Stone Age Husband Raising Journal

Chapter 47 - Giant Beast

Ch47 – Giant Beast

Xiong Qi and Xiong Ye ignored the arthropleura that had been poisoned to death and were just about to leave the area when three more arthropleura suddenly burst out from the sides.

These arthropleura were smaller than the previous one, but they were still very large. When Xiong Qi and Xiong Ye saw them, their hearts sank.

Previously, there had only been one arthropleura. Although they had been afraid, they had always felt that they would be able to handle it. Now that there were three more of these millipedes…

Where the hell had all these things come from?

“Xiong Qi, run! Go and tell the other people in the tribe!” Xiong Ye said.

If they allowed this kind of thing to converge on the tribe… Their tribe would be done for!

Compared to Xiong Qi, his fighting power was a little higher, and he could at least stop these guys!

After Xiong Ye finished speaking, he immediately turned back into his animal form and leapt straight at one of the millipedes.

Xiong Qi turned and ran… At times like this, there was no point in trying to refuse.

He needed to quickly go and find someone to save Xiong Ye!

Zhou Ji had just treated Xiang Tian, so his spiritual powers had been completely used up. Instead of using his spiritual powers to explore his surroundings as he went, he simply walked back slowly and studied the energy within his own body as he walked.

This energy had been suddenly given to him and he hadn’t really been able to use it, but after facing Xiang Tian earlier, he had actually managed to figure out some ways of using it.

For example, he could use this energy to cover his body like a shield. With this shield in place, he would be completely isolated from his surroundings. Although it wasn’t possible for him to avoid being found via spiritual means, he could isolate his own scent so that beastmen or dinosaurs with keen noses wouldn’t be able to sniff him out.

Previously, Xiang Tian had used this kind of method in order to sneak into the area around the tribe.

Another method was to use it to walk. If he concentrated the energy at the soles of his feet, he would be able to lift himself a few meters off the ground. It was almost as though he could fly.

Zhou Ji was still carefully studying this energy when he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

He could smell blood; it was beastmen blood.

Beastmen noses were very sensitive. Zhou Ji had known about this for a while, and he had also discovered that his own sense of smell was actually very good.

Perhaps that was also the reason why he couldn’t stand the strange odor of dinosaur meat.

It made sense when he thought about it. The trunk of an elephant was twice as powerful as a dog’s nose, which meant that his nose was now more sensitive than that of a dog’s.

However, even if that was the case, he wasn’t used to distinguishing between everyone’s scents, nor would he deliberately try to distinguish between them.

However, even if he wasn’t used to doing it, he was still able to discern the scent of beastmen blood.

Had some people in the tribe been hurt?

Zhou Ji’s brow furrowed as he sped quickly in that direction.

After a while, he saw a blood covered polar bear running through the woods.

That was Xiong Qi!

Zhou Ji’s expression changed immediately–Xiong Ye had gone out hunting together with Xiong Qi. Now that something had happened to Xiong Qi…

Xiong Qi was hell bent on running towards the tribe. Zhou Ji didn’t stop and instead continued to run. Not long after, he saw a sight that overwhelmed him with grief and terror–Xiong Ye was currently being attacked by several millipedes!

The big brown bear’s fur was wet; it was completely soaked with blood.

Zhou Ji didn’t even think twice as he went up to kick away a millipede. At the same time, something in his heart could no longer be suppressed.

This was bad!

Xiong Ye was surrounded by three arthropleura, and he thought that he was going to die.

If he had known that it would turn out like this, he definitely wouldn’t have headed in this direction…

While he was still full of regret, one of the arthropleura in front of him was suddenly kicked away by a foot.

Xiong Ye couldn’t quite muster up the strength to react as he stared at the scene in shock.

The millipede that seemed extremely powerful to him and was going to seriously take his life, had actually been kicked away so easily with a single foot.

That person…

A tall, male figure dressed in beautiful clothing made out of plants first kicked over another millipede, then easily picked up Xiong Ye who was still in his animal form.

A stream of heat flowed into his body, and Xiong Ye suddenly felt his spirit recovering a little. He was immediately full of gratitude.

He wanted to turn back into his human form to express his thanks, but even before he could speak, he had already been tossed far away.

Xiong Ye: “……”

Why did that man save him only to throw him out again?

Also, his animal form was very heavy, but he had actually been tossed aside so easily?

Xiong Ye was really unable to process everything that was going on. After that, he watched as the tall man who was dressed in a beautiful green robe suddenly transformed into a giant beast.

It was truly a huge animal. Xiong Ye had lived for so many years, but he had never seen a creature as big and as terrifying as this one.

This tall man’s animal form was simply like that of the legendary Demon King. He had long, sharp teeth, a long nose, a tall body that seemed to soar up into the clouds, and long fur. It appeared… particularly awe-inspiring.

Xiong Ye had been tossed onto a patch of grass. His body hurt all over, and he only realized then that he wasn’t dreaming.

How could someone have such a large animal form?

He hadn’t even seen such a big dinosaur before!

Xiong Ye’s body trembled slightly. He felt the worship one felt towards the strong, and he was also brimming with excitement.

He had always thought that it would already be amazing if he could be as big as Xiong He, but unexpectedly, it was even possible to grow this big…

That was when Xiong Ye noticed that the few arthropleura that had attacked him before had now been stomped flat.

Those millipedes that had seemed so huge to him had been easily trampled to death by that giant beast. That was already bad enough, but this giant beast was also heading towards that stretch of forest that the priest had repeatedly told them to stay far away from.

And wherever he passed, he left a mess in his wake. Trees on the ground toppled, some larger dinosaurs were killed, and many other arthropleura were trampled to death.

Wherever the giant beast passed, he left behind a ruined, flat stretch of land, and the horizon could be clearly seen.

Xiong Ye dazedly watched it all happen and was unable to recover his wits for a good while.

“Roar!” Another sky shattering roar suddenly rang out. Xiong Ye looked over and saw that the giant beast had already run over to a mountain not far away. His long truck swept across, and countless giant trees were uprooted and tossed into the sky.

The ground under Xiong Ye’s feet was shaking from the giant beast’s footsteps as it ran.

How powerful was this person!

Xiong Ye fell into another daze as he watched.

At this time, the people of the Big Bear Tribe had been given a huge fright by the noise in the forest.

The things Xiang Tian had done last night hadn’t been noticed by the tribe, but this time…

This level of noise was too loud to miss!

In the morning, after Xiang Tian had come and gone, Xiong He had chosen not to go out and had stayed at the tribe to discuss things with the priest.

They had gone back and forth, but hadn’t really come to any conclusions. Xiong He said, “I don’t know if that person will come to find us again.”

“He’s too strong. There’s nothing we can do.” The priest sighed.

The two of them were still caught up over this matter when they suddenly felt that things were shaking and rattling…

“What’s going on?” Xiong He was shocked.

“Have everyone leave the valley!” The priest said. He quickly moved his legs and ran outside.

The priest was no longer young, and he was always slow and lumbering when he walked, but at this moment, his speed was as fast as anyone. He even managed to run out in front of Xiong He.

Xiong He ran after the priest and headed outside. When he reached the valley, he shouted, “Everybody, come outside!”

Everyone in the tribe obeyed Xiong He’s orders. Moreover, they had only just been disturbed by Xiang Tian this morning… Very quickly, men and women, old and young, everyone came out of their caves and left the valley. Some people were even frightened into their animal forms by the trembling of the earth.

Once they were outside the valley, Xiong He immediately asked, “Priest, what’s going on?”

“It could be an earthquake! The Beast God killed the evil dinosaur and buried it underground, but that dinosaur will occasionally come back to life. When it turns over, the earth will tremble, and the mountains will collapse. My teacher told me before that as soon as something like this happens, we must leave the caves and go out to a wide open place.”

The priest shouted out his words so that everyone in the tribe could hear him. When he spoke, his voice was hoarse and full of exhaustion.

“Priest, that evil dinosaur… seems to have escaped.” Xiong He said.

The priest: “??”

Seeing that the priest’s expression was puzzled, Xiong He pointed to a mountain in the distance, “Priest, look, isn’t that the evil dinosaur?”

As the saying went, looking at a mountain could leave a horse running until it was dead.

Things like mountains clearly appeared to be right in front of their eyes, but if they really wanted to go over to them, they might have to walk for over 180,000 kilometers.

And right now, a road had suddenly appeared on that green mountain that seemed so close to their tribe but was actually very far away.

It couldn’t really be called a road. It should be that on that mountain, there was a giant beast that was running up the mountain side. It used its own body to crush the dense forest around it and therefore created a ‘road’

And now, they could feel that the slight tremor in the earth was caused by that giant beast.

The priest looked in the direction of the mountain, and his mouth fell open in surprise.

However, he soon closed his mouth and said, “Everybody, go back and hide in the valley!”

When they encountered an earthquake, they should run out to an empty place. But when they encountered this kind of giant beast… It was still better to hide!

The priest quickly ran back into the valley, and then began to pray, “Merciful Beast God, please bless your people!”

“Priest…” Xiong He led everyone back to the tribe. “What should we do now?”

The priest glanced at Xiong He and suggested, “Pray…”

If that giant beast wanted to kill them, they would be unable to escape. The only thing they could do now was pray.

Everyone in the tribe believed in the priest. At this time, everyone knelt down one after another, but someone spoke up, “Some people have gone out to hunt.”

Someone else added, “Xiong Ye and Xiong Qi seem to have gone in that direction.”

Xiong He’s expression changed, but he ultimately said, “Let’s pray!”

The person who had spoken up also knelt down, but not long after, he spoke up again, “Zhou Ji is missing.”

Xiong He froze.

Just now, nobody had noticed whether Zhou Ji was present or not. It wasn’t until someone had brought up Xiong Ye that someone began to look for Zhou Ji, then discovered that Zhou Ji wasn’t here.

“He was with me not too long ago. Now…” The priest sighed. “He must have gone out to look for Xiong Ye.”

“Priest…” Xiong He began.

“Let’s go up and take a look.” The priest pointed to the place above the valley.

Xiong He nodded and soon climbed up the mountain after the priest. After climbing for a while, the priest could no longer move, so Xiong He simply placed him on his back and brought him up to the top of the mountain along the road they had dug out.

They had a very wide view from the top of the mountain. It was then that they discovered that in that stretch of forest where they had originally thought that the huge beast had only destroyed trees to form a large road, a large swath of forest had also disappeared.

The forest had undoubtedly been destroyed by that giant beast.

The priest looked at the scene and was somewhat muddled, “What exactly is it trying to do?”

Xiong He was also puzzled… “Has it gone mad?”

Why did it seem like that giant beast was uprooting a tree? Did he have some sort of feud against the trees on that mountain?

That mountain was full of trees. Those trees weren’t popular with dinosaurs, which kept it from being a hunting area for the tribe. Now that the forest had been destroyed, Xiong He was actually feeling a little happy.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” The priest immediately stopped Xiong He from speaking any more, “We should pray that this giant beast hasn’t gone crazy. If it’s gone mad, this might be the end for us!”

When the priest said this, he felt the ground under his feet tremble again.

“My teacher said that the earth would tremble when some types of dinosaurs walked around. I hadn’t thought that it was really true…” The priest sighed and felt that the Big Bear Tribe was a little unfortunate.

They had encountered Xiang Tian in the morning, and now they had encountered a giant beast like this…

People in the Big Bear Tribe were shocked when they saw the scene in the distance. It was even more so for Xiong Ye.

Seeing that the giant trees on the mountain nearby were all being knocked down by the giant beast, Xiong Ye only felt his blood boiling with excitement.

This giant beast was really too awesome!

Juurensha: Xiong Ye with stars in his eyes (please Zhou Ji, snap out of your rage soon, don’t you like trees….)