Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 705 - Listen to Storytelling in a Teahouse

Chapter 705 Listen to Storytelling in a Teahouse

Long Tianyu had thought about the doubtful point Lin Mengya mentioned.

Moreover, he heard that the Empress’s followers kept in touch with the Shangguan Family these days, and the Empress got furious in the Imperial Palace. Things might not be as simple as they seemed.

“Anyway, this is a good thing for us. The more they are disturbed by us, the more likely we are to find an opportunity to get rid of them!” Lin Mengya said confidently.

The Shangguan Family’s exterminating the Shen Family was a silly move, which failed to deter those, who were on good terms with the Lin Family. Instead, it aroused their deep hatred for the Shangguan Family.

Now, coupled with the widespread rumor, the Shangguan Family was probably in a terrible fix now.

Lin Mengya had to admit that such a proffered good opportunity was rare.

Staring at the woman in his arms, who seemed to have everything under her control, Long Tianyu was so proud of her.

Anyone targeted by his wife could only be meat on her chopping block.

Now she even learned to torture her target slowly.

Back then, the Shangguan Family had spared no effort to mould public opinions in the Capital City and thus to make his father bring Lin Nansheng, who was accused of treason, to trial.

If it were not for the fact that Lin Mengya sacrificed her reputation to draw everyone’s attention to the two of them, the Shangguan Family probably would have succeeded in their scheme.

Now, the Shangguan Family was also troubled by rumors. The table was turned, and they suffered the consequence of their own action.

“How’s the relationship between you and your father recently?” Lin Mengya changed the topic and asked cautiously.

Hearing this question, Long Tianyu stiffened slightly. He immediately put down his arms, sat down in the chair, where Lin Mengya had sat, grabbed her hand tightly and said, “Don’t worry about me. Everything is under my control. You must have had a hard time.”

Seeing his worried and tender look, Lin Mengya knew that he must have had a hard time these days.

Although it was often said that even a vicious tiger would not eat its cubs, anyway his father was the Emperor, who considered power and throne more important than love affairs.

Long Tianyu had contradicted him because of her. If it weren’t for the Emperor’s poor health, he probably would have given up on Long Tianyu and chosen another suitable young prince as his successor.

However, the twisted relationship between Long Tianyu and his father must have made Long Tianyu feel uncomfortable with constraint in all respects.

In fact, it was more difficult for him to act freely.

“Don’t put yourself in a more difficult situation because of me. I understand. We are doing these for the sake of our future, so I will neither misunderstand you nor blame you, do you understand?” Lin Mengya said with sincerity in her fluid eyes.

Long Tianyu quivered slightly and involuntarily pulled her into his arms once again.

Although he had consented to his father’s request, in the past few days he had used all kinds of excuses to put off the consort selection his father intended to hold for him.

He didn’t expect that she had noticed that and understood his feeling.

“I… will never let you down,” he said in a deep voice.

Hearing his oath, Lin Mengya felt so attached to him.

She sighed helplessly in her heart, thinking she would probably be connected with him for the rest of her life.

The two of them snuggled up to each other and silently exchanged their deep affection for each other in the dark.

In this life, even death wouldn’t be able to do them part…

In a teahouse, Lin Mengya, who was dressed in ordinary clothes, was drinking tea and listening to storytelling leisurely with her maids.

The storyteller here was the most brilliant with the most vivid descriptions in the entire Capital City.

Although the teahouse was not big, it was crowded with audience, and there was not even an empty seat.

Lin Mengya closed her eyes slightly, listening to the wonderful storytelling with interest.

“Mi… Madam, why haven’t I heard of this story before?” Baizhi, who was a big fan of storytelling, asked and glanced at her master hesitantly.

“Oh, is that so? Maybe it’s a new story. This story is amazing, and I like it very much. Sister Hongyu, let’s reward him handsomely,” Lin Mengya raised her eyes, nodded at the storyteller, who was bowing with joined hands, and said casually.

The storytelling was amazing, while the audience were having a fervent discussion.

Everyone was listening attentively, for fear of missing any part of the story. This story had been repeated several times, but there were still some people willing to listen to it again and again, which showed that the story was wonderful.

Lin Mengya narrowed her eyes again. But after she was absorbed in the storytelling for only a while, a series of noises disturbed their leisure time.

“Who is in charge here?” There came an arrogant voice, which even attracted Lin Mengya’s attention.

She turned around, only to see a strong man sitting at the most prominent square table in the teahouse.

He was only in his twenties, but was dressed in luxurious clothes.

He had a handsome face, but his hooked nose made him look somber.

“Young master, I’m the owner of this teahouse. May I know what brought you here?” The shopkeeper immediately bowed unctuously behind the counter and answered, for fear of displeasing this noble childe.

The man didn’t even glance at the shopkeeper and snorted.

After glancing around with his somber eyes, he said arrogantly, “From today on, storytelling is forbidden here, and I’m taking this storyteller back. If I hear that you gather here and make disturbances, all of you will end up in the prison of the government office!”

He said in a domineering tone, leaving no room for negotiation.

The shopkeeper was panic-stricken, with no idea what he had done to offend this young master.

He quickly made a bow with hands folded in front and tried all he could to beg the man, “Young master, you don’t have to do that. We’ll forbid the story here. Please show us some mercy and spare us, who are just some civilians!”

Unfortunately, the man didn’t show any mercy and insisted on his request, “Cut the crap. I’ll teach you a lesson today. Come on, take away the gossiper!”

Just as the innocent storyteller was about to be taken away, a shout stopped it, “Wait a moment.”

Everyone in the teahouse was trembling with fear. No one expected that they, who just came here to enjoy their leisure time, would encounter such a thing.

Just when they were about to leave, they saw someone step forward boldly, and it was a delicate woman.

In that instant, none of them was confident in this woman.

“Who are you? How dare you meddle in my business?” The man raised his eyebrows and asked, thinking this woman was really reckless.

However, the woman sitting by the window got up after gracefully drinking her tea unhurriedly, as if she didn’t notice the threat in his eyes.

“You’re not qualified to be known to me,” the woman said in an indifferent and gentle voice, but gave off a domineering and arrogant vibe.

Lin Mengya turned around and glanced at the man disdainfully, directly ignoring his murderous and vicious look.

“You… In the Capital City, no one dares to talk to me like that! Come on, take her away!” The man laughed instead of getting angry and said with a vicious look in his eyes, as if he had foreseen the fate of the reckless woman.

However, Lin Mengya was not anxious and stayed composed.

In a few seconds, the man’s lackeys, who had been swaggering and trying to seize her just now, were knocked down by the guards, who appeared out of nowhere.

“Who the hell are you?” The man, who obviously did not expect his lackeys would end up like this, asked.

Lin Mengya sneered, looked at the man coldly, and said, “You are unqualified to know my identity. Now that you want to take the storyteller away, may I ask which law he has violated? Could it be that his story has touched your sore spot, so you slander him?”

The man was embarrassed by Lin Mengya’s words.

He didn’t know who was standing in front of him, but Lin Mengya knew his background clearly.

There was a rumor that Shangguan Lei’s youngest son, Shangguan Jing, indulged in eating, drinking, and pleasure-seeking on this street.

At present, the contents of the storytelling and performances in most tea houses and restaurants in the Capital City were arranged by Lin Mengya. She had made a great effort to disseminate the rumor in both overt and covert ways.

After receiving the news that this childe, who couldn’t do anything right, had plenty of conflicts with his family because of the rumor, she specially arranged for the most famous storyteller in the Capital City to tell the story three times in a row around the restaurant Shangguan Jing visited most often.

The story was written by Xiao Yixin, the most talented man in the Capital City.

Although it was a story happening in the previous dynasty, it was actually a sarcastic story about the Shangguan Family.

It was no wonder that Shangguan Jing was so furious. After all, because of the rumor widely spread in the Capital City, his family had been tremblingly watchful and timid as if treading on thin ice.

Of course, the Shangguan Family nursed a deep hatred for the one, who made up the rumor. However, despite their rage, at least their overreaction indicated that they were afraid that their intention would be found out.

Lin Mengya took advantage of this to satirize Shangguan Jing.

Shangguan Lei, that cunning fox, would certainly think of a way to fix this crisis, but Shangguan Jing became her best target.

As she expected, Shangguan Jing was infuriated as soon as he heard her words, and he even stared at her with a dangerous look in his eyes.