The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 100

Chapter 100

Face-slapping the childhood sweetheart (8)

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In fact, when Chen Qi found Yang Lizheng, he was at first a little surprised, because Yang Lizheng’s handsomeness made him remember what he was like when he was young. He too used to love sports and was very careless, but he didn’t have much of a dream. Yang Lizheng, however, was different; he knew clearly what he wanted to do.

Without knowing why he was attracted, the feeling of his heartbeat made Chen Qi very confused. He thought he wouldn’t be moved again, and how could a thirty-year-old like him still feel love at first sight?

But looking at the figure on the field, Chen Qi couldn’t deny that he was about to go crazy. Because his heart was racing out of his control.

As Yang Lizheng took a break from basketball, Chen Qi walked over and smiled, “Hi, young man, my name is Chen Qi, let’s be friends.”

Yang Lizheng looked at this person and felt that his man was very weird, so he turned and left.

Chen Qi followed tightly behind. Yang Lizheng ignored him, but he didn’t give up, yet in the end, Yang Lizheng was done with it and said to Chen Qi, “What’s up with you?”

“I’m having… love sickness?”

Yang Lizheng, “…”

After a few months, Yang Lizheng was about to be driven crazy by this old man. Every day, Chen Qi would give him all sorts of presents, from cups to diamond rings. Right, he also bought Yang Lizheng food every day.

One day, he brought some egg fried rice that was too bitter and salty. Yang Lizheng frowned hard as he ate, and the old man couldn’t hold it anymore, and said, “It’s alright, just leave it, it’s my first try.”

Yang Lizheng understood something at that moment: the old man was indeed loving him to the fullest. The man had never cooked before, but for Yang Lizheng, he did it anyway.

Chen Qi felt distressed seeing Yang Lizheng suffering the pain, so he took the rice and started eating, but Yang Lizheng snatched the rice back and took large mouthfuls.

In the end, Yang Lizheng still failed to defend against the old man’s repeated attacks, but it was just that this man was very stubborn on ownership, even to the point that he didn’t want Yang Lizheng to talk with anyone else. Yang Lizheng was annoyed at this crazy man but still couldn’t give him up.

When He Meng and Ru Yu met, she used her powerful background.

Ye Shaoyun looked at Chen Qi after a dozen investigators arrived, his eyes full of hopelessness.

In the end, the investigators requested them to temporarily close their company for further investigations.

Why did people for thousands of years long for power? Because with enough power in hand, nothing couldn’t be done.

Chen Qi and Ye Shaoyun were helpless right now. A design company under the orders to close would be doomed. All the reputation they built vanished in a day.

Ru Yu didn’t know about this. That night, he even called Ye Shaoyun. He was still not added onto his contacts. Ye Shaoyun picked up, “Hello?”

“Uncle Ye, just beg me and I’ll get your company back into the business. It won’t be any different from before.”


After hanging up, Zhou Xu asked him, “Do you want to scold him?”

Ye Shaoyun shook his head, “No, I want to beat him up.”

Zhou Xu nodded, “If so, then let me go with you. Beating people up is my favorite.”

As Ye Shaoyun’s phone rang again, he put on speaker mode seeing it was the same phone number again so that Zhou Xu could hear it.

At the place that they were supposed to meet, Ru Yu wore pure white, looking very handsome. Beside him, two girls even went to ask for his signature, probably thinking that he was some star. Taking off his sunglasses, Ru Yu kindly rejected them.

Looking at Ru Yu’s smile, the girls seemed to be dazed. They bowed and took a picture with him before returning to their seats.

Zhou Xu and Ye Shaoyun just watched that like a show, and they went in after the girls went away.

Ru Yu saw that Zhou Xu was here too, so he smiled, “Uncle Ye, Zhou Xu, you two sure can’t be separated. “

“I don’t want to talk here, come with me.”

Zhou Xu didn’t say anything, but Ye Shaoyun’s voice and expression was just as cold as it had always been.

Ru Yu smiled. Looking at the two girls, he said, “Sure, I don’t feel comfortable here, so many people, right?”

Ye Shaoyun didn’t answer and left with Zhou Xu.

Ru Yu stood up and smiled at the two girls before leaving as well.

Here was a marketplace, but no matter where, there would always be some terrifyingly quiet places, like restaurants or hotel’s back doors.

At first, Ye Shaoyun was leading the way, but soon, Zhou Xu walked to the front, because he was more familiar with where the security cameras were.

After they got to the place, the three of them stopped. Ru Yu looked around and said, “Uncle Ye, you want to talk to me here? Don’t you think it smells a little…”

Before Ru Yu could finish, Ye Shaoyun’s fist already reached his face.

Ru Yu was knocked back a few steps, and his teeth felt loose with a mouthful of blood.

Spitting the blood out, Ru Yu stood up, “What are you doing!”

“Bang!” Another punch hit on the same spot.

This time, one of Ru Yu’s molars came out, and he spat the tooth and blood out. Looking coldly at Ye Shaoyun, he said, “Uncle Ye, this is what you mean by talking?”

“You called me your uncle for all these years, but pity that I never got the chance to teach you a good lesson. Now, I just want to let you know what it means to be wrong.”

“Haha, is it your turn?” Ru Yu answered and swung his fist over as well.

Zhou Xu was about to step up, but Ye Shaoyun raised a hand to stop him from interfering. Ye Shaoyun could take care of Ru Yu without his help.

Ye Shaoyun turned sideways and avoided the punch from Ru Yu. Then, his fist once again landed on Ru Yu’s stomach.

Ru Yu instantly crouched down and couldn’t even let out another word.

“Ru Yu, you want me to beg you for help, but let me tell you that it’s impossible. If you want me to continue playing these insidious tricks, then I’ll play with you to the end.”

Ru Yu was still spitting out blood while holding his stomach and couldn’t say what he wanted. Looks like this punch was not a light one.

“Uncle, that’s enough, don’t end up killing him,” said Zhou Xu. He didn’t want Ye Shaoyun to go to prison because of Ru Yu.

Ye Shaoyun nodded and sighed as he looked at Ru Yu before leaving with Zhou Xu.

After they left, Ru Yu stood up slowly, because he found that if he didn’t do this, Ye Shaoyun would continue punching him. So, his perceived pain was 30% real and 70% fake.

Standing up, Ru Yu coughed out another mouthful of blood and licked his teeth. Finding out that he only lost one tooth, he smiled. Anyone that sees this smile would feel a chill down one’s back.

The next day, Chen Qi and Ye Shaoyun met in their office. Without much to say, they smiled and said, “Let’s close the company.”

“Yeah, it’s about time.”

Chen Qi also had someone important in his life, and that someone didn’t even care about Ru Yu, so why should he?

In fact, Yang Lizheng had thought through everything clearly. He just wanted to see Ru Yu keep messing around and believed that Ru Yu would end up messing himself up.

Knowing that the company closed, Ru Yu’s mouth twitched. These people didn’t care about money nor business, then would they care about lives?

Finally, he dialed a number that he hadn’t touched for a long time. Ru Yu said, “Brother Long, kill someone for me.”


“A first-year student in the music school, Zhou Xu.”

“The pay?”

“Three hundred grand. I’ll send a hundred to your account by tonight as a down payment, and after I see Zhou Xu’s body, I’ll pay you the rest two hundred.”


“Also, I’ll only give you one day. I want to see his body by tomorrow night.”


Hanging up the phone, Ru Yu sent a text message to Ye Shaoyun, “I want to send you a knife, stabbing right into your chest.”

Ye Shaoyun saw the message and showed his phone to Zhou Xu. Zhou Xu smiled and said, “Does he love you to the point that he wants to kill you?”

Ye Shaoyun didn’t say anything, but he felt like something was wrong in this.

Zhou Xu returned to school that morning and wanted to get his books from his dorm.

Taking out the key to open the lock, he found the door was opened. Normally, all three of his roommates would have left already. Two who sang in the chorus had to warm up, and the other would always go practice his saxophone at this time. If the saxophone person didn’t go play, he would still lock the door, because of what he had in the room.

His hand trembled from a sudden feeling of nervousness.

But with just a thought, Zhou Xu turned the key the other way and locked the door from outside.

Zhou Xu stood outside the door and listened. From what he could tell, the slight movements inside could not be from his roommates.

His three roommates, two sang, so their voices were naturally louder, and one that played saxophone and with guns would never be that quiet, obviously different from what he heard inside.

Zhou Xu went downstairs as fast as he could and reported to security while calling the police.

While the security officers went upstairs with Zhou Xu, Zhou Xu went past two people that wore glasses and had their faces covered in a thick scarf.

His instincts told him that these two must be the ones in his room, so he paused and yelled, “Hold there!”

The two didn’t stop but started running.

Zhou Xu and the security started chasing after them, but after they got downstairs, the two people already disappeared in the busy traffic in the school.

Disappointed, Zhou Xu could only lead the security officer to his room and saw that the door was already broken while a person was lying in the bloody door. It was his roommate that liked to play with guns.

The two of them quickly went in to check on the wounds as the police also arrived soon after.

In a few minutes, Zhou Xu’s roommate was already sent to the hospital. Although his wounds were severe, it was not life-threatening.

Zhou Xu was concerned about Ye Shaoyun worrying over this, and he was also concerned about Ye Shaoyun’s safety.

Remembering what Ye Shaoyun received last night, Zhou Xu suddenly gained insight. Ru Yu wanted to kill Zhou Xu who Ye Shaoyun cared about the most so that Ye Shaoyun would be sad.

This logic, Zhou Xu thought, was surely unique.

But after thinking it through, Zhou Xu also could confirm that Ye Shaoyun should be safe for now, and he shouldn’t tell Ye Shaoyun yet. These people looked professional, and usually, they wouldn’t attempt a mission again after failing to avoid exposing themselves. Also, they couldn’t be sure if Zhou Xu recognized their faces earlier today either.

Still recovering from the fight, Ru Yu received a call. The voice seemed to have come from underground, sounding cold and scary.

“Hey, we failed. I’ll send the money back to you.”

“I’ll add two hundred grand. Try again.”

“Sorry, but I can refer you to another one, these people are more hardcore, as long as you have the money of course.”


Ru Yu called the other number. If that first killer sounded from underground, this one must be straight from hell, a hundred times more terrifying from the previous.

The response he got was simple, “Sure, but we’ll charge even on a failed attempt. Two hundred grand if failed, five hundred grand if succeeded.”


Just as he hung up and was about to take some medicine, he saw a shadow coming to his door.

Surprised, Ru Yu quickly went to the door and saw that the person already went away, but just from the back, he could tell that it was Yang Lizheng.

So, Ru Yu quickly gave the same person another call, “Add another person, Yang Lizheng, for three times the money, but I want it to be done today.”

“No problem.”

Yang Lizheng called Zhou Xu as soon as he came out, but it returned busy every time. Yang Lizheng was worried and called Chen Qi, “Chen Qi, you knew who Zhou Xu’s lover was, right?”

“What? Don’t you dare fall in love with another person.”

“Cut the crap, Zhou Xu is in danger. Ru Yu hired a hitman and wanted to kill Zhou Xu.”

Chen Qi stopped joking around because he knew that Yang Lizheng was serious this time. He, who had always been smooth and easygoing, had never talked that quickly before, so Chen Qi got out his door and got in his car, “Xiao Zheng, where are you? Wait for me, I’m coming.”

“I’m in front of my neighborhood, you go call Ye Shaoyun right now.”

“Ok, wait for me there.”

“No, I just got on a taxi, I’ll go find… Toot… toot… toot…”

“Xiao Zheng, Xiao Zheng?”