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Chapter 419 - Side Story Chapter 39 – Kirikiri (7)

Chapter 419 Side Story Chapter 39 – Kirikiri (7)

Becoming a god.

The High Seeker believed it was possible.

He was convinced by the journey this past year, while meeting the spirit creatures who claim to be gods from all over the continent and those who have been reborn as truly divine beings.

There were two conditions for becoming a god.

Transcendent power.

The reverence and worship of all peoples.

The High Seeker was confident that both conditions could be met.

[It doesn’t matter what kind of god you become.]

Can you achieve your ideals by becoming a god?

Think of the most familiar God of Light.

No matter how powerful the God of Light may be, he will not be able to achieve the ideal of the High Seeker.

[Can you?]

The sword asked.

The High Seeker didn’t know either.

But he could try.

It was well worth the challenge.

[You can save a lot of people.]

There are many times when he was faced with the limits of being human.

He solves a problem at the eastern end of the continent, but cannot solve the problem at the western end of that continent.

Even if he found a wizard who could travel through space, he could not go back and forth constantly between the continent’s ends.

There was a limit to magical power.

If he becomes a god, those limitations themselves will disappear.

[But if that’s the end, it’s no different from being an incredibly strong superhuman.]

It does not stop at solving problems.

During his decades of ruling the kingdom, he learned a lot about governance and sociology.

The majority of human motives stem from a lack of fulfillment.

But if a great god pours out all his power to support the world, there will be no shortage.

No one will be hungry.

If only he could create enough food for everyone to be satisfied.

Envy will disappear.

If everyone could have all the jewelry they want.

There will be no fights and no wars.

They have no enemies.

There will be only reconciliation.

In their monotonous life, the only stimulus that will remain is the relationship with people.

Elevated consciousness and morality will lead them to higher places.

They will explore the power of creation and contemplate a world smaller than them.

That was the world the High Seeker dreamed of.

[It may not be the world I like.]

said the sword.

He was a weapon.

He was like that even when he was a human.

He was still like that even when he became a swordsman.

He was there to kill someone.

His purpose is to protect and save someone.

What has not changed is that it is essentially a tool for reinforcement of armed forces.

[If the world were like that, I wouldn’t be needed in it.]

It will be.

[And you won’t be needed either.]

A perfect world.

Perfection was such a law.

If the High Seeker becomes a god, he will be able to lead such a world.

But in a world that has attained perfection, there will no longer be a need for the High Seeker.

“What’s the big deal?”

There is no regret in becoming useless after achieving your ideal.

Rather, you should be rejoicing.

“I want to be that kind of god.”

It was the answer to the sword’s question.

Kirikiri was quietly listening to their conversation.

* * *

The High Seeker and Kirikigiri soon arrived at the beginning of the Blue Mountains.

It was exactly the first time in a year.

Just one year had passed since the day Kirikiri met the High Seeker at the inn and, they went on a trip together.

Kirikiri was excited.

The big rucksack was now filled with dried fruit and sugar she had prepared for the other rabbits rather than camping gear.

She also got a lot of pearls, which was the purpose of the trip.

Kirikiri was proud.

Her steps up the mountain were full of strength.

When she arrived at the front of the stairs leading up to the plateau, Kirikiri was so excited that she unknowingly made a scream.

She hummed as she circled the High Seeker.

It was really crazy, but the High Seeker didn’t stop Kirikiri and laughed.

The High Seeker was also happy to see the stairs.

In the beginning, he couldn’t go any further up the stairs, so he went back to the village, where he met Kirikiri and traveled for a year.

Finally, he was able to climb the plateau he had been aiming for.

When the High Seeker and Kirikiri were rejoicing in their own way, there were people coming down the stairs.

It was the rabbits.

“What? Kirikiri!”

“Really Kirikiri!”

“There is a human too!”

The rabbits that were going down the stairs found Kirikiri and ran towards them.

“What? Huh?”

When Kirikiri met the rabbits under the stairs, she was both puzzled and happy.

The rabbits called with joy at the reunion after a long absence, the High Seeker was a little perplexed.

“Are they really that small?”

The rabbits that suddenly appeared were really small.

Most of them were small in stature, not even reaching Kirikiri’s waist.

Although they were in the form of a human, the legs and hair on the face and body looked more like a rabbit than a human.

There’s a reason people call them a rabbit, not a rabbit humanoid beast.

[Those are kids. Adult rabbits are a little bigger. Yes, still smaller than Kirikiri.]

He already knew that Kirikiri was beyond a human-rabbit beast

But looking at it this way, there was a really big difference between the rabbit and the Kirikiri.

Only their ears were the same.

“What’s going on here?”

Kirikiri asked.

Rabbits don’t come down stairs very well.

Rarely does it happen that these young rabbits come down with each other.

“The adults asked for it!”

“They asked us for it!”

There is a place where apple trees are in full bloom!”

“They told us to pick apples from there! This much! This much!”

One of the little rabbits said, showing a basket.

Kirikiri tilted his head.

Procurement of food is the job of the village below.

It’s something the villagers do together.

It is, of course, the job of adults to go to places far away from the village to gather food.

She couldn’t figure out why they had to send the children alone.

But it was soon ignored.

She thought that some of the children had begged them to go down to the bottom of the mountain.

“Then we’ll take care of you.”

They took the children to the place where there is an apple tree and decided to go back to the village together.

Even the High Seeker thought it would be better to help the children and enter the village together.

The High Seeker, who had visited many remote villages, knew that in order for foreigners to be welcomed, he had to put in a lot of effort.

He started walking towards the apple tree with the rabbits who had been making a lot of noise for a while.

As soon as they left, the rabbits became quiet.

The rabbit’s impression he heard from Kirikiri was very loud and very distracting.

The High Seeker told Kirikiri that the rabbits were more docile than they thought.

Kirikiri smiled awkwardly.

“They must be trying hard.”

The little rabbits who went out on a picnic outside the village couldn’t be quiet.

They were chattering through telepathy.

“Before, I was just talking with you.”

It is said that all rabbits have a mental connection, and through it they can communicate.

As long as they are in the village, they can talk as if you were right next to you, no matter how far away you are.

She said that it is not only possible to convey words, but also to understand the feelings and emotional intentions of the person you are talking to.

It was no different than having a face-to-face conversation.

It was amazing.

He wondered if that was possible.

They don’t use magic, they just connect their minds as soon as they are born, and telepathy is possible.

Even the telepathy used by wizards has a higher level of telepathy that is difficult to compare with.

[Because they are basically demigods. It is not a race that developed through evolution from the beginning, but a race that was born by being derived from a god. Maybe the whole race is one individual.]

Said the sword.

[Perhaps that’s why their minds are connected. Oh, this is not my opinion. That’s what my colleague, the summoning wizard, said during my lifetime.]

It’s a race that was born out of a god.

The High Seeker looked at Kirikiri involuntarily.

“…I can’t.”

Kirikiri said as if embarrassed.

Unlike other rabbits, this means that she couldn’t use telepathy..

The High Seeker thought as he walked.

Contrary to what he thought, the Rabbit Village seems to be quite quiet.

Of course, the rabbits might be chatting with excitement.

It would be a very quiet world for those who do not have telepathic abilities.

Probably the same for Kirikiri.

He looked at Kirikir’s back in front of him.

He started walking again.

* * *

There really was an apple tree in the place the little rabbits were talking about.

A bunch of ripe apples were hanging.

The small baskets brought by the children quickly filled up.

They couldn’t even fit all the apples from one tree.

In the end, they had to crumple the apples into the space left in Kirikiri’s bag.

After diligently picking apples, they headed back to the village.

The young rabbits were walking well, then suddenly turned back.

“Let me eat one of our apples.”


Kirikiri was adamant.

The young rabbits opened their eyes and looked at each other, but Kirikiri didn’t even nod.

Ignoring all requests, persuasion and pleas, the rabbits jumped up and tried to steal the basket Kirikiri was holding.

Kirikiri lifted the basket over her head, and no matter how much the little rabbits jumped, they couldn’t get their hands on it.

Eventually, the rabbits whined and hurried their steps again.

The High Seeker, who felt sorry for their pitiful appearance, said.

“Let’s go eat a few.”

It was an apple that he was only going to take away in a basket anyway.

With more apples in Kirikiri’s bag, He thought it would be okay to eat a few apples in the basket.

“Good human!”

“A gentle human!”

The little rabbits cheered.

Kirikiri quickly threw herself away and sighed as she watched the rabbits clinging to the High Seeker they had never seen before.

“Yes. Then.”

There was a flat, large rock around it.

She gathered there and began to share an apple.

Kirikiri also grabbed half of the apple and ate it.

It was sweet and delicious.

Kirikiri, who left her hometown and returned after eating all kinds of sweet and delicious food in a foreign country, was really happy about the sweet and delicious apple.

The little rabbits who lived in the rabbit village, where fruits are scarce, loved it as could be seen from their wide eyes.

The High Seeker looked at her and had a question.

Why did the adult rabbits give only one small basket to the children?

There were only about a dozen apples in one basket.

If close to ten children ate them one by one, they would soon run out.

Did they think that the children would not eat the apples on the way to the village?

The rabbit that the High Seeker knows is a race that eats when hungry and sleeps when sleepy.

And they even consider that to be the right reason.

After eating half of the apple, he decided to ask Kirkiri something he had been curious about for a while.

Why did they tell the children to pick apples with each other?

The place where the apple tree was hidden was quite far from the village.

No matter how the children wanted to go outside the village, it was a street that adults had to accompany.

“Adults are busy. Hing.”

One little rabbit answered Kirikiri’s question.

“Are you very busy?”

“Yes. Today is a festival day.”

Kirikiri tilted her head.

“The festival day was last year.”

“Yes. Last year was a festival, this year it’s like a festival.”

The village festival is an event held once every ten years.

The festival held last year will not be held again this year.

However, according to the little rabbits, it seemed that the festival was held one after another this year.

It suddenly became an annual event.

It was hard to understand, but it was good news for Kirikiri.

It was a festival that she couldn’t participate in to buy the pearl.

If the festival is held again this year, she will be able to participate right away without having to wait ten years.

Kirikiri was excited and moved on with her steps.

She got excited and went ahead, enough for the little bunnies to whistle not to go too fast.

Kirikiri’s reckless steps were blocked in front of the stairs.


The entrance to the village was blocked by a transparent barrier.