Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent

Chapter 615.2 Fierce Battle (part 2)

Obviously, this defensive ability was obviously the backhand given to him by his father. This is a sage-level defensive technique. As long as the opponent isn’t an extremely powerful sage, there should be no problem.

In addition, an axe appeared in his hand. From the terrifying energy flowing on its blade, it could be seen that this is an extremely powerful weapon.

This axe is a treasure used by lord Li and his father. It is extremely powerful; It can be regarded as one of the main weapons of the heavenly star. It was loaned to his son Li to protect himself during his journey.

In addition to this axe, there are several powerful sage-level treasures on young master Li’s body. Coupled with his temporary strength, he can indeed compete with and even defeat an ordinary sage.

After lord Li finished his preparations, he attacked the unkempt old man below. A bloodthirsty light burst out from his eyes.

This is a sage and a single low-level sage. He has no companions. As long as their group cooperates, he basically can’t escape.

“After eating this sage, my cultivation level can go further, combining that with the celestial aura on that woman, I will definitely reach the sage level this time!”

Lord Li’s heart was filled with excitement, his aura suddenly burst out. Judging from the aura that erupted from his body, his cultivation level had already reached the peak of the immortal king level.

However, after reaching the peak, his aura suddenly exploded again, rising to the sage level. He is burning the souls of the immortal kings he captured to burst out with such strength in a short time.

After he started to act, his companions also began to attack the old man. This area was already filled with a doomsday-like scene, but after their battle, the destruction raged even further.

The unkempt old man is a sage-level being, naturally, he is not afraid of the primordial lightning. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they are entirely unaffected by them. They still have a restraining effect on him.

However, the same goes for Lord Li and the others. Although Lord Li is the owner of the artifact that released these lightning bolts, he doesn’t have complete mastery of it. The most he could do is to restrain the attack power of these lightning bolts to not injure himself and his companions.

The two sides fiercely clashed with each other, constantly destroying the space and rules in this area, forcing the cultivators watching from far away to retreat even further.

They originally wanted to run away, but now, their legs seem to be filled with lead. They motionlessly watched the battle far away.

This is a battle at the sage level, an extremely rare sight for them.

“If this continues, this realm and even the planet will be destroyed.”

The white-haired old man smiled bitterly. This planet is his home and territory. It has been fortified by many powerhouses. Among them were even sage-level existences, but under the fierce battle of two sage-level powerhouses, along with the assistance of several immortal kings and the artifact that is constantly releasing lightning bolts.

He could feel that this planet started becoming unstable.

Fortunately, at that moment, an inexplicable force surged from the planet’s core, fortifying the planet and restoring its stability. It seems to be some kind of emergency formation buried in the depths of the planet.

It was due to the fortification of this energy that the planet didn’t explode this time.

If the planet was unfortunately destroyed, hundreds of trillions of lives, maybe even quadrillions will die. This planet is after all a mega planet and the imperial capital of a super empire.

While the white-haired old man sighed, the battle had already reached a feverish stage. The two sides constantly exchanged blows and positions, leaving behind countless afterimages and tracks of destruction.

The calm expression had long since disappeared on the old man’s face. On the contrary, he became extremely solemn. This young master Li indeed gave him a lot of pressure.

In addition, there were several peak immortal kings besides this Lord Li. If it was in a normal situation, he wouldn’t care about cultivators of this level, but at this critical moment, he can’t get distracted at all and these guys are constantly harassing him, making him very uncomfortable.


The old man seemed to be a little angry at this moment. He suddenly snorted, then started waving his hands. His momentum rose higher and higher.

“Hahaha, are you finally willing to get serious?”

After seeing this scene, That young master Li didn’t look scared or nervous but laughed with a relaxed expression on his face.

“It’s almost time to solve this old guy.”

Upon saying this, an extremely serious expression appeared on his face. In the next moment, a blinding light appeared on his axe.

This ray of light instantly turned into the brightest thing in the entire heavens and earth. Compared to it, even the rays of the sun seemed insignificant.


Lord Li slashed downward with the axe in his hand. Under this slash, space and time were torn apart. The old man’s complexion changed upon seeing this. He hurriedly shifted the movement of his energy, deploying a defensive technique instead of an offensive one.

Unfortunately, his reaction was a bit late

His body was impacted and directly flew out.

“Ha ha ha ha.”

Lord Li laughed wildly after seeing this scene.

“With a sage-level soul coupled with the celestial aura on this woman’s body, I can definitely reach the sage-level this time!”

At this time, the lightning sea enveloping this entire mountain range also began to dissipate, and Tang Guo in the sky was clearly revealed to the eyes of everyone.

After seeing this scene, Lord Li’s eyes lit up.

“Hahaha, come over to me.”

He slowly stretched his hands, intending to suck Tang Guo over. However, Tang Guo remained motionless in the sky.

“Huh? Who is interfering with me?!”

Lord Li was taken back for a moment, then immediately became furious. He looked around ferociously, intending to see this bold man who interfered with him.

Suddenly, his sight moved to the men behind him. Everyone’s expressions changed. The peak immortal kings quickly waved their hands, intending to explain that it wasn’t them, but at that moment…