Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 1187 - Broken In Two, and Vanished On the Spot

Chapter 1187: Broken In Two, and Vanished On the Spot

Tony walked over and put his arm around Rhodes’s shoulder. He waved at the audience as if he really had come to congratulate Hammer Industries, and said in a low voice, “Justin has Ivan. He had him help make these Iron Soldiers. Ivan just called to threaten me.”

Roald was shocked. “What?”

Tony said, “Smile, keep smiling. I have questions for Hammer.”

At that moment, Luke frowned.

The head of an Iron Soldier on the right side of the stage moved, as if to look at Iron Man.

If it was a real person, it wouldn’t be strange if the suit subconsciously turned.

But this Iron Soldier was a robot, and one that shouldn’t have yet received an order to move. However, that head turned one millimeter; someone had given it an order.

As he sent a communication request to Tony, he broke out of stealth mode and jumped out.

Jarvis said, “It’s Mr. Batman. Shall I put him through, sir?”

Tony said, “Do it.”

He then heard, “Be careful of the Iron Soldiers. They might be remote-controlled robots created by Ivan.”

Tony immediately got it. He grabbed Justin’s collar and asked, “Where’s Ivan?”

Justin gave him a “I don’t know what you’re talking about” expression. “Ivan who? I don’t know.”

Tony said, “On the count of three, if you don’t say anything, I’ll… have Batman break your three legs!”

Justin: “Huh? Three?” He couldn’t help but look down at his lower half.

He didn’t think that Tony would dare hurt him in public.

They were all on the same level. Ordinary brawls were fine, but Tony beating him up while in the suit was the same as blowing up his house with a tank; it violated the rules of competition allowed at this level.

But Batman wasn’t someone on their level!

He only cared about saving people and cracking down on crime. However, Justin was now cooperating with the guy whom Batman had apprehended, which was equivalent to him being an accomplice.

Justin didn’t dare bet on Batman letting him go.

Tony said, “Including the one in the middle; I guarantee it’ll be broken in two. Starting now: 3, 2, 1…”

Justin couldn’t help but clamp his legs together defensively. “Stop, I’ll talk. Ivan is in my company’s warehouse in Queens.”

Tony said, “Jarvis, send the message to Natasha.”

On the other side, Rhodes’s mask suddenly dropped down, and the colonel exclaimed in surprise.

The Iron Soldiers around him also turned to look at Tony.

Tony turned around and activated his communication channel.

The armor Rhodes was wearing was Tony’s Mark 2, and the communication channel was open to Tony. “What’s wrong?”

Roald said, “It’s locked onto a target…”

Tony asked, “What are you doing?”

Roald’s face darkened. “It’s not me; the armor is targeting you.”

Tony immediately understood. “Did Hammer Industries modify your armor?”

Rode understood, and his face turned even darker. “Yes; it must be something that Ivan did.”

Flames surged under Tony’s feet as he tried to fly up and draw the Iron Soldiers away.

In the end, a shadow swooped down from the side onto the stage. Its enormous body wasn’t smaller than that of the Iron Soldiers. It kicked out, and two big legs crushed the heads of two Iron Soldiers.

Tony was stunned for a moment, before he heard Batman’s voice. “Draw them away through the back passage. Do you want the glass to fall and kill everyone?”

Tony sweated. He had only thought about the convenience, and hadn’t thought about how broken glass falling dozens of meters could be fatal.

This wasn’t a PG-13 movie, where there wouldn’t be any dead bodies even if a building collapsed — except if they were aliens.

He bent down and charged into the passage behind the large digital screen.

It was easy for the current Iron Man Armor to perform this sort of tricky maneuver.

Also, Tony understood.

He couldn’t move quickly in such a narrow passage, and neither could the other party.

Even as Luke spoke, he used his hands and feet to instantly blow up four more Iron Soldier heads.

At that moment, an Iron Soldier from the army series locked itself in place as the machine gun on its shoulder aimed at Luke.

These robots weren’t human, and didn’t need to think too much about the recoil. Thus, they were using 20MM machine guns.

Luke leapt into the passage behind the screen and activated the stealth function.

With thudding steps, the Iron Man soldiers advanced and followed Rhodes into the back passage.

Only then did the audience come back to their senses and start to move.

Most people chose to leave. After all, whether it was Iron Man, Batman, or the Iron Soldiers who seemed to have become the enemy, ordinary people couldn’t bear the brunt of such a fight.

Only a small number who wanted to be part of the “live event” courted death as they chased Iron Man and the others with excited expressions.

Danger? They weren’t afraid. In any case, Iron Man and Batman would protect them. Who knows, this might be a drill!

A moment later, they got what they wanted. They saw streaks of flames chasing and fighting in the night sky outside the exhibition hall, and every now and then, an Iron Soldier would be shot down as it crashed to the ground.

This reckless group immediately realized that this wasn’t a drill!

But so what? In life, being “at the scene” was still the most important thing.

So, they raised their heads and focused on the battle in the night sky.

The person at the very front should be Iron Man, then… where did Batman go?

All the attentive reporters took note of this, especially the professional paparazzi who had professional equipment. They soon realized that the only people they could see were Iron Man, Iron Patriot, and the small group of Iron Soldiers.

But there was no Batman.

Batman’s pure black armor and special style was definitely different from these things that flew around. It was impossible not to be able to pick him out.

At that moment, Luke was hiding under a bridge not far away. “Tony, I’ve found a suitable location. Follow the route I’ve marked out for you and lure them over.”

Tony looked at the route on the 3D map. “Are you sure?”

Luke said, “We have to take care of the ones that can fly, or it’ll be too troublesome.”

Tony agreed.

It would be a big problem if these Iron Soldiers with flight capability went on a killing spree.

It was Batman who had handed Ivan over, which meant that he trusted Tony. In the end, Tony lost Ivan, leading to this mess.

Tony didn’t think Batman would be too happy.

More importantly, he would have to bow his head to Charcoal Head again!

The tycoon, whose confidence was wavering, decisively followed Batman’s flight route and led a group of Air Force soldiers under an overpass.

After sweeping toward the destination marked out by Batman, he subconsciously looked at the image of the rear through the virtual screen.

The dozen or so soldiers behind him suddenly disappeared.

Tony was stunned. “WTF?”

He was certain that they hadn’t turned invisible or something.

It was impossible for these shoddy Iron Soldiers to become completely invisible in an instant, much less hide the heat from their exhaust flames.

So, how the hell had they vanished on the spot?

Luke wasn’t going to give the tycoon an explanation. He simply said, “Okay, hurry up and return to the venue. The ones that can’t fly are charging over. Clean them up.”