The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 650 - A Thousand-Year Plan

Chapter 650 A Thousand-Year Plan

From this moment on, Li Mu had become a member of the Dark Yellow Army.

This was neither impulsive nor taking advantage of the situation.

It was predestined by the bloodline.

“Then we’ll join in the army, too.” Caicai, the proud girl with a ponytail, also put her weapons before her chest and saluted in imitation of the soldiers of the Dark Yellow Army.

“We’ll be wherever Young Master is,” Caicai added. Her innocent and still childish face was glowing with a kind of soul-stirring determination.

Ning Jing and Dong Xue also placed their weapons against their chests and vowed, “The 100,000 ghost cultivators of the Bone Holy Mountain will forever follow Young Master’s lead.”

Seeing this, the wretched Taoist who called himself Celestial Master and the black-cloaked figure could not help but be moved.

In the previous battle, the overwhelming strength and horrific power of this army of ghost cultivators had been fully displayed.

Also, the black-armored Demonic Snake Abyss Army was no mediocre army. However, in the face of such a ghost army, it was no exaggeration to describe the former as completely vulnerable.

If without this army of ghost cultivators, the Dark Yellow Army would not have ended today’s battle so quickly and smoothly.

Over the years, the Dark Yellow Army had fought countless battles in various places and overawed the universe. It could be said to be a well-seasoned force that had gone through many trials. They had seen all kinds of enemies and had fought all kinds of opponents. In a fair and square battle, they had the confidence to not lose the edge to others. But they now wondered how long they could hold on if they fought against this army of ghost cultivators.

Even in the entire Ziwei Star Zone, few troops could fight against this army of ghost cultivators, let alone those in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region.

If such an army could join the Dark Yellow Army, it would definitely be a huge leap for the military force of the sinners.

Li Mu nodded, then said, “Haha, great. From now on, the Dark Yellow Army will have one more force comprised of ghost cultivators.”

The soldiers of the Dark Yellow Army all began to whoop and cheer. Excited smiles appeared on their faces.

In the many years of fighting, they had indeed made a name for themselves, but many of their fellows had also died on different battlefields. They could not bear to count how many old comrades who had gone to the battlefield with them were still standing next to them now. It was true that those soldiers had gloriously traveled across the universe and destroyed many enemies’ bases. But it was also true that they had helplessly watched their comrades fall on the battlefields one after another.

Their old fellows gradually withered, like a fallen leaf in the wind.

When the Dark Yellow Army was in its prime, it had more than a million soldiers. But now, there were only a little more than 10,000 left.

Before Wei Ximin died, he once said that today’s Dark Yellow Army was like a tree without roots, a spring without source. He was not wrong at all.

The Dark Yellow Army had been consuming itself only.

Every time a soldier died, the army lost one of its members.

Up to now, this army, which used to be ranked in the top three of the Ziwei Star Zone, was on the verge of disappearing.

Otherwise, a force like the Demonic Snake Abyss would not have been so audacious as to try to annihilate the main force of the Dark Yellow Army in one go.

The wretched old Taoist called Celestial Master and the mysterious black-cloaked figure were both very glad to see the army of ghost cultivators of the Bone Holy Mountain join them.

But the fly in the ointment was that the battle strength of the army of ghost cultivators could only be exerted in the mist of Yin Qi around the Ghost Rally Star. Once they left this area and entered the real world of living beings, they would be like fish being thrown into the desert and could not survive for long. This meant that the army of ghost cultivators would not be able to go on any expeditions.

Just as Li Mu was about to say something, his expression suddenly changed.

The vertical eye between his eyebrows instantly snapped open, and a purple thunderbolt immediately shot to the right.

“Where to go?” Li Mu shouted.

Being hit by the purple thunderbolt, ripples spread out in the void 100 meters away. Amidst the ripples, a dog-shaped creature was looming. It was about to escape into the void.

It was Dumbo, Wei Ximin’s interstellar dog.

Dao Lan launched a strike without hesitation. The hazy Misty Rain Sword Intent splashed out.

Just one second before Dumbo could plummet into the ripples of the void, it was stupefied and summoned back.

Dumbo struggled desperately, but it did not help.

Today’s Dao Lan was incredibly powerful. How could it escape from him?

“Almost let it run away.”

At this moment, Celestial Master and the black-cloaked figure also came to their senses.

“This evil dog has helped the wicked, killed many innocent cultivators, as well as countless soldiers of the Dark Yellow Army,” Dao Lan said. “It’s very gifted in hiding and hunting, so it can hide in the void. Had Li Mu not noticed it, it would really have run away.”

Li Mu said, “If this evil dog had gotten away alone, it wouldn’t be a big problem. But the key thing is…”

He lifted his finger, which glowed like a saber. Then, he drew a flickering Taoist talisman in the void. He stretched out his hand and thrust the talisman, pressing it against Dumbo’s skin, who was still flailing about.

A strange phenomenon occurred.

A phantom that looked exactly like Wei Ximin was forced out of Dumbo’s body. His face was full of horror and viciousness.

It was Wei Ximin’s soul.

“He attempted to escape by hiding inside his interstellar dog. We almost let him get away,” Li Mu explained.

It was not until then that Dao Lan and the others finally cottoned on.

“Li Mu, you’ve ruined my plans. You’re my mortal enemy now.” Seeing that he had failed to escape, Wei Ximin began to curse with despair and malice.

Li Mu had no patience to waste his breath on this dying man, so he directly cast the Emperors’ Fire and set the soul on fire.

“Ah…” Wei Ximin’s soul struggled madly and screamed, “No, you can’t kill me! I am the descendant of the Wei Family in the Demonic Snake Abyss, and I am noble… In my soul, there is the curse of the Demonic Snake. If you kill me, you will be cursed forever. Also, my older brother, one of the four greatest talents in the Ziwei Star Zone, the Blighting Dark Demon, will know you the moment you kill me. He will go to every corner of the universe to hunt you down. The Demonic Snake Abyss will never let you go either.”

Dao Lan’s expression altered. “Let me kill him.”

Li Mu urged the Emperors’ Fire to blaze, which then completely burned Wei Ximin’s soul up. He then smiled and said, “What I hate the most is being threatened.”

He was one step ahead of Dao Lan to kill the successor of the Demonic Snake Abyss.

“Woof!” When Dumbo saw that his master was dead, it howled shrillingly and pounced on Li Mu.

Once this kind of special animal recognized someone as its master, it would never betray him. This dog had practically signed a binding agreement with Wei Ximin that they would live and die together.

Before Li Mu could make a move, its soul left its body and went away. The dog died at once, its body turning stiff.

Just as everyone breathed a sigh of relief, an unexpected change occurred.

Without any warning, a ball of black mist emerged from the place where Wei Ximin’s soul dissipated. As it flowed and whirled, it eventually turned into a black demonic snake, which looked rather ferocious and ghastly. It stuck out its tongue, hissed, and charged at Li Mu.

Li Mu frowned and closed his fingers to form a blade to fend off the strike.

But the snake, as if it was virtual, directly went over Li Mu’s palm, bit Li Mu’s arm, and then disappeared.

“It’s the power of the curse,” The wretched old Taoist called Celestial Master exclaimed.

Li Mu took a look at his arm. Like a tattoo, the pattern of a vivid black demonic snake had appeared on his right arm.

“Now you’re in trouble.” The wretched old Taoist called Celestial Master pinched his fingers and started to calculate something while mumbling to himself. Li Mu found this a little funny. Because this Taoist now looked exactly the same as the charlatans on Earth began to deceive people. After a while, the old Taoist said, “Karmas are all interconnected. Son, you’ve got yourself a great deal of karma by getting involved in this. You will be in trouble in the future.”

“Young Master, why don’t you come back to the Ghost Rally Star? I’d like to see who dares to come there to deal with you.” Caicai became anxious at once.

Li Mu sneered and said, “What’s there to be afraid of? As a cultivator in the universe, I, like many others, shall be the master of my own fate. If Wei Ximin’s force comes to my door to take my life, should I just stick out my neck and let them behead me? No way! I will deal with the situations accordingly. When have the descendants of Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang feared anyone? If the so-called Blighting Dark Demon really comes, I’ll just hail him with my broadsword. It’s still hard to say which of us will die.”

He really hated being threatened the most.

“You… do have guts!” The old Taoist gaped at Li Mu in astonishment and gave him a thumbs-up.

The black-cloaked figure also turned to look at him with admiration.

The soldiers of the Dark Yellow Army around them all cheered at once. They had identified with Li Mu even more.

Li Mu’s dominating tone was really in line with their temperament.

Soldiers did not know how to scheme like a general, nor did they have the vision of a commander-in-chief. All they got was their hot blood and the weapons in their hands. They, indeed, had no fear.

At this point, the great battle could be considered to have finally come to an end.

Wei Ximin and the masters accompanied him here, as well as the experts of the major sects in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region, had been wiped out.

Because of this battle, the major sects in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region, such as the Heavenly Devil Sect, had suffered heavy losses and might not be able to regain their strength in a long time.

People began to clean up the battlefield.

The battlefield was strewn with the hundreds of thousands of cultivators’ bodies, armors, weapons, war tools, and many other items left behind by the black-armored Demonic Snake Abyss Army. That was a huge fortune for the Dark Yellow Army that was about to run out of resources.

The Shan family hadn’t suffered much damage.

Shan Zhengfeng had come over to console Shan Tian.

The other high-level members of the Shan family were each preoccupied with their own worries.

Li Mu went to the silver flying ship of the Dark Yellow Army and discussed the future with Dao Lan and the others.

Caicai and the Ning couple followed him.

The 100,000 ghost cultivators drove their ghost ships and started to patrol the outskirts of the battlefield.

“We may as well make the Brilliance Immortal Star Region our base and recuperate here. This way, the Dark Yellow Army can take time to stage a comeback. Even if the army encounters an irresistible enemy, it can retreat to the territory of the Ghost Rally Star. That can assure their safety,” Li Mu suggested. “After this fierce battle, the major sects in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region have all been on the wane. They wouldn’t be able to make trouble or pose any threat on the Dark Yellow Army at least in the coming 100 years.”

Dao Lan and the others’ eyes lit up when they heard his words.

“Yes, this is a good idea.”

All those years, the Dark Yellow Army had been wandering in the galaxy. They lived in no fixed places. Nor had they had their own cities, home planets, or places to gain resources. They were simply nomadic people living on flying ships. As time went by, their force declined. The senior officers of the army had attempted to find a suitable place for the army to recuperate countless times, but they had failed to achieve it.

Li Mu then added, “The Opposite Bank Star can serve as a good outpost. The Divine Land and the Bitter Star can be the back yard.”

He did not have any plans on this at first. But as he spoke, all of a sudden, his thoughts became clear, and he began to see an ambitious plan unfold before him.

Dao Lan rubbed his hands and said with a hearty laugh. “Frankly, I also have the same idea. Now that the star gate on the Divine Land has opened, it is gradually about to integrate into the galaxy. It can already be graded. We can totally make it the first home planet of the army. The only concern I have is that the potential of the Divine Land is quite large. Once it gets graded, it means that other forces in the universe will join in the competition. After all, a planet with infinite potential means a large number of resources and population. All sects will soon covet this planet.”