Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2472 - Dao Ancestors Joining Forces!

Chapter 2472: Dao Ancestors Joining Forces!

Ye Yuan who was by the side was also dumbstruck with astonishment from listening.

These two were actually father and son!

“Shut up! I don’t believe you! I don’t believe a single word!” Heavenly Emperor Lastingjoy suddenly roared, trying to interrupt Medicine Ancestor’s words.

It was just that judging from his reaction, he already believed it.

Medicine Ancestor did not care, and he continued. He said, “Your talent was extremely great, but your ambition was also extremely great! In the beginning, this old man took you in as a servant because I wanted to temper your temperament. It’s just that I never thought that you would actually deviate, walking onto the path of devouring. You went to find Wang Pan to compete in alchemy behind my back at Ping Pan City. In the end, you awakened the Dao of Devouring. Ever since then, you started on the path of devouring …”

“This old man originally wanted to reconnect with you, but you devoured other people’s Dao. Your mental state gradually became unbalanced. If I reconnected with you, it might trigger even more unpredictable consequences. This old man abandoned you two, mother and son, for the sake of pursuing Great Dao. What this old man owes you, I planned on assisting you to reach the realm of Dao pill after corroborating my Dao, and let you climb to the summit. It’s just a pity, just one final step!”

“That instant when you made a move, this old man hesitated for a moment, but then I ultimately still gave up. With your talent, presumably after devouring this old man, you shouldn’t be far away from the last step. It’s just that I didn’t think that you still failed at the last step in the end.”

Talking up to here, Medicine Ancestor sighed and looked at Ye Yuan.

Unfortunately, the opponent that Lastingjoy chose was Ye Yuan.

The eternal Saint Azure!

Facing this huge temptation, Ye Yuan could actually keep his cool and expiate the remnant souls.

This bearing was an absolutely unparalleled breadth of spirit, matchless in the world!

Lastingjoy chose the wrong opponent!

Heavenly Emperor Lastingjoy had long already been beaten by reality until he was incomparably dispirited.

At this point, even a fool also knew that Medicine Ancestor did not bluff him.

However, this reality shattered his life conviction into smithereens.

That person whom he resented immensely, that person that he wanted to kill all his life, was actually the person who loved him the most.

And he killed this person with his own hands!

The reality was too cruel.

While at this time, Medicine Ancestor’s remnant soul started dissipating, becoming motes of fluorescent light.

Under Ye Yuan’s expiation, his soul had already been cleansed, returning to samsara.

Time waited for no man. Even if he wanted to reunite with Heavenly Emperor Lastingjoy, there was no more time.

He looked at Heavenly Emperor Lastingjoy and said with a sigh, “Silly boy, if there’s really reincarnation, I hope that we’ll reconvene there!”

Medicine Ancestor’s divine soul was already shattered. His Great Dao already collapsed. He was already not far from the end of his life.

Finished talking, Medicine Ancestor’s remnant soul gradually disappeared between heaven and earth.

The scenes that happened before his eyes made Ye Yuan’s thoughts stir.

Reaching the realm of chaos origin divinity, Ye Yuan could distinctly feel that these people’s remnant souls did not vanish completely, but they turned into some kind of energy, returning to the world.

This feeling was exactly the same as in front of his father’s grave back then.

It was just that what he felt currently was much clearer than at that time.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan discovered that not everyone could return to heaven and earth.

Only after being free of troubles in one’s heart, settling karma, and having one’s thoughts flow smoothly, could one return to heaven and earth.

Just like Ji Zhengyang, only all the way until after Heavenly Emperor Jiu Shang died did that trace of undulation arise.

Thinking up to here, Ye Yuan’s eyes became resolute.

“Father, if there’s really reincarnation, even if this child tries every means possible, I’ll definitely revive you! You and Mother experienced ordeals and died for me. I must return to you a lifetime of happiness!” Ye Yuan secretly swore.


“Father!” Heavenly Emperor Lastingjoy knelt down and started weeping bitterly in the direction which Medicine Ancestor dissipated.

At this moment, the guilt in his heart could no longer be hidden.

Ye Yuan let out a slight sigh and turned around and left.


A powerful energy undulation came from behind. The high and mighty Heavenly Emperor Lastingjoy ended his life just like that.

… …

True Flame Bodhidharma, Ancestor Fire’s bodhidharma.

The nine great Dao Ancestors were gathered here. A small mountain was suspended in the middle of the nine people quietly, emitting fluctuations that made people feel heart palpitations.

Even with the combined power of the nine people, they were unable to completely suppress the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain’s power too.

Because of the battle with Treasure Pig previously, the entire Origin Enlighten Mountain Range already became a wasteland.

As a last resort, the few people arrived at True Flame Bodhidharma to study the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain jointly.

Such a precious treasure, whoever it was put with, others were naturally reluctant to accept it.

In the end, it could only be the nine people studying it together.

Finally getting their wish, the joy on the nine people’s faces could not be concealed.

Having seen Ye Yuan’s talent that dominated the world, how could they not be moved?

“There’s not much time. If we keep having mutual suspicions among ourselves, it will only let the divine race prevail! Moreover, Ye Yuan that brat is glaring like a ravening tiger. He can’t be underestimated either! If we can’t improve further, our outcome can only be death!” Lin Chaotian said with a solemn face.

Obtaining the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain was a massive fortuitous encounter.

But they also encountered an unprecedented crisis!

The deterrence that Ye Yuan gave to them was too great.

Encountering an unkillable opponent, the end result could only be getting killed.

The joyful looks on the few Dao Ancestors’ faces were reined in, all revealing solemn expressions.

Suddenly, the pressure was high!

“What Brother Chaotian said is right! At this time, we should put aside prejudices and cross the river in the same boat!” Ancestor Fire said.

The Dao Ancestors nodded their heads one after another, clearly reaching a consensus about this.

Lin Chaotian’s gaze fell on the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain, his emotion slightly agitated as he said, “This treasure contains the power of Great Dao, far surpassing us! I didn’t expect that the Heavenspan Mountain actually still has such a valuable treasure! Combining with the nine of our strengths, no matter how lacking, we can also consolidate the power of rules! At that time, even if Heavenly Dao Samara comes, our strength can also be maintained to the greatest extent! As long as we can tide over the Doomsday Battle this time, we’ll have hope of breaking the fetters, and go above the Heavenspan Mountain to take a look at what’s actually there!”

The words made the eight great Dao Ancestors seethe with excitement.

How many years had it been? The only place that they wanted to go to was above the Heavenspan Mountain!

But, no matter how hard they worked, they were unable to cross that barrier.

This time, the chance finally came!

“Brother Chaotian, what do you think we should do? We’ll all listen to you!” Ancestor Wind said.

Lin Chaotian nodded slightly and said, “The Great Dao that this mountain contains is extremely vast. I presume that everyone already has an understanding that our cultivation along the way has many imperfect areas. This Lesser Heavenspan Mountain is like a mirror, illuminating the deficiencies in us clearly.”

The Dao Ancestors nodded their heads one after another. After they obtained the precious treasure, they had naturally experienced it already.

What Lin Chaotian said was not the slightest bit wrong. The Great Dao contained in the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain let them have a new understanding of their own cultivation.

Although Dao Ancestors were powerful, it did not mean that there weren’t any mistakes throughout their cultivation.

Great Dao was numerous and complicated. Who could truly comprehend it entirely?

If one could really completely comprehend Dao, they would not be Dao Ancestors but the heaven!

“Therefore, we should cooperate with a common effort, and share what we’ve comprehended! Areas we are lacking, everyone studies in detail together. We will comprehend together and also improve together! That brat is waiting to see us make a fool of ourselves! Then we’ll slap his face viciously and let him understand that Dao Ancestors can’t be defied! He merely relied on an extraordinary treasure to be able to reach such a boundary!” Lin Chaotian said loudly.