The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 99

Chapter 99

Face-slapping the childhood sweetheart (7)

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Ye Shaoyun returned to the company, Chen Qi also wondered why he came back. Ye Shaoyun also didn’t say much, he asked Chen Qi for the contract. He read it once, he took a picture and sent it to Zhou Xu.

That night, Zhou Xu called Ye Shaoyun and said this kind of contract could not be established at all. Although he was an employee of the company and obeyed the arrangement of the company, if the designer was written as a party on the contract, then he must know, otherwise this clause could not be established automatically.

After Ye Shaoyun expressed his understanding, Zhou Xu hung up the phone. After a whole day of military training, he was really tired.

After that, Ye Shaoyun received a call from Ru Yu. The number was an unfamiliar number, so Ye Shaoyun picked it up. He had already put Ru Yu’s number on the blacklist.


“Uncle Ye, you’re so heartless to even go so far as to not answer my phone calls?”

As soon as Ye Shaoyun heard that it was Ruyu, he immediately wanted to hang up but Ru Yu continued, “Don’t hang up first, I’m not actually trying to force you, Uncle Ye, I’m just…”

Ru Yu’s words hadn’t finished yet but Ye Shaoyun had already hung up the phone because he didn’t want to entangle with Ru Yu anymore.

At the other end, Ru Yu held the phone and wanted revenge more and more.

Putting the phone away, Ru Yu smiled coldly. Since Ye Shaoyun wasn’t tactful, the lawyer’s letter should be ready.

The next day, Qiyun design company received a lawyer’s letter.

Chen Qi smiled at the lawyer’s letter. It seemed that Ye Shaoyun was really in trouble. He had to find a way to protect Ye Shaoyun as much as possible. After all, when the company was just established, Ye Shaoyun volunteered to join the company to help him through the difficulties. This time, he would never abandon this old friend.

Dialing a phone number, Chen Qi said, “Help me check someone, Yang Ru Yu.”

The man on the other side just said okay and hung up. Chen Qi opened the company’s accounting table. At the same time, he also had to check the things to be prepared for the company on the matter of ownership transfer.

Chen Qi really wanted to have a rest. Over the years, he had hardly spent a day at home peacefully. It was already considered good when he didn’t have to work overtime.

As for the company, if that person was aiming at Ye Shaoyun,then he could transfer the company to another designer, if the aim was the company, then just close it.

Of course, it was impossible not to have any feelings for the company, but if he had to abandon his friends for the company, Chen Qi chuckled, of course it was impossible.

That night, Chen Qi received a phone call, and the content of the call was also very simple, “Check your mailbox.”

Opening his private mailbox, there was indeed an unread email and he opened it. Chen Qi began to look at Yang Ru Yu’s biography.

The content of the email was very detailed, including who exactly Ru Yu has met, as well as their relationship.

After reading through the twenty pages of emails, Chen Qi also found it hard to understand. Yang Ru Yu obviously liked Ye Shaoyun, but why was he now trying to make things difficult for him?

“It’s true that people in love are not normal in their head.” Chen Qi sighed.

However, Chen Qi also found that he could start with someone, Yang Li ZhengYang Lizheng, who obviously disagrees with Yang Ruyu. However, this person was very popular, if provoked, he may really become a problem.

After this day, Zhou Xu drew up a statement himself, using the manner of speech of Qi Yun design company’s lawyer. The loopholes in the contract were pointed out one by one, and he emphasized that if they really wanted to go to court, they would fight them to the end.

Ye Shaoyun was also surprised after reading it. He did not expect Zhou Xu to know so much about the Contract Law. Moreover, he had never seen Zhou Xu learn law. It seemed that Ye Shaoyun found that he did not know lots of aspects about Zhou Xu.

Zhou Xu’s statement was given to their own lawyers by Ye Shaoyun and Chen Qi. After the lawyers read it, they signed it and sent it to Ru Yu’s lawyer.

Ever since, a courtroom battle has really begun.

Yang Ru Yu had never used his relationship, nor let his manager tell his parents, because this was his first willfulness, and he knew it, so the lawsuit was eventually lost.

The whole process was very fast, but it still took two months. In these two months, Yang Ru Yu once again found that he had gone to the opposite side of Ye Shaoyun, and could never go back.

This time he failed, but next time, he would never let Zhou Xu and Ye Shaoyun go. He wanted to let them go to hell and never to be reincarnated.

Before the winter vacation, on Friday night, Zhou Xu wanted to go home to see Ye Shaoyun.

After getting off the bus, there were almost no people on the road from the bus station to his neighborhood. Zhou Xu was walking leisurely, but suddenly his heart palpitated. He knew that he was being watched.

The ability to perceive danger had never failed Zhou Xu, and had never made a mistake.

Zhou Xu glanced behind him from the corner of his eye. The other party had a total of four people, who seemed to be street gangsters.

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Xu swerved and walked in at a small corner in front of him.

That corner was actually the back door of a building. It was very narrow, half a meter wide and more than two meters high. Occasionally, homeless people would spend the night here and it was also very dirty.

The few people chasing behind saw Zhou Xu entering, and ran after him decisively, but they didn’t find Zhou Xu’s shadow after entering.

In an instant, the four of them looked at each other, but Zhou Xu suddenly fell from the sky, the leather shoes on his feet pointed at the back of two of them.


The two people fell over, easier to deal with the remaining two. Zhou Xu calmly landed, hooked his index finger and said, “Come on.”

The two remaining people saw that the first two fell, they also became nervous. They looked at each other, then nodded and rushed in together.

Their fists came together, but Zhou Xu accurately grasped the wrists of the two of them and pulled them back. Using this half-second advantage from their stumbling, Zhou Xu kicked them in a certain place which was not lethal but painful to death.

The two who fell had fainted, and the remaining two were rolling on the floor with pain. Zhou Xu stepped on a person’s face and asked, “Who asked you to come?”

“No, no one. We just don’t have any money…borrow some money…”

Zhou Xu used force on his foot, the man wailed. Zhou Xu continued, “Talk, if you don’t talk, this face of yours will be ruined.”

“…Ok, ok, I will talk… It’s a male, he had a mask so we couldn’t not see his face clearly. However, his eyes were beautiful, he had double eyelids, his voice was very nice, and he was also very pale. He said that if we could take you captive, he would give us each one hundred thousand RMB, and he also gave us a deposit of ten thousand on the spot. Who he is, what he’s called, we really don’t know. Brother, spare my life ah, spare my life.”

Zhou Xu once again stepped hard on the man’s face. The man finally fainted in pain after wailing.

Zhou Xu slowly walked forward. The remaining awake person covered the place kicked by Zhou Xu and retreated a little bit. Zhou Xu said with a faint smile, “Even if there were twenty of you, you are still not my opponent and I also carry this with me. Would you still come at me next time?”

At that, Zhou Xu took out a gun from his pocket.

The little punk was so scared that tears and snot came out together. He said while crying, “Sorry, sorry, big brother forgive me, I won’t dare to do it again.”

Zhou Xu looked at him coldly, turned around and walked away.

The gun in his hand was actually fake. Today was really a coincidence. His roommate liked to play with this kind of thing. Zhou Xu dismantled the most complex one and put it back together very quickly. His roommate was stunned and absolutely wanted to give Zhou Xu one, saying to make friends through the gun.

The reason why Zhou Xu took it out to scare these people, so that they would not come back, was because these people were bullying the weak and fearing the strong. Zhou Xu must act very tough so they wouldn’t dare to come back.

When he returned home, Ye Shaoyun just brought out the last plate of food.

“You’re back,” Ye Shaoyun said, looking up, but when he saw Zhou Xu’s clothes, his face immediately changed, “What happened?”

Zhou Xu lowered his head and found that his jacket was torn, it seemed that his actions were still a little too violent, and in the process of climbing up that narrow space, he must have rubbed against something, so the elbows part and hem were also dirty.

Originally wanting to hide it, but now even if he wanted to hide he couldn’t. Zhou Xu said, “I just met four people?”

Ye Shaoyun’s gaze had become a little dark, Zhou Xu knew that the reason Ye Shaoyun was so angry was because he was too concerned about himself.

“Don’t worry, I beat them down long ago.”

“Because of what?”

“Instructed, if I’m not wrong, it should be Ruyu.”

Ye Shaoyun was really angry this time, he had always been friendly to Ru Yu. After all, he once picked up Ru Yu, and gave him away. This was indeed the truth, so his heart had always felt a little guilt, now all this guilt was gone. He dared to move against Zhou Xu, Ye Shaoyun swore that he would never let Ru Yu live well.

Zhou Xu took a look at Ye Shaoyun’s expression, and knew what he was thinking in his heart, so he took his hand and said, “To spare him or not, don’t let him affect us now, I am still hungry.”

Ye Shaoyun tilted his head, just in time to see Zhou Xu’s good-looking face with lightly hooked lips. He could only put the matter of Ru Yu away and dotingly said, “Okay.”

Indeed, it was not worth getting angry over Ru Yu, this person was not worthy to occupy the memories of the two.

But after this incident, Zhou Xu also watched his back, because he knew that Ru Yu was really anxious.

Since Ru Yu wanted to go to extremes, then Zhou Xu would accompany him to go to extremes, to see who would be the one to fall into the cliff in the end.

After Ru Yu knew of the failure of the few punks, he also didn’t take it too seriously. Anyway, those people did not know who he was and obviously it couldn’t be investigated.

After that, Ru Yu went to find He Meng, the woman who was looking at Ye Shaoyun, Ru Yu’s cousin.

He Meng did not want to care about Ru Yu, but Ru Yu took out something that He Meng had wanted for a long time, that was, a letter of admission to a French fashion design school.

After seeing this notice, He Meng’s whole person went silly, although she didn’t know how Ru Yu knew she always liked fashion design, and always wanted to enter this school. However, to be able to get this notice, it meant that he really made some effort.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to help me shut down Ye Shaoyun’s company.”

“Ye Shaoyun? Didn’t you say you wanted to steal him away last time? You don’t like him anymore?”

“Yes, you also don’t like him anymore, and I know you got a new target last month, so I’ve come to beg you. Using your parents’ connections, this matter should be really easy for you, right?”

He Meng didn’t know what to do for a while, after all, although she didn’t like Ye Shaoyun anymore, but it wasn’t so bad as to go and bring down his company.

Seeing her hesitation, Ru Yu smiled and said, “All over the world, each year there is only a total of less than a hundred persons who can enter this school. All the design teachers inside are designers of various clothing brands. I can get this notice, but you can never get it. If you don’t want it, then I’ll tear it up.”

As he talked, Ru Yu was going to tear the notice, He Meng nervously shouted, “Don’t, don’t, don’t, I promise you, they will certainly close down within a month certainly. Certainly. Don’t tear the notice.”

Ru Yu smiled again and put the notice away, he said, “The day Qiyun closes down, is the day you get this notice in your own hands. Good luck, cousin.”

After talking, Ru Yu left, He Meng was very depressed. After all, anyone who was forced in this way would probably not be happy, but she really wanted that notice.

With a sigh, He Meng called Yang Lizheng, two cousins, one she really hated and one she loved to death.

“Wei, Xiao Zheng, what are you doing?”

“Ah… oh … big sis, hold on… I’ll call you back …”

“What’s wrong with you, how do you sound so tired, are you exercising?”

Yang Lizheng looked at the bastard who was plowing his body, he then said, “Yes, sis … I’m exercising … wait a minute I’ll call back … ah … crap bastard …”

“What’s wrong? Xiao Zheng, Xiao Zheng?”

“Sis, nothing, I’m hanging up.”

After hanging up the phone, Yang Lizheng said to the insatiable “bastard”, “Chen Qi, you’re fucking looking for death … ah…”

Chen Qi, who had been cold for thousands of years and a workaholic for tens of thousands of years, finally discovered a new world after he met Yang Lizheng. Only after he discovered the new world did he understand that his previous thirty years were simply a waste of life. Why the fuck did he put his job as his top priority, why the fuck did he put money before all else, sex was the most pleasurable thing, love was the most important thing people couldn’t let go.

Lowering his head to kiss Yang Lizheng’s earlobe, Chen Qi said, “Xiao Zheng, if I am to die, I want to die loving you…”

“Then you be fucking gentler, fuck, ah…”

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