The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 645 - I’ve Seen You Before

Chapter 645: I’ve Seen You Before

When the two turned their heads to look, they saw a man and a woman hurrying over.

The man was in his forties and had a slightly protruding stomach, but his features were still decent.

The girl next to him was a teenager, about the same age as Tang Luo, with a few similarities in appearance to the man. She was quite pretty.

The two walked over and the man was excited to extend his hand.

“Aye, I didn’t expect to see Mr. Mo here!”

Mo Bonan stood up, put on a courteous smile, and extended his hand.

“So it’s Mr. Yuan. What a coincidence.”

Mr. Yuan took Mo Bonan’s hand and shook it happily.

“Is Mr. Mo here to inspect the mall today?”

The Mo family was one of the shareholders of this mall, so it was normal for them to come here for a “private visit” to inspect the place.

Mo Bonan smiled and said, “I took my brother out for a walk.”

“Oh, brother of Mr. Mo…” Mr. Yuan looked at Tang Luo, all smiles. “Hello, hello!”

The other party was so enthusiastic that Tang Luo flashed him a polite smile.


“I forgot to introduce you guys! This is my daughter, Yuan Simeng. Come, Meng Meng. This is Mr. Mo, and this is Mr. Mo’s brother…”

“Just call me Tang Luo.”

“Oh, Tang Luo,” Mr. Yuan laughed. “How old are you, Tang Luo?”


“Oops, what a coincidence! Meng Meng is also eighteen this year!” Mr. Yuan was very warm.

“Which month were you born in?” Yuan Simeng looked at Tang Luo, her eyes shining.

“I was born in February.”

Although she felt that the other party was coming on too strong, Tang Luo still answered politely.

“I was also born in February!” Yuan Simeng was even more pleasantly surprised. “Which day were you born?”

Tang Luo’s expression stiffened slightly. Was this a background check?

After a moment’s hesitation, she answered.

“The 20th.”

“Oh my! It’s fate!” Yuan Simeng was even more surprised.

“Were you also born on the same day?” Tang Luo was also surprised.

“No, I was born on the 21st. Exactly one day apart.” Yuan Simeng’s eyes seemed to glow.

“Oh, really?”

Tang Luo was a little embarrassed, as she had never talked to anyone about this kind of topic before.

“Huh, I feel like you look a little familiar!” Yuan Simeng was not courteous at all, acting very familiar.

“Is that so?” Tang Luo’s smile stiffened.

“Yes! You look familiar!” Yuan Simeng frowned and thought about it, then suddenly realized and clapped her hands. “That’s right! I remember now! I saw you on my birthday!”

It was because of the special day that she had a strong impression.

Now Tang Luo was puzzled.

“You saw me on your birthday? ”

She never remembered them having crossed paths before.

Yuan Simeng nodded, very sure, “My birthday party was held at Bindu Hotel! I saw you there that day!”

Tang Luo, “??!!!”

Tang Luo’s heart shook and she hurriedly shook her head.

“How could that be?! I wasn’t even there that day! You must be mistaken.”

“I’m not mistaken!” Yuan Simeng shook her head with certainty. “I remember that you were also in the elevator when I entered it that day, and you didn’t look very well!”

Yuan Simeng remembered clearly. After all, Tang Luo was quite good-looking.

Such a handsome young guy with a not-so-good complexion… How could she not remember it?

“You were also at the Bindu Hotel on the 21st?” Mo Bonan suddenly asked.

Tang Luo’s heart jumped wildly.

She made a thinking face, then shook her head.

“No, you must be mistaken. I met with my classmates at the amusement park that day. How could I have been at the Bindu Hotel?”

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