To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 745 - Envy

Chapter 745: Envy

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After he finished his sentence, Su Chenghui walked up to Li Qianxue.

“It doesn’t seem appropriate for President Wei to say that, does it?”

One hand was placed on Li Qianxue’s shoulder, while the other carefully avoided her injured hand and placed it on her waist.

“Qianxue is an adult. She has her own thoughts and considerations. She can be with whoever she wants to be with. Does she need your permission?”

Wei Ting looked at Su Chenghui’s actions and his mood became even gloomier.

“She doesn’t need my permission, but as Qianxue’s pursuer, I want a fair chance to compete. What are you doing?”

“Wei Ting.” Li Qianxue looked at Wei Ting. She had a good impression of Wei Ting, but the age gap was there. She really couldn’t accept Wei Ting.

“I know how you feel. I really thank you, but who I’m with has nothing to do with you.”

Of course, Wei Ting knew, but it was because of this that he felt wronged. “Who can’t you choose? Why must you look for him?”

Could it be that she had forgotten all the things Su Chenghui had done?

“President Wei, isn’t it inappropriate for you to say that? What’s wrong with Qianxue choosing me?” Su Chenghui felt uncomfortable when he heard this. He was her official husband. Even if they were divorced, she would still be his first wife.

“What’s inappropriate? Don’t you know what you’ve done to Qianxue? Besides, you have an illegitimate daughter.”

Su Chenghui was the first to be speechless. Everything else was easy to talk about. This matter was indeed his fault, and it was already irreparable. He looked in Li Qianxue’s direction nervously.

Li Qianxue had a headache. She looked at Wei Ting, who looked like a child.

To be honest, she didn’t hate Wei Ting, but the difference in age between her and him was obvious. In her eyes, Wei Ting was like a child. He didn’t have any bad intentions, but he was really childish.

“Wei Ting, this is between me and Su Chenghui. It has nothing to do with you.”

“I’m just feeling wronged on your behalf.” Wei Ting pointed in Su Chenghui’s direction. “You raised an illegitimate daughter for this man for more than 20 years and gave birth to two children for him. How did he repay you? How can a man like this be stronger than me?”

In the end, this was what made Wei Ting unconvinced.

Li Qianxue really couldn’t answer such a question. Feelings and love, if it was something that a person could control, she also hoped that she could choose the side that was more beneficial to her.

“Wei Ting, if you’re here to celebrate my birthday today, then I thank you. If you’re here to say these things, then I’m sorry, I don’t intend to continue talking to you.”

She was a determined person. Since she had already made a decision today, she would give Su Chenghui a chance and wouldn’t waver.

Towards Wei Ting, she felt like she was looking at a junior. It was not that she did not know about his sincerity, so her tone was gentle.

Everyone’s sincerity should not be trampled on. Even if one could not accept the other party’s feelings.

After she finished speaking, she walked inside. Wei Ting had no choice but to grit his teeth and follow behind her.

“I’m here to celebrate your birthday. Qianxue, are you trying to shut me out?”

“Why would I?” Li Qianxue saw the wronged expression on his face and smiled. “A guest is a guest. If you don’t mind, let’s have dinner together tonight.”

“I don’t mind, I don’t mind.” Wei Ting was overjoyed. When he turned to look at Su Chenghui, his gaze was a little provocative.

Hmph. Don’t think that Qianxue is so great just because she went out with you. Look, Qianxue also let me in.

Childish. Su Chenghui told himself not to lower himself to Wei Ting’s level, but for some reason, he felt a little bitter.

Seeing Li Qianxue bringing Wei Ting and Su Chenghui into the house together, Old Master Li was a little confused.

He wasn’t the only one who was confused. Su Qingsang and Su Yuxin were also confused. What was going on?

Li Qianxue ignored their quizzical expressions and called Xiao Tao over. She told her to tell the kitchen that there were guests at home tonight.

There was no need for special instructions. Huo Jinyao was here with the children, so Auntie Zhang would prepare everything.

“Qianxue?” It was not appropriate for the others to ask, but Old Master Li could ask.

“It’s okay, Dad. You know Wei Ting too. He came to celebrate my birthday today, so I asked him to stay for dinner.”

Old Master Li nodded. Wei Ting was staying for dinner, but what about Su Chenghui?

Just as Li Qianxue was about to sit down, she found Su Chenghui and Wei Ting standing next to her. They looked like they would sit down together if she sat down.

She looked left and then right. Her eyes met the eyes of her daughter, son-in-law, and son across the sofa. Her lips moved, and she finally turned to look at Su Chenghui and Wei Ting.

“Can you sit over there?”


The two of them said at the same time. Wei Ting, in particular, moved closer to Li Qianxue. “Qianxue, I’ll sit with you.”

“Qianxue, you sit.” Su Chenghui’s reaction was much more mature than Wei Ting’s. Li Qianxue glanced at him and sat down on the sofa.

Once she sat down, Wei Ting and Su Chenghui sat down beside her at the same time, one on the left and one on the right, like two guardians.

The living room was very quiet, so quiet that everyone’s breathing could be heard clearly.

“Qianxue, are you thirsty?” Wei Ting looked at the teapot on the coffee table and poured a cup of tea very attentively. “Drink tea.”

Li Qianxue looked at the cup of tea. This seemed to be her home.

“Qianxue, it’s almost time to eat. Don’t drink tea, just eat some fruit.”

As Su Chenghui spoke, he picked up the fruit from the bowl and placed it in front of Li Qianxue. There were toothpicks stuck into the fruit.


What was going on? Su Qingsang and Huo Jinyao, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed, looked at each other.

Su Yuxin’s lips moved. It was a very ambiguous feeling to see the two men fawning over his mother.

“Qianxue, have some tea.”

“Qianxue, have some fruit.”

The two men, unwilling to give up, looked at each other. Su Chenghui looked at Wei Ting with an unfriendly gaze.

“Thank you, but I don’t want it.”

Li Qianxue felt a toothache. Forget about Wei Ting, he had always been childish.

But why was Su Chenghui joining in?

She couldn’t help but glare at Su Chenghui. How old was he? And he was still bickering with a child?

In the eyes of others, her gaze meant something else. Wei Ting was quite proud. Look, in Qianxue’s heart, she still preferred him, right?

Su Chenghui was a little uncomfortable. Wei Ting provoked him first, but Li Qianxue only glared at him?

The atmosphere was frozen again. Old Master Li looked at his daughter. Although Li Qianxue had reached such an age, there was still such outstanding men who liked her, so as an old father, he felt comforted.

But could these people pay attention to the fact that he was still here. Looking at this scene, he felt a bit bitter.

“Ahem. That’s enough, let’s eat first.”

“Yes, Mom, let’s eat first.”

Su Yuxin couldn’t help but speak. Forget about Su Chenghui. As for Wei Ting —

He thought that if Li Qianxue really chose Wei Ting, it would mean that he would have such a young stepfather. Why did he feel weird about it?

Su Qingsang didn’t say anything. She was the only one who was watching the show.

If Li Qianxue really chose Wei Ting, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. She was very accepting. Now that she had a grandfather and grandson, what was wrong with a brother-sister relationship?

Huo Jinyao stood up and whispered into Su Qingsang’s ear, “I can tell that our mother has boundless charm.”

“Of course. Why don’t you see whose mother she is?”

Su Qingsang and Huo Jinyao whispered into each other’s ears. There was a hint of pride in her eyes. How could she not be proud?

Li Qianxue had such charm at her age. It was very impressive.

“I want to learn from Mom. I want to be as gorgeous as her when I reach her age.”

Huo Jinyao placed his hand on her waist and gently exerted force. “Honey, I hope you don’t mean that you want to have more suitors.”

“I do.”

After going to Rong City, some people did not know that she was married and continued to pursue her.

Last month, there was a pregnant woman’s family member who said that he wanted to introduce her to a partner.

“Wife.” Huo Jinyao gritted his teeth. “It seems that I haven’t been to your hospital that often lately. Don’t worry, I’ll pay more attention to your work next time.”

Su Qingsang pursed her lips and turned to look at him. “There’s no need for that, right?”

“Yes.” Huo Jinyao looked at her. “I have to let those ignorant people know that you have been claimed.”

Su Qingsang slowed down and hooked her arm around Huo Jinyao’s. “What you’re saying is that I need to go to your company from time to time and let them know that you have an owner too?”

“Of course.”

“You too.”

The couple looked at each other and smiled. It was one thing to joke about such things, but neither of them would take it seriously. However —

“If your mother really chooses Wei Ting, will you really not mind?”

As Li Qianxue’s suitor, Huo Jinyao had naturally investigated Wei Ting as well.

“I don’t mind.” There was nothing to mind. “As long as my mother is happy.”

“You’re quite open-minded, but if your mother chooses your father, then you and Su Peizhen will be sisters again.”

Su Peizhen had been sentenced to only five years in prison. She had already been in prison for a year and a half. It was said that she had rendered meritorious service and her sentence had been reduced. She might be able to get out soon.

“We’ll take it as it comes.”Su Qingsang had considered these issues.

“I believe that if my father really wants to be with my mother, he won’t let Su Peizhen do anything reckless.”

“That’s true. If she really doesn’t give up, I don’t mind sending her in again.”

Huo Jinyao looked at Su Qingsang. He didn’t feel that he had to show mercy to Su Peizhen.

As the two of them were talking, they had already arrived at the restaurant. In the end, they found that Su Chenghui and Wei Ting were not seated. They stood there and looked at each other.

It turned out that Old Master Li had always sat at the head of the table. In the past, Su Chenghui and Li Qianxue had sat on both sides of him.

However, today, Su Chenghui wanted to sit next to Li Qianxue. Before he could walk over and sit next to Li Qianxue, the annoying Wei Ting take that seat.

In this way, the two of them butted heads again again.

“Su Chenghui.”

Li Qianxue looked at Su Chenghui. She did not understand why he was acting so childish today. “Your seat is not there.”

As she spoke, she raised her eyebrows and looked at him.

That seat was the seat of the Li family’s Master. Seriously speaking, if he didn’t want to sit there, she could make him have nowhere to sit.

Su Chenghui stood still. He didn’t feel good now.

She had said that she would give him a chance, but when Wei Ting came, Li Qianxue started to give him a hard time. Could it be that she really liked Wei Ting?

“Sit down, Wei Ting.” Li Qianxue really did not want to criticize him. After all, Wei Ting was a guest. She did not mention that the seat he chose was for her daughter in the past.

Wei Ting’s smile became even more smug when he received Li Qianxue’s approval. He gave Su Chenghui a provocative look before sitting down opposite him.

Su Chenghui: “…”

The dinner was very sumptuous because today, not only was it Li Qianxue’s birthday, but Huo Jinyao and Su Qingsang were also back.

Old Master Li was in a good mood too. He asked Uncle Zhang to open a bottle of wine.

He was old and his blood pressure was high. Usually, the doctor would not allow him to drink. However, since there was a festive gathering today, he could make an exception.

After pouring half a glass, he looked at Li Qianxue with a gratified look in his eyes.

“Come, Qianxue. Let me toast to you.”

“Dad.” Li Qianxue quickly picked up the glass. “What are you talking about? I should be the one toasting you.”

For so many years, he had always tolerated her capriciousness and carefully protected her. She was the one who needed to be grateful.

“I wish you a happy birthday.” When Old Master Li spoke, he glanced at Su Chenghui and Wei Ting. “Qianxue, no matter what decision you make, Dad will support you. I only have one request, and that is for you to live a happy life.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Li Qianxue’s eyes were a little dry.

“Qianxue, here’s to you too.” Su Chenghui raised his glass and said, “Qianxue, happy birthday. You will definitely be happy.”

Because he would definitely give her happiness, not ignore her, and make her sad like before. This was his promise and also his oath.

“Thank you.”

“Qianxue, here’s to you too.” Wei Ting raised his glass as well. How could he let himself fall behind Su Chenghui?

“Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you.”

Next was Su Qingsang and her brother, as well as Huo Jinyao.

The atmosphere during the meal was good. Li Qianxue was still injured and had not recovered yet. She casually drank a little, but everyone stopped her from drinking.

After the meal, the group went to the living room and sat down. Wei Ting was supposed to get up and leave. However, seeing that Su Chenghui was not leaving, he also sat down and did not leave.

At this time, Nian Nian, who was sleeping upstairs, also woke up and was carried down by the housekeeper.

Li Qianxue looked at her granddaughter and her mood became better.

Besides the gifts in the morning, Su Yuxin also arranged a special program.

He called the photographer to take a family photo for them.

Wei Ting really didn’t feel good now.

No matter how hard he tried, they were still a family, and he was the outsider.

“Qianxue.” Wei Ting looked at Su Chenghui, who was sitting next to Old Master Li, with great sadness.

He and Li Qianxue were divorced, so they shouldn’t be a family anymore, right?

This gift won Li Qianxue’s heart the most. She didn’t expect that her youngest son, who was usually low key, would be so sensible when doing things.

Seeing that the family in front of him was planning to take a family photo together, Wei Ting was really envious.

“Qianxue –” He also wanted to become a family with her. Could he?