The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1450 - Superb Crevice

Chapter 1450: Superb Crevice

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Wang Qingchen couldn’t suppress his curiosity any longer, and said, “Brother Su, the war is at its final stage now, is it time to reveal the answer to the riddle? What kind of unimaginable tactics would Nitian Hanxing deploy?”

Now that things had progressed to this stage, it didn’t matter if the plans were no longer secret.

“If I were him, there is only one way that is the quickest, simplest, and most unexpected, and that is…” Su Yu uttered slowly.

While his words still echoed in the air, the walls beneath his feet began shaking vigorously, before rapidly collapsing.

The generals on the walls recoiled in dread and shock, floating in the desolate sky, their eyes filled with stupefaction.

They sensed an unimaginable, explosive mass of energy was on the verge of erupting from under the ground of Sheng Capital.

All the insects, ants and rats scurried helter-skelter, fleeing from the city in a frenzy.

Despite being small and vulnerable, they had a stronger feeling of their impending fate than even the wizards had.

The ferocious beasts reared in the city began to shriek and howl frantically in unison, trying to break free from the chains and shackles of their owners, in order to escape Sheng Capital.

Some of the wizards, who practiced the wizardry of foresight, observed the peculiar behavior of those creatures and sensed the imminent advent of an unimaginably awful catastrophe.

They were scampering through the city in panic and terror, warning the residents to leave Sheng Capital as soon as they could.

At dusk, on the edge of the sky far away from Sheng Capital, numerous rainbows were appearing all over the sky, flickering in and out of existence.

They shimmered brightly at times, and then diminished, illuminating Sheng Capital in a colorful, resplendent halo.

From afar, it was breathtakingly enchanting, but at the same time ominous.

Wang Qingchen’s pupils suddenly constricted as he wondered, “What is going on? What is causing the atmosphere to change so drastically, with bizarre rainbows appearing everywhere?”

Zheng Laodao stared at the ground with solemn eyes. As carefree and reckless as he always had been, fat drops of cold sweat were breaking out all over his old, weathered face, “What is underneath the city?”

The catastrophic, devastating explosive energy made those who felt it go cold and numb in horror.

If it wasn’t for Su Yu’s absolute and formidable reassurance, those without staunch resolution would have fled the battlefield and run for their lives already.

Su Yu had a profound, distant look in his eyes as if he was seeing everything that was happening under the ground. He said, “It is an abandoned underground passageway.”

Wang Qingchen and the eight commanders voiced their doubt, “Haven’t you already destroyed the abandoned passageway connecting the city underground, and blocked it completely?”

Shaking his head, Su Yu pointed in the distance. “I’m talking about the numerous underground passageways that surround Sheng Capital!”

“In the past, you wizards built interconnecting, complex underground passageways in the vicinity of Sheng Capital, with the city being the center, stretching for billions of miles from the perimeter.”

“Underground, where your naked eye can’t see, there is a cobweb-like network of passageways!” Su Yu stood high in the sky, his eyes bleakly white as he observed what others couldn’t see.

Wang Qingchen said, “We know about that, but so what?”

“So what?” Su Yu questioned in return, broodingly, “If all the underground passageways get destroyed at once, what do you think will happen?”

“All the passageways?”

Wang Qingchen was startled. For an instant, he couldn’t comprehend what “all” meant.

When his mind conjured up the scene of the complete devastation of the dense, interwoven cobweb-like passageways, he couldn’t help but shudder, and he drew in a long, cold breath. “He…he is going to create a Supreme Space Crevice!”

Looking down from above, the Sheng Capital seemed like a tiny quarry embedded in the gargantuan cobweb.

If the cobweb crumbled…billions of square miles would be wiped out all at once!

The destructive force generated from it would be enough to create a Supreme Space Crevice that covered an area of a billion square miles.

In the face of such a collapse, Sheng Capital would be no more than a speck of dust that was about to be devoured.

Zheng Laodao shivered violently, even his voice began to tremble uncontrollably, “How did, how did they do it? Is it, is it even possible to destroy so many passageways at once?”

Su Yu nodded and said, “It is impossible! Even if Nitian Hanxing attempts it in person, it is certainly impossible!”

Before they could heave a sigh of relief, Su Yu said, “However, if it’s a super civil weapon that no one has ever seen, anything is possible!”

As they began to feel the increasingly intense destructive energy coming from the ground, they had to believe Su Yu’s words without question.

Nitian Hanxing had resorted to an unknown, unheard-of civil weapon!

At that moment, the colorful rainbows at the edge of the sky completely vanished!

They were replaced by dull, lusterless masses of blackness.

It was a blackness that devoured everything. Like a black hole, it engulfed every single life and soul and inanimate object in its surroundings, reducing them to ashes and dust!

The pitch-black region only took up the space of a rainbow at first, hanging in the desolate heavens like a black-colored crescent moon.

But now, it began to expand endlessly and rapidly, gradually revealing its hideous appearance… a crevice that seemed like a humongous mouth engulfing the sky!

Space crevices in the eight directions that were speedily expanding, interwove in the sky, quickly tearing it into black fragments.

With the Sheng Capital at the center, all corners of the world had turned into space crevices.

Furthermore, the seams endlessly expanded towards Sheng Capital from all eight directions.

From afar, it was as if eight long pitch-black knives that had traversed a billion miles of mountains and rivers, were swung at Sheng Capital, all at once.

At a glance, they had been completely besieged by the space crevices.

There was no possible ascent into the heavens, nor descent into the ground. Death seemed to be inevitable.

The creatures in the city all had despair in their eyes.

Wang Qingchen and the eight commanders, who beheld the unprecedented, spectacle of mass destruction, were overwhelmed by terror.

While Nitian Hanxing, who had retreated a billion miles away, stood beyond the space crevices with his five million soldiers, beholding the scene from afar.

Behind them, an enormous flying weapon, with an ancient, exaggerated appearance, slowly faded from sight, as it flew towards Saint Capital.

A remnant of destructive force followed the trajectory by which it left, effusing along the way.

Nitian Hanxing looked into the distance, Sheng Capital was no longer in sight. He was giving off a domineering, matchless air of defiance. “This is the consequence of not succumbing to me! All life must be destroyed!”

“Su Yu! Farewell!” Nitian Hanxing shook his head. “It is a pity that you couldn’t waver my path of defiance. You are fated to be a stepping stone and not a stumbling block!”

“Let’s go!” Nitian Hanxing flicked his cloak, raising a boundless wave of turbulence. With uncompromising momentum, he led the five million soldiers and marched towards the final destination, Saint Capital!

As for Sheng Capital, it had been reduced to ashes amidst the devastation.

However, right as they began to move off, a boundless surge of blood-red light erupted from the depths of the ground behind them.

It soared into the sky from the depths of the ground, shrouding Nitian Hanxing and his five million soldiers.

They were caught unawares, given no time to guard against it.

Nitian Hanxing squinted his eyes. “What? That red light…Is it the power of space?”

A shrewd gleam flickered in his eyes. Nitian Hanxing made up his mind then and there. “Retreat from this domain, do not stay behind!”

However, the red light from under the ground shot out wherever they passed.

Nitian Hanxing finally noticed something out of place. He brutally stomped on the ground with his feet, and a space crevice suddenly emerged out of nowhere.

A talisman was squeezed out from the depths of the earth.

The talisman contained a tiny drop of divine blood.

“Father’s divine blood?” Nitian Hanxing was taken aback. “It was refined from the Superior-Extermination Cannons!”

He stomped on the ground once again, and another talisman appeared.

“The World Annihilation Emperor’s divine blood?” Nitian Hanxing was stupefied. “The last time this divine blood occurred was at the imperial city of the Yongye Empire, and the holder of it is…Su Yu!”

Nitian Hanxing’s pupils constricted violently as intense insecurities were rising within him, like a quarry that had stumbled into a trap.

The sense of danger was intense!

“Retreat! We have been tricked!” Nitian Hanxig’s heart pounded wildly in his chest, intuition told him that an unprecedented crisis was imminent.