World’s Best Martial Artist

Chapter 440.1 - Dash up and fight!

Chapter 440.1: Dash up and fight!

Mo Du Crypt.

The pressure of the ninth-rank can be felt from thousands of miles away.

Far away, Seamount.

Over one peak ninth-rank exuded a little of their auras, striking Seamount silent.

The master of these powerful auras did not move, but cast their sights on the South-Seven Region.

What happened in the South-Seven Region?

Seamount, Forbidden Canyon.

An energy channel that looked like the ones in the crypt slowly opened. After a while, several phantom figures rose into the sky and flew towards the Forest of Hundred Beasts.

The pressure of the ninth-rank started in the Forest of Hundred Beasts. What happened in the Forest of Hundred Beasts and what is going to happen?

Deep inside Seamount, several other figures didn’t move, but didn’t stop him either.

The pressure inside the South-Seven Region should have nothing to do with the City of Hope. There were no powerful individuals who entered the City of Hope, so no chain reaction should have been triggered.

It hasn’t come to the state of complete war!


The catfish effect is obvious!

First, the Forest of Hundred Beasts, then the few cities next to it. Soon, this show of strength spread towards all the South-Seven Region.

Each of the thirteen crypt cities made their own moves.

A huge phoenix-like monster screamed hundreds of miles away in the west, above Demon Phoenix City, with its wings covering the sky and the sun!

A demon beast with the appearance of a white tiger screamed from the sky to the west of Demon Phoenix City, shaking the sky and the earth.

In the Thousand Ants Desert, a few figures spread their aura, lifting up the golden sand and causing a sandstorm to sweep across the desert.

Powerful mental power fluctuated all over the crypt!

Is it time for war?

This was the thought of many upper ranks’ mind!

This time, who are we going to war against?

The sky-shaking phantom figures vanished after the passage was opened and the ninth-ranks left. Immediately after they vanished, more than a dozen powerful auras appeared in this vast silent mountain range!

How can there be no powerful individuals on Seamount, known as the second forbidden place, which is second only to the forbidden sea?


City of Hope

In mid air, an old man with white hair floated with his face heavy.

“What happened?”

Many thoughts arose in Old Fan’s mind. At this moment, he was extremely worried.

Support from Hua Country was slow to arrive, and even if powerful individuals arrived from Mo Du, there are far too many powerful individuals affected!

At the moment, all major cities, plus those forbidden lands and some uninhabited mountains and jungles, there are auras of ninth-ranks rising, shocking areas all around. Inside the entire Mo Du Crypt, there were over 30 nine-ranks mobilized!

That number didn’t even include the ones in Seamount. If they were to be considered, then it might even be more than all the ninth-ranks inside Hua Country.

At this very moment, the seven or eight ranks didn’t even have the power to release their aura to compete with them.

Is this only happening in Mo Du Crypt, or in every crypt?

Around Fan Lao, powerful individuals such as Tian Mu and Kou Bian Jiang also had extremely gloomy expressions.

Mo Du Crypt has finally been quiet for a while, and why is it when something happened again, it is such a big event!


300 miles away from the City of Hope.

Fang Ping urged: “Principal, hurry! We’re going to be too slow!”

In the distance, the two ninth-rank auras in Hedgehog Ridge were flying toward the previous battle between the Jiao and the eighth-rank Hedgehog Beast, obviously to investigate what happened.

Once they investigated this place, they will probably head to Tianmen City.

If Fang Ping hadn’t completed his role yet by then, then it is likely that the blame will be on humans!

Who would believe that the Jiao did this?

Even Fang Ping didn’t believe it when this happened. As for whether these crypt monsters believed it, who knows.

Huang Jing’s head was already drenched in sweat, and he panted and said, “What are you carrying, Qin Fengqing? It is far too heavy!”

“Nothing, nothing, just a bit of worthless metal.” Qin Fengqing said dryly.

Fang Ping frowned and asked, “Where did you go just now?”

“I didn’t go anywhere, ahem. When I looked around, I discovered a small metal mine. I extracted some raw ore.”

Some metal mines are valuable, while others are not, but they are generally not too worthwhile.

When compared to energy stones, there is a significant difference in value.

Fang Ping became suspicious and abruptly stated, “The eighth-rank monster flew away suddenly. Did you notice it?”


“What did you say?” Qin Fengqing asked, puzzled.

The eighth-rank monster flew away; he saw it, but can he say anything?

Can he tell Fang Ping that he went to rob its nest?

Can he tell Fang Ping that there are a lot of good things left in its nest?

Can he tell Fang Ping that even if he does not have that energy mine right now, he can still enter the fifth-rank?

Not only can he enter the fifth-rank easily, but he also intends to exchange many energy stones in order to liquefy energy, swim and bathe in the liquefied energy, can he tell this to Fang Ping?

Clearly not!

“By the way, how much did you mine?” Qin Fengqing inquired hastily.

Fang Ping gave him a suspicious look before saying, “I went to hide first, dug a little, and waited for the cave to be quiet before looking for it.”

“What the hell, you didn’t bring it back?”

Qin Fengqing was speechless; Fang Ping is too careless!

When you come across a good thing, even if you will die, bring it back first. Who knows what would happen next?

Huang Jing also expressed his regret: “Not only the energy mine, but also two corpses of the seventh-rank monster beasts cannot be taken away, and the other… I am not sure if the Jiao swallowed it, and also the corpse of the eighth-rank monster, such a shame.”

It is a real shame!

This time, three high-rank monsters, including one eighth-rank, lost.

Huang Jing believes that dying is worthwhile if he can bring those back.

Three powerful divine weapons!

He has seen nothing like this before. Such well-preserved heart and brain nuclei are extremely rare.

The seventh-rank monster he killed was an instant kill.

About the two that the Jiao killed, the Poodle probably did not expect the Jiao to kill him. The eighth-grade Hedgehog Beast thought he could stand against the Jiao, and that he had a chance to flee, so he didn’t self-destruct.

It was an extremely rare occasion for three high rank monsters to die in one battle.

It is a shame none can be brought back.

Fang Ping laughed as he coughed: “About that… I talked with the Jiao about the seventh-rank Hedgehog Beast; it did not eat it, but moved it away. I will go back and ask whether he can give it to me.”

Huang Jing suddenly became silent.

He was at a loss for words.

Qin Fengqing’s eyes widened. This was possible?

After a while of flying, Huang Jing threw Qin Fengqing out and cursed, “You return to the city by yourself. We will leave first!”

This guy is way too heavy!

He is only a seventh-rank, and he is struggling to bring Qin Fengqing along when he is in a hurry.


Qin Fengqing, who was left behind, had an indignant expression on his face. Just like this?

We are still not there yet!

If there is an enormous battle in Tianmen City later, I might still be able to get something out of that. What can I do now that they have left me behind?

Fang Ping turned his head and smiled as Qin Fengqing chased him in the back: “Give me your things, I’ll help you find a place to hide them, we can divide it thirty-seventy when we get back…”

“Screw you!”

Qin Fengqing cursed. In your dreams!

Even if he was exhausted, he would not share his goods with Fang.

If Huang Jing does not take him, no worries, I will run by myself!

Qin Fengqing immediately landed and dashed towards Tianmen City, his large bag on his back. Although he was slower than Huang Jing, he was still extremely fast. But because Huang Jing had to be wary of being noticed by the Ninth Stage, he had to restrain his aura, so he isn’t that much faster either.

Huang Jing felt a little faceless as he watched Qin Fengqing, who was carrying a heavy pocket, run so fast.

“Principal, you are a little slow when you have to restrain your aura, so hold on to me and I will do the running!” Fang Ping said before he could say anything

What did you say? Huang Jing was perplexed.

The golden light in Fang Ping’s bone flickered slightly, then he let out a low growl, grabbed Huang Jing, and shot out!

Huang Jing, being seventh-rank, did not dare to go all out since that would easily drew the attention of others.

Fang Ping, a fifth-rank, condensed his breath and ran with all his strength, his speed equaling that of Huang Jing.

Huang Jing, who is being held by Fang Ping, became depressed and self-conscious.

I am a seventh-rank!

Why is it like this?

Qin Fengqing, who was fourth-rank, was slower than him, but he was running recklessly below him.

Fang Ping, who was fifth-rank, was also slower than him, but he did not dare to go all out. The surge of blood energy was too powerful, which was too eye-grabbing at this moment.

As a result, Fang Ping, who did not have any aura, ran slightly faster than him since he was not afraid of being discovered.

Huang Jing became skeptical of life!

After being held by Fang Ping and running for a while, Huang Jing exclaimed, “The direction is wrong!”

“I know. This is a shortcut. There is also an entrance to Forest of the Jiao King in Yaokui City.” Fang Ping said without turning his head.

Huang Jing has nothing to say. Fang Ping really is courageous.