The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 45

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Towards Shen Jiayi’s deliberate effort to make things difficult this time, Shen Yanxiao silently gave Shen Jiayi a hundred likes in her heart.

It’d been very well done!

One had to know that, if she were to adopt a Mona Lisa-like smiling expression and pretend to be an idiot for 24 hours everyday, it’d be a very miserable thing.

She was thankful for Shen Jiayi’s maliciousness, and was thankful for her eight generations of ancestors!

“Xiu, were all of these things dried up by that little bird?” Xiu was the only person that was able to have a conversation with her, and was living within her body—and with Xiu, she didn’t have to avoid any taboo words or topics.

‘Only the South Flame Vermillion Bird, this domestic animal, would take such great pains to burn out a den.’ Xiu’s mood seemed to be pretty good, as he’d still reluctantly answered Shen Yanxiao’s question.

“Burn out a den? Didn’t you say that it wasn’t much bit bigger compared to ordinary birds? Why go so far as to reside in such a big den?” Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows. It’d already been half a day since they’d entered the lava valley, but looking at the route ahead, it was very likely that there was still a greater part of the distance left from their current location to their destination.

‘The four mythical animals’ tempers are all very arrogant. Therefore, within the vicinity of the dens that they reside at, they absolutely won’t allow the existence of any other living thing. The Vermillion Bird is fire-based, thus it prefers places with torrid heat. Only by having the temperature of the den’s surroundings raised to their limits, will it think that the place is fitting to be resided in. Although the Vermillion Bird soars through the sky most of the time, its desire to exercise control with regards to the surface is, nevertheless, extremely strong. The den here, compared to its previous, is already very narrow. It seems that before it laid down and became dormant, it received some kind of serious damage. Or else, those few mountains to the sides wouldn’t have existed either.’ Xiu’s tone was very, very unperturbed, and it was as if Xiu was only talking about how the day’s weather was. He didn’t think in the slightest bit—what was the reason to be making a fuss about nothing, and occupying that kind of vast-streched territory. So much so that he felt as if the den that the Vermillion Bird had selected this time around was awfully poverty-stricken.

Xiu was very unperturbed, however, Shen Yanxiao wasn’t unperturbed.

Being a modern person who’d sincerely experienced the lifelong struggle for tens of square meters of humble abode, the explanation for this piece of the lava valley had her stunned incessantly.

Such extravagance! It was indeed, truly extravagant!

What kind of extravagance was this? In order to find a place to sleep, they’d just invade and occupy a region that was comparable to a small city of the modern era. When compared to the Vermillion Bird’s lava valley, those people from her previous life who‘d considered themselves to be self-important when they bought islands, were simply too pathetic!

From what Shen Yanxiao had heard, Xiu’s opinion clearly stated that the previous place in which the Vermillion Bird had resided was much bigger compared to here. In regards to being a mythological animal, the current place that the Vermillion Bird was residing in was like a basement—simple, crude, and narrow.

She didn’t dare to imagine how wide the the Vermillion Bird’s ‘formal’ place of residency would be…

Moreover, according to Xiu’s opinion, it seemed like, apart from the Vermillion Bird, the other few mythological animals’ residential locations also had huge discrepancies.

After all, the Guangmang Continent was very vast. It was capable of squeezing in this many humans and beasts at the same time, yet was still able to have these much larger areas of lands, for these mythological animals, as an extravagant expense.

“Xiu, were the places that you previously resided in also quite huge?” Shen Yanxiao knew that, a long long time ago, Xiu had had his own body. Although she didn’t know why he’d become a spirit that had stayed within her body, she was extremely curious. After all, what kind of a place was it, to be able to raise this kind temperament in a great master?

Xiu didn’t immediately reply, and it was as if he was recalling something. Only after a moment, did he unhurriedly reply.


Was it possible for him to not give her such a succinct reply?!

Not accepting it as correct, Shen Yanxiao continued to ask.

“Was it bigger than the lava valley?”