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Chapter 774 - The first since ancient times!

Chapter 774: The first since ancient times!

The Law of Speed exclusive to the Skywings was not just the toughest to cultivate, it was also the strongest!

It had to be mentioned that this method of cultivating law power at high speeds was extremist and radical. It perfectly encapsulated the personality of their clan: insane and uninhibited!

Xia Fei completely devoted himself to learning it, to the point where he lost track of time.

The experience of cultivating at high speeds was fresh and new to him, something Xia Fei had never tried before.

Very soon, he began to feel the difficulty of this cultivation method. After all, it was necessary for him to take note of the balance in his body, as well as the obstacles around him, while moving at high speeds. Further dividing his vigor and energy to form the law pattern, therefore, became an additional complication to the already difficult task.

Overall, it was a very huge strain on his body. In order to maintain that mysterious state of tranquility, he must keep increasing his speed. The faster he was, the greater the amount of energy he had to expend. It reached a point where he needed to utilize Origin Crystals constantly as replenishment.

Fortunately, Xia Fei had an abundance of Origin Crystals stored in his spatial ring. Gritting his teeth, Xia Fei directly used the precious grade 5 Origin Crystals he got for this. If he did not use such high-grade crystals at the critical juncture of cultivating law powers, when else would be a more appropriate time?

The energy from a grade 5 Origin Crystal was ample and pure, and just one allowed Xia Fei to maintain high speeds for a very long time, so sustained use would not be considered a waste. Besides, there were plenty of benefits to purer energy, allowing for an easier time to absorb and replenish, making it even better in every aspect than crystals of lower grade.

Xia Zonghai and Xia Wuye did not leave once, observing Xia Fei’s every move, nodding in satisfaction.

“Wuye, that rascal, Xia Fei’s energy control is very strong, practically incomparable to anyone in our clan. Logically speaking, it’s a real challenge for the body to replenish lost energy while going at high speeds, yet Xia Fei doesn’t look bothered in the least, performing the action as if it were normal. I truly wonder where he learned such energy control from,” Xia Zonghai shook his head as he wondered out loud.

Xia Wuye corrected him. “I’m afraid energy control isn’t something one can learn; that should just be his innate ability.”

Xia Zonghai was stunned as he expressed his puzzlement. “Innate ability? Then why don’t I have this ability? I’ve suffered tremendously back in the day when I was learning how to replenish my energy while moving at high speeds.”

Xia Wuye smiled. “Young Master Fei isn’t like you. Only a quarter of his blood is that of a Skywing, so perhaps it’s his other inherited genes that gave him such rare talent.”

Realization dawned on Xia Zonghai as he asked quietly, “Have you gotten the results from those men you sent to Earth to investigate?”

It was somewhat embarrassing just how carefree the Skywings were; even the matter of investigating Xia Fei’s past was delegated to Xia Wuye to do, for the others could not be bothered with it.

Xia Wuye shook his head. “The report’s already in, though it’s unfortunate that it’s inconclusive.”

Xia Zonghai sighed. “It’s a good thing Xia Fei hasn’t asked about his past all this time, for we may not have any good explanation to give him. To think that even the esteemed Skywings could not find out the past of their clansmen; we’d be a laughingstock in the circle if word got out.”

Xia Wuye remotely said, “Young Master Fei did ask about it before, but he seemed to have thought things through now.”

“What has he figured?”

“Before dusk settled, I unwittingly heard him mutter to himself ‘I am who I am,’” reported Xia Wuye.

Xia Zonghai was a little surprised as he repeated that line. “‘I am who I am’? Hmph. That rascal’s quite crazy, alright.”


Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it was already daytime. Xia Zonghai and Xia Wuye accompanied Xia Fei an entire night without sleep. To experts like them, going a night without rest was no big deal, but watching Xia Fei’s cultivating an entire night was an eye-opener.

After all, the amount of energy and concentration he had to expend toward cultivation was huge, requiring him to maintain a high level of intensity all throughout. Xia Fei persevering to such a degree when cultivating with this high-speed method for the first time had impressed both Xia Zonghai and Xia Wuye immensely.

“Xia Fei!” Xia Zonghai yelled his name.


Xia Fei darted over to the two men, using one hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead as he asked, “What’s the matter?”

Xia Zonghai replied, “It should be time that we end today’s session. Rest up for a while.”

“But I’m still not tired,” Xia Fei protested.

Xia Zonghai became stern as he rumbled in a deep voice, “You need to rest even if you’re not tired! Surely, you understand the concept of how things can develop in the opposite direction if taken to the extreme? It’s been ten hours since you started, and continued perseverance will only do you harm than good. This cultivation method of ours is very taxing on one’s vigor.”

At both Xia Zonghai and Xia Wuye’s strong urging, Xia Fei had no choice but to give up the idea of cultivating some more, joining the two in leaving the cultivation grounds.

“That’s more like it. Flexibility is key to everything. The Law of Speed is tough and isn’t something you can succeed in a day or two. As long as you don’t give up, you’ll gradually show progress.” Xia Zonghai patted Xia Fei on his shoulder as he imparted this advice.

Xia Zonghai even set a rule for Xia Fei; every day, when cultivation began, Xia Wuye and he would take turns monitoring this young man’s progress.

This method of cultivation was ultimately very dangerous, and the two of them did not feel at ease letting Xia Fei do so unsupervised. Only after he was truly familiar with this way of cultivation and was well-acquainted with the Law of Speed could he proceed with cultivation by himself.

After washing his face and eating some food, Xia Zonghai left to find people to play chess with at the Law Enforcement Board. As the representative of the Skywings, this was the only enjoyment Xia Zonghai had.

Xia Wuye slowly tidied up Wind Garden, leaving Xia Fei with nothing to do. He lit a cigarette and turned on the spatial ring so that he could reconnect to Oro.

Last night was the first time he had witnessed the Skywings’ cultivation method, and it had shocked him quite a bit. However, after a night of thinking, Oro had become a lot calmer.

“I finally get it,” Oro said. “Everyone in the Skywing Clan is insane, and since they’re all madmen, it’s only natural for them to utilize such a deranged cultivation method. Reality has proven that it’s precisely this madness of your clan that they can accomplish they have today.”

Xia Fei was unamused. He did not like hearing Oro use the term madmen, but he could not deny the facts of his statement. The cultivation method Skywing adopted was indeed crazy.

Since he had nothing to do, Xia Fei left Wind Garden and was prepared to take stock of his assets and make an attempt to purchase the items on Huo Yutong’s list.

Though Huo Yutong had given him quite the high asking price, it had never been Xia Fei’s style to give up without giving it a try. Besides, Xia Fei had indeed accumulated quite a lot of useless materials recently, which he ought to take inventory of, just to see what he could sell for Origin Crystals.

Xia Fei first made a trip to Rock Bank and retrieved everything he deemed worthless, stuffing all into his spatial ring. This ring had a capacity of a million cubic meters, so there was still space even if he stored everything he owned into it. He had no need to worry about a lack of space anymore.

White Horse Constellation was well-developed in trade, and with his Demonic Wing Token, he very easily got the merchants to quote him a price that was about 10% above the market rate. Thanks to the greater reputation that the Skywings had been enjoying these days, everyone showed Xia Fei quite a bit of face.

Of course, Xia Fei’s buddy Wolf Shunye helped quite a bit as well. As a major hooligan in White Horse Constellation, many recognized Gigawolf. Things might not have gone as smoothly had Xia Fei done it by himself, since many were still unable to match his name to his face despite being quite famous among the commoners.

“What are you trying to make? Do you really need to sell so many things?” Shunye shook his head curiously as he asked. He was very surprised to have been dragged out of bed by Xia Fei to shop this early in the morning, and he was even more shocked when he learned that Xia Fei was actually a lot richer than he first imagined.

Xia Fei nodded. “There’s no point in keeping these things on me, so I’d rather exchange them all for crystals. As the saying goes, ‘better to use steel on the blade.’ It’ll be time for the Sunnis’ trade fair soon. I’m not about to let anything that catches my eye go.”

Shunye mused. “Even so, you still won’t be needing so much money! You’ve just gotten hold of about three million grade 4 Origin Crystals after selling everything. Besides, if you really need money, why buy so many materials that an artificer will require? Not only did you purchase high-quality materials, you appear not to have much money left, either.”

Xia Fei obviously did not want to tell the matter of the Celestial Zerohammer to Shunye. As such, he had no choice but to come up with an excuse of recently becoming interested with artificing, so he wanted to buy materials to play with.

Shunye did not really believe him but said nothing more. After all, these were all Xia Fei’s things, and he had the freedom to decide how he wanted to deal with them.

Xia Fei knew very clearly that he should not be in such a hurry to sell all his things. He should hold out and choose the right moment to unload them bit by bit. In any case, he had too many items, so selling them all at once would surely end up being subjected to lowered prices.

As such, Xia Fei began his night cultivation. Every morning, he would engage in walking along the streets and alleys to sell off his things. As a shrewd businessman from the Panhuman Alliance, Xia Fei was fairly versed in the art of haggling. It was to a point that Wolf Shunye said that it was a pity Xia Fei did become a merchant.

How was he to know, though, that all these items in Xia Fei’s possession were all loot and spoils he had lifted off corpses? Xia Fei suddenly felt that engaging in daylight robbery was a lot quicker than engaging in business. The former was a purely profitable activity.

There was no warrior out there who would not have their own spatial ring, and as long as they died, everything good they stored would be up for grabs, taking all the quality items for himself while selling those below par. There was a delightful satisfaction to seeing animosity repaid!

For over ten days, Xia Fei kept selling plenty of the items he had in exchange for more crystals and the materials he required for the forging of the Celestial Zerohammer. Unfortunately, there was not enough stock for some of the materials on that list, which went to show just how many of the items Huo Yutong required.

Since he was unable to gather enough now, it just meant that he would have to wait until Sunnis’ trade fair before proceeding. That would be a major event that would play host to the entire Law Realm, so the quantity and quality of items that would be available for purchase would surely supersede what White Horse Constellation could offer, and this was why Xia Fei was not too anxious to complete the list.


Two weeks later, deep into the night.

Today was Xia Wuye’s turn to be on duty, watching Xia Fei cultivate the Law of Speed, but Xia Zonghai anxiously hurried over in the middle.

The moment he entered the cultivation grounds, he saw Xia Fei sweating profusely as he trained, no different from the usual. Instead, it was Xia Wuye who was looking very excited, his eyes sparkling.

“Wuye, what did you call me over in the middle of the night for?” Xia Zonghai asked, puzzled.

Xia Wuye spoke, all abuzz, in a hushed tone, “I called you over to witness a miracle!”

“A miracle?” Xia Zonghai shook his head and asked. “What miracle? Where?”

“Have you ever seen someone successfully complete the first level of the Law of Speed in just fourteen days?” Xia Wuye asked, barely hiding the excitement in his voice.

Xia Zonghai was startled as he exclaimed, “Fourteen days?! That’s impossible! The Law of Speed of our Skywing Clan is exceptionally difficult to cultivate. How could anyone succeed at attaining the first level in only fourteen days? If what you said was true, then it’d surely qualify as a miracle! From what I know, forget our clan, even the other clans out there that cultivate the normal Law of Speed have ever reached level 1 in fourteen days!”

Xia Wuye’s eyes glowed as he pointed over to Xia Fei. “Then you’d better watch closely. If I’m not mistaken, Xia Fei is on the cusp of reaching the first level! Tonight!”