The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 988 - Destroy It If You Can't Get It (1)

Chapter 988: Destroy It If You Can’t Get It (1)

When Fu Siye hurried to the Shangguan residence, Shangguan Yu was making desserts in the kitchen.

Apart from Fu Siye, the only thing she was interested in was making desserts and eating desserts.

Life was so tough. She liked sweet food.

“Xiao Yu!” Fu Siye ignored the butler’s obstruction and barged into the kitchen, grabbing Shangguan Yu’s arm tightly.

Shangguan Yu looked at him with a calm and indifferent gaze.

Her eyes made Fu Siye lose control and say, “Xiao Yu, don’t look at me like that!”

Don’t look at him like that. She shouldn’t be like this! She…

Shangguan Yu did not speak and only looked at him indifferently.

“Xiao Yu, you asked me previously why I didn’t want a divorce. I’m answering you now. It’s because I can’t accept you being with another man! I can’t even accept you saying another word to them, let alone you belonging to another man! I’ve always been unwilling to think about why this is. Now, I understand. It’s because my feelings for you were never simply love for a sister, but for a woman!

“Toward you, I’ve always felt a man’s love for a woman. It’s only because of my stupid subconsciousness that I foolishly felt that I could only have feelings for you as a sister. It made me do many stupid things and made you lose our child. I know that I’m unforgivable, but please give me, give our child a chance. I’ll definitely love you well in the future and our child will return!”

He grabbed Shangguan Yu’s hand tightly and looked at her.

His gaze made even someone with a heart of stone unable to bear to reject him.

Shangguan Yu was not a person with a heart of stone. She had a very soft heart, but she could not agree to him.

Shangguan Yu had never thought that she would hear Fu Siye say such things one day. It turned out that it had never been her imagination. He really liked her.

If this were half a month ago, when she heard his words and confirmed this matter, she would definitely be so excited that she would cry and feel like she was dreaming.

She wouldn’t be able to believe that everything was real!


Now, she didn’t feel any excitement at all. There wasn’t a single ripple in her heart. She even felt afraid. Why was she like this?

This man in front of her was the person she loved the most!

Even if she were to die, she would never be able to let go of her love for him.

Now, he said that he loved her and wanted to be with her, but…

But she did not feel anything.

She didn’t feel anything at all.

She looked at Fu Siye indifferently. There was no change in her expression, just like in her heart.

This made Fu Siye even more afraid.

She was clearly in his hands and he was so close to her.

However, he had a feeling that no matter how hard he tried, he could not grasp it.

“Xiao Yu! Don’t be like this! Don’t be like this!” He suddenly hugged her tightly in his embrace, unable to bear with her treating him like this.

Shangguan Yu, who was hugged tightly by him, did not have any reaction. It was as if he was hugging a soulless doll.

This version of her made Fu Siye’s fear completely devour him!

In this world, the most painful thing was not that the person you loved did not love you, but that you, having just realized your deep love, would have already lost her…

As night fell, more and more wealthy and influential people gathered in the splendid manor. This was a grand banquet.

Bo Junyan stood in front of the French window, holding a glass of wine as he looked out into the night.