Stone Age Husband Raising Journal

Chapter 49 - Recovering Together

Ch49 – Recovering Together

Zhou Ji was unable to answer him. He had passed out.

After plucking up half a mountain worth of trees and killing countless dinosaurs, he had reached the end of his rope long ago.

Seeing that Zhou Ji was unconscious, Xiong Ye hurriedly shifted into his human form to check on Zhou Ji’s situation.

Other than some scratches and cuts, there were no other wounds on Zhou Ji’s body, but he was covered in sweat, and his breathing seemed extremely shallow. He should have fainted from exhaustion…

Had Zhou Ji come looking for him? Had he run here the whole way?

Xiong Ye kissed Zhou Ji on the cheek and for a moment, his heart grew warm.

Only, it was night time now, and it was very cold… Xiong Ye thought about it, then turned back into his animal form, pulling Zhou Ji into his arms.

Although the fur on his back was a little hard and prickly, the hair on his front was soft and could keep Zhou Ji warm.

Xiong Ye’s injuries were very serious, so he was a little confused as he drifted in and out of consciousness, but he wasn’t in that state for long before he heard Xiong He’s voice calling out, “Xiong Ye! Xiong Ye!”

Xiong He could smell Xiong Ye’s scent and could also smell the strong scent of blood. His heart trembled, and he feared that something might have happened to Xiong Ye.

Although he had several children, Xiong Ye’s animal form form was the most similar to his, and he had always been very attentive about teaching Xiong Ye. To him, Xiong Ye might even be more important than his own son–Xiong Ye was his chosen heir.

Xiong Ye shifted to his human form, “Chief!”

“Xiong Ye’s still alive!” Xiong Bai called out in surprise. The people that Xiong He had brought with him were all older, and they had originally refused to let her follow, but she had been concerned about Xiong Ye, so she and Niu Er had followed along behind them.

After calling out, she quickly ran over towards Xiong Ye.

And then…

Xiong Bai looked at Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji who were wrapped up together and rolled her eyes. If she’d known it would be like this, she definitely wouldn’t have come!

Unexpectedly, she was faced with such a scene even when she simply wanted to search for someone!

Xiong He didn’t think so much about it. He was rather surprised when he saw the person in Xiong Ye’s arms, “Is that Zhou Ji? The priest said he must have come out to find you. I hadn’t thought that this would really be the case!”

Xiong Ye couldn’t help but comment when he heard this, “Why didn’t you guys watch out for him a little bit?”

“He disappeared while we weren’t paying attention.” Xiong He said, “What’s wrong with him?”

“He probably fainted from fatigue.” Xiong Ye explained.

“He passed out after walking just this short distance?” Xiong He was a little speechless, and the people who had come over with Xiong He were also very speechless–This person was really too weak!

However, his attitude and concern for Xiong Ye was very good.

Xiong He said, “Xiong Qi said that you were injured. How are you?”

“I’m fine. It’s just a broken leg.” Xiong Ye said.

“How can you say you’re fine with a broken leg!” Xiong Bai unhesitatingly retorted.

Xiong He glanced at Xiong Bai, “It’s not that bad… That huge dinosaur’s footprints are here too. Xiong Ye could’ve been accidentally trampled…”

Xiong Bai thought of the giant beast from before, and her expression changed. It was Xiong Ye on the other hand who said, “Tribal chief, that wasn’t a dinosaur.”

“Not a dinosaur?” Xiong He didn’t believe him, “What was it, if it wasn’t a dinosaur?”

“It was a person. He saved me, and then turned into his animal form and ran up the mountain… I think he wasn’t feeling too good.” Xiong Ye explained. That huge beast seemed to have been venting.

Xiong Ye spoke very simply, but Xiong He and those who had come with him were shocked, “That was a person? There are actually people with such a large animal form?”

“What did he look like?”

“Why did he pull up the trees?”


The crowd had a bunch of questions, but Xiong Ye wasn’t very clear on any of it, either. He could only say, “He was wearing very beautiful clothes. He was very tall and seemed to be different from us…”

“Someone like that would definitely be different from us!” Everyone nodded together.

It was very dangerous at night. Although they wanted to know more, they also didn’t dare to tarry outside. Xiong He directed people to carry Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji and return back to the tribe.

He was very relieved to learn that that giant beast had actually been a person.

Xiong Ye’s injuries were actually very serious. He hadn’t passed out before from sheer force of will. Now that he was being carried back by Niu Er, he fell into a dazed sleep. It wasn’t until he and Zhou Ji were both carried to the priest’s cave that he finally woke up again.

“Your leg has been broken, and you can’t walk for half a month. I’ve placed healing herbs onto the wounds on your body.” The priest told him.

“What about Zhou Ji? How’s Zhou Ji?” Xiong Ye asked.

The priest’s expression was full of helplessness, “He seems to have fallen asleep…”

He had already examined Zhou Ji. Other than some wounds that should have been caused by some bushes and plants, there were no other wounds on his body. His breathing was also very smooth.

It was very clear that he had simply gone to sleep.

Xiong Ye: “……”

The priest added, “You should urge him to exercise more in the future…”

“I will.” Xiong Ye spoke solemnly. Not only would he urge Zhou Ji to get more exercise, he himself also wanted to exercise more.

He wanted to become strong. How great would it be if he could become as strong as the man who had saved him?!

Zhou Ji didn’t know how long he slept for.

Usually, when he went crazy like this, he would sleep for a full day.

Doing this during the apocalypse was very dangerous, but he had always killed all the zombies around him during his frenzy, so he was always able to survive.

Of course, that was also because he was so powerful at the time that ordinary zombie viruses already had no effect on him.

And in the end, he had probably died like that, too… He only remembered that he had gone crazy again before he died, and then he had no further memories after that…

When Zhou Ji woke up, the sky was already bright. It was obviously already the next day. Xiong Ye was also lying beside him, with many wounds on his body.

After determining that Xiong Ye was alright, Zhou Ji was relieved but soon frowned again.

Xiong Ye had nearly died.

Zhou Ji had transmigrated here for two months now. Although he had constantly been thinking about how to improve Xiong Ye’s strength, he had felt no sense of urgency. After all, the people of the tribe were very weak. Xiong Ye could already be considered one of the strongest. Since that was the case, he wasn’t in a hurry and merely gave Xiong Ye some energy every night.

However, what had happened yesterday had changed his mind.

First of all, early in the morning, a shockingly powerful Xiang Tian had suddenly appeared within the tribe. Following that, something had happened to Xiong Ye…

He had originally thought that since he had abilities and had somehow managed to eat that fruit, he should then be considered extremely powerful, but when he met Xiang Tian… Based solely on the energy contained within his body, it could be said that Xiang Tian wasn’t any weaker than him at all.

In the world outside, there should be people even stronger than Xiang Tian!

Under such circumstances, Xiong Ye appeared truly too weak.

In order to enhance Xiong Ye’s strength, merely sending him energy at night was no longer enough…

As for Xiong Ye relying on him for protection… He wasn’t necessarily the strongest. Considering his unstable condition, he was currently unable to protect others at all.

Xiong Ye had been very lucky this time.

Had it not been for the fact that he had charged into the mountain before he lost consciousness, and the fact that there were countless giant trees to help drain his strength, perhaps Xiong Ye would have ended up trampled into the mud.

Under such circumstances, if the tribe encountered any trouble, it was impossible for him to make any moves. He couldn’t even go hunting–If he went into a frenzy, the tribe would probably end up destroyed by his own hand before anything else happened to them.

He had previously treated his father as a ticking time bomb, but he was even more of one. In fact, he was an even more dangerous one.

Zhou Ji rubbed his forehead, feeling a little powerless.

And at this time, the sound of cheers rang out from the valley below.

The door to their cave wasn’t closed tightly. He could hear the sound of voices clearly even without using his spiritual powers, “Lots of meat! Lots and lots of meat!”

“That giant beast killed so many dinosaurs!”

“We’re going to have to go out and carry things back a few more trips before we can bring over all the meat!”

“There’s really a lot of meat. I’ve never seen so much meat in my life!”


Zhou Ji: “……” He should be thankful that he hadn’t been near the tribe when he went crazy. Otherwise…

“That person yesterday was really ferocious!”

“He was truly terrifying. Could that person have been Zhou Ji’s father?”

“There were so many dinosaurs, but he killed them all and even destroyed an entire mountain…”

“I wanted to throw up when I saw that scene…”

“Stop talking! He might come back and kill you if he hears what you’re saying!”


Zhou Ji: “……”

“Zhou Ji, you’re awake?” Xiong Ye opened his eyes.

“Mm.” Zhou Ji looked at Xiong Ye, “Yesterday…” Xiong Ye probably hadn’t discovered his identity yesterday, right?

“Were you frightened? Don’t be scared.” Xiong Ye soothed.

Zhou Ji immediately confirmed that Xiong Ye hadn’t discovered his identity.

He wasn’t frightened at all. At the moment, he was more worried that Xiong Ye might have been scared by him instead.

There was nothing likeable about his frenzied appearance at all.

Zhou Ji was just about to ask him something more when Xiong Bai appeared at the entrance to their cave. She pushed open the door, then carried over a piece of meat, “Xiong Ye, this meat is for you!”

“Why is there so much?” Xiong Ye was rather surprised.

“This isn’t much. There’s more! We brought back a lot of meat!” Xiong Bai said, then turned around and left.

The meat that Xiong Bai had brought over included some meat that had been trampled on, but it was still meat, and Xiong Ye liked it very much. His leg was injured, so he wanted to ask Zhou Ji to go and collect it for him, but when he looked over, he saw that Zhou Ji’s face was pale, and he had even turned his head way to avoid seeing the meat.

Zhou Ji had definitely been frightened! Xiong Ye’s heart clenched.

Zhou Ji rubbed his forehead again and felt a little sick.

Previously, when Xiong Ye brought back his prey, he had been able to treat it like pork that was sold at a butcher’s stall because he hadn’t been the one to kill it, so he hadn’t felt much about it. Now, however… When he thought about that piece of meat and smelled the heavy scent of blood, his head throbbed with waves of pain.

He needed to compose himself so that he wouldn’t go crazy again.

Also… Not only had he made so much noise yesterday and killed so many dinosaurs, he had also driven the rest of the dinosaurs away from the tribe’s vicinity…

The people of the tribe were cheering in the valley below, but Zhou Ji felt that this tribe was going to meet its end.

All the prey within their ‘territory’ had run away. What would everyone eat later on? How were they going to preserve so much meat?

Juurensha: Time to go into the outside world I guess?

xiin: yep, enough nesting~