The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 646 - Being Found Out

Chapter 646: Being Found Out

Tang Luo was so sure that she finally made Yuan Simeng doubt her memory.

“Really… Then I must be mistaken. Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Tang Luo laughed. “There are so many people in this world, and there are quite a few that look similar. Maybe that person looked quite similar to me. That’s why you mistook him.”


Yuan Simeng was a little embarrassed. However, she quickly pulled herself together.

“By the way, are you done with your high school exams too?”

“No, I’m not a senior until next semester. I did an extra year before that.”

“Oh, ok! Where are you studying now?”

“Qing Ye High School.”

“I have friends at Qing Ye High School! It’s a place for top scholars! You must be a top scholar too!”

“I’m okay.”

Mo Bonan watched the two people chatting back and forth, his mood turning a little bit worse.

Mr. Yuan looked at his daughter and Tang Luo chatting, smiling happily.

“Aye, our Meng Meng just likes to make friends. With young people, there is a common topic, whereas we have a generation gap with them.”

The “not-young” Mo Bonan didn’t have much to say.

If you followed the saying that there was a generation gap of three years, there was indeed a very deep and long generation gap between him and Tang Luo.

However, he was also a young man!

As he listened to the two “young people” chatting so enthusiastically, Mo Bonan’s face became grim and he forgot what Yuan Simeng just said.

Fortunately, Tang Luo did not lose her mind. After chatting for a while, she hurried to find an excuse.

“Um, we still have things to do today….”

“Oh, oh right! We have to go shopping too!” Yuan Simeng also said. “How about this? Let’s exchange contacts!”

Although Tang Luo was hesitant, she nodded.

Yuan Simeng immediately took out her phone and happily exchanged numbers.

“Then I’ll talk to you again when I get back!”

She was overjoyed. She liked slim and elegant guys like this.

As for the tall, dark-faced Mo Bonan on the side, she instantly excluded him.

He was not her cup of tea.

Watching the two exchange numbers, the temperature around Mo Bonan decreased by a few degrees.

Only after the father-daughter duo had left did he look at Tang Luo.

“You like her a lot?”

“No.” Tang Luo was confused. “What makes you think so?”

“Didn’t you guys have a good conversation?”

“She asked me, and of course I had to answer. It’s only polite.”

Tang Luo was innocent.

Mo Bonan looked at her bewildered expression and could only hold back the frustration in his heart.

After the two finished their drinks, they looked at each other speechlessly. After resting for a while, they got up and continued walking.

Halfway, Mo Bonan suddenly asked, “Have you been to the Bindu Hotel?”

Tang Luo’s footsteps stalled, her face stiffened, then she quickly returned to normal and shook her head.

“No. Why would I go there?”

Since she said no, Mo Bonan did not continue to ask.

Seeing that Mo Bonan didn’t pursue the question, Tang Luo let out a careful sigh of relief.

He definitely wouldn’t find out!

The two of them shopped for another two hours before they finally bought the right gift.

By the time Tang Luo returned home, she was almost ready to collapse.

The physical fatigue was only part of it; her mind was the most tired!

She regretted it a little. Why did she go out today?!

If she didn’t go out, she wouldn’t have met Yuan Simeng, and then she wouldn’t have been in danger of being found out!

After rolling around on the bed for a while, she stopped, grabbed her phone, looked at the time, and immediately sat up with a flip.

It was time for the live broadcast of the finale of “Million Dollar Wisdom and Courage!”

She hurriedly turned on the live broadcast just in time for the commercials.

After the commercials, it was finally time to get down to business.

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