Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2475 - Boundless Moonlight, Limitless Samsara!

Chapter 2475: Boundless Moonlight, Limitless Samsara!

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The current Yue Mengli was noble and glamorous, overlooking the world. She was akin to a fairy maiden who came down to the mortal world.

Her aura was already completely different.

That sort of nobility added a little more mystery to Yue Mengli’s peerless looks.

“What a beautiful woman! Who is she? Doesn’t the divine race only has eight great progenitors? Why is there an additional woman?”

“I heard that Saint Azure Ye Yuan’s beloved fell into the divine race. Furthermore, her talent is extremely high! Could that be her?”

“Won’t be wrong! Back then, when Saint Azure confronted her, many people saw it with their own eyes. But at that time, her strength was far less powerful than it is now, right?”

… …

The human powerhouses were discussing animatedly, guessing Yue Mengli’s identity very quickly.

This matter was already well-known and not considered a secret. It was not too hard to guess.

It was just that no one expected that Yue Mengli’s strength would actually reach the level of a progenitor!

If it were nine-versus-nine, could the human Dao Ancestors who lost the augmentation of Heavenly Dao still be the divine race’s match?

She took a step out and said to Lin Chaotian coolly, “I’ve long heard that Dao Ancestor Life is the human race’s number one Dao Ancestor. This girl is incapable and seeks guidance!”

One sentence shocked everyone until they could not close their mouths.

Yue Mengli’s coming-into-being battle, she actually directly chose the strongest Dao Ancestor Life!

Lin Chaotian was also stunned, then immediately laughed in spite of himself and said, “Little girl, your arrogance is indeed carved out of the same mold as Ye Yuan! It’s just that, did you pick the wrong opponent?”

Yue Mengli said coolly, “That’s right, it’s you! Come on!”

Lin Chaotian snorted coldly and said, “Since you’re courting death yourself, then Ye Yuan can’t blame this ancestor too!”

Powerful wood-attribute rule instantly bloomed.

A terrifying spiritual energy undulation actually divided the mighty storm, opening up a vacuum zone.

Lin Chaotian’s might could actually rival heaven’s might!

This kind of means was truly formidable.

“Myriad Swords Facing the Sky!”

Lin Chaotian gave a low cry, spiritual energy vast and mighty.

In an instant, countless barbs actually grew out of the earth.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Countless barbs rose from the ground up and shot toward Yue Mengli.

For a time, the sky was full of dense barbs, sealing off all of Yue Mengli’s escape routes.

These barbs did not seem to have the cutting edge of blades and swords, but places that they passed through actually cut the space apart.

The entire sky seemed to have countless gaps cut out.

When the human powerhouses saw this scene, they could not help revealing slightly hopeful gazes.

Although they were very unhappy with Lin Chaotian, in the face of such a Doomsday Battle, they naturally stood on humanity’s side without prior agreement.

“Is this Dao Ancestor Life’s strength? Even if it’s Heavenly Dao Samsara, it also didn’t really affect his strength!”

“Heh, the divine race’s wishful thinking fell through!”

“Finish the divine race off!”

… …

Facing such terrifying power, Yue Mengli’s expression still did not change.

It was only to see her eyes flickered. Her bright red lips opened slightly.

“Heavenly Dao True Martial, Boundless Moonlight!”

A layer of white gauze suddenly fell on the world, seemingly beautiful and cold.

Everyone only saw a blur before their eyes. The place where Yue Mengli was standing, actually became Lin Chaotian in a flash!

Those countless barbs actually all stabbed toward him.

Lin Chaotian’s pupils constricted, all the hair on his body standing on end.

He actually did not even know how he was switched over here!

Except, he already did not have time to think too much. Those barbs had already come over.

He hurriedly urged his spell, the barbs that filled the sky instantly turned into nothing, as if they had never appeared before.

Lin Chaotian had a solemn look, looking at the Yue Mengli not far away.

This woman gave him an extremely strange feeling.

He was a Dao Ancestor and actually had his position swapped by Yue Mengli unknowingly!

This sort of means was truly inconceivable!

Everyone opened their eyes wide, looking at this scene in disbelief.

It was just that Yue Mengli did not give everyone the time to be shocked.

One Dao mark after another rose up from his body!



… …


When Lin Chaotian saw this scene, his pupils shrank, and he immediately drew a breath of cold air.

Not just him, the nine great Dao Ancestors were all extremely shocked at this time.

“Ten-marks Heavenly Dao Realm! This … How is this possible? Two Ten-marks Heavenly Dao Realm powerhouses actually appeared in the divine race!” Lin Chaotian cried out in surprise.

Over on humanity’s side, they directly burst into an uproar.

No one expected that this woman was actually a legendary Ten-marks powerhouse!

Tian Qing was a Ten-marks powerhouse!

This kind of supreme existence, there were actually two that appeared all of a sudden!

“Ten-marks powerhouses possess the ability to connect to heaven and penetrate the earth, undying and imperishable!”

“Back then, Grand Ancestor Spacetime fused the two great supreme laws and was unable to do anything to Tian Qing, a Ten-marks powerhouse! Now, another Ten-marks powerhouse appeared in the divine race!”

“This … Does heaven want to doom our human race?”

… …

At this very moment, the human powerhouses really despaired.

A single Tian Qing already left them at a loss on what to do.

Now, there was actually another Yue Mengli!

One had to know, Tian Qing severely wounded three great Dao Ancestors with his power alone!

With two Tian Qings, that was equivalent to having six Dao Ancestors!

Then these remaining progenitors, who was going to deal with them?

The moment Yue Mengli debuted, it already pushed humanity to the brink of defeat!

“Damn it! Really damn it! That pig around Saint Azure is also a rule powerhouse. Its strength is even stronger than a Dao Ancestor! If not for this bunch of damn guys who offended Saint Azure to the core, he would definitely step forward!”

“Sad! Lamentable! Lord Saint Azure must have had his heart turn cold now already, right?”

In the midst of despair, people always tried to find hope.

Naturally, they thought of Treasure Pig. They even thought of Sacred Ancestor High Priest.

If these two rule powerhouses came forward, it could definitely salvage humanity’s declining trend.

It was just that among these two mighty rule powerhouses, Sacred Ancestor High Priest was duped into refining pills by Lin Chaotian, who then failed to make good on his promise. The other, the Treasure Pig, was jointly pursued by Dao Ancestors.

Saint Azure was also forced to hand over the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain!

If not, with Saint Azure’s strength, he might already be able to deal with progenitor powerhouses now!

It was just a pity that both sides were already in the situation of being irreconcilable till death!

“Boundless Moonlight, Limitless Samsara!” Right at this time, Yue Mengli’s scarlet lips opened again.

Two round moons reflected in the pupil of her eye.

A white gauze lightly enveloped heaven and earth.

Lin Chaotian’s entire body trembled as if he had arrived at another region of time and space.

Heaven and earth were peaceful.

The noisy figures had already disappeared.

Even the other eight great Dao Ancestors had gone missing too.

Opposite, Yue Mengli stood in the air, expressionless.

Lin Chaotian’s brows furrowed and he said with a cold snort, “Lass, you want to trap this ancestor by using this method? You’re also a little too naive!”

Yue Mengli said coolly, “This is the Moonlight Dreamland. Enjoy it well!”

Finished saying, her figure moved, disappearing.

A strange atmosphere reverberated in this space.

At the outside world, the corners of Tian Qing’s mouth smiled slightly, and he said, “Huhu, Boundless Moonlight, Limitless Samsara; this is probably the strongest ocular art since time immemorial! Getting caught inside is getting caught in limitless samsara! You clearly know that it’s an illusory realm, but you cannot control yourself at all! Even this progenitor also needs to expend tremendous effort before I can break free. This Lin Chaotian will probably have to suffer a lot! Take advantage of this time! Everyone, attack together and finish off the others!”