The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 2049 - Sightseeing In A University

Chapter 2049: Sightseeing In A University

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Qian Yikun did not deny what the vice-captain said. However, the strange thing was that Zhao Fangyu was the one who reported the case.

Was he taking a risk out of desperation, or was the information contained inside not his? Until now, Qian Yikun could not be sure.

Qian Yikun had seen the surveillance video of Ding Haobei and Ding Junchi when Ding Jiaqi came to visit Ding Haobei. She was basically crying. She had an injured mother and an old lady who kept scolding Ding Haonan for being unfilial at home.

Ding Haobei hated Ding Haonan to begin with. Ding Haobei demanded that his daughter kick the old woman out because it was the old woman’s biological son who brought him harm.

When the tree falls, the monkeys scatter. Madame Ding must not have expected such an outcome. Now that Ding Haonan was traveling abroad, Mo Fei—

Mo Fei would have it no other way.

Nobody should take advantage of their seniority. No matter what age they were, they had to pay the price for their mistakes.

“Boss, you’ve worked really hard in the past few days. Why don’t you go back earlier today?” The vice-captain stood at the door and looked at Qian Yikun, who sat on his chair with his hands supporting his forehead.

Since he took up this case, Qian Yikun barely rested. All of them felt sorry for him.

Qian Yikun lowered his head and looked at the time. It was half-past four. It was almost five o’clock.

Now that the case had progressed to this point, they were now at a dead end. If he stayed at the police station, he would not be able to find any more evidence. Thus, Qian Yikun nodded and decided to go home first. It had been a while since he had accompanied Mo Fei.

Therefore, he nodded and decided to get off work at five.

After the vice-captain left his office, Qian Yikun took his phone and called Mo Fei.

The phone rang a few times before Mo Fei picked up. Qian Yikun heard the commotion and frowned. “Where are you?”

“Food street. Yezi told me it’s very crowded at night.” That person who had never been to the food street before was currently addicted.

Qian Yikun pinched his forehead and felt his temples throbbing. “You’re not in the company, and instead, went to the food street?”

“Vice President Liu’s there. He doesn’t need me. I won’t be able to help even if I stay there,” Mo Fei said matter-of-factly. Qian Yikun actually found himself unable to refute her.

Qian Yikun looked at the time again. There were still 20 minutes left. This was the first time he felt how slowly 20 minutes could pass.

“I’ll go see you later. I’ll be there around six,” said Qian Yikun.

“What are you coming here for? You’ll just eat something and then go. You might as well stay put.” Mo Fei scoffed. She had finally realized that this responsible public servant had basically taken up residence in the police station.

Qian Yikun lowered his eyes and touched the tip of his nose. He felt that he had unconsciously offended his wife. As for how he had offended her, he knew.

“I won’t be working overtime today. I’ll come and look for you after work,” Qian Yikun said softly with an apologetic tone.

Mo Fei had originally planned to eat slowly. When she heard Qian Yikun’s words, she finally made the decision to find a place to sit as she waited for Qian Yikun.

“Okay, I’ll check out Yezi’s school. Meet up with me there once you’ve arrived.”

After the agreement was made, Mo Fei chose to check out the university. After all, she was someone who had never attended university.

It was slightly over four o’clock. It was coincidentally the time when classes ended. Therefore, there were many people on campus. Bored, Mo Fei walked around alone in the university compound.