Stone Age Husband Raising Journal

Chapter 45 - Mystery Man

Ch45 – Mystery Man

The sudden arrival and departure of Xiang Tian left the Big Bear Tribe in a bit of a daze.

What Shi Li had spoken about had shocked them even more–Zhou Ji’s father was actually such a powerful person?

After Xiang Tian left, Xiong He gave Zhou Ji a complicated look.

Back then, Zhou Ji’s mother had been very popular amongst the tribe. When she suddenly had a child, many people in the tribe had been curious about who the father was, but nobody knew… It turned out he hadn’t even been someone from their tribe!

However, given how strong Zhou Ji’s father was, it was normal for Zhou Ji’s mother to want to have a child with him. On the other hand, Zhou Ji… was a little too weak!

With this in mind, Xiong He began to sympathize with Zhou Ji.

Others in the tribe had also begun to discuss it one after another, “That person just now was too powerful, I was really scared!”

“I thought I was going to die.”

“There’s such a powerful person in this world. He’d never have to worry about going hungry, right?”

“If only I could be just as strong!”

“Fortunately, he didn’t do anything to us.”


The people in the Big Bear Tribe all felt some kind of joy from escaping this incident with their lives intact, but Shi Li’s mother was going crazy, “He took Shi Li away! Chief, hurry and bring Shi Li back!”

Even if she had been at odds with Shi Li recently, Yang Ying merely wanted to have Shi Li treat her a little better and had hoped for a few more mouthfuls of food to eat. She didn’t want anything bad to happen to Shi Li, and in fact, she was also afraid of Shi Li encountering serious trouble.

At the end of the day, they weren’t people from this tribe. It was only because of Shi Li that the tribe was willing to let them stay. Now that Shi Li was gone, would they be driven out? Could it be that they would have no choice but to starve to death?

“He spoke nonsense on his own and was taken away. How can I go and get him back?” Xiong He looked at Yang Ying coolly.

Xiong He’s temper was very good. Having been the tribal chief for so many years, he had seen all kinds of people. He usually wouldn’t lose his temper; he hadn’t done anything to Shi Li even when Shi Li had taken advantage of his daughter.

However, Xiong He felt both hatred and dislike towards Shi Li at this time.

Xiang Tian hadn’t come with any good intentions and had even specifically asked about the arthropleura. He had known at the time that if their answer had been inappropriate in any way, the people of their tribe would most likely suffer a disaster.

Even if that had been the case, he hadn’t mentioned that the millipede had been attracted over by Shi Li–he felt that it was better to say less rather than more, and there was no need to make the other party pay any additional attention to Shi Li.

But what happened in the end? Shi Li himself had rushed out to cause trouble!

At this moment, Xiong He was really disgusted with Shi Li. As for Zhou Ji…

Looking at Zhou Ji’s blank look, it was obvious that he knew nothing about it. Thinking about how he clearly had a very powerful father but hadn’t received any special care, living in a cave on his own when he had been a fool and obviously getting abandoned today…

Xiong He felt even more sympathetic towards Zhou Ji.

Even though Yang Ying had been roared at by Xiong He, she didn’t take it to heart. But the priest also spoke up at this time, “In the following few days, everyone needs to be a little more careful. Don’t cause trouble.”

The previous priest had come from outside. The current priest had learned some things about the outside from him, but it wasn’t much.

Xiang Tian seemed too powerful. At this moment, the priest only hoped that their tribe could continue living on peacefully.

With this in mind, the priest spoke again, “However we spent our days before, is how we will continue to live on the future. Later on, if any strangers come, don’t talk to them too much and don’t speak about what happened today.”

“Yes, priest.” The tribespeople all agreed one after another.

“Then, what about Shi Li?” Yang Ying couldn’t help asking again.

“We don’t have the ability to bring him back. If you are able to do it, you can go and bring him back on your own.” The priest replied.

Shi Li getting taken away was something he had brought upon himself!

At this moment, the priest felt that something was very wrong with Shi Li.

Shi Li had really changed a lot recently. As for the matter of Zhou Ji’s father… even he, the priest, didn’t know anything about it. How had Shi Li known?

Shi Li said that Zhou Ji’s mother had spoken about it, but the priest didn’t believe those words.

As a priest, Zhou Ji’s mother had trusted him a lot. Back then, he had asked Zhou Ji’s mother about who Zhou Ji’s father was.

Zhou Ji’s mother had no clue as to the identity of Zhou Ji’s father’s at all! All she had known was that he was a very powerful wandering beastman!

Speaking of which, Shi Li had changed so much. Could it be that he had gotten to know someone outside? Could it be that he had associated with someone who was going against Xiang Tian?

When he thought of this, the priest could only hope that Shi Li wouldn’t drag the tribe down with him.

The people in the tribe were all chatting noisily, but Xiong Ye was busy feeling a little concerned for Zhou Ji, “Zhou Ji, don’t be sad.”

Zhou Ji’s father had ignored Zhou Ji and had even abandoned him so obviously in front of everyone. Zhou Ji must be very sad.

“I’m not sad.” Zhou Ji replied. He really didn’t feel sad at all, just a little shocked.

He hadn’t expected the original owner of this body to have a father like that…

However, he was no longer the original owner of this body. He didn’t have any feelings towards his supposed parents and didn’t care much about that father of his. He only felt a little awkward–he had eaten the fruit that the other party had discovered before him.

Zhou Ji pondered it for a while, then decided that he would need to go out for a bit later and look for the father of this body’s original owner.

No matter what, they still had a blood relationship. The other party looked like they were about to die. If it was possible, he might as well lend him some aid.

Seeing that Zhou Ji was very calm, Xiong Ye was immediately relieved.

Before, when Shi Li said that Zhou Ji was that man’s child, he had noticed that Zhou Ji and that man looked very similar. He had really been a little scared, worrying that the man would take Zhou Ji away.

Fortunately, the man hadn’t done so.

“Zhou Ji, I’m going hunting. I’ll bring you some delicious food later.” Xiong Ye said. Although they had encountered such a thing, he still had to go hunting. This was a grand matter that involved their stomachs!

“Alright.” Zhou Ji nodded.

Xiong Ye was thoroughly relieved as he left the tribe. The rest of the tribe also resumed their respective tasks.

People from primitive society were probably accustomed to life and death, so they had a very high level of adaptability… Zhou Ji was just thinking about this when the priest came over, “Zhou Ji!”

Zhou Ji: “……” He had been caught again.

Although the people in the tribe had experienced a fright, life still went on as normal. Shi Li, on the other hand, wasn’t living so comfortably.

Shi Li had some level of understanding of Xiang Tian. He knew that this Beast King wasn’t tyrannical by nature, and facts from his previous life had proved this–In his past life, Xiang Tian had been in a towering rage due to how the Big Bear Tribe had given Zhou Ji the cold shoulder, but he hadn’t done anything to the tribe in retaliation.

Additionally, he knew that Xiang Tian would die soon, so he looked down on Xiang Tian a little.

All of these things added up, which was why he had spoken out about Zhou Ji’s identity.

However, things developed in a completely different direction to his imagination.

In his previous life, Xiang Tian had attached so much importance to Zhou Ji. But in this life, he actually… disdained Zhou Ji?

What was going on?

Although Xiang Tian having such a reaction was actually quite normal, his current behavior was too different from how he had acted in his previous life. This made Shi Li very nervous.

Xiang Tian had no idea what Shi Li was thinking. He brought Shi Li a distance away from the Big Bear Tribe, then tossed Shi Li directly onto the ground. “Speak. How did you know who I am?”

Shi Li insisted, “Zhou Ji’s mother spoke of it.”

As soon as Shi Li spoke up, he was given a kick by Xiang Tian. “Nonsense. She had no clue who I was!”

Shi Li’s eyes were wide open with shock. In his previous life, Xiang Tian hadn’t said anything like that! In his previous life, Xiang Tian had said that he really liked Zhou Ji’s mother and had only left for a few years because something had happened within his own tribe. He had said that he had come back to look for both mother and son…

Exactly what had gone wrong?

These kinds of things that weren’t under his control made Shi Li feel very uncomfortable. And at this time, Xiang Tian kicked Shi Li once again, sending him flying, “Speak!”

Shi Li immediately answered, “Zhou Ji said so. Zhou Ji stole my mate, and before, he mentioned that his father was very powerful…”

“Don’t lie!” Xiang Tian kicked him again.

Shi Li realized that Xiang Tian wouldn’t believe his words, but he also couldn’t just say that he had been reborn.

“If you still don’t speak up, I’ll break your arms and legs.” Xiang Tian said.

“I’ll tell you! A mystery man told me. I don’t know who he is.” Shi Li wanted to purposely involve another Beast King and set it up so that Xiang Tian would fight with them, but looking at Xiang Tian’s current appearance, he was also worried that if he said too much, Xiang Tian would simply kill him off. He could only keep his words vague and say that a mystery man had spoken about Xiang Tian’s identity and had even taught him a few things.

Xiang Tian kicked him a few more times, but Shi Li gritted his teeth and didn’t say anything else. Even so, his behavior seemed to indicate that he indeed knew something else…

Xiang Tian wasn’t a patient person. He wanted to kill Shi Li right away, but at this moment, he suddenly found something strange about Shi Li.

Shi Li… seemed to be spontaneously absorbing the energy from their surroundings?

The energy in his body was on the verge of collapse and had constantly been leaking out. However, this energy was actually being absorbed by Shi Li.

Xiang Tian stared at Shi Li in shock, then knocked him unconscious with a slap.

After knocking Shi Li out, Xiang Tian mulled over everything for awhile and returned to the Big Bear Tribe.

However, he didn’t go back with great fanfare. Instead, he snuck in secretly.

He wanted to learn more about the Big Bear Tribe.

Xiang Tian arrived in the area around the Big Bear Tribe and tracked down some of the people who had gone out hunting. From these people’s conversations, Xiang Tian quickly learned a few things.

For example, that lion had changed a lot recently.

For example, his foolish son had been lucky enough to become Xiong Ye’s mate.

Other than that lion, there was nothing suspicious about the rest of the people in the tribe. As for his son… He had been very foolish as a child, and it wasn’t strange for him to become less of a fool as he grew up. That a weak person like him had found a man to take care of him was also very common.

Xiang Tian really looked down on a son like this, but at the end of the day, he was still his son, and he wasn’t going to do anything about it.

Which meant that right now… The strangest thing was that Shi Li!

Xiang Tian was just planning to go back and torture Shi Li harshly in order to learn how he could absorb the energy around him when another person suddenly appeared in front of him.

It was a man who wore a set of strange clothing made of leaves and had a mask on his face.

He was a Beast King, yet someone actually managed to approach him without him noticing… Who exactly was this person?!

The author has something to say:

Author: It’s your son.

Juurensha: Ohhhh Shi Li, you’re a giant idiot, but what else is new