The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1449 - The Final Battle

Chapter 1449: The Final Battle

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Boom! Boom!

The Formation Destruction Beasts and the thirty Superior-Extermination Cannons were launched all at once, the absolute destructive power bombarded the defensive formations, shattering ten layers in the blink of an eye!

“Gather all the firepower in one spot, fire at once!” Nitian Hanxing commanded from afar.

All of a sudden, the bombardment rained down from all across the sky at the torn opening, shattering ten more layers!

In the fraction of a second, twenty of the hundred layers of formations were shattered into smithereens

“Congregate all Level Three Wizards in the city, and take turns to repair the formations!” Su Yu ordered.

The commanders took the task upon themselves first, repairing the broken formations with sorcery energy.

Ten layers of the formations were quickly recovered!

But right at that moment, the black, wave-like army surged out from the Black Forest and swarmed in through the torn crevice of the formations.

They were carrying weapons that would impede repairing the formations.

Seizing the opportunity, the enemy bombarded once again, making ten more layers of formations crumble in an instant!

The enemy army swarmed in, while the successive forces continued to sabotage the formations with the equipment they carried.

The enemy advanced one step at a time, no matter how the forces in the city strained to repair the formations, it was to no avail.

It was just like Su Yu had said, the hardest part had arrived.

“Soldiers in the northwest, prepare to strike!” As Su Yu’s command was heard, Zheng Laodao, among the eight commanders, gripped the long knife in his hand.

Leading a million of their soldiers, they arrived at the base of the city walls. With the sabotaged formations serving as a barrier between them, they confronted the turbulent black army.

Ten breaths later…

With an intense buzzing, the formation seals on this spot were torn open, forming an enormous crevice.

The feral, predatory great army from the God Realm besieged the city like a vicious deluge of beasts, attacking the walls of the city with the divine weapons in their hands.

With the aid of the Superior-Extermination Cannons, a large breach was opened up in the city walls that had been bombarded!

But what awaited them, was the great army of the Wizard Tribe that was fully prepared!

The army of wizards was seething a dim grey surge of sorcery energy, which collided with the black wave.

The two armies became entangled in a fight at close quarters, both sides almost equally matched.

To prevent harming their own soldiers, the enemy Superior-Extermination Cannons and Formation Destruction Beasts had stopped attacking. Instead, they were aimed at another region.

Soon, another batch of formations was torn open, and boundless swarms of black soldiers poured into the city.

“Soldiers in the northeast, prepare to strike!” Su Yu bellowed.

Another swarm of soldiers a million in number swarmed into the narrow crevice to fight off the invading army.

“Soldiers in the southwest, soldiers in the southeast, soldiers in the north, gear up!” Su Yu delivered his command in an orderly manner. In the face of the imminent perils, he did not panic at all.

Right here, right now, the only one who could not get confused was Su Yu!

As one crevice after another was opened up in the walls, the soldiers in the city surged forward to attack the intruding army.

Both party’s eyes were bloodshot from the slaughter, especially the wizards, who were staking their lives and blood to protect their city, with every last breath that they had.

Even if they were to die, they had to inflict a certain amount of injury upon the enemy and to buy some time for their brothers behind them.

Because if the great army from the God Realm was defeated, all they would lose, was just another victory.

But if they were defeated, they would be losing billions of people of their own blood.

The fight went on for three days and three nights, with the number of casualties on both parties escalating to nearly a hundred thousand.

The endless corpses were stacked up all over the place, some reaching a height of more than a hundred feet!

The soldiers that came later stood on the bodies and remains of their own people as they fought the enemy.

Streams of blood flowed from place to place. Under the vaporization by the heat of the dazzling sun, layers of blood-red mist were seen shrouding the grand Sheng Capital.

From afar, it looked just like a city of blood, both uncanny yet enthralling at the same time.

Frustrated with their lack of progress, the soldiers of the God Realm had diverted their forces to the east, south, and north, charging from all four sides at once.

Despite the intense retaliation and adequate preparations of the wizards of Sheng Capital, the Great Army of the god realm had been plotting for this day for a long time, the soldiers on their side were as many as tens of millions!

Once the soldiers perished, new batches of soldiers went in to replace them immediately, keeping the fight going.

However, the military power of the Wizard Tribe was limited, adding up to less than 30 percent of the opposing army.

After a long fight, the fatal weakness of the Wizard Tribe, which was the shortage of manpower, was gradually revealed.

Eight of the crevices of the walls had been invaded by the God Realm’s army, their soldiers barging into the city.

Once they discovered what was happening, the people of Sheng Capital became apprehensive and frenzied, scampering in all directions.

Nitian Hanxing mocked, “The initiative has fallen under my control, Su Yu, even if you’re a reincarnation of the God of War, don’t even dream of turning this around!”

The invading force felt that victory was at hand.

The great army of the God Realm pressed on with absolute momentum, while the soldiers of the Wizard Tribe were gradually losing ground.

Half of the crevices had been conquered by the enemy, more than five million soldiers from the God Realm swarmed into the city!

At least half of their military power had invaded the city.

What did that imply?

It implied that the outcome was assured!

Nitian Hanxing rubbed his hands together and laughed, “Attack from all sides!”

Boom! Boom! Rumble!

But right at that moment, the land began to rumble and tremble. From beneath the soil of the city, a golden yellow idol emerged out of nowhere.

The idol was a hundred million feet in height, soaring high into the clouds, absolutely breathtaking and magnificent.

It had the appearance of the Wizard Ancestor of the Wizard tribe.

Surges of pure sorcery energy emitted waves of undulation that made the hearts of the people shudder.

As he looked at the object, Nitian Hanxing’s eyes turned solemn and he blurted, “The guardian divine artifact of the Wang Clan of Sheng Capital, the Sky-reaching Ancestral Idol. Isn’t that extinct already?”

The Chu Clan of Fan Capital possessed a legacy of the Wizard Ancestor, so of course, the Wang Clan did too.

However, the Wang Clan’s legacy of the Wizard Ancestor had been lost a long time ago.

At least that was what Nitian Hanxing had heard.

Once the Sky-reaching Ancestral Idol emerged, a beam of dense golden light was emitted, shrouding the entire Sheng Capital.

From afar, it looked like an overturned humongous bowl, firmly shielding the Sheng Capital.

The soldiers of the God Realm who were swarming into the crevices were caught unawares, pulverized by the befalling golden brilliance.

The soldiers who hadn’t entered attempted to bombard it, only to find that the defensive strength of the golden light was formidable!

Whereas the soldiers who had barged in found that they were now trapped in the city, losing contact with the outside world.

Nitian Hanxing scowled, “Fire the Formation Destruction Beasts and the Superior-Extermination Cannons at once!”

However, when the power that easily devastated the ten layers of formations struck the golden screen of light, all it created was a surge of ripples!

Nitian Hanxing got up abruptly, the confidence on his face finally faltering. “Conquer the city…”

But right at that moment, ear-piercing, boundless howls, and whimpers of misery sounded from within the city.

Through the golden light screen, it was clearly visible that the enemy soldiers were fuming with puffs of smoke under the illumination of the golden brilliance as if they were about to burst into flames.

It turned out that the divine energies in them had been ignited!

The Sky-reaching Ancestral Idol was the ultimate ace of the Wizard Tribe, it was originally used to restrain the creatures of the Red Dust Forbidden Lands.

If the Red Dust Forbidden Lands was breached someday, this idol would be the ultimate killing weapon that would annihilate the creatures of the Red Dust Forbidden Lands.

The soldiers of the God Realm were now on fire. They couldn’t save themselves, as they frantically searched for spots where the golden brilliance couldn’t reach them.

On the other hand, the soldiers of the Wizard Tribe were totally unaffected. Dividing their forces, they began hunting down the soldiers of the God Realm that were scurrying in all directions within the city.

The wizard residents in the city joined the fight, chasing after the soldiers that had infiltrated the city, pummeling them as if they were drowning dogs.

Three more days and nights had passed.

The power of the Sky-reaching Ancestral Idol was thoroughly consumed, by the time the golden screen of light disappeared, less than a hundred thousand soldiers of the God Realm managed to escape alive.

The rest were all buried within the city!

Five million soldiers, more than half of the elite troops of the God Realm’s Great Army had perished during the battle.

Such a tremendous number of casualties certainly wasn’t foreseen by Nitian Hanxing in his third plan!

Nitian Hanxing’s eyes emitted endless iciness and he said, “All personnel in charge of delivering information about Sheng Capital are hereby sentenced to death, not a single one of them should be left alive!”

Before long, the sounds feeble protests mixed with the stale air as it wafted through the camp,

The great army fell into a dead silence. The unprecedented blow had given them a major sense of defeat and dejection, having been unassailable all along.

Since they first invaded the Lost Nation, where their casualties had not exceeded a hundred thousand.

However, at Sheng Capital alone, the number of casualties had skyrocketed to five million!

The stark, vivid contrast had given a fatal, violent blow to their triumphant, glorious sense of victory.

Nitian Hanxing stared down at his army with coldness in his eyes. “Unfortunate soldiers will suffer defeat for certain! They are no longer fit for use!”

He lifted his gaze, and his eyes fell upon the figure of the silver-haired youth standing bolt upright on the walls of the city.

His eyes were ablaze with murderous intent. “He killed off half of my army, he is the man who hinders my Path of Defiance indeed!”

“Deliver my order, activate…the ultimate plan!” Nitian Hanxing inhaled a deep breath, violence, and brutality roiling in the depths of his pupils. “I never wanted to take things to this stage, Su Yu, you’ll be buried alongside all the creatures of Sheng Capital!”

Dead bodies were sprawled all over the city, and the city was soaked in torrents of blood.

Although the enemy from the God Realm had been slain, the casualties suffered by the wizards could not be ignored.

At a rough glance, injured, crippled soldiers were all over the place.

Wang Qingchen was covered entirely in blood, the wizard knife in his hand was curled up at the edges, no longer fit for purpose.

He was covered all over in wounds and looked anguished and disheveled.

But he was in high spirits, his face beaming with exuberance as he licked his lips. “With thirty thousand soldiers, we slew five million of the enemy. It is a result that I never dared imagine.”

“It was all thanks to Brother Su’s command, that we got to succeed in drawing the enemy into their own trap!”

It turned out to be Su Yu’s plan all along.

The staunch, tenacious resistance that they put up, and the vulnerability when the city was broken, were all intentional schemes that were part of his plan.

It was all done to draw the great army of the God Realm into the city, to annihilate them using the grand weapon of the Wang Clan, the Sky-reaching Ancestral Idol.

If it wasn’t for that, with Nitian Hanxing’s slyness, he wouldn’t have been deceived.

Su Yu shook his head and said, “I did not kill a single enemy, I deserve no credit, you should be thanking the wizards who have been sacrificed.”

Wang Qingchen said, “Rest assured, Brother Su, the Wang Clan will compensate the families of the injured and dead soldiers, they did not die in vain. They have contributed immensely to victory in this war.”

However, after a long moment of silence, Su Yu drew in a cautious breath. “Their sacrifices were real, but victory…it is still too early to rejoice. Nitian Hanxing has yet to display his ultimate tactic!”

The moment he finished, Su Yu’s surroundings fell completely silent.

The commanders around him, as well as Wang Qingchen, stood motionless on their spots like stiff wooden pillars.

As he glanced around at the badly damaged walls of the city that were on the verge of collapsing, Wang Qingchen swallowed the lump in his throat with great difficulty.

“So much destruction…that still wasn’t their ultimate weapon?”

Su Yu shook his head gently, “No, it wasn’t.”

Everyone held their breath. What would be Nitian Hanxing’s ultimate tactic? How intense and terrifying would it be?

With a turn of his wrist, Su Yu summoned the Sacred Kylin in front of him.

“How have your preparations been going?” Su Yu asked.

The Sacred Kylin chuckled. “I have finished them in good time, the creatures of Jiuzhou are all grateful to you. Although it has been strenuous, the people still did their best to help you.”

“Rest assured, we have completed the task totally according to your plan.”

Su Yu had lavished resources on Jiuzhou, and made Jiuzhou bludgeon and flourish in a way it never had, embarking on an unprecedented era of grand prosperity and abundance. Numerous deities were born, and the number of Prospective Deities had risen to nearly a hundred.

Their respect and admiration for Su Yu were abundant.

Su Yu nodded gently and said, “All right, do help me thank them.”

The Sacred Kylin said, “Sure, if you need anything, just look to us Jiuzhou people!”

As he spoke, he returned to the Jiuzhou Cavern World.

Wang Qingchen’s eyes were glistening with anticipation and he asked, “Brother Su, tell us what you have prepared?”

Su Yu’s eyes grew cold. “A weapon to thoroughly defeat Nitian Hanxing…”