The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2498 - Mysterious Cultivator in Tribulation

Chapter 2498: Mysterious Cultivator in Tribulation

In Western Heaven, the telekinetic power of Saint Zhenchan shrouded the entire sacred land of the Western Heaven, but Ye Futian could no longer be found.

This time was different from last time. Last time he was fooled by Ye Futian, who did not leave Spirit Mountain at all. However, this time Ye Futian may have already left Western Heaven for all he knew. He took advantage of reading Buddhist scriptures inside the library and escaped. Grandmaster Bitter Zen helped him by detaining the Buddhist cultivators who were supposed to be watching him and bought Ye Futian some time to get away from the sacred land of the Western Heaven.

Did he really find an opportunity to escape?

Saint Zhenchan had a horrible look on his face. The Light of Buddha radiated upon his body as he disappeared directly from where he was. Its speed was extremely fast, and he reappeared in a very remote location in an instant.

Western Heaven was a holy land of the Western World, claimed to be the highest heaven in the Western World of Buddhism. In fact, its territory was not so vast. The center of this World of Buddhism could only be reached after crossing the golden sea of clouds. It was so far away that it could not be reached by anyone who was not powerful, as this was the ultimate holy land.

But compared to other worlds in the World of Buddhism, the Western Heaven was like an infinite and stalwart ancient city of Buddhism.

This was the reason why Ye Futian was able to leave the Western Heaven in such a short time.

At this time, he appeared in other worlds and was walking on the ground. Between thoughts, he disappeared from where he was only to reappear in another city. After another step, he disappeared without a trace again, moving on to yet another city. In some places, some passers-by were stunned when they saw him disappeared into thin air and thought that they were mistaken; some even began to doubt their own cultivation.

It was impossible for cultivators to see anything by mistake. Still, that disappearing figure clearly had not released any aura, and there was no fluctuation in the power of the Space Great Path.

But Ye Futian didn’t consider any of that. In each step, he reached a different city. One second he was on the streets of an ancient city, and the next, he might appear in a wasteland. Yet, in another moment, he might find himself at sea again. The sceneries were constantly changing, and even Ye Futian himself had no idea where he was.

The characteristic of Buddha’s Celerity was that there was no fixed law to abide and one could do exactly as one wished.

Following Ye Futian, Saint Zhenchan was doing the same thing. His divine consciousness was covering the boundless and infinite space, searching for any trace of Ye Futian. However, because he was a step behind, he never found him, as if the other had disappeared into thin air. Saint Zhenchan was in a foul mood. After waiting and guarding for so long, did he really allow Ye Futian to escape because of such a small oversight?

“Where will he go?” Saint Zhenchan wondered in his heart and considered all the possibilities in his head. Other than tracking him, he must also forecast where Ye Futian was heading to increase the likelihood of finding him.

“Leave the Western World of Buddhism, go out of the realm, and return to the Divine Prefecture.” A thought appeared in Saint Zhenchan’s mind. Then, with the Light of Buddha shining, he continued moving forward.

He couldn’t believe that Ye Futian’s Celerity would be faster!

There was such a significant gap in realm between the two of them; even one of the six superpowers of Buddhism could not possibly bridge such a wide gap.

Saint Zhenchan moved towards a certain direction but could find no trace of Ye Futian along the way. How difficult was it to find someone who one had no idea where he went? Especially when this was someone who’s an expert in Buddha’s Celerity. No doubt, this whole exercise was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Ye Futian did not stop for a moment. Though he seemed to be walking, raising a foot on the bluestone street, and when that foot fell, he was on a mountain peak, facing the sun. When he raised his foot again, he was in a snowy field, with a flurry of snow everywhere.

He passed through many different heavens and countless cities in the Western World of Buddhism.

On this day, he seemed to have arrived in Six Desires Heaven once again. Walking in Six Desires Heaven now, he didn’t seem to be in such a hurry. After so many days, he reckoned he should have already gotten rid of Saint Zhenchan by now, and the other couldn’t find him.

Clearly, Ye Futian understood that all of this was only possible with the help of Grandmaster Bitter Zen and the cleverness of Buddha’s Celerity.

In Six Desires Heaven, a domain of path destruction lay across the sky, covering an endless area. Ye Futian appeared below this domain of path destruction and raised his head to look up. There were many cultivators up there, trying to comprehend the power within this domain of path destruction.

However, Ye Futian knew that they wouldn’t be able to comprehend anything.

This was the domain created by the explosion of Shenjia the Great Emperor’s divine body.

Ye Futian sighed secretly in his heart. That was the divine body, destroyed like this all because of the continued persecution of Saint Zhenchan.

After a brief reflection, Ye Futian continued to move on. He took a step and disappeared right away.

Somewhere high above the firmament, Ye Futian’s aura unleashed, and the sky above changed suddenly. A terrifying atmosphere of tribulation gathered and brewing. In the area above Six Desires Heaven, the Great Path roared, and tribulation was gestating.

After fleeing for so long, Ye Futian finally wanted to respond to the tribulation. He had long had this thought even when he was still on Spirit Mountain, but he had not tried it until now. This was something he had been thinking about for a long time.

At this time, Ye Futian was wrapped up in the Will of the Great Path, as if he was in nothingness. Countless cultivators in Six Desires Heaven looked up at the sky, and their hearts were greatly horrified.

Was someone experiencing divine tribulation in Six Desires Heaven?

After the storm that ripped apart Six Desires Heaven once upon a time, the Palace Lord of the Six Desires Heavenly Palace perished, and there were very few cultivators in Six Desires Heaven who were qualified to experience divine tribulation. Now, was someone about to?

This aura of tribulation was terrifying.

Above the firmament, there was a rainbow light of catastrophe from the Great Path, and a powerful will of Rule descended, locking onto Ye Futian physically.

“What is this?”

Ye Futian’s heart palpitated. He had seen divine tribulation twice before, once with Emperor Xi and once with Jieyu. However, the tribulation that he saw at the moment was different from the previous two.

This was a colorful divine tribulation!

“It’s a different elemental order of the Great Path,” Ye Futian secretly exclaimed in his heart. However, in his perception, this aura was so frightening that he seemed to have been locked in by the heavenly path, and that aura seemed to aim to kill him.

He had only broken through from the Eighth-Realm to the Ninth-Realm. Why was the power of his divine tribulation so terrifying?

Ye Futian stepped into the void, disappeared from the place he was before. However, the tribulation above the sky had covered an infinite area. Even if he moved about using Buddha’s Celerity, he could not dodge the lock on his body, and he could not shake the power of the tribulation.

A divine light descended, like the order of the Great Path, landing it squarely on Ye Futian by locking onto him. Ye Futian’s entire body was as bright as a divine body of the Great Path, but the moment when the light of catastrophe fell, he felt as if his body was penetrated, and all the meridians in his body were shaken; his blood tumbling and roaring within him. With a muffled groan, he vomited a mouthful of blood, and his face turned pale.

Furthermore, the power of the divine tribulation still remained in his body, raging as if it was another kind of baptism.

Ye Futian moved a thought, and his aura instantly retracted. Then he disappeared from the place he was.

The horrific power that was gestating above the sky could find no target to attack suddenly, raging indiscriminately, as if it was alive. After not being able to find a target, it then gradually dissipated.

When everything in the void was restored again, countless people gathered in this space under the firmament. Among them, many Renhuang level cultivators stared dumbly at all that had happened.

“What’s going on?” Someone asked, puzzled, and didn’t understand what was happening.

Just now, was that some top cultivator experiencing divine tribulation?

However, how could there be anyone who experienced the divine tribulation in this manner?

Everything disappeared before it was completed…

They had never heard of anything like this before.

Aside from them, Ye Futian himself couldn’t understand it either. Not only was his realm different from everyone else when he experienced the tribulation, but the manner in which he was experiencing was also exceedingly peculiar.

Furthermore, the power of divine tribulation terrified him.

At this time, he had only experienced the tribulation once and was already injured by it. However, his physique was extremely tyrannical, tempered by the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor. Even so, he was wounded, and all of his internal organs were severely injured.

He was sure that the divine tribulations encountered by Emperor Xi and Hua Jieyu were not so powerful as this. His current realm strength would only be that much stronger than Emperor Xi and Hua Jieyu when they had experienced their share of the tribulation. This was enough to demonstrate the awesome power of divine tribulation.

Although he was injured, he did not dither. Buddha’s Celerity had allowed him to cross the void at will. In this way, no one would know that he was experiencing the divine tribulation, and no one would associate it with him.

After he got far away from the place where he had experienced the tribulation, Ye Futian found a place to cultivate and recover the trauma caused by the tribulation. He would continue with his journey once he had recovered.

On this day, in Yemo Heaven, something had occurred, similar to what had happened at Six Desires Heaven. There was a mysterious cultivator experiencing divine tribulation, but still just that one time, and then the mysterious cultivator disappeared without a trace.

What was even more strange was that the same thing happened in different areas every once in a while, causing growing concern. Countless people were talking and speculating about this mysterious person in tribulation, and surmised that it ought to be the same person in all these instances.

However, why would anyone experience the divine tribulation in such a weird way?

Moreover, all at different locations. Could divine tribulation be happening based on chosen time and place?

What kind of a cultivator was that!

They could have never known that Ye Futian himself was very puzzled as well. The power of the divine tribulation was too strong, and he could only slowly adjusting and digesting. Otherwise, if he allowed a complete divine tribulation to come down upon him, he was not sure whether he could bear it at all.