhou Ji, come back after you’ve eaten.”

“It’ll be dark after dinner.” Xiong Ye pointed out.

“Then come back tomorrow.” The priest was left with no other choice.

Zhou Ji thought about it and finally agreed.

During the apocalypse, because he had plant abilities, he had read many books on plants. He was very knowledgeable about all kinds of plants from Earth, but many of the plants in this place couldn’t be found on Earth.

For example, the flame flowers. Another example, he still didn’t know what kind of fruit he had accidentally eaten.

Today, he had explained the use of some plants to the priest, but the priest had also explained the use of some other plants to him.

This world was truly very miraculous. Zhou Ji was increasingly curious about it.

He really hadn’t felt so much curiosity towards anything else before.

The fish that Xiong Ye had caught that day were relatively large, unlike the palm sized ones he had caught before. Zhou Ji cut them up into a few segments and placed some oil in the pot. He first lightly fried the fish, then added water and set it to boil before adding some of the pickles he had made with a bit of salt water a few days ago.

He had thought about making pickles before, but because there wasn’t enough salt, he hadn’t made many. Even so, he had still managed to make a few, and although the salted vegetables he added to the pot had only been pickling for a few days, they already carried a slight pickled taste. It made the fish soup seem particularly delicious even after just boiling it for a short while.

Of course, it was also likely that he felt this way because he hadn’t eaten anything good for a while…

Zhou Ji divided the pot of fish soup into two bowls. He saved half of it for himself, then gave half of it to Xiong Ye.

He was used to picking out all the fish bones when eating fish. Xiong Ye was the opposite; other than the large bones, he chewed and ate everything else directly.

After the fish was divided up between them, Zhou Ji slowly began to eat.

Xiong Ye was worried that Zhou Ji wouldn’t have enough to eat and didn’t rush to start eating after Zhou Ji gave him his share. Instead, he watched Zhou Ji, and seeing how Zhou Ji was picking out even the small bones before taking a bite, he felt a stab of concern in his heart.

Zhou Ji was too weak!

Xiong Ye picked out all the boneless belly meat from his bowl and gave it to Zhou Ji. He also gave Zhou Ji the boneless snake meat. “You should eat more.”

Zhou Ji raised his head to look up at Xiong Ye, laughed, and finished all the meat that Xiong Ye had given him.

There was such a small amount of soup; it certainly wasn’t enough for Xiong Ye to eat his fill. After finishing off the delicious fish soup, he ate a piece of roasted meat.

For so long, Xiong Ye had felt that meat was the most delicious thing in the world, and he wouldn’t get tired of eating it no matter what. Now, however, when eating meat after drinking the fish soup, he felt that the taste of meat wasn’t so great…

Xiong Ye felt that it was a little wrong for him to feel this way. Making fish soup or things like this every day really took a lot of effort and used a lot of firewood.

But looking at Zhou Ji, he then felt that making Zhou Ji’s life a little better was something he should do.

Zhou Ji was his mate. He should take good care of him!

Zhou Ji had no idea what kind of image Xiong Ye had of him. After dinner, he said to Xiong Ye, “Let’s go to sleep.”

The cave that Xiong Ye lived in had gotten quite dirty after Zhou Ji had fallen ill a few days ago, but the cave where Zhou Ji usually slept was very clean.

It had originally been their wedding night last night, and they should have slept in this cave, but Xiong Ye had turned into his animal form and fallen asleep outside, and Zhou Ji also didn’t get any sleep that night…

Zhou Ji lifted up the animal hide curtain and laid down on the leather mat inside. He then beckoned to Xiong Ye, “Come quickly.”

Xiong Ye immediately went over and embraced Zhou Ji, “Zhou Ji, I want it.” As he spoke, he held Zhou Ji’s hand and brought it towards his lower abdomen.

Zhou Ji: “……” You came just this morning and now you want it again? You’re so healthy! And you really live up to your reputation as a primitive man, you’re extremely direct!

Xiong Ye was really full of energy! Zhou Ji helped him again for a while and was hugged and kissed a few times while doing so. After it was over, Xiong Ye even asked, “Do you want help?”

Zhou Ji wanted to say ‘no’, but a little devil acted up inside him, and he inexplicably ended up saying ‘yes’ in the end.

Xiong Ye didn’t act ambiguously either and directly helped him out.


Xiong Ye’s skills were really kind of bad. The strength of his hand was either too light, or too heavy!

Zhou Ji felt that he should give him a few more learning opportunities.

Two people being together like this was really quite nice.

After Xiong Ye fell asleep, Zhou Ji gave him some energy as usual. He also got up one step earlier than Xiong Ye as was their habit, and went to make breakfast.

He discovered that after eating that fruit, he no longer needed to sleep… That fruit had been very powerful.

Zhou Ji went to find the priest after Xiong Ye had left to go hunting.

The priest was very committed to teaching Zhou Ji, and did the best he could. He was equally dedicated and enthusiastic about extracting more knowledge from Zhou Ji.

He took Zhou Ji with him around the tribe every day, identifying all kinds of herbs and edible plants. He was unwilling to waste even a moment of free time.

Zhou Ji was tied up with the priest every day just like this and didn’t even have time to go out on his own.

After he had eaten that fruit, he wanted to go back and take a look at the pool, but the priest pestered him and stuck to him so closely that he had no time to go anywhere.

Well, it wasn’t that he had no time at all, since he could go out after Xiong Ye fell asleep every night.

However, he was too lazy to go out at night.

Zhou Ji finally refused to spend time with the priest a few days later. “I’m going to sleep today.”

“Isn’t it a waste of time to sleep on such a nice day?” The priest said, “You should come with me and learn a little more.”

Zhou Ji: “I’ve already finished learning what you know.”

The priest: “……” But I haven’t finished learning your knowledge!

Alas! Why would the Beast God give such a precious gift to someone who only wanted to eat and sleep all day?

“If you let me rest properly, perhaps I might even recall more knowledge.” Zhou Ji suggested.

“Sleep as much as you like and see if you can think of anything else.” The priest agreed immediately and went back to his own cave to sleep.

In fact, he was very tired from walking around everywhere with Zhou Ji these past few days. His old arms and legs couldn’t hold up… He might as well go back to sleep too, and then go find Zhou Ji tomorrow when he had regained his energy.

After the priest left, Zhou Ji left the tribe and immediately ran towards the forest where the mass of millipedes lived.

The forest was still the same, but one thing was different–he was now much stronger, and it was extremely easy for him to discover the millipedes hidden beneath the ground. At the same time, the journey that had originally taken several hours before was now completed in under an hour.

It had taken so long only because he had been learning how to make use of his new energy as he traveled.

The pool that Zhou Ji had discovered last time still looked the same, but a lot of flowers and plants that had been trampled during the last battle hadn’t yet grown back.

At the same time, the energy that had originally been here had thoroughly dissipated. There seemed to be even less energy here than elsewhere…

As for the millipedes… That huge millipede still lived in the stone crevice, but Zhou Ji hadn’t seen any trace of the others.

Zhou Ji had come here this time with the intention of investigating why that plant would grow here. In the end though, he hadn’t even started looking around when that huge millipede rushed out of the stone crevice and charged aggressively towards him.

Zhou Ji didn’t even think twice before turning into his animal form. He planned to send this millipede flying with one kick.

Wait a minute… Why had his animal form suddenly become so large?!