The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 1265 - The King (8)

Chapter 1265: The King (8)

Hence, when he received Mu Huan’s call, he felt that he had really heard the sound of salvation! “Madam… you… you…” He was so excited that he could not speak.

“Are you with my husband?”

“Yes… Yes…” PA Wang was still very excited.

“Then tell him immediately after you hang up that I’m fine and safe. My stamina is also recovering. I’m now on a cruise ship. I’ll use this phone to check the location for you later. I have something to deal with here. Time is tight, so I won’t say much.” With that, Mu Huan hung up.

When PA Wang heard this, he became even more excited. He knew that his CEO’s wife was a king! A true king!

Now that they were at sea, it would be dangerous for Mu Huan to be discovered, and she had yet to fully recover her stamina. Even if she had fully recovered, she would not be able to kill the people that Gu Chenyi had found to ensure her safety. Hence, she had to pretend to be unconscious for the time being. Hence, she had to deal with John before Gu Chenyi returned.

She used a map to send her location to PA Wang.

Mu Huan squatted down to search John’s body. As a hypnotist, he definitely had a habit of carrying a hypnosis device with him. Indeed, in the next second, she found a hypnosis device on him.

When he saw Mu Huan looking at him with the hypnosis device, John seemed to have realized something. He shook his head and struggled to move back, but he couldn’t move much. Furthermore, the drug that Mu Huan had injected earlier had taken effect.

In the end, he was successfully hypnotized by Mu Huan.

Mu Huan let go of him and tidied his clothes before letting him leave. “You’ve seen me. I’m fine. Now, you have to go back to your room to sleep.”

John, who had just been hypnotized, was like a puppet. He would do whatever Mu Huan asked him to do. He walked out expressionlessly.

After he left the room, Mu Huan nimbly arranged the things that had been messed up in the room according to their original positions. She then lay on the bed and continued to pretend that she wasn’t awake.

It took less than ten minutes from the time John came in to the time he left. Mu Huan did not cause any commotion, so the bodyguards outside did not suspect anything.

When John left, although the bodyguards felt that his expression was a little strange, they did not think too much about it. After all, he was only a person transferred over and not protecting his master. It was fine as long as nothing happened.

Due to his conflicted feelings, Gu Chenyi drank a lot. Furthermore, Uncle Yu wanted him to drink more, so in the end, he got drunk and was supported back by Uncle Yu.

Although Uncle Yu said that it would depend on Gu Chenyi himself, he still wanted Gu Chenyi to drink more. Then, he sent him to Mu Huan’s bed and the two of them lay together. Whether or not they could succeed depended on him. If he couldn’t do it, he would help him. However, he would only help this much and not more. Otherwise, he was afraid that Gu Chenyi would be in great pain when he woke up.

Mu Huan had been pretending very well. As a doctor, John did not notice that she was actually awake when he examined her.

However, she was lying there alone pretending. Furthermore, she was very weak at that time, so she could not move at all. But now that she had recovered a lot of her strength, she could not accept Gu Chenyi’s touch. Uncle Yu supported Gu Chenyi and made him lie next to Mu Huan.