The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 1127 - Divine Void Scripture Appears!

Chapter 1127: Divine Void Scripture Appears!

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Boom boom boom!

Explosions rang out in the sky as golden lights exploded in the sky.

Tang Hao brandished the Octoterra Halberd and swept in all directions.

Every time the halberd struck out, several golden-armored warriors would explode. However, there were too many of them. When one group fell, the next group would rush over, seemingly endless.

“Damn, why are there so many!”

Tang Hao cursed as he blasted another group towards Wan Qingzi.

Wan Qingzi quickly retreated, the golden banner shook and several golden lights surged out, turning into golden armored warriors that were a hundred meters tall, they were three times larger than the previous one.

His aura had also become several times stronger..

The group of golden-armored warriors roared and swung their fists.

Tang Hao frowned. He felt that this was a bit tricky.

“Get lost!”

With a loud shout, he swung his halberd and sent the group of golden-armored warriors flying before continuing to charge forward.

“Rascal, let’s see how long you can last!”

Wan Qingzi laughed sinisterly, activating the golden banner again.

The golden banner glowed brightly as a black beam shot into the sky, transforming into a revenant that was hundreds of meters tall and had eight arms. It looked ferocious.

And the aura it exuded had already reached the Path Seeking Realm.

“Hahaha! Rascal, there are many Void Spirits like this. Let’s see how you can block them!”

Wan Qingzi laughed loudly and summoned another revenant god that was a hundred meters tall.

The two Demon Gods surrounded Tang Hao.

“Two Path Seeking Void Spirits and along with Wan Qingzi, three Path Seeking Realm cultivators…”

Tang Hao’s expression turned grave.

Then, he looked at the banner.

After the second Void Spirit came out, there was no more movement from the banner. That’s right, controlling this Void Spirit required Dao Energy and even divine sense. With Wan Qingzi’s strength, he could only control two.

There was only three Path Seeking cultivators, he could still take them on!

Tang Hao quickly analyzed the situation and struck out with his halberd again, killing the Void Spirit in front of him.

Boom boom boom!

The battle erupted again.

The two Demon Gods and Wan Qingzi attacked Tang Hao together.

Tang Hao unleashed his full power. His divine bones, Nascent Soul, and golden cauldron were all used. Even the Moonshooter Bow was drawn by him. He drew the bowstring, condensed the spiritual qi of heaven and earth, and fired an arrow.

The power of one arrow directly blasted half of a revenant god’s body into pieces.

With another swing of the halberd, he was completely killed.


Wan Qingzi sucked in a breath of cold air and revealed a shocked expression.

He really did not expect this brat to be so brave. Three Path Seeking Realm cultivators attacked him together, and one of them was actually killed.

He then activated the Divine Void Banner again and summoned yet another revenant god.

The battle was still going on, brilliant lights shone in the sky, and loud explosions shook the sky.

Mountains crumbled one after another, and statues collapsed one after another. This battle caused the mountains to shake.

“Is… is he really Tang Ritian?”

In the distance, the elders and disciples of Broken Sword Mountain gathered together and watched the battle in shock.

The disciples could not believe that the expert who had almost destroyed their Broken Sword Mountain and forced them to flee was that Tang Ritian.

One had to know that this Tang Ritian was not someone from the older generation. He was about the same age as them.

However, there was a world of difference in strength.

Many of them were still in the Foundation Establishment stage, with the highest being at the Golden Core stage. However, Tang Ritian was already at the perfected Nascent Soul stage, and his battle prowess was on par with Path Seeking.

“Is… is he really human!?”

Many disciples smiled bitterly, feeling extremely dejected.

Those who could enter Broken Sword Mountain were all small talents. Some of them were even the so-called geniuses, but compared to this Tang Ritian, they were nothing.

Compared to the group of disciples, the elders’ feelings were even more complicated.

Boom! Boom!

Another mountain collapsed.

Tang Hao was sent flying by a revenant god’s punch, smashing into the mountain top.

“Damn it!”

He cursed, and with a flash, he landed on the head of a giant Buddha statue.

Under Wan Qingzi’s control, the revenant god roared and lunged forward, slamming its fist down.

Tang Hao stamped his foot and dodged.


A world-shaking noise sounded. That giant buddha head exploded, stone fragments flying everywhere.

Then, the revenant god’s fists came crashing down, and Tang Hao kept dodging, smashing into the giant Buddha.

The giant Buddha continued to collapse…

Suddenly, there was a flash of golden light among the shattered rocks.

“That is…”

Tang Hao saw this golden light from the corner of his eye.

At this moment, Wan Qingzi saw it as well. His expression changed, and his breathing quickened. His figure moved, and he immediately charged towards the golden light.

Tang Hao also rushed over. He was even closer and snatched the item first. He picked it up and saw that it was a cultivation technique with the words “Divine Void Scripture” written on it.

Tang Hao immediately understood that this was the scripture that Wan Qingzi had painstakingly searched for. It was also the inheritance of the False God Dao.

“Brat, hand over the scripture!”

Wan Qingzi shouted and slashed his sword.

At the same time, the two demon gods pounced down and surrounded him.

“Old guy, you’re dreaming! I’ll be taking this scripture!” Tang Hao swiftly put away the technique and then erupted with his full strength, swinging his halberd at Wan Qingzi.


The sword and halberd collided, causing a loud explosion.

Wan Qingzi groaned as her face paled.

One on one, he was still no match for this brat.

“Old man, I’ll spare your life first. See you next time!”

Tang Hao retreated and charged towards the gale.

He would definitely win in a one-on-one battle, but that old man had a freakish banner with him, and there was an endless supply of Void Spirits inside. He could not kill him at the moment, so he might as well leave first.

In any case, he had already obtained the ‘Divine Void Scripture’. It was well worth it.

“Brat, don’t go! Leave the scripture behind!”

Wan Qingzi was about to explode with rage as he chased after them madly.

That was the ‘Divine Void Scripture’, one of the famous ancient scriptures.

Although he had obtained the Divine Void Banner, without the scriptures, he could not learn how to refine to the Void Spirit Realm. Furthermore, what was inside the banner was not his own void Spirit so controlling it was very exhausting.

But how could he catch up? Tang Hao activated his Emperor Yu’s Steps and disappeared into the wind.

He charged out of the strong winds and flew southeast. A day later, he returned to the Southern Domain.

He did not return to Ritian Valley. Instead, he found a barren mountain and descended.

He sat down and rested for a while before taking out the cultivation technique book.

“Divine Void Scripture?”

Tang Hao recalled that he had never heard of this name before. There was no such name in the Void Realm’s cultivation technique manual.

“Looks like it was created by the future generations!”

Tang Hao muttered.

The techniques in the Void realm were quite ancient. The top-notch techniques, such as the Nirvana Sutra and the Heaven Transversal Scripture, were naturally powerful. However, many powerful techniques were born in later generations.

For example, the ‘Nine Heavens Lighting Scripture’ was also created in the later generations, and it was also an unassuming cultivation technique.

This ‘Divine Void Scripture’ should be the same as the ‘ Nine Heavens Lighting Scripture ‘.

Tang Hao thought for a moment, then opened the book and carefully read through it.