The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1244 - It Was Time to Let Certain People Know

Chapter 1244: It Was Time to Let Certain People Know

It was Gu Rou. Behind her were her two sisters. They looked like they had dressed up meticulously. Their faces were covered with makeup, and they looked very youthful.

Gu Rou ran over and said, “Why are you still here? Didn’t you go back? It’s already past twelve. The birthday party will start at four. Do you want your sisters to bring you back?”

“Birthday party? What birthday party?” Someone beside Gu Rou asked softly.

“Don’t you know? Today is Campus Beau Bai’s birthday. He has already taken the afternoon off. I heard that he’s going to hold a birthday party in the courtyard.”

“Campus Beau Bai’s birthday party? Ah, I want to go too!”

“Save it. Do you think you’re a friend of Campus Belle Gu? Campus Beau Bai only invited her friends. Passersby like us can only stand aside.”

Whispers came from all directions.

Ajiu listened quietly and did not speak.

Gu Rou was still the same. She smiled very sweetly with her hands behind her back. She tilted her head and looked at Ajiu as if she was waiting for her answer.

The two girls behind her looked at the people around them who were discussing and then smiled at each other.

It was indeed an honor to be invited by the Bai family.

If it weren’t for Gu Rou, they definitely wouldn’t have been able to enter the courtyard.

Although it wasn’t Campus Beau Bai who personally invited them, but what difference did it make if it was Gu Rou?

That was why it was good to have a beautiful friend by your side. You’ll be able to go wherever you wanted to go.

“That’s right, Ajiu, you can go back with us,” one of the girls opened her mouth and mumbled, “in case Campus Beau Bai specially comes to pick you up later.”

Ajiu raised her eyes and glanced at that person.

The girl smiled and blinked her eyes. “Ajiu, I don’t have any other intentions. I also heard from Arou that the school bully canceled all the celebration events for you. There are no games like truth or dare. It’s just purely eating. When the time comes, we’ll all play together. Don’t always be so distant from us.”

“Heh.” Helian Qingchen raised his head with a faint smile. His tone was very slow and unhurried. “Ajiu and you can’t even be considered to know each other, not to mention estranged.”

The girl was instantly choked. She then sneered. “Hey, isn’t this the handsome guy who rides a bicycle to school every day? I used to be friends with Ajiu’s brother. Why can’t we be considered estranged?”

“Her brother?” Helian Qingchen’s eyes turned cold, “Are you sure you know who her brother is? Of course, even if you are talking about Bai Zhun, in my memory, Bai Zhun doesn’t even know your name, right? Didn’t he not say a word the last time we met?

The girl was speechless again. Bai Zhun indeed didn’t even know her. At most, they had met twice, but that was also because he was with Gu Rou.

That’s right, Gu Rou!

“Hehe, our Gu Rou is the girlfriend of Campus Beau Bai. Even if Bai Zhun doesn’t know my name, everyone knows me.” As she spoke, the girl raised her chin.

Helian Qingchen raised his eyebrows. “In the end, it’s someone else who is Bai Zhun’s girlfriend. I really don’t understand. What does this have to do with you? Is it worth you showing off like this?”

After hearing Helian Qingchen’s ridicule, the onlookers also covered their mouths and laughed.

That girl’s face was flushed red!

Gu rou immediately said, “This is my best friend. We often eat together with Bai Zhun and the others. We have been friends for a long time. In the future, we will often be together. It’s only a matter of time before we become familiar with each other.” As she spoke, she looked at the big dog that AJIU was leading.”Ajiu, this Alaska is very fierce. You have to be careful. I ran over to greet you because I wanted to get along well with you. Just like I said this morning, today is your brother’s birthday. Let’s not make things unpleasant, and you shouldn’t interact with people he doesn’t like. It’ll make him feel suffocated. “Since you don’t want to go back with us, I’ll get the driver to pick you up in a while. Your brother is busy today, so I’m afraid he won’t be able to spare time. If there’s anything, you can call me. Just remember that the show starts at four o’clock.”

As she finished speaking, Gu Rou looked at the two people behind her. “We’ll go first. Ajiu isn’t suitable to enter with a dog.”


The two girls nodded in unison. One of them looked back at Helian Qingchen defiantly, The ridicule in their eyes was obvious. It was as if they were saying, how dare poor boy like him embarrass one of them. If it wasn’t for Ajiu’s protection, if it wasn’t for the fact that Ajiu was the sister of the Campus Beau Bai, they would have dealt with him long ago.

Helian Qingchen was the best at reading people. Of course, he knew what these girls were thinking. He curved his eyes and smiled.

If Gu Rou took a closer look, she would realize that Alaska, which she thought was very fierce, was now shrinking back like a little dog. It didn’t even dare to extend its claws.

How could a person who made a fierce dog so scared be a poor boy?

“Is it because of this reason that you don’t want to go back to the Bai Family?” Helian Qingchen looked at the back figures and turned his face. He smiled faintly and pressed his hand on Ajiu’s head, rubbing it lovingly.

Ajiu shook his head. “No, they are not important.”

“Oh?” Helian Qingchen smiled, “then why? Even second brother can’t guess.”

Ajiu’s small and delicate face fluttered, it was very silly and cute. “I don’t want to be treated like a child. The Bai family has to pay attention to many details when hosting a banquet. The people who come are all powerful and influential. If they bring little ala to the banquet, they will definitely be afraid. At that time, little brother will also be in a difficult position. What’s more, that is little brother’s girlfriend. Everyone wants to be with the person they like on their birthday. I am like this. So, I don’t want to disturb little brother, and I also don’t want to make things difficult for the Bai family. I’ve already made things difficult for the people around me because I am vegetarian. If I appear at the birthday party and those girls say unpleasant words, what if I can’t help but beat them up? Hmm… the main thing is that I definitely can’t help it. Second Brother, do you understand? It’s so difficult for me not to beat people up.”

Helian Qingchen listened to his sister’s serious and cute expression, and a smile spread from the tip of his eyes to the corner of his mouth. “I can understand. Second Brother can understand your feelings very well.”

“Right!” Ajiu seemed to have found a confidant, and warmly held her second brother’s hand.

Helian Qingchen said with a smile, “Then let’s go back to my place first? When it’s about time, I’ll send you back to the Bai family.”

Ajiu hesitated for a moment, then nodded, “Okay!”

“Let’s go,” Helian Qingchen took one look at the Alaskan sled dog, “follow me to get the car first.”

“Okay.” Ajiu said with the white cat on her head, “I want to sit in the backseat with Xiao Bai.”

Helian Qingchen would naturally let his sister do whatever she wanted, but there was one thing. Besides making Bai Zhun anxious, it was also time to let some people know that their Ajiu was not someone to be trifled with..