Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years

Chapter 241 - Tragedy of the Black Hell Chicken, Another Storm Rises

Chapter 241 Tragedy of the Black Hell Chicken, Another Storm Rises

After returning to the Connate Cave Abode, Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

He was still so nervous even though it was the second time he went to the Immortal World.

Fortunately, the enemy was not strong. How long had it been since these brats ascended? They had actually started to provoke Grand Unity Golden Immortals!

Dao Comprehension Sword asked curiously, “Master, where did you go just now?”

This wasn’t the first time she had seen the black vortex.

The last time was to save Li Yao.

What about this time?

Han Jue didn’t hide anything and told them what happened to Fang Liang and Murong Qi.

“The Immortal World is so dangerous. These two brothers almost died after going up. Do you still want to ascend?” Han Jue asked solemnly. Dao Comprehension Sword shook her head crazily.

She said seriously, “I’ve never thought of ascending. I just want to stay by Master’s side. I’m doing well now. I keep cultivating and occasionally relax. I can even chat with them.”

The greatest benefit of staying in the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain was that there was no pressure.

She liked this kind of non-stressful living environment.

She had memories of her previous life.

In her previous life, most of her memories were of constantly being in fear.

She was just a blade of grass. No one cared about her. The beasts and humans passing by could step on her and not care about her life.

So, in this life, she was very grateful to Han Jue and even became dependent on him.

However, Han Jue didn’t know what she was thinking, so he always tried to brainwash her again and again.

Han Jue said in satisfaction, “Continue cultivating.’ Dao Comprehension Sword nodded. After hesitating for a moment, she said, “Master, recently, Hao’er and Li Yao fought. Li Yao’s talent is too strong. The Black Hell Chicken has been sowing discord and using Li Yao to suppress Hao’er.”

Although Long Hao was talented, he hadn’t grown up yet and had not experienced any storms. He wasn’t like Li Yao. Her talent was very strong among the Children of Heaven and Earth. She cultivated diligently and had obtained many opportunities on the way to the Reroll World

Han Jue said, “Go out and call the Black Hell Chicken in.”

Dao Comprehension Sword hurriedly stood up.

Soon, the Black Hell Chicken entered uneasily.

It had never transformed and maintained its chicken form.

Han Jue was expressionless.

Five minutes later, the Black Hell Chicken was thrown out of the Connate Cave Abode by him.

Everyone turned around and laughed.

All the Black Hell Chicken’s feathers had been plucked. Under Han Jue’s Dharmic powers, it couldn’t grow feathers for several days.

“Hmph, don’t sow discord between fellow disciples. Otherwise…”

Han Jue’s voice sounded.

Long Hao was embarrassed. He felt that his master was talking about him.

Li Yao seemed to have thought of something and blushed. She secretly cursed Han Jue for being too much.

However, she was still very satisfied with his decision. She was also very annoyed by the Black Hell Chicken’s instigation.

She only wanted to cultivate well and not cause unnecessary trouble. She didn’t want to have conflicts with others.

The Black Hell Chicken was too ashamed to face anyone now. It was too shameful!

It hid on the Fusang Tree and used the leaves to cover its body.

In a forest.

Murong Qi, Zhou Fan, Mo Fuchou, and Fang Liang were cultivating. The Demon Bone Tiger was guarding not far away. Gu Xin sat beside Fang Liang with her head lowered.

Fang Liang opened his eyes and sighed. “Leave. Don’t follow me. I won’t marry again in my life. I only have the Great Dao in my heart.”

In the mortal world, he had been hurt by women and was afraid.

Gu Xin clutched her sleeves tightly and said in a low voice, “I don’t know where to go…”

Murong Qi snorted. “The world is vast. Where can’t I go? Your father has already been killed by my brother. Even if you and my junior are together, there will be some conflict in your heart.”

He despised Gu Xin.

This silly woman almost killed her sweetheart. She’s already so old. It’s impossible for her to not have any morals.

In his opinion, Gu Xin was just afraid and avoiding reality. She didn’t dare to go against her father and could only wait for tragedy to happen.

Zhou Fan clicked his tongue in wonder.

For some reason, he recalled his past self. However, he wasn’t as determined and carefree as Fang Liang. Thinking of those people in the past, Zhou Fan sighed.

Gu Xin pursed her lips, feeling extremely tormented.

Fang Liang sighed. “Forget it. Bring her back to the Heavenly Court. At least there’s a place to stay.” Murong Qi snorted but did not continue to refute.

Anyway, this was Fang Liang’s private matter.

“Cultivate well when you return. You came out to mess around with such a cultivation level. If not for Grandmaster, you would already be dead!” Murong Qi said sternly. He was a senior in the first place. In addition to his memories from his previous life, he naturally treated Fang Liang like a junior.

He really cared about him.

Fang Liang said awkwardly, “It’s indeed my fault. I especially troubled Grandmaster.”

He was flustered. When he woke up and heard that Han Jue saved them, he was shocked and ashamed.

In the end, he still caused trouble for Grandmaster.

He had never repaid Han Jue.

Murong Qi looked at Mo Fuchou and asked, “What’s next?”

In the mortal world, the four of them had known each other and even sparred and fought. They had also had conflicts. Of course, these were all interesting things in the past.

To be able to meet an old friend in the Immortal World felt like meeting an old friend in a foreign land. “Continue wandering the world and make a name for myself!” Zhou Fan smiled, his blood boiling Mo Fuchou smiled and nodded.

Murong Qi also smiled.

He had seen many such people.

The Immortal World didn’t lack such high-spirited people.

Every genius rose up by stepping on countless such people.

In the blink of an eye. Another ten years passed.

Han Jue opened his eyes and sighed. The Stellar Primordial Body was the same as the Great Dao of Life and Death. It was vast and profound. He felt that he could spend forever comprehending it.

Although he had been becoming stronger, he felt that he was still far from becoming an Immortal Emperor.

The process to reach the Immortal Emperor Realm wasn’t a process of quantitative change, but a qualitative change.

No matter how much his Dharmic powers increased, he had to transform his body and soul.

Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune and started cursing the enemies. He also checked his emails to relax.

(Your good friend Ji Xianshen has perished. His soul has fallen into the netherworld.]

(Your good friend Di Taibai was attacked by a mighty figure.]

(Your good friend Di Taibai is severely injured. Fortunately, your good friend, the Heavenly Emperor, saved him.]

(Your Dao Companion Xuan Qingjun obtained the Supreme Treasure of the Jie School.)

[Your disciple Han Eight has comprehended the Heavenly Dao during cultivation, learning a new Mystical Power.)

(Your good friend Ji Xianshen encountered an opportunity in the netherworld and cultivated a Mystical Power.)

(Your Dao Companion Xing Hongxuan has obtained the providence of the Heavenly Dao. Her cultivation has increased greatly.]

(Your disciple Su Qi was attacked by a cultivator from the Sacred Dynasty] x16824

Chaos ensued again!

Many immortals of the Heavenly Court began to suffer.

However, this had happened in the past. Han Jue wasn’t too worried.

Instead, Su Qi’s recent situation made him very concerned.

This kid had never used the Invocation Technique. Could it be that he was afraid that he couldn’t defeat the Grand Desolate Sacred Dynasty?

From the emails, he seemed to have escaped from the Grand Desolate Sacred Dynasty and was being hunted down.

Han Jue made up his mind that the remaining disciples couldn’t ascend unless they were Grand Unity Golden Immortals.

If he had to save them wherever they went, it was only a matter of time before he suffered a failure.

It was fine to save them once or twice, but if he did it too many times, it would go against his Dao heart.

Han Jue thought silently.

At this moment, a voice entered his ears.

“Fellow Daoist Sun Quan, come out for a gathering?”

White-Robed Buddha!

Han Jue replied, “Wait, I have something on hand.”

“Alright!” the White-Robed Buddha replied.

Then, he waited for half a year.

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