Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 857 - As Humans Yourselves, I Advise You People to be Kind

Chapter 857: As Humans Yourselves, I Advise You People to be Kind

Ling Sheng’s phone vibrated. It was a message from Jun Shiyan.

Third Master: Since Xiaoqi likes it so much, I’ll build a botanical garden for him too! Does he need a zoo? What about an aquarium?

Ling Sheng was amused. There are ready-made ones in the capital. When I have time one day, I’ll take him there to take a look. Besides, where are you planning to build such a big facility?

Third Master: As long as Xiaoqi likes it and you agree, nothing else will be a problem.

Ling Sheng: Yes, yes. I understand. You’re the best. I’m impressed with you. It’ll be more interesting to go to the botanical garden and the aquarium for sightseeing together. It’s not fun to watch it alone.

Third Master: When are we going?

Ling Sheng: What does it matter to you, whether Xiaoqi and I go?

Third Master: I want to go too. Don’t abandon me.

Ling Sheng: We’re mother and son. What are you if you go?

Third Master: Father, husband.

Through the rearview mirror, Huo Ci saw the brat’s smiling face. His eyes narrowed slightly, and his voice was very cold. “What are you chatting so happily about?”

Ling Sheng hurriedly coughed and switched the chat web page. Had she been discovered? Her father was so sharp-eyed. “Chatting about having a meal together. It’s a gathering of us Eight Immortals. Father, are you going? They all want to see you.”

She was not lying either. They were chatting in the group chat of the Eight Immortals, but they were talking about Su Yi and asking her to bring her boyfriend to meet him. The ‘ignorant’ group of people was extremely excited.

It would be strange if Huo Ci believed her nonsense. He let out a snort but could not be bothered to scold her.

Xiaoqi thought that his grandpa was bored, so he ran to the front passenger seat and learned how to buckle his seatbelt. He was very excited and did not let anyone help him. When he was done, he looked at Huo Ci and asked for praise. He shouted crisply, “Grandpa!”

Huo Ci looked at the child’s big sparkling eyes and nodded.

Xiaoqi raised his head proudly and sat upright like a victorious general.

When she got out of the car, Ling Sheng received a call from Mei Xuelin. She had just returned to the country from vacation and was calling her. After all, she was the only artist working under her now. She had to support her well.

Upon hearing that it was Mei Xuelin calling, Huo Ci then carried Xiaoqi home. As long as it was not that scumbag Third Master Jun, no one else mattered.

In the afternoon, the house was very quiet. The people in the various families had eaten and returned to their rooms. The Old Master had to take an afternoon nap at this time. No one dared to disturb his sleep for an hour every day.

Xiaoqi, who was already familiar with the place, ran ahead.

Huo Ci followed her.

The duo had just reached the living room when they heard a curse coming from the second floor. A white furry object had been kicked out of the Fifth family’s room.

When the thing smacked into the railing, it let out another shrill and blood-curdling scream. The person who had hit it was too strong, so the railing could not stop it. It flew directly into the air.

A miserable dog howl rang in the air, closely followed by a muffled bang.

Xiaoqi was running ahead when he saw the dog fall right in front of him from the second floor. Its white fur was covered in blood.

Frightened, Xiaoqi’s face turned pale instantly. After he stopped in his tracks, he burst into tears.

Huo Ci strode forward quickly. Everything had happened too quickly. It had only been a few seconds since they had entered and the dog had fallen in front of them. The moment he covered Xiaoqi’s eyes, rage rippled in his eyes. “Fifth Sister-in-law, what do you mean by this?”

Cao Yunxian was so angry that her face was ashen. She stood by the railing on the second floor with her arms akimbo and gritted her teeth. “This d*mn dog! I raised her from young and treated her like a treasure, but how great! I don’t know which damned wild dog slept with her outside. It got pregnant with a bunch of little b*stards!”

Huo Ci’s eyes tightened abruptly, and his expression became even colder. For a moment, he could not even suppress the raging murderous intent in his heart.

Was this an indirect insult? He had known that they would not stop. Had they already started? They had done this to demonstrate their protest toward him!


Who was she calling a b*stard?

The dog’s cries were really too tragic. The people of the various family branches came out and saw the dog in the living room. They did not know if it was dead or alive, but wasn’t it the most precious dog from the Fifth family? That Pomeranian was their precious daughter that they called out to everyday; it was called Lele.

Xiao Hui hurried over, feeling very worried. “What happened? What happened to Lele? Did it fall from the second floor? Hurry up and take it to the hospital.”

“Save what? It deserves to die.” Cao Yunxian let out a cold laugh. She looked at Xiaoqi meaningfully and pointed at the dog angrily. “Fourth Sister-in-law, you can judge for me. Tell me if that d*mn dog deserves to die. I served it delicious food, drinks and played with it, hoping that it would give birth to a few purebred little puppies for me. In the end, it ran out to play in the wild. I don’t even know which wild dog’s puppy it’s carrying now. What’s the point of raising it?”

“Really? I told you long ago that you have to keep a close eye on Lele and not let her go out. Those wild dogs outside are rampant now. They think they’ll be treasured even if they hump a purebred dog and give birth to a bunch of children.” Ye Ru also looked at Xiaoqi mockingly from the corner of her eye.

What rubbish. She was an illegitimate daughter who had brought a little b*stard to the Huo Family and assumed great airs in front of them. They had to be put in their place!

“That’s right. These dogs these days are very smart! Our family doesn’t raise crossbreeds, especially ones with unknown species. We can’t raise them,” Zhang Yuechan spoke up as well. She looked at Huo Ci unabashedly as she smiled and asked, “Sixth Brother, don’t you think so?”

Her husband’s legs had been broken by the Old Master because of Huo Ci, this little b*stard born from a stepmother. He was lame for life.

How could she miss this opportunity to seek revenge?

He had brought an illegitimate daughter back and insisted that she was the eldest granddaughter of the Huo Family. The key was that this hateful eldest granddaughter had even brought a little b*stard!

Huo Ci’s body was filled with a frightening aura, and his eyes were as deep as a cold lake. He only swept a cold look at the gossipy women on the second floor, who were watching the show. The corners of his lips curled up slightly as he smiled. “Sister-in-Law, even a dog has a life. As humans yourselves, I advise you to be kind.”

Then, he dragged Xiaoqi away.

He had never felt so furious before. Anger rushed to his head, making him feel as though his blood was burning up.

Thankfully, the brat had not followed him and was answering a call behind them. Otherwise, she would have dashed out to fight it out with her!

A b*stard?

They didn’t know where he had come from?

“Sixth Brother, why are you leaving?” Ye Ru shouted with a smile.

Oh, he was angry now. What could he do even if he was angry? She wanted to make him angry, to get him to lash out.

“Sixth Brother, you said it yourself. Even if it’s a dog, it’s still a life. Hurry up and take it to the hospital! It’s best if you can save the little b*stard in its stomach as well.” Cao Yunxian dragged her words out, her eyes revealing a satisfied and ruthless expression. “I’ll give it to you. After all, I like pure-bloods. I won’t want a little b*stard with obscure origins!”